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As well as being multiple champions, Juan Manuel Fangio and Jackie Stewart are both drivers whose successes were concentrated into a relatively brief period of time.

Between them they started less than half the number of races Rubens Barrichello has.

Fangio won four world titles on the trot from 1954-7. Factor out the 1952 season he lost to injury and he picked up all five of his titles within six years of competition.

Stewart won three titles in five years and might have had more: he missed the 1968 title by four points and in 1972 was hit by an illness which kept him out of the cockpit.

Both drivers also understood the importance of choosing the right time to stop. Fangio did not stay long after winning his fifth championship. Stewart planned to retire after the final race of 1973, an arrangement that was hastened by the death of his team mate Francois Cevert.

The Nurburgring was the scene of some of their greatest drives. In 1957 Fangio recovered a minute to catch and pass the Ferraris of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins. He did so by daring to take the Nordschleife’s corners in one gear higher than he’d been using before.

The same daunting and dangerous circuit was the target of Stewart’s forward-thinking safety campaign. But he mastered it as a driver as well, winning there three times. In 1968, in pouring rain and thick fog, he came home four minutes ahead of second-placed Graham Hill.

Between them they won eight world championships and over a third of their 150 race starts.

But which of these drivers should go through to the next round of the Champion of Champions? Vote for which you think was best below and explain who you voted for and why in the comments.

Juan Manuel Fangio Jackie Stewart
Titles 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 1969, 1971, 1973
Second in title year/s Alberto Ascari, Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Stirling Moss, Stirling Moss, Stirling Moss Jacky Ickx, Ronnie Peterson, Emerson Fittipaldi
Teams Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes, Ferrari BRM, Matra, Tyrrell
Notable team mates Giuseppe Farina, Peter Collins, Stirling Moss Graham Hill, Johnny Servoz-Gavin, Francois Cevert
Starts 51 99
Wins 24 (47.06%) 27 (27.27%)
Poles 29 (56.86%) 17 (17.17%)
Modern points per start1 17.12 11.20
% car failures2 17.65 32.32
Modern points per finish3 20.79 16.55
Notes Missed 1952 season due to injury Finished his first six races in the points and won his eighth start
Handed 1956 title by team mate Peter Collins Runner-up to Graham Hill in 1968 before winning three titles in five years
Record haul of five titles unequalled until 2002 Retired on the eve of what would have been his 100th start after team mate Cevert was killed
Bio Juan Manuel Fangio Jackie Stewart

1 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of races they started
2 The percentage of races in which they were not classified due to a mechanical failure
3 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of starts in which they did not suffer a race-ending mechanical failure

Round two

Round one

Which was the better world champion driver?

  • Jackie Stewart (35%)
  • Juan Manuel Fangio (65%)

Total Voters: 586

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104 comments on “Juan Manuel Fangio vs Jackie Stewart”

  1. You’re horrible. You really are.

    Fangio, though.

    1. I get that a lot :-)

      1. So tomorrow will be Brabham vs. Senna. I have a pretty good idea how that will end up. What I can’t wait to see is which pairings you choose for the semi-final between Schumacher, Prost, Fangio, and Senna… Different pairings could result in different outcomes. Can’t we have a runoff style tiered voting system? ;-)

        1. Yea, run-off! or double elimination…

        2. Jelle van der Meer (@)
          28th January 2011, 8:04

          I think the pairing should be:
          Senna vs Prost
          MSC vs Fangio

          Where I would vote for Senna and Fangio bringing those to the final – really can’t make up my mind who I than would pick.

    2. Fangio’s just astonishing. Look at his stats. Maybe had he remained he could have a lower percentage of wins, poles and points, but considering what he did, it’s really incredible.

      1. In 1958 Fangio was 47 years old. Exactly how much longer would you have liked him to stay?

    3. Agreed, must admit I have chosen Jackie only because he was a childhood hero of mine… it’s the only way I can decide between them…. Both drivers were absolutely dominant in their eras.

    4. Tough call. I really wanted to pick Sir Jackie, but my head prevailed over my heart, and I voted Fangio.

      1. I agree with the first post! It really hurt to vote in this one, but I had to go for Fangio, despite all of Jackie’s mechanical failures. I do think Jackie has done a lot more for the sport – and in that respect he is a better champion, but based on driving ability alone I had to give it to Fangio. (Sorry Jackie!)

