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2011 F1 season

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Sebastian Vettel interviewed by the BBC's Martin Brundle with Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard

The BBC will pair two ex-Formula 1 drivers in the commentary booth in 2011 after replacing Jonathan Legard as lead commentator.

A BBC source confirmed to F1 Fanatic that Martin Brundle will take over Legard’s role and David Coulthard will join him there.

An official announcement from the BBC is expected soon.

Legard sent the following Tweet:

Life moves on. Ask Nick Heidfeld or Narain Karthikeyan. You never know what’s next. To the critical and the complimentary, thanks for the company.
Jonathan Legard

Brundle and Legard have commentated together since the BBC resumed its F1 broadcasts in 2009.

Update: BBC have officially announced the change. Their head of F1 Ben Gallop said they wanted to use the ‘combined expertise’ of two racing drivers:

We’re always looking for ways to take our Formula 1 coverage to another level – and for 2011 we have an exciting new combination in the commentary box.

We’re keen to make the most of Martin Brundle’s wealth of broadcasting experience and his popularity with the audience by giving him the role of lead commentator and putting him alongside David Coulthard – one of the biggest names in British motorsport and a skilled race analyst.

We want to tap into their combined on-track expertise – together, they will provide our viewers with more immediate discussion, analysis and debate as the action happens. The results of screen tests have been very impressive and we are convinced this combination will deliver a fantastic commentary for our audience for what promises to be a thrilling 2011 season.

The change of direction we are taking unfortunately means there is no place for Jonathan Legard in our commentary set-up. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan for his great work over the last two seasons. He is a first-rate journalist and broadcaster who has been a core member of our team – helping to re-establish BBC Sport as the nation’s F1 broadcaster. We wish him all the very best for the future.
Ben Gallop

Coulthard added:

I’m very excited to be joining forces with Martin in this new role of co-commentator.

F1 is all about challenging yourself and this will be a big challenge for me, but one that I am looking forward to. There is a great team on the BBC F1 show and we’re looking forward to the year ahead and to bringing something new to our loyal viewers.
David Coulthard

And Brundle welcomed his new commentary partner:

I’m absolutely delighted and very motivated that BBC Sport has asked me to become the lead Formula 1 commentator, alongside David Coulthard.

We have been friends, rivals and colleagues for 18 years and, combined, we have driven in more than 400 F1 Grands Prix and attended over 700. I’ve never felt more passionate about Formula 1 and I can’t wait to get started.
Martin Brundle

Image © Red Bull/Getty images

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238 comments on “Brundle and Coulthard take over from Legard at BBC”

  1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    11th January 2011, 10:06

    Best news ever.

    1. yep, long over due! good thing for all humanity as there was just too much swearing directed to tv set’s every Sunday afternoon!

      1. Thank god I now don’t have to listen and cringe to Legard’s commentary of the starts where everything happens too fast for him and not one thing he says is correct. Oh, and I will not have to cringe to “Kubica is BUZZING up the inside” what kind of F1 jargon is ‘buzzing’!?

        1. My bad, I think he mistakes Kubica’s Renault for a bee. Happens to the best of us.

    2. INDEED!

      I have no idea how DC will do as a commentator, but I am certain that even if he actively tried to be as bad as he could he would struggle to be as dull and uninteresting to listen to as Legard. From watching the Forum its obvious DC knows what he is talking about and can talk, you can also sense the friendship and chemistry between him and Martin which I am sure will carry over to the commentary box.

    3. Indeed, brilliant news.

      Now all that remains is to get rid of that sycophantic idiot Eddie Jordan…

      1. Good to see Legard gone but DC as a commentator I’m not 100% sure.

        1. Agree, I think it might be bad for a few races until we get used to it. But glad of no more Legard.

        2. Give him a few races to settle in and I am fairly certain he will fly… I very much doubt he will ever be as bad as legard.

      2. I hated him in 09 but in 10 Eddie really begun to grow on me. I think now that everyone, including himself, acknowledges he’s a massive **** it validates the entertainment aspect of it all.

      3. I’m a huge supporter of EJ. I think he’s very aware of who the most important players are in F1: the fans.

      4. Like It Great Desciption

      5. eddie “oddball” jordan`s ok, not like legard, some of the rows ej starts make`s some good viewing! lol

      1. oh my god, that’s brilliant X)

      2. LMAO. That is hilarious Ding Dong.

      3. Seriously?! What kind of mind comes up with that? LMAO.

    4. Now all we need to do is get rid of Brundle. THEN it will be the best, unbias news ever.

      1. You must be out of your mind… Martin Brundle by himself would still be better than any other 2 commentators out there, hands down.

    5. So, battle has finally been joined after Legard pushes on, over the hill he goes

      1. That’s not what he would’ve wanted.

    6. The Sri Lankan
      11th January 2011, 18:04

      my prayers had been answered!

    7. Just been announced that Sky Germany will be doing this season in HD – that would be a treat that could even make up for DC being poor if it came to the BBC.

      1. Surely it is upscaled rather than full HD as Bernie has not got the HD Cameras in yet (otherwise surely all the HD stations would be claiming HD coverage)?

        If it is Upscaled then the BBC also have HD coverage this season!

        1. I thought I’d read somewhere that Bernie’s minions had been testing HD cameras and equipment during last season in preparation for this year.

          1. And indeed you are correct! I had heard that it was not coming in for another couple of years due to “Very complex technical issues”. However it looks as though we will be getting true HD coverage as Jake Humphrey has spilled the beans on twitter that the BBC will also now be in true HD. Finally the one sport which will probably benefit most from the resolution increase has made the jump! Hoorahhh!!!

      2. In fact, thinking about it I have had HD coverage for years as my V+ box upscales to 1080P.

    8. Coulthard should be ok.

      He did give the best piece of commentary last year when the red bulls collided.

      “oh no!”

      (in Scottish of course)

    9. Best news ever indeed! I think Brundle will be superb! Good luck Martin!

    10. miguelF1O (@)
      12th January 2011, 20:33

      I hated legard so much his bias comments lack of attention and knowledge about f1 were dreadful

  2. Its time to celebrate

    1. agree. Although it’ll be interesting to see if this relationship works!

    2. Its time to celebrate

      I agree Jonathan!

      I think this is appropriate!

  3. will we get the same monumental clangers from DC that mr L dropped on a very regular basis? ;-)
    i’m sure he was watching a different race at times…..

  4. i’ll miss him. always sad to see someone go, no matter whether everyone likes them

    1. Here here, I thought he did a very good job.

      I just don’t feel that DC and Martin will have the right chemistry but I hope they prove me wrong.

