Ferrari to launch F150 in Maranello today

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Ferrari F150 logo

Ferrari will launch their 2011 F1 car in Maranello today. The F150 is the first new Formula 1 car to be launched this year.

F1 Fanatic will have pictures of the Scuderia’s latest challenger as soon as they are available.

Ferrari are broadcasting the launch live at and Italian television channels RAI 2 and RAI Sport 1 are covering it as well.

Coverage starts at 10am CET (9am GMT). Ferrari intend to run the car at Fiorano for filming afterwards if the weather is good enough.

Remember you can get live Tweets from the launch using the F1 Fanatic live Twitter app.

Here’s the rest of today’s round-up:


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Top three finish in 2011 locks Vettel into Red Bull contract (James Allen)

Red Bull have denied claims published in one of their own magazines that Sebastian Vettel will be ‘locked in’ to drive for the in 2012 if he finishes in the top three places in the championship this year. Vettel does not have a manager and negotiates his own contracts.

Italians chase Briatore tax (Grand Prix)

“Reports from Italy say that authorities have frozen ??1.5 million from bank accounts held by Flavio Briatore in Italy and Monaco.”

Schumacher: I can win eighth title (Autosport)

“I’m sure we can fight for wins this year and we might be able to fight for the championship. I hope so. I’m here on a mission and I want to succeed. I want to perform and I’m going to put 100 per cent into it. And if that’s not the case in 2011, then we will have to do it in the final year.”

F1 update from Elroy (Austin-American Statesman)

“Buddy, who lives in Bandera, is the utilities superintendent for the U.S. Grand Prix project and works for Austin Commercial. He confirmed that construction on the track should really ramp up next week.”

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Comments of the day

Would you pay to watch testing? Dan Selby would:

I’m yet to understand why the official F1 site doesn’t pull their finger out and stream the tests. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again – even if it was 1 to watch each session, they’d make so much money from it??
Dan Selby

But Prisoner Monkeys wouldn’t:

I for one would not complain if tests were made closed to the public and testing itself remained Secret Teams’ Business as it once was. I think it would actually make for a better season if we went into the first Grand Prix completely blind. We’d have no preconceptions about the season, and we’d be spared the endless insubstantial speculation about who would be where.

I know the party line of late is "improving the show", but giving access to testing does not improve anything. People seem to think testing is or will be exciting. It’s not. All you’re doing is watching the cars go around with no idea of what they’re actually doing, because there’s no way the teams will release data about their programs.
Prisoner Monkeys

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Thanks again to Ed Marshall who made a few more performance tweaks on the site late yesterday night to get it running smoothly in time for what should be a very busy day today!

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Hoshi!

On this day in F1

Ferrari also launched their 2010 car, the F10, on the 28th of January last year:

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104 comments on “Ferrari to launch F150 in Maranello today”

  1. Birthday wishes to Hoshi!
    Can’t wait til a more sensible time of day to view the new Ferrari. After I’ve slept!.

    1. Birthday wishes to Hoshi!


      1. 3x happy birthday Hoshi!

  2. Can’t wait to see the first 2011 contender. Unfortunately it starts at 1AM my time, so I won’t be catching it live.

    1. Snap.. it’s late night tele for me too I’m afraid.

  3. The mobile version has RETURNED :(

    Although it does have me logged in so I don’t have to keep typing in all my details to post a comment

    1. And it has gone again :)

      1. Can I ask which device you are using, and why you don’t like the mobile site? I much prefer the mobile version on my HTC Desire, and can always spoof the browser user agent if I need the full site. The ideal solution is a cookie / login based option for mobile or full – I think Keith said this will be coming soon.

        1. im using iphone 4. apple doesnt let you spoof the browser.

          i just prefer the site in its fully fullness. i feel that the mobile version just isnt the same and it is also much harder to find things

    2. its incredibly slow to load on my phone (blackberry curve). took about a minute and i’m sat right next to my wireless router!

      1. Standard version worked fine on my iPhone (3G)

  4. Yeah, buddy!! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Also, taking a look at the merchandise, it’s pretty clear Marlboro sponsorship is continuing…

    1. Morris Perfumes?, hahaahah

      Eau de Fag Butts

    2. Wow, that is gross!

      I hope it smells like the morning after a party, or would they make a tobacco smell destroyer to hide the smoking gun?

      Makes you wonder, weather Marlb. will change their packages as well, with the rounded off livery

  5. Haha. The latest Ferrari perfume packaging looks like a pack of cigarettes :P

    Can’t believe the new cars are here already. Looking forward to the next week or so.