      2. Snap.. I felt the same way

  2. Showing the Prost/Lauda poll :)

    1. That’s all I can see too.

      1. I think it is working well now.

        I have voted Juan Manuel Fangio,so far it seems the top 4 will be Schumacher, Prost, Fangio & Senna only I keep my fingers crossed.

        1. Unless some of them don’t get paired up earlier.

        2. Clark out? Prost and Senna in?
          This is kind of a World Cup without Brazil in the semis.

    2. Sorry guys, poll problem. Sorted now.

  3. This is the hardest pick so far, by a long way

    1. Really? I thought the hardest so far by miles was Schumacher vs Clark…

      1. Top 8 will be all great battle.

        1. Regardless of the result of this draw I think we will have lost 2 drivers who should clearly have been in the top 8…. but then this is motorsport and its never fair and the best man doesn’t always win :-(

      2. Getting harder all the time?

  4. Stewart.

    Stewart is one of the most influential drivers of all time. He made F1 into the sport that we love today. I’ve repeated the same spiel each time i’ve voted for him, so I won’t go into it now.

    While I don’t think this documentary is as good as Graham Hill: Driven or Jim Clark: The quiet champion, Jackie Stewarts is made by the same people and is a really good insight into his life, both as a driver and afterwards. Here is part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnHksZ5F-54

    Oh and for the haters – i’m really biased.

    1. I went for Stewart too. Fangio was a good driver but over-rated massively. He won 5 titles in a car with a huge speed advantage and even changed mid-season to the better car.

      1. Something that he wouldn’t have been able to do if the team owners didn’t think he was the best driver.

        In ’57 Fangio drove the Maserati 250F, the same car he drove in ’54. He won 4 of 7 races, coming second twice more and retiring once. He didn’t always have the best car, but he was always fast.

      2. The only time Fangio changed cars mid-season was when the Mercedes wasn’t ready yet. He already had signed a contract but had to wait before the car was ready and opted to drive his Maserati he drove the year before.

        Besides, most times Fangio changed cars was because of factors outside his influence. In 1952 (Alfa Romeo) and 1956 (Mercedes) the constructors stopped with F1. He switched to back to Maserati in 1957 because he couldn’t get along with Enzo Ferrari. So the only time he switched on his own accord was in 1954 from the underpowered Maserati to Mercedes.

  5. I too must go for Stewart… Fangio as without question, one of the greatest drivers of all time, but he did a little bit too much cockpit hopping for my taste. Just 10 years later, that wouldn’t have been possible, beceasu of contracts etc. Just Imagine what Stewart could have done if he’d jumped to lotus in 68, back to Matra in 69, lotus in 70, tyrell in 71 etc etc

    He would have doen 5 titles too, guaraneed.

    And then factoring in what he, as a champion and reprisentative of the sport has achieved….I can only conclude that I must take what will probably be the unpopular choice, and vor for sir Jackie

    1. A lot of truth in this. While Stewart wasn’t quite to Tyrell as Clark was to Lotus, their relationship was close to that.

      1. Thnanks, and yes , I agree, when you wath the BBC 4 documentaries about Clark and Stewart (and Hill) these relationships really shine through, and in my humble oppinion, being a great champion also means you know how to build a team around you, with dedicated people, who believe in you.

        Fangio was no doubt encredibly quick. But so, for instance is a guy like Kimi Raikonnen, but he has only the one title. Or Ronny Petterson, and he hasn’t got a single one. Why, because, despite the fact the were blisteringly quick, they didn’t always have the equipment to show it. And neither wa “able”to pull the team they were at to a higher level by sheer force of personality and grit. I’m not saying Fangio could not have done that, but there is no way to know that….

        1. Yes, I feel many more drivers would be multiple champions had they the opportunities Fangio had. Kimi and Ronnie Peterson are great examples, but it can’t take away from the stats, Fangio achieved all that in the most dangerous era of the sports history. But thanks to Jackie Stewart, all that began to change, a modern F1 developed and of all the modern drivers Stewart takes the cake. He only quit after the death of Cervert, had he continued I think he could have as many wins as Senna or Prost. Therefore I shall go against the grain and vote for Stewart out of sheer admiration and principle, as it is highly likely Fangio will take this one anyway.