      1. I agree. I think you need a clown alongside the matador, not two matadors. Legard didn’t have the engaging enthusiasm of Murray though, only the clangers. Can’t believe they didn’t give the job to David Wossname from 5 Live (Richard Bacon’s voice double). He’s great.

        1. Croft. That’s the fella.

        2. But then they’d be left without a good pairing on 5Live. You couldn’t put Legard in Crofty’s place because on the radio you actually need someone who’s watching the same race.

          1. This is a good point, but they could bring in a new talent. I guess the radio show don’t want to be seen as a feeder for TV but they clearly don’t get the same profile/audience and, I’m sure, salary.

          2. As I understood it, Crofty didn’t want to move away from 5Live anyway.

        3. I don’t know – when you consider Brundle’s grid walks, I reckon he could do the “clown” role quite well – you get hints of it at times in his commentary, but I think he’s constrained as the technical analyst.

          I think we may see Brundle come out of his skin for the first time since he started commentating…

          1. i have been watching the grid walk on youtube, and is painfull when brundell can’t do it by himself. With coulthart was better, but with jordan, was crap.
            Jordan i think will not last much longer and could be next down the drain.

        4. Jake Archibald
          11th January 2011, 12:35

          Same, I’d have much preferred Croft & Brundle. DC & Brundle have great technical knowledge, but I think the team’s missing someone who gets vocally excited

          1. I think at this point, it’s safe to say almost everyone here misses Murry.

      2. yeah, i fear DC’s laidback style of commentary won’t really go that well with brundle. i think we’ll have the commentators just drinking and having a chat while the race goes on

        1. But thats not a bad thing, having a little bit of silence from time to time on the commentary would be nice! There is no need to fill every moment with garbled chat, I bet if Legard had not felt the need to constantly talk, he would have made fewer mistakes. The whole point of TV is that the viewers can see the action, having someone constantly describe it at the same time is simply not necessary. Annalysis; yes, predictions; maybe, pitwall info and other info that the viewers cannot access, brilliant; but endless underwhelming chat about what we are already watching is simply not necessary.

          1. yes! this is the difference between radio commentary and tv commentary. there have been studies done on this (for football matches, but the principle is the same). the findings are really quite obvious – the radio commentator must create an image by describing the surroundings, which direction the play is going etc.

            the tv commentator’s role should be to add to what we can already see and intensify certain key moments (like a pole lap time) but only up to a point. like Henry says, the tv commentator should not be describing what we can already see.

            and as for leggard he nailed his own coffin by shouting out like an ADHD child being punched in the balls over a fecking replay. it says ‘replay’ on the screen FFS!

          2. i agree with both of your points, and i’m not trying to argue :) but for new fans of the sport, theres something about a loud, commentator hyping up the action. It makes you sit down and go “whoa, F1 is exciting”. rather than if the commentators are leisurely having a chat (which is alright during lap 10 – the end) where they are more likely to slip into the old “motorracing is just cars going in circles.. why would i want to watch that?”

            we will find out at Bahrain on the run to turn 1 if DC and brundle can make it sound exciting enough (for the uneducated)

  5. Bless him.

  6. I wasn’t too critical of Legard, he improved a lot in 2010, however I do find DC’s voice a bit boring to listen to. Time will tell.

    I hope that he still does the pre-race stuff with Jake and EJ – the fighting between them was hilarious.

    1. Yeah, I agree. As informed as the commentary will be by having two ex drivers talking, I do think it will be pretty dry to listen to.

      I’ll give it a go, but can see me hitting the red button to change commentary to Crofty on 5Live.

      1. Yeah I reckon i’m still gonna stick with Croft. He genuinley increases my enjoyment of an F1 weekend. An if a commentator doesn’t do that, whats the point of him?

        Give this new combo a go though, an i’ll be stuck with em’ when I miss races so, looks like I’ll get a mix.

  7. Good riddance of a very bad commentator ……. I hope DC talks less and restricts himself only on technicalities .

    Nice move BBC! But it took too long!! Act faster next time!!!

  8. As I believe coulthard has not made a good comment on air all year, this sucks :( I’m personally hoping australian TV switches to Speed’s commentary

    1. Speed’s (US television) commentary team is EXCELLENT. Bob Varsha, David Hobbs and Steve Matchet make a great team, very fun to listen to, and they really know what they’re talking about.

      1. I’m in the USA and I listen to the BBC commentators. Mostly because I like Brundle!! But now that Coulthard’s going to be commentating I might switch to the Speed guys.

        DC’s Redbull bias is disgusting, and I’m a Vettel fan. Not to mention he’s as dry as a bone.

        One bonehead out a new one in. I’ll give it a listen for a few races but I’m not expecting miracles.

        1. I’m the same about being in the states and preferring the BBC. HOWEVER, my main motivation is that SPEED has commercials which after having spent a season following the broadcast from across the pond, I’ve been spoiled. I would love to be able to watch the race live, but the non-stop version is MUCH better than an interrupted one. That said, I do like the SPEED commentating team, but British wit usually has better zingers so BBC it is…

          1. Forgot about commercials… I don’t think i’ll be watching the SPEED version, even if DC is as bad as Legard.

          2. 2 of the Speed commentators are British. ;)

            I’d much prefer BBC over Speed. Same as Zibit though, I hope DC’s Red Bull bias disappears. Not that hopeful, but at least these two should be better than Legard.

      2. The SPEED TV team is downright hilarious at times which makes them worth watching most of the time. But Brundle’s ability to read a race and pick out the important developments as they happen is second to no one I’ve ever heard commentating.

      3. Wow — really?? It’s shocking me to read these comments, I have to admit. I’m in the US, and watching races on SpeedTV drives me *crazy*. (This is coming from someone who has never watched them any other way!) I don’t hate the guys or anything, but…well, for example, there’s no way I should be better at identifying who’s being shown on screen than Bob Varsha is. I do enjoy Steve Matchett’s total geekery, though. :-)

        Also: commercial breaks are infuriating (this literally has happened: “Well, a McLaren is on fire…” *cut to commercial*), and qualifying is shown at about a 7-minute delay, which makes Live Timing a spoiler! OH, the humanity. ;-)

      4. miguelF1O (@)
        12th January 2011, 20:53

        i like brundle but i also like the way the speed commetators joke with each other

  9. I honestly don’t think the BBC thought about the international services it provides when making this decision.

    For example, here in Aus (and other English speaking countries) we have our own pre-race programming & hosts but all the racing and qualifying is from the BBC feed.

    Let’s hope his accent* and generally… lethargic delivery don’t come across too strongly – let alone any biases. :)

    * coming from an British family, I don’t mind about this one bit. :)

    1. But that isnt the BBC’s problem =P The BBC only has to care about the British audience. Other TV networks ask permission/pay for the use of the BBC feed.