  6. Cannot wait to see the F150. The season will have official started. Ferrari have nailed the new F1 designs with their 2009 and 2010 cars, both were beauties.

    1. Yes, the F60 really did set the world alight, didn’t it? It was so fast, it gave Ferrari their worst WCC result in nearly 20 years. The F10 was just a Greatest Hits version of the Red Bull RB5, McLaren MP4-24 and Brawn BGP 001 because they never finished developing the F60 chassis. I’m expecting the F150 to look like an RB6.

      1. I’m expecting the F150 to look like an RB6.

        Something like that.

      2. He said beauties, not world championship winners.

        1. General rule of thumb is that if it looks quick, it usually is. Quick cars are beautiful cars.

          1. I would say not always because the Tyrrell six wheeler was an abomination when it comes to looks, yet finished on the podium many times and even won a race in 76. Not that I’m condoning we ever return to that or that I want to see ugly cars. I’m with, bring back the beauty of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Low, wide and mean was awesome…

  7. All you’re doing is watching the cars go around

    … And what if I DO want to watch that?

    1. You’ll have no idea what’s going on. I just remember last year when a lot of people seemed to think testing was a big event of some kind, with drivers passing one another at racing speed and that the BBC could offer coverage of it with full commentary. The point is that testing isn’t an event. It’s not a big show, and the teams couldn’t care less for people spectating. They’re not there to race, they’re there to gather data. It would be about as exciting as watching the first forty-five minutes of FP1 on a race weekend, execpt that it lasts for six hours on end.

      1. and how can that be bad !?


        1. Um, because you’re sitting there watching with no idea what’s going on. They don’t broadcast the times, and if they did, the times wouldn’t mean anything. It woud be like having St. Kilda and Sydney play each other in Tajikistan. Sure, it’s a game of AFL … but nobody would know what was going on.

          1. I guess then PM you have no interest inure season testing?

          2. Well, last year there were a couple of websites that managed to post lap times from the practices. I hope they will be doing it again, as it did give you an idea of what the drivers were doing with various quantities of fuel.

          3. Um, because you’re sitting there watching with no idea what’s going on.

            SOunds just like me sitting and watching Rugby….

      2. Best is the first day with new cars. First they do one installation lap, than a few hours of working on it in the garage. After the lunch break another few loose laps.

        Have it in the rain, will be great fun being there.
        Then again, if there was a track a bit closer to where i live and it was not too expensive I would fancy getting over there with a couple of friends just to see the cars and hear the engines and possibly get a chance to get near the pit boxes.

  8. I still can’t get passed thinking of the Ford truck every time I hear “F150”. Ford and Ferrari ought to get together and do a commercial.

    1. Too bad it’s a year ahead of the Austin GP. A Ferrari F150 could go a long ways towards promoting the sport in Texas… I wonder how many truck jokes there will be from the talking heads on SPEED.

      1. I suppose that depends on weather it will be a match for Ferrari’s first KERS car, the F60 was supposed to be driveable as a truck!

    2. HounslowBusGarage
      28th January 2011, 8:14

      I keep reading it as FISO – manufacturers of fiber optic sensors and probes.

    3. Yeah, I get that too :)

      Will they call next year’s “F151” in honour of their test driver?

    4. LOL, I read FISO the first time I saw the logo, thinking it was something of a reference to their test driver FISI !

  9. The question I am asking is that lets say that Mercedes build a great car just like Red Bull did last year so we do expect Schumacher to fight hard but what will Roseberg do? HE surely won’t sleep. So I think if Mercedes do make a better car then alongside Schumacher do watch out for Roseberg.

    1. That probably depends on a number of things. Schumacher was certainly AS strong as Rosberg in the closing races of the season, and if the new tires are expected to help drivers like Schumacher and Massa (as they both seam to think they will), then Schumacher could have the upper hand over Rosberg. It’ll definitely be a tight battle to watch though, and I for one can’t wait to see how they do. I hope the W02 is a good one so we can see them both fighting at the front with the Bulls, McLarens, and the little red ponies.

      1. Little red ponies. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  10. The COTD which supports the coverage of testing forgets one thing.

    It costs a butt-load of money to produce the coverage in the first place. They would never make the money back. 4×4 full days of testing would probably cost nearly as much as an entire season of F1 races. You have to pay for camera and sound equipment, cameramen, outside broadcast facilities, all the production staff, people to look after those staff, satellite time to get the coverage out, then bandwidth to stream it over the net. Given that its 4 full days – vastly more track time than an actual race weekend, think about how much money thats going to cost.