          1. Stewart was going to leave Formula One after that weekend regardless of what followed; he planned to finish on exactly 100 GP’s.

            When Cevert died he decided not to carry on with the weekend, but Stewart would not raced on in ’74 anyway even if he had survived. The sad irony is that after dutifully playing the support role to Stewart for a few seasons, and learning from him Cevert would have been the number one driver the next season. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

    2. My exact sentiments – although I respect Fangio, I too voted for Sir Jackie Stewart.

    3. Jackie had a standing offer from Chapman…he could have gone to Lotus anytime he wanted to.

      Stewart never had a contract with Ken Tyrrell…it all happened on a handshake.

      I don’t see how getting the best drive available at any given time can be regarded in a negative light. If anything, it should be regarded as a talent…IMHO.

      1. but to both Jackie and Ken that handshake and verbal agreement meant as much (if not more) than any written contract… both were men of their word.

        I am not going knock Fangio for team hoping, he did what he did out of his drive to win. Jackie did the same…. building a team and car around yourself is also a talent.

    4. D’accord. Plus Fangio sometimes get to use his team mate’s cars when his broke down!

  6. Fangio enjoyed the success and therefore luxury to pick the best team and car to race with. Normal for top drivers of his time.
    I would say that equals the achievements for me, as Stewart did not have this luxury.
    So it’s down to little details for me, and without seeing Fangio for real it’s hard for me to go into driving ability. What Stewart did for the sport as a champion, was something else. Without his champion status a lot of his concerns and safety issues may well have been overlooked.
    I’ll therefore vote for Jackie Stewart.

    1. You do make a very good point. Kind of makes me wish I could change my vote to Stewart.

  7. With almost as many wins and half as many starts this one’s a no brainer victory for Fangio. 20.79 modern points per finish is insane as well, that’s a better than 2nd place average!

    Stewart has had many years to celebritize himself and just the time period he was around in will make him more familiar to people. This is the only way I can see him winning this. Rational thought would not go into a vote for Stewart.

  8. Fangio all the way.

    I know what kind of cars he used to drive before F1 (also a multiple winner with those), and all his european carreer he was simply astonishing.

    Racing Turismo Carretera during the 40’s had to be one of the most dangerous things ever. And then he chose single seaters and beated them all 5 times.

    Even if I love Jackie. hearth pulls Fangio’s way.

    1. Maybe we could have an article all about Fangio Keith?

      I’d love to learn more about his accomplishments outside of F1, especially before the grand prix era. It’s a shame we can’t have Nuvolari in these polls, I wonder where he would finish?

  9. Fangio. This one is a no brainer for me

  10. It’s so close.
    I realy like steward. I like the way he talks, the era he drove on. The way he respects other champions ( are you listening niki?) He is top class in every respect.
    On the other hand, the way fangio expressed himself, on either italian, or even spanish was not very impresive.
    On the other hand he drove also in a very dangerous era, and we can’t forget he has two more titles than the scot.
    I go for fangio, but i repeat it’s very close.

    1. you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are plenty of interviews around here and the way Fangio expressed himself is quite close to the way Stewart does.

      1. bs

        1. do you speak spanish?

  11. Fangio. Everyone just remembered what a great record it was that Schumi equalled in 2002. What an acheevement that was considered to be. And now we would not even give him the go over Steward?

    Surely every WDC is a great driver and every multiple champion is a great champion able to make things work out for him and moves the sport forward in a way. Some are extra special, Steward rates with those, but so do all most who made it to these quarter finals.
    Nothing against Steward, but this has to be Fangio for me.

    1. every multiple champion is a great champion able to make things work out for him and moves the sport forward in a way.

      What about Piquet? What did he do?

      1. LOL, I guess he raised the bar for F1 boxing skills, with Salazar :P

        But seriously, I assume that his on track rivalry with Mansell moved the sport’s level of drama to new levels before Prost and Senna? Or something like that.

        1. Fans of Clive James will remember it was actually Karate rather than boxing :P


      2. 3 wdc, and beating mansell, who was a match for senna at times.

