Badoer’s farewell run in a Ferrari F60 – on ice

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Outgoing Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer drove an F60 in a special livery on ice as their “Wrooom” media event came to a close.

Pirelli supplied special tyres for Badoer’s exhibition run, fitting 4.5 millimetre studs to a set of wet weather tyres.

Meanwhile Fernando Alonso won the kart and Fiat 500 races on the ice. Felipe Massa was runner-up in the kart race.

Here are pictures from the final day of the event.

Luca Badoer drives a F60 Ferrari on ice

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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66 comments on “Badoer’s farewell run in a Ferrari F60 – on ice”

  1. I’m afraid Badoer will only be remembered in my mind as the guy who did this.

    1. cruel but funny

    2. hadn’t seen that before, cheers

    3. I love how he sticks his hand up as if he’s blaming someone else!

    4. Farewell Luca…

      People will only remember you as solw as an old granny in chiar for disabled people

      Chris :-))))))))))))

      PS A chance you never have been a McLaren pilot for us the British because we would have been ashamed of that !!!!!

    5. That video was a waste of bandwidth.
      What an odd thing to bring up.
      I remember him as a dedicated racer.
      Often let down by tail end of the grid machinery.

      1. I remember him as a driver who let us down by putting dedicated race machinery at the tail end of the grid.

  2. Can anyone give me a clue as to how “Wrooom” is being pronounced?

    Wah-rooom is obviously aboriginal Australian, so I therefore quickly assume that in this case the non-native W is being pronounced in Italian as a V?

    Vah-room, Veh-room, Vee-room, Vroom?

    1. I’d pronounce it Vroom (like the sound a child makes when immitating a car).

    2. Yes, Vroom is the most accurate pronounciation, as in Italy “W” doesn’t exist and is pronounced like “V”.

  3. The nose doesn’t look like the F60 one.

    1. looks like the one they used at Spa and Monza

      1. It is the white supports from the 2010 livery that make the nose look different. Pretty sure its a normal F60 nose.

    2. Mc Phisto this is the Ferrari F60 – 2009 not the F10 the only f10 thing is the livery

    3. Actually it does look quite fat.

      1. And the Pirelli logo in the yellow box in my opinion doesn’t look nice, I’d have prefered if it had been white without box like on the driver suits.

      2. It may be because it is missing the small hole.

  4. Bye Bye Luca. A shame you didn’t get to drive a Ferrari that you’d spent all those many hours perfecting to perfection.

  5. So they have put Luca Badoer on ice!

    In a car he must really loath after those races in 2009, poor Luca.

    1. I was thinking this may have been how he felt in that car all along: out of place on this surface.

      I hope he had a lot of fun doing this though; his 2009 performance with Ferrari was disgraceful, but as bad as I sometimes find Ferrari’s talk of its drivers (both Raikkonnen during much of 2009, and Massa during 2010 were talked about in away that I really hope is mainly due to being lost in translation somehow) Ferrari have been dealing with Badoer very decently, implicitly admitting they put him in a bad spot dumping him into a hard to drive car without any practice in the middle of the season. Good for them, he did do a lot of good testing for them during those years in the team after all.

  6. Are these Alonso´s and Massa´s new helmets for 2011?

    1. Alonso’s has his arrows more on the sides.
      Massa’s has a different shapeon top, where the yellow part forms a “V”
      I always wanted to see Ferrari’s helmets without the white horizontal stripe, but:
      1 – The Ferrari logo in the middle, not being symmetric and being too big, is not very nice IMO;
      2 – Alonso’s symbolic arrows moved on the sides to make Ferrari’s logo fit make the helmet empty on top and too filled on the sides.
      Massa’s helmet is nice though.

      And they were finally using the new Schuberth SF1s.

      1. And there is no Etihad under the visor.

        1. Alonso has lengthened the light blue stripe on the bottom of his helmet to cover the yellow space that would remain without Etihad.

          1. Badoer used a SF1, strangely because he shouldn’t need a helmet now that he is retiring, but without sponsors or logos and using the pre-2011 design with the white stripe.

          2. Some other changes to Alonso’s design: 2010, 2011.
            In the 2011 one, a blue design is missing from the side of the visor and a new red stripe is used instead.

      2. I think it is quite well done, given that they had to (I guess) add in sponsor/logo changes – at least it can be seen as staying with a refinement of the same design.

        1. Well, they removed the white stripe and stuck in an a-symmetric logo (which IMO ruins it).

  7. “Pirelli supplied special tyres for Badoer’s exhibition run, fitting 4.5 millimetre studs to a set of wet weather tyres.”

    Pirelli gave them WET weather tyres? Those tyres which no other teams have seen before?

    What’s the bet ferrari will “reverse-engineer” them (i.e. remove the studs) to have a healthy advantage over others in looking at the tyres?

    1. What useful data can they get about them from a run on ice with studs in them as well?

      The answer to that has to be: 0.

    2. Also (cuz I can’t edit my previous reply) I bet “special tyres” means they just made a set up on the spot and they’re only like the ones they will provide during the season in the sense that they’re round and fit the rims.

      1. They’re probably the tyres other teams will get for demonstration runs, since the requirement to use special low-performance tyres still exists for them.

    3. It was cold and slippery, the wet weather tyres probably manage to get some grip in those circumstances, unlike any dry weather tyre would.

      I also agree with Ral that those tyres are likely just the wet compound, but need not be the same construction as the final wet weather tyre. Also, I think with this limited amount of running, and only a few weeks before the tyre test, the amount of possible gain is somewhat slim. But if not: clever Ferrari once again for dodging the testing agreement, I guess.