    They would never be able to recoup their costs. Especially given how essentially boring testing is, there would never be the viewer numbers (especially if they have to pay) to come close to justifying it.

    1. It wouldn’t be that bad. Remember that on a friday there are 3 hours of F1 cars + whatever else is going around for another few hours. ALl the people are in the one place. It owuld be rather costly, and I don’t know if it would profit, but it wouldn’t be as much as your making out.

      The 4 testing sessions (4 days for each of the 4 sessions) would probably cost similiar to 5 GP weekends, probably just inside.

      Probably the best solution would be doing a day rap up after each day. It would just require say two cameras teams and one voice over guy to exaplin. Sort of like the WRC thing. Just a ‘Ferrari had Felipe Massa taking the running today as completed a full race distance in the morning without problems before bolting on a new front wing and engine cover to do short runs on the soft compound in the afternoon. All was not as well in McLaren after Lewis Hamilton lost the tail end of his McLaren-Mercedes at turn 16, the collision iwth the tyre barrier has forced the team to work out what caused the lose of the control as they rebuild the McLaren for tomorrows runnings.’ That kind of thing. Could be ok, just screen it at 9pm or something allowing people interested to know what is happening testing wise as a build up. It can be one generic thing for all countries with dubbed voice overs depending on language. Then sometime between the last testing and first full race the BBC could have the whole team commenting on what they think will happen and the big developments to look for during the year

      1. You think that spending 1/4 of a season’s production budget on something which 90% of fans aren’t particularly interested in, which is perfectly well served by releasing the daily times and a written report, and is covered perfectly well by journalists is a wise way to spend money?

        There’s plenty of information about a day’s testing out there for people who are interested.’s articles, F1 Fanatic, James Allen, Adam Cooper etc. People aren’t not interested in testing because it’s hard to access, they’re not interested because there’s no competition and no meaning. Adding a TV package on top of whats available already will not add value.

        Besides, a day’s highlights from testing wouldn’t fill a 30 minute slot. You could sum it up in 10 minutes, if that, with a few interviews as well. Not even close to justifying the expenditure.

        This is F1 we’re talking about, if there was a way they could make money out of testing, they would have done so. The very fact they haven’t means there is not.

        1. You think that spending 1/4 of a season’s production budget on something which 90% of fans aren’t particularly interested in, which is perfectly well served by releasing the daily times and a written report, and is covered perfectly well by journalists is a wise way to spend money?

          Of course it’s not, which is why Bernie will never do it. We can still dream though. If it did exist I’d pay a few dollars to watch…

          1. of course you’re allowed to dream. But the COTD says (and plenty of other people too) “I don’t understand why…”, hence why I’m posting the reasons why not.

        2. This is F1 and new media we’re talking about…I mean come on, we’re only just getting F1 in HD!!

          (Well, some people are – I’m just hoping a switch to freesat means that I can finally get the Red Button features and audio that doesn’t cut in and out at random intervals…)

  11. The first I thought when I saw the logo and headline for the new Ferrari was “Ferrari made a pickup truck?” For an entire season in the US, Bob Varsha and team will be calling to mind Ford’s bestseller here in the US. I love F1 :)

      1. The King Cab no less! That’s so Alonso can be a back-seat-driver to Massa.

  12. pfff, its going to be like 6 am here when Ferrari launchs the F150 :/

  13. Live streaming of testing would be boring. Free practice is usually quite boring, it’s just that people forget that the commentators (Crofty and Davidson, and occasionally a special guest) do an exceptional job.

    There’s been occasions where I’ve been unable to watch practice, but have listened to the commentary on radio.

  14. Hey Keith, now that the new cars are coming out and the ‘Champion of champions ‘is almost over why don’t we launch a new voting for the best car yet in formula one history! I mean, lets vote for the best car that won the ‘constructors championship’ based on it’s overall performance, reliability, looks you name it…I know that you have to put much more effort into this (gathering information etc.) but I think it would be great!

    1. No need for vote. I think the best ever car technologically was Canon Williams Renault FW14 ver B designed by Patrick Head & Adrian Newey.

      1. :) What about the MP4-4 that won 15/16 races and took 15/16 poles, in the hands of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, in 1988

        1. Courtesy Honda V6 turbo.

  15. Is this 7pm Australia time?

    1. Depends. Where are you? It’s anywhere between 4pm (Perth) and 8pm (Sydney).

      But wherever you are, it launches in 2 hours as of this message.