      3. You’re kidding, right?? Piquet introduced refuelling, heated tyre covers, in-car brake fine tuning, developed active suspension, and a number of smaller inovations

        1. He also did the greatest overtaking in F1 history: Hungaroring 86

  12. Sorry, had to be Sir Jackie. Fangio was clearly the best driver of his era, no doubt about that. But Stewart has done so much more for the sport than any other driver, his outspoken views are respected highly, and although everyone used to believe his opinions were wrong, in the end, he was right. Also saved many lives, who knows what safety standards we would have today had it not been for him.

    1. Didn’t think I would at the start of this, but I actually went against Fangio… Stewart has done much more for the sport, and I agree with those about Fangio’s hot-swapping cockpits.

      Sir jackie it is!

  13. Got to be Fangio. Modern points per finish over 20! Thats outrageous. I once saw a fantastic film about Fangio at the National Film Theater with my mum and dad, and he came across as such a Gentleman. No one it seems has a bad word to say about him. Not even when he was racing, seeing the way Collins and Hawthorn congratulate him after his unbelievable drive in Germany sums it up really. Shame for Stewart though, a great driver and every racing driver should thank him after every crash they survive without injury.

  14. A real real toughie

    Jackie Stewart was my first F1 idol. One of the greats, for sure.

    Fangio, well, I have only seen a few short vids. But he was astonishingly good, no doubt. Maybe even better than Prost, the greatest of the greats for me. Only, I cannot really rate Fangio or Jim Clark. So I’ ll pass on this one.

  15. It would be hard to argue against Fangio based purely on his stats and # of titles. Hugely impressive stuff to say the least. That said, I am otherwise biased, and no doubt always will be. Stewart was my first F1 hero. I got to see him race in person a number of times, F1 and CanAm. I was at Watkins Glen the weekend he retired after Cervet’s death. I just about lived and breathed through his exploits over a period of about 5 years. Personal bias aside, though, I believe Sir Jackie has a strong case to be champion of champions. His record over a short career, is exemplary. Amassing wins, finishing races, and simply staying alive during that horribly dangerous era was not an easy thing. And while some may tire of hearing it, when considering Stewart for this title, you have to look at his entire body of work. Race winner, 3 time champion, team owner, and a tireless (and sometimes ridiculed) safety campaigner who pretty much dragged a reluctant F1 establishment into a new era. His numbers may not be the best, but he will always be my personal ‘Champion of Champions’ :)

  16. I respect Jackie Stewart to no end. However, Fangio’s stats speak for themselves. He sat on pole for more than half the races he entered and won nearly half.

    It’s probably controversial, but I also think Fangio ran against a stronger field. Ascari, Moss, Farina. Stewart faced mainly Fittipaldi.

    1. Here we go again…Hill, Brabham, Hulme, Gurney, Rindt, Ickx, Peterson, Surtees, Bandini, Clark, McLaren… Oh yeah, and Fittipaldi. LOL.

      1. Jeffrey Powell
        28th January 2011, 20:18

        These guys were easily as strong as Fangio’s opposition with cars that many times were quicker than JYS’S.

  17. Close-ish, but still Fangio. I never get tired of reading about his ’57 Ring heroics.

  18. Now that we’re down to the hard rounds, I’m going to apply other arguments rather than stats, because at this point they are all of the stuff that makes a legend.

    This is Champion of Champions and Jackie achieved his without car hoping, or commandeering a team mates motor and, said earlier, on nothing but a handshake. Then what Jackie brought back to the sport in terms of safety will last forever, a true gentleman.

  19. Fangio was fantastic, no question about it, but so was Jackie Stewart. Monza 1969 was a pretty incredible race to win. He held, at the time, the record for most wins in F1. His tireless work towards safety in F1 for me makes him the best ambassador for the sport that F1 has ever had.

    Sorry Fangio.

  20. Hallard85 (@)
    27th January 2011, 17:31

    On stats it’s close, and on wins it’s close too. But I cant help but feel like Jackie has had a more positive effect on F1 overall; that he has been more influential overall. I remember the interview on this site where Sir Jackie was talking about what it means to be a world champion, and how a world champion needs to be an ambassador for the sport, and Jackie certainly leads by examle in that regard. An extraordinary driver, and an extraordinary world champion. Jackie gets my vote.

  21. Fangio


    Ok, Fangio.