  8. Fred Schechter
    14th January 2011, 22:39

    Sad to see Luca exit. I’m sure it’ll be more from daily driver functions and a more ambassadorial role now. He’s meant so much to the team for so long, and will stay my favorite driver.

    People are confused by this, I say, that no other person has more miles in a formula 1 Ferrari than Luca, and that was his job for far longer than nearly every F1 career. Was he a great race driver, well, obviously no, but what he got to do, every day (or when testing allowed) was drive for Ferrari, on their home track, more than ANYONE. That’s awesome!

    1. He could have been a great race driver if he was given the chance.

      He beat Barrichello in the junior formulae, and did some incredible performances in awful cars.

      If only Ferrari had given him a chance in 1999 instead of Salo.

    2. He has done more distance than Barrichello, that has competed in the most GPs! I hope his record remain unbeaten!

  9. i was under the impression Luca offically ended with Ferrari last yr (2010) and has already completed his final run proir to the ”ice demo”. i he doing a mansell and doing 1000 final runs the same as mansell retired at the end of 90 before being signed to williams again, then 92 and went to champ car but to return in 94, to retire again and then mcalren before finally giving up (though nearly returned with jordan in 97!) luca cud yet be doing the barcelona test!

  10. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    14th January 2011, 23:38

    “Felipe, Fernando is still faster than you, did you understand the message?”
    … So then Fernando won the kart and Fiat 500 races

  11. it makes me laugh how they gave him the car he “under-achieved” in.

    1. Fisichella did no better really, despite his brilliant performance at Spa. The F60 was just a dog of a car that Kimi made the best of.

    2. They gave him the only car he drove a race with.

      1. And it’s the only car after the 2009 rules changes that can be used because the F10 was still in use last season when he did other runs, and this year maybe they are using it for some aero test, and Badoer wouldn’t know how to drive it.

  12. On his gravestone it reads,,,

    ” Whether it be Ice or Snow , He was always SLOW “

  13. Badoer is probably be remembered as one of the nest Test Driver of all time in F1.Many people don’t realize that many testing has been done by him for Ferrari in those 6 CWC they won between 1999-2004.

    Best of luck wherever you go.

  14. Any word on what Badoer will do once he leaves Ferrari?

    1. My idea is that he will surprisingly return with Red Bull in place of Vettela and win all races and the title!

  15. bad-oer is gone, and fisico soon will follow.
    Can’t they find promising f1 prospects, instead of these dinosaurs? And give them some running.
    Alonso won everything at vroooom and nobody noticed , so ferrari is perfecting the team orders. And they said no practice until valencia feb the 1st.

    1. Ferrari’s long-term plan is Jules Bianchi – he’s recently been promoted to tester. Fisico (and Gené) will probably be around for a while – they’re both still racing and won’t get rusty in quite the same way as Badoer did (Luca hadn’t raced anything in a FIA-approved race for years prior to the 2009 return). Getting running for Luca will be a problem, but if Jules is sent to one of the lower-ranking teams to gain experience, that will get round the problem.

      I believe Ferrari set up its Driver Academy in 2009 specifically to look for other prospects. So I wouldn’t worry overmuch about Ferrari’s long-term driver prospects.

      Although it is true that Fernando won everything motorised at Wrooom, he didn’t quite manage to win everything – Fisico won the skiing…

      1. The problem is that Ferrari are all around Bianchi, and if he proves a failure, which I hope not and don’t so, they can’t do like Red Bull that have hundreds of young drivers to protect. If Bianchi proves bad, they have no one else for some time. In GP2 I heard that sometimes he wasn’t very impressive, with some errors, but his thrid place in the standings shows IMO he is not bad.

        1. They do now Sergio Perez (Sauber’s new 2011 driver) has joined the Driver Academy. Admittedly everyone after that appears to still be in a kart because the two Italian F3 drivers that were in the scheme aren’t there any more.

          1. I didn’t know about Perez.

    2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      16th January 2011, 1:32

      I noticed… check here (if I can quote myself): “Felipe, Fernando is still faster than you, did you understand the message?”
      … So then Fernando won the kart and Fiat 500 races

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        16th January 2011, 1:34

        it was for kowalsky comment!

  16. ahhhh no shark fin, now doesnt that look sooooo much better.

  17. Were there team orders for alonso in the kart race?

  18. Instead of using a Fiat this year to bring the drivers to the Chalet Fiat, they used a Jeep, owned by Chrysler, partially owned by Fiat.

  19. Did you know that in the cablecars at Madonna Di Campiglio there is a red cable with the Wrooom logo dedicated to Ferrari and Ducati? Here are the photos I made (Not of very high resolution, I made them with my old camera).

  20. I’m glad that Badoer got a nice little send-off. Perhaps he wasn’t the fastest but he came agonisingly close to scoring a point for Minardi years ago.

    He put a lot of work into the successful Ferraris of Schumacher and although his performances in 2009 were poor, he was in a dreadful car, you only have to look at how Fisichella did in the same car to see that.

    1. Or even Raikkonen and Massa at the start of the year.

  21. Farewell Luca…

    People will only remember you as slow as an old granny in chair for disabled people

    Chris :-)))))))))))

    PS A chance you never have been a McLaren pilot for us the British because we would have been ashamed of that !!!!!

  22. Fernando Alonso won the kart and Fiat 500 races on the ice. Felipe Massa was runner-up in the kart race

    Ominous for the coming season?

  23. Impreza_600BHP
    17th January 2011, 15:14

    Why do they ruin the pureness of a go-kart with that horrific bodywork??? recently every exibition race i have seen that have F1 drivers has that silly bodywork, i have driven a kart with that type of bodywork and it totally ruins the feel,ruins handling and adds weight.


  24. This picture made me howl! a nice edit from the Wrooom! event

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