      1. I am at alice springs & we have had no news about it.

        1. Unveiling the new cars generally doesn’t make the news down here. Not unless there’s an Australian driving it and/or it’s a slow news day. You can, however, watch the unveiling in twenty minutes by following this link:

      2. Sydney, so 8, ok thanks! I was confused because some people posted that the google calendar pre adjusted the time and it still said 10am for me…

        anyway I found this Spy shot of the car!

  16. Hahaha just found out that Kaspersky anti-virus is sponsoring Ferrari. hahahahahahaha :) :) :D :D :P :P :8

    1. BTW I use Kaspersky internet security 2010 & I must say it is very effective, but it makes my system a little slow.

      One more think I notice is that both Acer & AMD are sponsoring them, isn’t there a conflict of interests?

      1. nope no conflict with acer & amd.

        acer sells pc/laptop and other accessories
        amd sells micro-chips, processors, graphic cards etc

      2. The anti virus making the systems slower certainly sounds like a bit of a conflict of interests on a race car!

      3. Not really – my laptop is an Acer and has an AMD CPU in it…they seem to work pretty well together!!

  17. It wouldn’t necessarilly have to be a live stream.

    The Formula One site could, however, at least upload a highlight reel from the day’s testing.

    I just think it’s something we’re all clearly showing some form of interest in, and i’m sure we’re not the only ones. I applaud the Formula One site for the job they’ve done with the various on-boards and race edits, but a friend told me (who regularly visits just the official Formula One site as a casual fan) the Formula One site’s barely been updated since the season end, and it’s opportunities like this that are missed, in my opinion.

    1. The number of cameras and operators you would need to cover the whole circuit (and pits) would make it very expensive. Add that to the fact that someone would have to edit down 6 hours of footage from (at least) 10 cameras would surely make it logistically very costly.

      I agree with you about – there are so many things that could be done with it during the close season rather than leaving the results of the last race up and counting down to Bahrain first practice.

      Keith manages to almost single-handedly keep this blog going without any races, so a site with all of FOM’s money behind it shouldn’t have too much difficulty!

    2. The Formula One site could, however, at least upload a highlight reel from the day’s testing.

      What qualifies as a highlight, though? Testing isn’t about action and excitment. It’s about drivers doing long runs lap after lap of trying to get within a certain range of a pre-determined lap time. There is no overtaking, no daring moves, no high-speed hijinks. The teams deliberately stagger the release of their cars so as to put as much space between one another as possible, and if ever another car approaches, the driver in front generally moves right over to let them through.

  18. nooo! it start at 9am in the uk, just as I have a lecture!

  19. Hello guys. Using an online translator to give you two pieces of news.
    The presentation of the Ferrari F150 will be on RAI 2 will only last 15 minutes but then why is the news program. So I think you should follow the presentation or on the Ferrari website (if the server straps) or on RaiSport. I do not know if the Italian digital terrestrial will arrive. It ‘s a bit problematic for you who live abroad.

  20. rumors from Ferrari coverage: we’re going to have a “Red Bull” Ferrari, maybe even with pull-rod.

  21. Benson Mutton (@)
    28th January 2011, 9:11

    Not a Ferrari fan, but nice look car this year

  22. I’m pretty sure thats last year’s car. Looks no different. Either that, or it’s a 2011 tub with 2010 appendages stuck on so as not to give anything away.

  23. The nose looks weird!

  24. Still push-rod…

  25. But, no sharkfin!!!!! Woot!
    It’s 3 am for me, but I just got in from a party :)

    1. But remember last year they presented it without shark fin as well, then went testing with the shark fin.

  26. Very much an evolutionary design, but I’m sure the look will change by March.

  27. just seen the new ferrari ….not sure if this years cars are going to be good looking……….

  28. Higher nose
    New FWEPs
    Smaller SPods

  29. Tombazis:”Front wing is the last year’s one”
    obviously they’ll change it only after testing…

  30. Blown diffuser…
    Nice cooling exit slot on engine cover

  31. Any pictures I can see yet?

  32. Can’t access the live links

  33. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2011, 9:24

    I though they were banning the intricate shaping of front wheels?

    And I hope the performance of the car is as mediocre as it looks, it would make my year to see Alonso pounding around mid-field getting increasingly sulkier!

    1. Join the club.

      Although I’ve never understood Ferrari’s approach of “the car you see in the first race will be completely different to the one you see here”. It’s like they’re so deserate to be the first team to launch each year that they’ll just slap anything together.

      I’m glad there’s no shark fin, though. I hope a lot of teams follow suit.

      1. I’m glad there’s no shark fin, though. I hope a lot of teams follow suit

        …but at last years launch they didn’t have a shark fin, did they?