  22. Fangio, just

  23. why do we bother keith is rigging the vote!! every new driver had to face an old world champion but his beloved Hamilton!! ohh he had to beat button? big challange! and he wont close the vote on rd 2 till Hamilton wins even if it takes twice as long to “count the votes” as everyone else, don’t get me wrong im taking nothing from Hamilton but a young rookie with a handfull of years under his belt should not be given a free ride to the finals!! maybe in 10 years when he’s a 3 or maybe even 4 time world championships, keith should stack the deck to save us from ourself’s but for now it just stinks of a rigged comp!

    1. It’s not a ranking system it’s to find out who is the Champion of Champions. Hamilton will inevitably have to come up against tough opposition and he’s just faced Brabham and checking the results he’s actually losing to Jack.

      1. aw steph you got in the way of my reply! Now it looks like I replied to you!

    2. You’re either trolling or misinformed.

      Either way, you’re wrong.

  24. DiamondEagle (@)
    27th January 2011, 17:57

    Fangio vs Stewart at the quarter final stage…evil.

    Both of them are in my all time top four (Fangio, Stewart, Senna, Schumacher) but I voted for Stewart in the knowledge Fangio had more votes.

  25. Stewart.

    Without him, I doubt we’d still have Schumacher (either of them), Massa, Hakkinen, Kubica, Alonso and many others. And those are just recent drivers that spring to mind who have had major accidents over the last while.

    His drive for safety has saved many, many lives. Combined with his charisma and skill, it makes him, overall, a better champion in my eyes.

  26. Stewart…great stats and for the amount he did to bring safety into the sport. This has to be about more than just stats or we could just get the computer to work it out.

  27. Very hard to choose between two magnificent and very dominant drivers, but I have always had Fangio in my top four – but Stewart was displaced from that group about 15 years ago.

  28. Fangio… King of power-steering, pure gentleman, raw talent, won with every team he drove for, came back from a broken neck (!) in ’52, at 42 years old !!!, was kidnapped in Cuba ’58… his life story is just literally unbelievable. His name even made it to popular language (at least in french & dutch, we say “you drive like a fangio”)… during his lifetime !

    Steward, on the other hand, is partly responsible for seat belts, safety helmets, removable steering wheels, better marshalls, the disappearance of tracks like Nordschleife & old Spa, etc. (I know, I don’t have the facts anywhere near 100% right) Sir Stewart saved many, many drivers’ lives, by being publicly honest about his fears, and acting on them. Respect.

    But in my idealist (child’s?) mind, the Legend, the Champion of Champions, the Hero of F1 has to be someone oblivious to his own safety, to political correctness and all these other ‘adult’ concerns. Dreams stuff.

    Stewart nearly had it, but Fangio got my vote.

    1. at least in french & dutch, we say “you drive like a fangio”


      In Czech we say “he drives like a Chiron” :-). I wonder whether some other languages have similar expressions.

      1. in spain we used to say. Who do you think you are fittipaldi?

      2. In the States a policeman might ask, “Who do you think you are, Mario Andretti?”

  29. Fangio for me. The great Stirling Moss called him ‘Maestro’ and copied his driving style. In 1949 in his first full season in Europe he won 6 out of 10 times, the first 4 races, straight victories. When the F1 championship started he was already 39, an age most modern F1 drivers are already retired. Stewart is one of the greats, but Fangio (in my mind) is greater.

  30. i’m surprised to see fangio leading. stewart’s contributions to the sport, with and without a steering wheel, are massive. multiple champion, teacher, statesman, leader… what more does it take?

    1. not to belabor the point, but please watch this:

      what was it? “he can take 20 seconds off of anyone’s lap time”?

      1. To quote Jackie himself at 3:45 in that clip

        I’m not sure if the very best drivers all the way through the life of racing have not basically done the same thing. I don’t think too many of them have explained it the way they want to explain it, but I’m sure if you spoke to Fangio…

  31. I’m sure semi-finals will be :

    Prost vs Senna
    Fangio vs Schumacher

    Winners: Senna and Fangio

    Champion of champions: Senna

    One way or the other it will a tough call. I believe Schumacher doesn’t stand a chance against any of other three.

    Someone in Lauda vs Prost duel put it best: Prost was probably the most complete F1 driver ever.

    This is getting more and more interesting.
    Thanks Keith.