      1. Makin it the beebs problem, they wouldn’t want to loose revenue from a nice little earner such as that.

  10. *pops open the champagne*

  11. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    11th January 2011, 10:13

    “He’s on a charge!”

    Out the door, thank God.

  12. Good news (but not for Legard), however I’m not sure about the Brundle/Coulthard combination. Always felt a commentator & ex-driver was a better combination, not sure that 2 ex-drivers will work.

    Like Legard/Brundle before, I’ll wait and see how it works out and gels over the 2011 season.

    Will be interesting to see how it works now with Jake… is it only Eddie (I hope not) or are both DC & MB going to be running back to the commentary box from the pre-race chat/gridwalk.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      11th January 2011, 10:19

      Brundle is good enough to be the “commentator” and DC will obviously offer the ex-driver input. Really, they only need Brundle.

      1. Yeah, that I understood, but it’s still 2 ex-drivers, and not a “somebody on the ‘outside’ fan” style individual to keep the balance.

        Any of David Croft, Ben Edwards or James Allen to partner Brundle would have been a better choice.

        1. I definitely agree with this. Brundle is going to have to alter his style to accommodate letting the viewers know what is going on. To an extent though, he has had to do this already because of Legards inadequacies.

          Further, Coulthard has always shown a certain loyalty to Red Bull, be it contractually or emotionally, and I really hope this isn’t a part of his commentary. Impartial words would be best!

          1. I think people forget that after so many years experience in the box, Brundle is probably capable of adapting his style to sounding a bit more excited.

  13. Legard will always be remembered for his crazy excited outbursts about an overtake……… and then Brundle pointing out it’s a replay of the last overtake, during which he was going mental about the ‘Trulli Train’

    1. I know what you mean about the “Trulli Train”, he did use that one on several occasions….ha ha! I don’t think him and Brundle ever really hit it off either, I always got the feeling they didn’t get on. I think his talent lies in written journalism, some of his articles have been top notch, so good luck to him!

    2. Funnily enough James Allen and Murray Walker would do exactly the same thing.

      1. I think this really highlights what a tough job the “Lead Commentator” is. Murray made lots of mistakes but we let him off because we love him. It’ll be interesting to see how Martin Brundle gets on in this role. I think as the “No 2”, you can make observations about the race, but be free from the responsibility of providing the “excitement and passion” that the viewers want. I’m a James Allen fan, and I also think Ted Kravitz would do a good job. That said, I actually think Brundle will be brilliant.

        1. A James Allen fan…..surely you mean THE james Allen fan.

          1. Well, when put up against legard in a vote? I think JA would do very well…

            That, and JA actually understands the sport he is talking about, He does reports for the Australian broadcast (not sure if you get that) And he really is one of the highlights.
            He also gets he feel of the sport right. That’s something Legard didn’t get, he just didn’t fit in with the surroundings.

        2. I’m not entirely sure that Ted would be a good choice, but he is a very very good journo, and I think he deserves a promotion of some sort.

    3. Funniest thing being, for all of Legards time in F1, barley even one Truli train.

  14. Doesnt matter to me. I saw F1 on star sports and I ll again have to listen to Steve Slater whi cant even differentiate between Red Bull and Torro Rosso.

    1. yeah, he definitely has a job at Star Sports.

      1. I know Steve Slater makes mistakes but sometimes in the heat of the race even the best have trouble. He is there for a very long time (since 1999 I guess) it will be a hollow commentary booth if I don’t see him.His pairing with Chris Goodwin was the best I can remember.

      2. I’d take Legard over Slater at Star Sports, quite honestly.

        But yeah, letting Legard go was the right move. The BBC have access to better people than Star Sports has…

        1. I thought Slater was better then Legard,well by the way many F1F have described him in the forum.

          1. Have you watched any of the BBC feeds that show up on the internet? You should, if you get a chance. Legard is WAY better than Slater. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. People who watch the BBC feed are spoilt and don’t know it.

            Chris Goodwin was an excellent foil for Slater. They should have kept Goodwin and brought in Gary Anderson. We don’t need an overly excited man to improve the show. That’s what the engines are for!

          2. @ Burnout

            Gary Anderson is too slow, sometimes he keeps of talking about too much technical feed then on track racing. Goodwin is now doing a job in HRT I guess as their drivers managers.

  15. “He’s in the wars”!

  16. He did not improve in 2010. If anything he got worse. Korea 2010 being his nadir, painful to listen to at times. Someone really has to work hard to make me want James Allen back.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      11th January 2011, 10:21

      I watched a recording of Silverstone 2008 the other day and James really wasn’t a bad commentator. Perhaps he offered his own opinion of things too often, but overall I’d have him back in a flash.

      1. I think James got he raw deal coming after Murrey left, I mean, No one was going to popular in that role.

      2. I agree about James Allen I thought he a very good commentator, if it wasn’t for the painful jingo-ism which I rekon was more ITV’s editorial policy than he would have been very good.

        1. I reckon Allen was a top commentator, an the ITV point is particularly relavant considering how balanced his blog usually is.

  17. YES!!!! I wonder how Coulthard will fare but he’s bound to be better than Legard. He actually knows what it’s like to be on the track for one thing.

    1. Brundle will be OK, but I am curious to find out how DC will fare as well.

      Certainly he must cut out the Red Bull PR stuff now, it was painfull to hear all year how he defended them and hailed all things they did as great.

  18. “thats extraordinary!”

    1. “this is crucial!”

      1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        11th January 2011, 11:06

        “Has he got a tiger in his tank?”

    2. “Brawn from Brawn” …… “is he going to get the corner?”

      1. He’s in the wars!

  19. Great news, I can’t remember how many times I’ve shouted in my head during 2010 season, “Shut up Legard, just let people who know what they are talking about talk!”

  20. Urgh. Definatly not looking forward to hearing DC in the commentry booth why couldnt htey have promoted Crofty

  21. In all honesty, I will remain listening to crofty and davidson. They are great together.

    1. yep, this changes nothing really, 5live is still the place to listen to F1.

  22. In Italy we have RAI (our BBC) and there is a lot of people there: Gianfranco Mazzoni is the leader, not particularly brilliant and expert, but good enough in giving rhythm to the programme and telling interesting news or statistic. Ivan Capelli is the second voice, not bad. Than we have a very good technician, with minor series track engineer experience, to give technical and strategical updates. Then a great journalist (Ettore Giovannelli) in the boxes, grabbing pit voices, running back and forth to the team leaders and drivers to get hot interviews (he speaks italian english and german also, he has a great feeling with Norbert Huag), and another pit runner dedicated only to Ferrari’s team. I don’t like her too much (sometimes she gives details that are clear already…!).
    In the end it is a good team, and I like them.

