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Ferrari show off their new 2011 F1 car in close-up in this fly-around video.

The Ferrari F150 was launched in Maranello today. See the links below for more pictures and information on the car.

Ferrari 2011 F1 car launch

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35 comments on “Ferrari F150 – fly-around video”

  1. Why isn’t it flying around?

  2. Interesting that the exhausts are not as shown in the side on picture. I know they have said the exhausts will change. I think the side on picture ones are dummy!?

  3. theres a video of mark webber flying around in valencia on youtube

    1. haha, took me a while but I got it.

    2. haha, there’s several video’s of Mark Webber flying around at different race tracks, you could probably get a DVD of “Mark Webber’s Flying Around the World!”

      There you go,
      thats what happens when an aerodynamics department take ground effect lessons from a Russian Ekranoplan designer.

      Amazingly, Webber’s car flipped during quali and he walked away from the cars unscathed, and during the warm up lap, he walked away from the crashed

      On Topic, love that video, I love how F1 cars look fast even when standing still.

  4. Brownsugar42 (@)
    28th January 2011, 12:12

    Ugly I love the F1 cars from the late 80’s and early 90’s…I wish they would go back to that style, they look so weird these days.

  5. What no HD? Spoilsports.

  6. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    28th January 2011, 12:54

    If they put a little more white on it, they should name it TF-150. Ugly livery, I hope it gets redder somehow.

    1. Err… Transformers? Tony Fernandes? The Family? Thunderfoot? Team Fortress? Obviously I’m not getting it. Why “TF”?

        1. Ahh, here you go! I had a blackout there ;)

  7. Keith if you are reading this I just want to tell you I feel like I am being bullied on this site I express my opinion and everyone has started saying dis-tasteful things against me. Just because I like Ferrari I feel like im being patronized for it.

    1. Eh? I support Ferrari too.

    2. Come on Faraz. Are your serious? I saw your exchange on the subject of Ferrari. You called people “haters”, “biased” and made several others, not so kind remarks. You was the aggressive side there.

      Your opinion was that “Prisoner Monkeys and a lot of other people are already making the car look bad just because its not an english team”. That’s the opinion you are talking about, am I right?

      Well, I can tell you why people started to openly disagree with you. Basically it’s because you are wrong. Couple of weeks ago people criticized Renault livery, and now it is Ferrari’s turn. That’s all there is to it.

      People will disagree with you sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they are bullying you. Get over it.

    3. I think Faraz, If you had of said,

      People like PM aren’t giving the car a chance, because they don’t like the team.
      It would have been ok.

      But you said,

      People like PM arn’t giving the car a chance, because they are British.
      Which is always going to upset people…

      P.S. I love the new car… It looks great.

      1. I doubt your complaints will be taken seriously, this is not a forum for Ferrari fans.

        1. Yes it is, there’s numerous ones here. I’d give your left leg for an F40 or a 360CS, miss the v12 days and remember Berger struggling to finish races.

          It’s not a Tifosi forum, but there’s also plenty of people with harsh words for McLaren (or any other of the 10 teams based in the UK).

          The clue’s in the name; “F1 Fanatic”

    4. I think Ferrari fans must get preferential treatment on every forum they post.
      You should all be ashamed of your selves for responding aggressively to him. Were is your respect? His team has been around since F1 began.
      For me his the moral champion of that dispute.

      1. I think Ferrari fans must get preferential treatment on every forum they post.

        They should also be allowed to post 3 comments to every two we make.

        *ba dum tish!*

    5. Faraz – you’re not at school now….

  8. Anyone else find it extremely disorientating with it constantly being out of focus?

    1. Yes, it is irritating.

    2. Not to mention the terrible newage music. That combination makes me dizzy.

  9. I’m not sure about the rest of you guys but I’m glad Ferrari didn’t go with the sharkfin again.

    Lets hope the rest of the teams do the same.

    1. Spud the Shark fin has be banned as well. The FIA have mandated that body work can make contact with the rear wing structures. Its a way to ensure the F-Duct cannot still exist. They mandated there had to be a gap in the bodywork, so it should be common for all teams to have this old style airbox return.

      I agree, the sharkfin on any of the cars was horrible. Now lets hope Pirelli have a better idea for marking the tires, that square is ugly too.

      1. Oh yeah I knew about that rule mate. I thought that there was be scope for a type of shark fin, you know, for advertising purposes.

        But as I said I’m glad it’s gone. This car looks very sleek, the rear suspension especially and diffuser especially. Also there is something about the nose I like aswell. Lets see what everyone else comes up with eh?

        Yeah those tyres do look odd with the “straight” Pirelli. They may yet do the Pirelli in the style of the “P ZERO” on the other side. I hope they do.

  10. skark fin “cannot”, oop correction :P

  11. I quite liked the shark fins and they will have their place in F1 history alongside the turbo fan, six wheel car and Wing-less cars. However now the fin has been removed, it suddenly brought back memories of the era prior to the fins appearence. Ah Jordan!! The coolest team on the grid!!!

    1. Don’t forget Tyrrell’s X-wings. And those totaly weird nose wings that jordan and arrows tried once before they got instantly banned.

  12. …hmmm…and the barcode was too obvious????

  13. I find this livery incredibility boring. The F150 logo, bland, the massive splashes of white, bland. More red please. Ferrari road cars are sexy, this however is not.

  14. hey i can see the two splitters under the nose i thought they were getting rid of them.

    1. Ah, yes, regulation 213.18c: “no bodywork can be affixed that would give your chassis a Hitler moustache in overhead shots”. I believe it’s called the Mosley Addendum.

      Seriously though, canards like that are very useful when dealing with an unstable rear end, as I understand it. They’re certainly noteworthy, especially coupled with the high nose.

      If I get bored later I might try chopping all the 09 stuff off the f10 and all the ’10 stuff off the F150, should make things a bit easier to visualise.

  15. ferrari has always being number one and so is the launch of the new 2011 championship winning car

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