Renault R31 exhaust, Valencia, 2011

Renault R31 exhaust, Valencia, 2011

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Renault R31 exhaust, Valencia, 2011

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3 comments on “Renault R31 exhaust, Valencia, 2011”

  1. And the big question remains…

    Is it really that big of a help?

  2. Given that F1 is an engineering exercise of tiny increments, thanks to far too many rules, any small gain is worth pursuing. This one would also avoid blowing hot exhaust gases via the rear suspension components. Let’s see if anyone else follows suit…

  3. Well early days, but good thinking outside the box by Renault. Think we may have seen this year’s dd/f-duct making it’s debut if Kubica’s performance today was anything to go by. Mind you, still McLaren to launch on Friday and innovation is usually right up their alley – not that they will be showing off any clever bits tomorrow, will all be champers and smiles for the sponsors.

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