    It was much worst when races were broadcasted by Berlusconi’s Mediaset network: there was two commentators, one was Andrea de Adamich former driver. I really don’t like him.

    1. Somehow state owned broadcasters do a better job with F1 coverage, which is ironic considering how Bernie’s F1 is all about the money.

      Although I don’t expect DoorDarshan (the Indian state broadcaster) to do a good job. They still run grand prix clip shows from 1999-2000 about how Sepang is the most modern circuit and Toyota’s plans to enter F1!

  23. “And Mark Webber’s gone right up there!”

  24. Benson_Mutton
    11th January 2011, 10:47

    Great news !!!!
    But surely Ant Davidson would have been a better choice than DC…….. he does such a good job on 5Live with Crofty

    1. I guess they couldn’t justify breaking up a partnership that works to try an experimental one.

  25. I was rather hoping David Croft or even better Ben Edwards would get the gig but as long as Legard’s shouting has gone, I’m happy.

  26. can we have the rather boring legard bashing thread taken down from the forum now, please?

  27. Jonathan Legard – a short tribute.

    Down the hill,
    And towards turn one,
    Jenson BUTT-on,
    Pushes on.

    Pole for Ferrari,
    Is going to be tough,
    Here comes Fernando,

    Webber is flying,
    But so too is Vettel,
    As Nico Rosberg,
    Is joining the battle.

    Is that a Ferrari?!
    Nope, it’s actually,
    Jaime Alguersuari.

    SOOT-il has lost it,
    And KOO-bica too!
    That was the last thing
    They needed to do!

    I’m sorry there Martin,
    You’ll just have to wait,
    I’ve just been informed,
    That Petrov is eighth.

    Hamilton wins!
    He’ll surely be happy,
    But will he be champion,
    Come Abby-Dabby?

    1. Greatest poem ever created by anyone about anything, ever.

      1. Yeah, but he didn’t come up with it, it was on the sites ages ago. Plagiarism

        1. Didn’t Mag Geoff make this up?

          1. yep, I remember hoping for a first poetic COTD.

          2. Yup, that was me. I am F1Fanatic’s resident Poet, after all!

          3. do another one mag geoff!

    2. Ten out ten!

        1. unless you’re a geordie.

    3. Very amusing!

    4. That’s excellent.

    5. You are a genious my friend. I must admit the Abby Dabby bit had me LMAO.

  28. I’d like to have a f1fanatic commentry team to listen to online while I watch without commentry using the bbc red button.

    1. I’d happily volunteer. I have the voice of an angel (cough cough)

      I seriously reckon I’d do better than DC.

  29. I think Brundle is more than capable of doing the lead role, just watch him commentate the pole laps before races. Its done with passion and thats what the fans want.

    Coulthard, I have never enjoyed his commentary. Firstly because he just rants and as a viewer all I want is to be informed. Putting it out there now, by the end of the year we will be sick of him saying “I remember when I was at (insert team name). Secondly, hes bloody hard to understand.

    BBC should not be seeking a replacement that is satisfactory, but more one that exceeds expectations. Unfortunately you won’t get that with DC.

  30. Oh Dear. Jonathan, fastest of anyone, will not be with us in 2011. Well at least there will be less ridiculous statements and stupid questions flying around the cabin. Just means that Martin and David will be fighting over the mic time instead. lol. Bye bye leg guard, go back to footie or rounders.

  31. Hurrah! Sniff Petrol has a whole new year of material! “Hoots, shame about ma man Ledge, he goin’ to the job centay now Crazy D keepin’ it side by side with Marty B! Bringing you informed modern commentary handing over from Jakey down in the Lane they call Pit, with the latest exposés from ma good buddies down at Red Bull! And don’t forget you can join us afterwards for the F1 Lunchbox Forum on the Red Button here at the BBC.”

    I can hardly wait…

  32. Worst. Decision. EVER :o. They could have chosen Crofty, but oh no … let’s go with the unknown quantity. The worst BBC executive decision ever …..

    Whoever made the decision …. hang your head in shame. David Croft would have been miles better, with more charisma, more enthusiasm, and ten times more suited :(. Martin should have kept his existing role, and DC needs a little more experience of doing pieces-to-camera.


    1. I agree. People didn’t love Murray Walker for his accuracy, it was his enthusiasm and emotion. Crofty has plenty of both along with considerable experience, DC may well have both but so far has been unable to let it show. I hope it works out though.

      One other point I was thinking about – Legard didn’t do much to win fans over did he? In all the time he was there, I can’t recall seeing him on screen for more than a few seconds, and I don’t recall him ever joining in with the post-race red button sessions. I wonder if that was his own choice or the BBC’s?

    2. They’ve not even covered the first race yet…give them chance!

    3. Not for the first time
      You know BBC didnt go for Croft? Do you not think Crofty has a voice. He clearly loves his roll at 5live. He has freedom and a team that clearly are all his mates. Why would he want to change.

      Well done BBC. Crofty and Ant still happy and doing well for 5live and TV improved as it can only be after this news.

  33. I’m surprised the comment is made by two drivers. It is more frequent you have a former driver and a journalist too, the second one to give rhythm to the programme and say “easy” things.
    Just like your Ledge appeared to do…:-D

  34. I think the pairing will work, they both have different views. I look forward to heated debate from them.

  35. 2011 will be Martin’s 15th (believe it or not) year as a commentator. His commentating career has already outlived his Formula One career. An as much as we all loved him as an F1 driver, and he didn’t get the breaks he deserved, I believe he’s a better commentator than he was an F1 driver.

    He started out at the driver expert… the ex-competitor, the colour commentator. The Jerry Lawler to Murray Walker’s Jim Ross (if you’ll excuse the WWF comparison), but over the many years of his second-to-none time in the box, I believe he more than capable of being the Jim Ross. He is the expert of all, and he knows how to commentate. He is accurate, witty, and on-the-ball, and It’s about time he was made the number one in a team. And I’m sure DC will fit into the xpert driver role just fine.

    I’m now very much looking forward to 2011. HD, and no Legard. Scrummy…

  36. Get the feeling Brundle is about to become even more of a legend commentary-wise than he already is. No worries about DC either, he’s been there and done it all (almost). Hope he loses any Red Bull bias he may have.

    Just hope we dont lose Martin’s gridwalk!

    Now hoping the BBC replace Eddie Jordan, Legard never annoyed me really, but EJ needs to go!

  37. I don’t car who they put along side Brundle. As long as he’s there it’s all good.

    I feel sorry for Legard, but like he says, life moves on.