      2. There was no shark fin in last year’s launch as well. It was installed after the first tests.

        1. …and I was a few seconds too late to comment!

  34. Nice to have italian flag on the rear wing!

  35. yeah i’m not really into the nose.. its like a high version of a stubby nose.

    except for that and the lack of shark fin, it looks exactly the same!

    for anyone who can’t see the live launch, the livery is basically the same as last year

  36. The Tail gets higher and higher ………. its so ugly just hope its Pretty …Fast

  37. The car looks ‘cleaner’ without the v shape in the nose and the shark fin. I was expecting the livery to change a bit more, this whole unification of Italy nonsense, it’s just the flag on the rear of the rear wing!

  38. Yeh it’s certainly more evolution than revolution.

    Rear wing looks quite different – the end plates are the most rounded rear end plates i’ve seen.

    Surprised to see the minimalistic Mercedes style ‘shark fin’ adopted, but perhaps it’s a good balance between a full fin and no fin.

  39. Alonso: “I hope it will be as strong as it is beautiful.”
    He doesn’t wan’t to win?

  40. That second translator woman in the online feed has the most hilarious accent I ever heard. Its like posh essex, and italian mixed together.

    Oh and the F150 looks meh. Nothing exciting.

    1. haha yeah, it was kind of like listening to engrish at times..

  41. Conservative Ferrari. I’m not a Ferrari or an Alonso fan but I respect and always enjoy a ridiculous looking car, so for me I hope that during testing it changes shape a lot.
    I am however very impressed by the sharkfin cooling section, If only the rest of the car would demonstrate such class.

    As for the livery, I always thought that Ferrari’s racing colour was Yellow, which confused me because ferrari’s F1 cars have always been red, I’m not sure where I got the idea where the yellow came from. – Anyway, thats just me expressing confusion. The livery is plain old Ferrari, which is nice but.. boring. I was a big fan of the 2009 livery which featured a darker red and no white, I can’t help think that for the 150th anniversary that ferrari would allow a one off livery that was a bit less conventional instead of the italian flag on the the rear wing which is like the cars design, conservative.

    I have no doubt that Ferrari will be competitive, they showed improved pace towards the second half of last year with some improvements to the car so they already had a good platform to work with which is always a safer option then changing too many things. The team itself might struggle adapting to the rule changes but unless other teams that have chosen to take a more bold approach in design and it is beneficial, the Ferrari F150 will remain as one of the top 3 fastest cars.

  42. Did anyone know that one of ferrari’s sponsor is TATA? The indian business giant who also sponsered Narain karthikeyean’s seat at HRT! I just saw it at the unveiling.

    1. TATA have sponsored them since 2009. I think you notice it more on the car becasuse they have lost 1 or 2 other sponsors, Etihad being the most obvious.

  43. I notice that Bernie is being quoted on some sites as being quite happy for the Australian GP to end (there seems to be some dispute as to whether the Melbourne authorities feel it is worth it).

    Some GPs will have to go in the next few years. With a new US GP (if it happens), and possibly a Russian GP, a cap of 20 races per season can only mean some existing races will have to go, and Bernie will doubtless be keen to retain the best payers.

    Which races will go, and what will the calendar look like in 2015?

  44. I for one would not complain if tests were made closed to the public and testing itself remained Secret Teams’ Business as it once was. I think it would actually make for a better season if we went into the first Grand Prix completely blind. We’d have no preconceptions about the season, and we’d be spared the endless insubstantial speculation about who would be where.

    I know the party line of late is “improving the show”, but giving access to testing does not improve anything. People seem to think testing is or will be exciting. It’s not. All you’re doing is watching the cars go around with no idea of what they’re actually doing, because there’s no way the teams will release data about their programs.
    Prisoner Monkeys

    I certainly don’t find it interesting to watch testing live as I do with races. The action doesn’t necessarily have to be there. It’s just for the teams and drivers to practise. What I do like is the fact that lots of new cars are for the first time on track, and as we will have to wait more than a month before the first GP, I like very much seeing new cars, liveries and drivers, even only in photographs.

  45. Whilst I don’t think I’m alone in finding testing interesting, I don’t think there’s the demand to justify any sort of video coverage of it.

    What I would like them to do, however, and this would not be difficult to do at all, is run the live timing (as they do for all FP, Qualy and Race sessions throughout the season) so that we can see who’s doing what timewise.

    We already get plenty of photos and reports from the tests and there are sources for the timing online, but I see no reason they can’t put them up on as another feature.

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