    1. If you look at the draw and the seedings it will be
      Schumacher vs Prost and
      Fangio vs Senna if Fangio and Senna win their respective rounds, so one of Fangio and Senna will go out in the semis.

  32. Oh, I voted Fangio

  33. Stewart, for three reasons.

    First of all, he was phenomenally talented and his stats aren’t the same as Fangio’s because he wasn’t always in the best car.

    Second of all, his abilities as a development driver were and still are immense. Not only was he instrumental in the dominance of the Tyrell 003 but he was also responsible for testing the Ford Mondeo, one of the most successful road cars ever.

    Thirdly, no man has done more to make F1 as safe as it is today. The long road from deaths every other weekend to 17 years since the last driver fatality in F1 has been paved in a very large part by Stewart himself. As a world champion he used his status to make sure that all but one of the world champions that followed were alive to see their achievement realised.

    1. I really hate to give Bernie and Max credit for anyhting, but…credit where credit is due: the safety drive was spearheaded by Stewart, Ecclestone, and Mosely. True, no one has done more than Jackie, but at least two others have done as much.

  34. in 1972 was hit by an illness which kept him out of the cockpit

    Stewart only missed 1 race in 1972, the Belgian GP at Spa, and ended the season 16 points behind Fittipaldi (9 points for a win then). Fangio missed the entire 1952 season.

  35. Fangio was in a differnt era of racing, the cars were no where near as powerful. Its inevitable Senna will win though, don’t see how personally. I find the whole ‘paradox’ of Senna that Brundle spoke of during the top gear feature was precisely why Senna is over rated. He resorted to driving other drivers off the track if he deemed it necessary. Thats not brilliance thats plain stupidity.

    1. were you following f1 when he was driving, because as far as i can see you have been manipulated.
      Senna only pushed one driver out of the road during his career. Prost at suzuka. And he was pressured into it.
      Don’t put senna into schumi’s club. He was decent, but was forced to take matters into his own hands, because balestre robbed him one title in 89, and was trying to do it again in 1990.

  36. At this stage Keith…..please now don’t compare Senna and Fangio.

  37. Wow, this is really hard to choose. I voted for Fangio, just.

  38. Fangio. Never been a fan of Stewart.

    Plus, even my Mum has heard of Fangio.
    It’s the nickname she uses for me when I drive too fast, even today in my 40’s!

  39. Stewart has this easily for me! Was the top driver of the 70’s and in my opinion through the 60’s as well. Almost winning the title in the cars he had during the 60’s, compaired to his teamates is amazing. Shame he seems to be on his way though out

  40. The hardest thing about the champion of champions is the different eras they drove in. Many different aspects of the sport come in to consideration, contracts and cars are just part of it. Stewart was involved in a difficult and evolving time for grand prix racing, therefore he wins my vote.

  41. Fangio!

    According to the stats, relatively speaking the best driver there was. And beating the likes of Farina, Ascari, Moss, Hawthorn and Collins is no little feat either. Besides, always having a competitive car is a quality for the best drivers as well, since it is a combination of car and driver that gets the results.

    Although Stewart also belongs to the best there are (just as some others in this competition), with some impressing results as well as races, he just hasn’t (imho) the edge over Fangio.

    Of course it is all subjective and based on hearsay since I haven’t seen both of them actually race. But that’s what this competition is about.

  42. all this talk of car hopping being a down fall of fangio’s must hold schumacher and his development and commitment to ferrari a high chance of winning the champion of champions? i think this to be a talent of fangio’s, would you have chosen a drive that would leave you with a slimmer chance of winning a title? racers/champions are there to win the title. Whilst i agree jackie has done alot for the sport in making it safer etc this is a poll for the champion of champions not for who has done the most for the sport, i dont believe this should be taken in to account when voting. Sorry Jackie fans my vote is for Fangio hands down

    1. Define “champion of champions” and I think you’ll find many different interpretations.

      If it’s all to do with statistics and WDCs/races/poles/fastest laps etc won there is no need for a vote, just give it to Schumacher, job done.

      But, fortunately, that is not all this is about.

  43. Keith, you are a very very cruel man.

  44. Stewart for his safety campaigns

  45. It looks like most people are just voting for the numbers of world championships and not only this time. This competition is therefore useless.

    I wonder how so many of you can actually compare the two drivers. The average age must be around 65 here.

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