  38. As much as I would have liked to have James Allen back, I think my sheer elation that race weekends will now be Legard-free is greater than any disappointment felt there. Also to all those saying it should have been Crofty, would the BBC really want to break up the great partnership between him and Ant and then have to find a new radio commentator who may be another Legard? Yes the TV coverage is the flagship but they ar the only ones to cover practice.

  39. Very good news in my view, I wont miss the Legardisms:

    “Here he comes”
    “This man”
    “Down/up the hill”
    “On a charge”
    “Shot in the arm”
    “Winding himself up”
    “Knows the time to beat”
    “WOW look at that fast pit stop, but the Red Bull mechanics have beaten it. They worked so hard over the winter months, practising tyre changes..”
    “And he’s DONE it”

    1. I won’t miss his constantly telling us that something “has been a feature of” a race or season or lap or whatever.

      And his “X from X from X from X…”

      Not convinced whether DC will thrive in the box or not…but time will tell and well done BBC for taking the chance.

  40. Well, the vultures have got their man. I hope they’re happy.

    1. We are!! :D

      1. Very!

        We could be happier, but No Legard! Wooooo!

    2. …Again.

      Anyone still wearing their “Stop the ****” T-shirt?

  41. Well I’m not going to lie and say I will miss Legard but I don’t think he was quite as bad as everyone made out. I really do have my doubts about DC though, he’s not even good at his current role. Can anyone name something interesting he said/did in the last year? And it goes without saying that it will be an absolute joke if he doesn’t give up his Red Bull Official Cheerleader gig now.

    I wonder if there will be a new pundit to replace DC?

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      11th January 2011, 12:10

      Lee McKenzie?

    2. Can anyone name something interesting he said/did in the last year?

      Wound Eddie Jordan up constantly!!

      (Hopefully he’ll still be doing that before heading to the commentary box…I wonder if he’ll be doing the gridwalks from now on so that Martin’s in the box already)

  42. I thought commentators were supposed to be neutral. How does that sit with Coulthard being paid large amounts of cash by Red Bull? The bias was very evident throughout 2010.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      11th January 2011, 13:16

      My thought exactly. Surely DC has had to sever all connections.
      Oh and Martin isn’t still DC’s manager, is he?

  43. I’m not going to bother reading this thread. I already know what everyone will say. I’m also predicting that everyone will revile whoever replaces Legard, either because a) they’re no better than Legard, or b) they make Brundle look like Legard.

    I will, however, say this – Legard has an excellent voice for radio. Which is probably a good thing, because he makes the Renault drivers appear to be good looking. Maybe the Beeb should get that homeless guy with the baritone voice in for next year …

    1. because he makes the Renault drivers appear to be good looking

      Well you shouldn’t be complaining,I thought you were a Petrov fanboy captain tightpants?

      1. I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. You know 100% well what I am talking about.All of Atlas & F1F knows that you love Petrov.

          1. Nope. I’m afraid I don’t, actually. You must have me confused with someone else. I don’t deny being a Petrov fan, but Prisoner Monkeys is the only name I go by online. If I had multiple usernames … well, it would just get confusing. As you clearly have no love in you for this “Captain Tightpants” character, I’ll politely ask you to drop the subject.

        2. Haha, I distinctly remember you telling us that you go by the name of Captain Tightpants on the Autosports Forums. So you were either lying then or you’re lying now

          1. You are correct Ned. I can prove for sure that PM is captain tightpants.

          2. Ned, please. You are ding nobody any favours here. I have taken pains to keep what happens here spearate from what happens over there, and I do so for good reason, even if I haven’t been as vigilant as I might like. The Autosport forums are a toxic cesspit where people can only voice their opinions if they are in line with the prevailing forum opinion. If not, you’re fair game. It’s like Scientology. If you make so much as one mistake over there – like, say, forgetting which race was Jacques Villeneuve’s first victory – people will repeatedly bring it up six months after the fact to impinge upon your credibility. At the Autosport forums, you must hate Mosley and Petrov and worship Villeneuve and Heidfeld. Anything but that will leave you wide open to a collective of people who will do their best to make you feel unwlecome. I will not have things that happen over at those forums rear their ugly and unwanted heads on this blog and ruin it for Keith. Not if I can help it. Ding Dong, I would strongly suggest that you either forget about the connection between me and the Autosport forums, or go back to where you came from, because anything otherwise will risk jeopardising this entire blog, and that is a poor way to repay Keith for all his hard work.

          3. I can prove for sure that PM is captain tightpants.

            Then extend me the same courtesy and tell me who you are. Because if you are who I suspect you are – FIGJAM – this will not end well.

        3. I distinctly remember you and Captain Tightpants used to have the same avatar picture on both here and Atlas so if it isn’t you, then thats a massive coincidence. Especially seeing as you normally have practically the same views on everything…

    2. Cool down bro! No offence meant and what has this got to do with me jeopardizing anything?

      1. Because I don’t get along with 90% of the Autosport forums. And given the way some members dig up things you said a year ago to attack you in a post you make on a regulat basis, I can’t see anything being brought from the Autosport forums ending well for the blog.

        1. @KateM : Yup, the avatar… now i remember where i saw that avatar other than F1F

  44. “OH NO!”

    He lost it with his opening line back in 2009 for me:

    “Hello, and welcome to Formula Lon…One.”

    He was an absolute atrocity in the commentary box, I swear he used to just start talking on autopilot for 10 or 15 minutes sometimes, murmuring about nothing in particular.

    “Battle has been joined!”

  45. Not exactly news but interesting nonetheless! I think their coverage has been outstanding and glad to see they’re taking a potential gamble..i think their charming enough amongst themselves to pull it off ;) I hope DC is still there to join Jake in making fun of EJ!

  46. It’s always sad to see someone lose their job, even if they were fairly bad at it. For whatever reason, Legard didn’t work out in the broadcast commentary box, and from the sounds of it, he didn’t enjoy the best relationship with Brundle – he certainly didn’t help himself by often yelling over the top of Brundle’s understated, insightful analysis.

    But I really don’t agree with the decision to promote Brundle to the main commentator with DC as the pundit. Brundle is a pundit, and hasn’t demonstrated the level of excitement or the ability to inject the action with a sense of occasion in the same way as the likes of David Croft or Ben Edwards. Maybe I’ll be wrong and we’ll see another side to him that he hasn’t been able to bring to the commentary box so far.

    This decision though, reeks of politics and big egoes. Namely the ego of Martin Brundle, and his relentless quest for self promotion. Word has it that Brundle effectively demanded that he work alongside DC, even though the fans don’t particularly like him, and it’s worth considering that Brundle was DC’s manager.

    Don’t get me wrong, Brundle definitely has a place in commentary, but it’s as a pundit and not as a main commentator. This move seems fairly disastrous to me, and I have a feeling I’ll be listening to the 5Live commentary from now on.

