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2010 F1 season review

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Guest contributors have provided dozens of F1 Fanatic articles in 2010.

Among them are the popular “top ten” and “Why you should watch…” series, plus reports from fans who were at races this year.

Read on for more from this year’s guest articles.

From the stands

The view from the fans in the stands at this year’s races.

F1 Fanatics at the Australian Grand Prix by Mark Young

Sunday in Shanghai – a fans’ view of the 2010 Chinese Grand Prix by Jeremy Sedley

From the stands: David Entrican watches the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo by David Entrican

Ten F1 fans’ stories from Silverstone by multiple contributors

Tommy B and Katy watch the German GP at Hockenheim by Tommy B and Katy

From the stands: Nikolai Vogler watches two races in one week by Nikolai Vogler

Carol Treurnicht watches the Belgian GP at Spa by Carol Treurnicht

Jamey Price watches the Italian Grand Prix at Monza by Jamey Price

Tom Hitchings watches the Japanese GP at Suzuka by Tom Hitchings

Steven’s view of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by Steven Smith

Why you should watch…

Shining the spotlight on other forms of motor sport:

Why you should watch?? Superleague Formula by Andy and LJH

Why you should watch?? the Isle of Man TT by Adam Corlett

Why you should watch?? TC2000 by Fer No. 65

Why you should watch?? GT1 by Stephen Prater

Why you should watch?? British Touring Cars by Allan Mooney

Top tens

Top ten topics:

Top ten?? Team radio moments by Tim Ferrone

Top ten?? First lap crashes by Ned Flanders

Top ten?? Hermann Tilke corners by Ned Flanders

Top ten?? Underdog triumphs by Ned Flanders

Technical reviews

John Beamer wrote a series of his technical reviews throughout 2010. You can find them all here and read his latest review below:

Technical review: End of season

More guest articles

Inside Renault: ‘Race Days’ and the Hungarian Grand Prix by Cari Jones

Why F1 needs a feeder series for teams by Duncan Stephen

30 years today: The death of Depailler by Cari Jones

"Senna" movie: an F1 Fanatic’s opinion by Robert York

Behind the scenes with a track marshal at the Singapore Grand Prix by Wei Jian

If you want to write a guest article for F1 Fanatic you can find all the information you need here.

2010 F1 season review

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The image is a caricature by Neil Davies of the Caricature Club which originally appeared on the article “The problems with a two-tier championship”. See more of Neil’s work on his blog.

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  1. I was on holiday back in August so I completely missed TommyB/ Katy’s write up of their Hockenheim GP adventures. I’d like to say I enjoyed reading it… but that’d be lying, it just made me jealous :P

    Very audacious to ask for all that free stuff- but shy bairns get nowt!

  2. Many guest writing were great but my favourite have to be ” “Senna” movie: an F1 Fanatic’s opinion” which was well summed up.

  3. I’ll throw a bone to myself, really. Why you should watch TC2000 :)

  4. My two cents go to John Beamer’s technical reviews and Jamey Price’s Monza story and pics.

  5. Merry Christmas Keith and all the race starved F1Fanatics!

    Thanks for putting in my article about Albert Park meet up in the round up. We had an awesome time and I hope it is the first of many (although this year I’ll be watching on TV this year with my three month old!).

    I have two silly youtube videos of me cheering on the driver parade lap and getting the best ever view of the podium!

    Two and half months to Bahrain

  6. Good Selection Keith.

  7. Great selection of articles. 2010 has been a great year for F1F and it’s nice to recap on the year with all these ‘Best Of’ posts :)

  8. Pretty cool seeing myself get a thanks on the Christmas post and now on this one for my brilliant piece of journalism for GT1!!

    haha…Thanks for the amazing website Keith. It’s always the first and last thing I visit online each day.

  9. Thanks Keith and all the fanatics who contribute to the site.

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