  47. In my opinion the transition from radio to TV is a difficult one because radio demands a constant commentary to paint a picture of what is happening, where as that is not necessary on TV.

    I think that ultimately was where Legard went wrong and there is no guarantee that it wouldn’t be the same for Croft.

  48. for me wrong choice. Not dc’s biggest fan and often he is red bull bias. Remember the turkey race when the red bulls crashed in to each other, at that time coultard was speaking. You could here him say oh noooo, he is supposed to be a non bias pundit.

    I think crofty would have been the best choice for lead commentator and brundle stay as pundit. Will just have to see how it goes

    1. What did you say when they crashed? I think I have said oh no when cars have come together in the past. If Legard or Brundle said it then you wouldnt have thought anything of it. You are the one linking ‘No’ comment to Redbull bias. I have to say I have never really noticed it.

      Also on Crofty, why does nobody give him a say!? He is happy with a team of mates doing a great job, why would he want to leave.

  49. I tried to ignore Legard most of the time so that he never really annoyed like he seemed to with some other viewers so I wasn’t bothered if the BBC replaced him or not.

    I am not sure of Coulthard teaming up with Brundle in the commentary box and how it will affect the TV coverage as a whole, for example Coulthard will have to leave early to get to the commentary box leaving us with Humphrey and Jordan. But we will have to wait a few races to see how the changes pan out.

  50. There he goes, in the sunshine, on a charge, towards the job centre…

    1. That’s not what he would’ve wanted.

  51. He will pick up a column in some tabloid/newspaper somewhere easy enough. To be honest i’m not really bothered by how exciting the commentators get, I always find that patronising. I can see myself whats worth getting excited about.

  52. Bad move. I can understand moving DC away from view, since he had the on-screen presence of a toothpick. Perhaps the idea is that if we can’t see him, we might find him interesting?
    I don’t think this will appeal to F1 non-fanatics, a) because he’s just not very exciting, and b) he’s shown very little understanding in the past of what it is that appeals to the majority of people who watch F1. Read his Telegraph coverage of Hockenheim, for example – his views have always been heavily biased towards the business and money-making side of the sport, and not towards what excites the fans, who are the people who should matter most in F1.
    And his links to Red Bull make his views pretty much invalid to anyone who know the sport well.

    Shame on the BBC for this decision.

    1. That pretty much sums up my fear’s about DC too.

    2. Sorry but utter rubbish. a) Your telling me Legard was very exciting? DC cracks a few jokes at least, never heard Legard say 1 funny thing!

      Also Quote DC on his Red Bull bias that makes his views invalid to anyone who knows the sport well?! I have never noticed anything that obvious.

      Oh and unlucky for you we will still see him on screen as he is still a pundit, a very good one with perfectly good on screen presence IMO

  53. Legard did annoy me but I always found some of the personal attacks on him rather uncomfortable. He had this weird habit of going “Humph” after some of Brundle’s comments, as if he was dismissing him, and there were times when you could tell that Brundle was pretty peeved with him. I think we can forgive a commentator a few blunders during a career commentating on a complex sport, but I do think he made rather too many (often without correction) to convince anyone that he wasn’t a little out of his depth. Overall, I think he lacked humour (his attempts at jokes usually turned to tumbleweed) and couldn’t really articulate the exciting bits of a race, but also failed to give you a reason tune in during the boring bits.

    One weird thing is that people used to say that he used to commentate as though he were on the radio, i.e. say what you see, and this used to wind them up so much that they would press the red button and listen to … the radio commentary! People are strange.

    I think MB and DC will be good. A more relaxed and informative experience, like having an extremely knowledgeable mate sitting next to you who. I’m sure they’ll be suitably excited at the right times, and will actually know when the right times are.

    Adieu, Legard. Best wishes.

    1. Agree with you…. but, there was one race weekend when I tried really hard to tune his voice out…. he kept talking talking talking and never let Martin speak…

      …..vettel, webber, Alonso, Lewis, Nico
      … bull against red bull
      …..vettel, webber, Lewis, Jenson
      …..Alonso in pits….Ted, what can you tell?
      …..vettel, webber, Lewis, Jenson
      …..McLaren vs McLaren

      1. rhetorical questions constantly too.
        …and what about Alonso
        …is he catching Hamilton
        …thats a shot in the arm for Ferrari
        …what must Mclaren be thinking
        …Vettel coming round the last corner, pushing on
        …is getting a bit sweaty

        Never to be heard again, Well done BBC!!!!!!!!

  54. Some of the comments about how Coulthard and Brundle remind me of an interview I read with an executive at Bioware, a games developer. About an hour after they had [i]registered the domain name[/i], there were raging debates on Bioware’s forums about how the game would suck. Enough time and thought had been put into it to come up with a name, that’s it. Nothing else existed, but “fans” and “fans” were raging nonetheless about non-existent content.

    For my piece of mind, I’m glad BBC decided to try someone else over Leggard, as much as that must suck for him. But let’s give them a chance before starting the chants to replace someone again, eh?

    1. Indeed. It’s always quite funny to read that stuff.

      We always pass the good and crazy comments around the studio when the previews/reviews hit the internet. Fun times. :D

      Bioware have a proven track record and even they get irrational hate. :D

  55. Matrin provides excellent insight during the entire race weekend… not just from a technical perspective. He also has the ability to articulate clearly the race situations. Shame, I live in Canada (atleast grateful TSN shows the live coverage of the qualifying and race..both the coverage starts 5 minutes prior to the sessions) and I don’t get to watch the entire show.

    DC pairing with Martin is going to be great and I can’t wait to hear them. The only issue about their pairing….they are going to run their mouth endlessly about MSC and attack his personality as they did in 2010.

  56. It’s good that Legard is gone, but i’m not too sure about Coulthard.

    Jordan, Coulthard and Jake where more of a comical trio like the Three Stooges rather than that they actually provided any real insight in F1 debates.

    Especially Coulthard’s commentaries were usually pretty much nonsensical. It didn’t help that he seemed to be a Red Bull spokesperson.

  57. Apart from the odd gaffe (such as at Monza when the Ferrari’s were wheel to wheel with Button in the lead and Jonathon declaring “that’s exactly what Ferrari want”) I didn’t find Legard that bad although his repetitive phrases were annoying. Walker made plenty of gaffes afterall. Legard is apparently a workaholic and will chat to the guys in the pit all night to keep up to date and I appreciated that. What I really didn’t like was the complete lack of chemistry between him and Brundle and that can only be 50% his fault in theory.

    I’m sad for Legard and hope he does well in the future probably in radio as he seems to suit that.

    Brundle and DC? Two former drivers? Hmmm…I’ll reserve judgement but it isn’t the ideal pairing I’d have gone for. Croft and Brundle would have been great but it would have meant breaking up the 5live dream team.

    1. Yer the gaffes were irritating but understandable since every commentator makes them. But at least with Walker or Allen they were easy to listen to for the other 95% of the coverage. My problem with Legard was that I found him irritating consistently throughout the race in a way that isn’t the case with the likes of Allen, Croft or Edwards

      1. He made them pretty much every race start.
        I think even Abu Dhabi he said button then hamilton when clearly there was no way they could swap position after the pretty nothing start. It might have been singapore.

        The Korean one was the worst mixing the Mclarens up even with a fair few places between them…for 2 laps. Even my dad noticed and he makes more mistakes than Murray!

    2. If he stayed up all night chatting to the teams, how come that never once came across in the commentary?

      I always think that the best commentary adds to the broadcast, with information that I wouldn’t know already. Legard never once told us anything that I didn’t already know and would be obvious to anyone.

  58. I think the word to use here is ‘chemistry’. I only got to listen to Legard over taped races via the internet and what struck me was the lack of chemistry between Brundle and Legard. It all seemed forced and unnatural.
    The other night I got to see a re-run of the 2006 Italian Gp when James Allen was with Brundle at ITV, and the difference was noticeable. Now I know there is alot of you guys in England who could not stand Allen nor his liking of Lewis Hamilton, but I found he gave more as a commentator than Legard.
    We all know that Coulthard and Brundle have been friends for many years. Infact, Brundle was Coulthard’s manager during the Scot’s years as a driver. So it makes perfect sense. It also highlights just how important the BBC find Martin Brundle is to their F1 broadcasts and who could really argue there.
    I wish Legard all the best but I am afraid this was always likely to happen wasn’t it?

    1. So is that how DC got the BBC job – through cronyism? And did Brundle benefit in any way from the deal?

      I can see no excuse whatsoever for having DC as a BBC commentator. He’s added absolutely nothing to the viewing experience to date.

      We, as licence-payers, are paying for Brundle to have his best mate and (ex?) managee sitting in the commentary box beside him, despite his lack of skills.

      It’s a scandal.

      1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        11th January 2011, 16:30

        Better he work with someone he gets on with and someone who he can help to improve.

        1. Would you say the same about every taxpayer-funded position in the UK, or just the BBC F1 coverage?
          Cronyism is cronyism, wherever it happens, and when we’re footing the bill we shouldn’t have to pander to the whims of an ex-driver’s ex-manager.
          If Brundle had chosen anyone that he hadn’t had business dealings with in the past, there would be some respect for, and credibility, about the appointment. As it is, the fans are being made fools of and are being saddled with someone who made no impression whatsoever on the BBC last year.

  59. How many comments! I reckon Legard wasn’t very appreciated.


  61. high risk strategy by Brundlefly. Buzz Coulthard is a complete wet blanket if you ask me.. and get some jeans befitting your age!!

    But it is ironic that a man who infamously couldnt overtake a backmarker for 36 laps has taken over from a no mark in retirement.

    I feel a bit sorry for Legard but the facts are he lacked charisma and chemistry with either the viewer or Brundlefly. His technical knowledge wasnt upto James Allens standard and his voice had none of the resonance of Murray Walkers. But all of the above, bar chemistry, (which cant be disproven yet)is also true of Buzz Coulthard !!

  62. I’ve just remembered how, when during the Icelandic volcanic eruption (which I won’t even attempt to spell the name of), David Coulthard, who couldn’t make it to the track, when asked by the BBC team about his view of the coverage, mentioned how patchy Legard’s commentary was and how much he’d missed, maybe he and Brundle have been planning this for quite a while, and the coup is now finally complete. The fact the Coulthard was picking up on things that Legard had totally missed is reassuring, but how well he’ll adapt to live commentary is another question.

  63. I didn’t have a problem with Legard, but then I never understood why some people hated James Allen either. Let’s face it though, nobody’s ever going to top Murray Walker.

  64. Glad to see Legard go as he was useless. The ammount of mistakes he made was ridiculous. Brundle is brilliant and he’ll continue being brilliant. DC is also very good and will offer good insight into the race.
    Only thing now is for Jake to leave his flipping iPad alone!

    1. he has got eddie with him

      1. and DC they are all staying together. DC will be pundit and no2 comms

  65. Wonderful news, now if we could get rid of Jake too that would be wo of my New Year F1 wishes come true. Jake really annoys me, the way he always jumps down the interviewee’s throat bugs me, especially when he so often criticises them without actually listening to what they said.

  66. Thank goodness. Not even the likes of Murray Walker could match Legard’s shouting every single time the tiniest move is made.

    I think Coulthard is a wise choice he has quite a clear voice. Hope he doesn’t try to outdo Brundle though!

  67. One question – isn’t DC doing his DTM racing or was it just 2010?

    1. They dont clash so like last year he can do both.

  68. I like to see this, Brundle and DC seems to work well together. I am really looking forward to it. I just hope that the trio of Eddie, DC and Jake will remain, it is always funny to see Jake and DC make fun of Eddie ;)

  69. ‘it’s a brilliant 1-2 drive, out in the sunshine!’

    1. you know, that race in Monza he did say something i quite liked. The Sun was indeed shining, an the Brawns where indeed 1-2. For the first time in a ling time looking dominant.

      It was nice.

  70. I didn’t think Legard was bad at commentating, its different of course when you start to listen to what he is actually saying and are like – ”*** is he on about?”
    And when you re-watch the race starts you just feel very embarrassed for Legard because of his commentating.

  71. I think its a great move, Im very relieved I dont have to put up with repetitive phrases like “shot in the arm” and rhetorical questions all the time like “whats Alonso doing? and what about Hamilton” He should have been informing us not asking us! Not to mention the mistakes

    Very surprised to see so much negativity to Brundle being lead and sudden love for Legard on twitter . Seems many are never happy. Quite a bit was from journos though so probably Legards friends. James Allen has written a well reasoned backing of Brundle on his blog

    Im not worried about DC. I think he will be spot on with Brundle’s 14 years experience to help him along. On his Redbull bias, Ive not really noticed it but Im sure he can curb it with tips from Martin. People who say he lacks charisma….err Legard?!!!

    All in all a good move IMO, thank you BBC

  72. I’m pleased that the BBC have dropped Legard because – for me – he was too anxious to provide snappy sound bites; they only ever sounded contrived or rehearsed. To be fair though, he is by no means alone in that habit. David Croft or Ben Edwards would have been my choice but I’m sure Brundle will grow into the role. I’m not so convinced by DC; his close professional relationship with MB should be a benefit but may be they are too similar characters. Perhaps the BBC will bring in other former drivers during the course of the season.

    But please Martin, try to let us have some ‘dead-air time’. We can see what’s happening, TV doesn’t need a radio commentary.

  73. STRFerrari4Ever
    11th January 2011, 21:11

    This day I thought it would never come but praise the LORD! Ah :)

  74. thank god, i wont have to listen to legard selling me a carpet any more, at least thats what i think he was trying to do

  75. Not meaning to be a bighead but I said this would happen months ago!

    Great news though!

  76. Dan Cadera in Canada
    11th January 2011, 22:17


  77. I think this will work very well. Brundle has enough in him to make the transition to #1, his one-liners have always been a highlight of my F1 weekend. DC isn’t exciting but he isn’t meant to be; he’ll probably continue to be biased towards Red Bull, but were we ever going to agree with everything he said? Maybe when put to the question by Martin in the heat of the moment he’ll have less time to think of a PR-friendly answer.

    I feel sorry for Legard, but he wasn’t up to the job. It’s a shame the BBC have decided there’s no room for him (or is that PR rubbish?), he would have done a better DC than DC will do a Brundle.

  78. All the comments above just go to prove that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

    I’m glad Legard is gone but can’t believe that the Beeb missed the chance to get Crofty in the hot seat. He is superb. I listen to his commentary whenever possible.

    Also Ant Davidson has surpassed Brundle as the best colour summariser in the business. I’d like to have seen him involved.

    EJ gets on my nerves but I can see his value and would keep him. Lee Mackenzie is worth a bigger role too.

    1. I don’t think Brundle and Crofty get on very well… otherwise I’m sure they would have done this.

  79. Thank god.

  80. Lets not kick a man when he is down. Good luck JL.

  81. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! no more legard!!!! I don’t have to listen to his brain melting mush any more!!!

    I would have made a better commentator than him, I certainly noticed more things happening.

  82. WONDERFUL news!

    Jonathan Legard lowered the level of F1.
    I’d prefer Coulthard Scottish accent anytime.
    Brundle must stay.

    Best news for 2011 season. No more repetition and hesitation.

  83. @Lee – there’s quite a difference between “upscaled by the broadcaster and transmitted in 1080i at a decent nitrate” and “upscaled by your set top box from a crappy jaggy ridden SD transmission”. I suspect this Sky Germany stuff is proper HD. Didn’t Jake H make some comment about this season on BBC too?

  84. Nitrate? Damn iPhone!!! I meant bitrate of course.

  85. You have to assess the decision to change in 2 ways:
    1) Does having two former racing drivers commentating work?
    2) Are Martin Brundle and David Coulthard the right men for the job?

    In response to 1) it seems to me that the demands of a TV commentator are very different to radio. On TV you don’t need to describe what’s happening or constantly talk – we can all see it for ouselves. Therefore i’m inclined to think that a combination of 2 former drivers CAN work.

    In response to 2) I think absolutely Martin Brundle is the right man. However, I do have a reservation about DC in that his Red Bull affiliation devalues some of his comments which aren’t always independent. All i ask of expert commentators is to express their true opinions freely.

    That said, the key to any commentary team is the chemistry. The best example is listening to some of the test match commentaries. This is what excites me about this pairing and therefore I’m happy to give DC the benefit of the doubt for now.

  86. I download every race because I don’t have cable TV… So I have to wait a couple of days sometimes, avoiding all news and sites… And I’ve watched a bit of them: The super biased spanish guys, the so-so argentinean of Fox Sports, the guys from Speed…

    But the best of them is Brundle and his guys. They are second to none really.

    Now we switch from anti-schumi Legard to pro-redbull David… Let’s give him some races, he’ll step up to it.

    And, look at the bright side: We’ll have SILENCE from time to time! Just listening and watching at the cars and not some moronic commentator who thinks is narrating soccer!

  87. AndyEssex (@)
    12th January 2011, 6:01

    Personally I used to love James Allen’s enthusiasm and was surprised when the BBC didn’t keep him. JL has always been dull. Allen has awesome knowledge of F1 and took over the impossible role of replacing Murray. DC? 2 experts in the box but no entertainer.

    1. Ive never liked comentators who try to make what you are watching more entertaining. I don’t want someone screaming nonsense at a high pitch so quickly that the info from their eyes goes to their mouth before entering their brain. In 2011 for the first time on tv I will be able to watch a race where the two people talking will be able to properly discuss together how the race is going, im looking forward to it.

  88. My tuppence worth:

    Brundle can have a job for life as far as I’m concerned. Legard had to go, Too many mistakes and his commentary just grated, for me anyway.

    I still think Ted Kravitz would be ideal for the main commentator with Brundle. He has the voice for it and surely must have the knowledge after all these years.

    The BBC MUST declare DC’s employment with Red Bull at every race. Take Turkey last yeat – he couldn’t put across an unbiased view so he sat on the fence. I don’t want that.

    James Allen never did it for me. He doesn’t have the voice for it but no doubt he is knowledgeable.

    Eddie Jordan is good for comedy value and occasional gems so I’m ok with him staying.

    David Croft will always be a darts commentator for me! And Anthony Davidson’s poor grammar just winds me up so he can stay on the radio where I don’t have to listen to him.

    Let’s see how we go! DC is my main concern but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for the first few races.

    1. Forgot to mention Humphrey. I don’t like him but I know I’m probably in the minority on that. I just can’t put my finger on exactly why. Too many questions beginning with “How…?” is one part of it. Reminds me of Steve “magnolia paint” Ryder. Just not right IMO.

  89. Speckled Jim (@)
    12th January 2011, 12:48

    See now Tobinen you can rest easy mate, you are not in the minority at all on that issue. Jake seems to me as a football focus type rather than an F1 presenter. Nothing against him personally though.

    For myself with DC, Im not sure this is the right gig for him. But having said that,a f**kin speak your weight machine would be better than Legard. At least he wasn’t replaced by another football fanatic who wouldn’t know a DFV from HNC. Just hope David & Martin can keep us all interested and have a bit of a sense of humour with it all. Not be to clinical. Good luck guys.

  90. Feel sorry for Jonathan Legard. He was hated for not being Ben Edwards and when he started he was good enough but he ended up trying too hard to satisfy all his haters and it ended up making his commentary worse. I wish him all the best in the future.

  91. Congrats to all of you who get to watch BBC. Legard was appalling even compared to James Allen. Wouldn’t it be even better if Crofty alongside Brundle?

    Meanwhile, us Asians here have to live with Steve Slater…

  92. David Johnson
    12th January 2011, 19:27

    No more Legard…and coverage in HD…yipeee !!

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