Toro Rosso STR6 launch – first pictures

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The Toro Rosso STR6 has been launched in Valencia.

Here are the first pictures of Toro Rosso’s new car:

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    40 comments on “Toro Rosso STR6 launch – first pictures”

    1. it looks different than redbull

      1. It looks like they did not change that much from last year on this car. Just compare the back end with most other cars up to now (Ferrari, Sauber, Red Bull, Lotus have a tight back end, Renault differently but also small), it is huge.

        1. yes you are right obvioulsly str is doomed

          1. What was that about tight back ends?

            1. everyone loves a tight rear end!

    2. Not many sponsors, compared to the likes of Lotus Renault.

      Also, if Team Lotus pick them off this year, heads will roll! It’s gonna be embaressing! ( there, I said it )

      1. Has anyone noticed VW logo on the sponsors board? :)))

        1. Whoa! No, I hadn’t. Thanks for pointing it out. Wonder what that’s about.

        2. I think that was there last year too…

          1. VW?! Now that is interesting indeed. I’m sure Redbull would love to sell Toro Rosso to VW for a sizeable sum. Anyone else thinking 2013 on this?

      2. Not many sponsors

        Nor does Ferrari, apart from Santander, but the Ferrari looks much emptier.

    3. Wow, and Toro Rosso has the prettiest car. It won’t be the fastest, but I like the clean simple lines, looks like they’ve finally departed from the copy cat Red Bull designs!

      1. Surely it is identical apart from the missing fin?

        1. Guess for fin-haters that confirms their view of the fin :-p

          The car really looks quite nice, but there aren’t many sponsors in sight, and the backend does seem a lot bigger than at other teams – in 2009 it might have been rather slim, but now everyone tightened up and tucked in their behind.

          1. It looks as though the back end is almost identical to the Red Bull apart from what seem like necessary changes to incorporate a different engine. The front end looks identical apart from the Hammerhead device on the nose tip.

            I was under the impression that RB and TR had to develop their cars independently? I know that it is a stupid rule as it is practically unenforceable but it is clear that RB and TR are sharing designs and therefore wind tunnel data etc (which give them both – or at least red bull – and advantage that the other teams do not have).

            1. The livery is exactly the same as the STR5. Still, it looks stunning :D

            2. The back end is a lot different than the Red Bull, the Red Bull sidepods are way smaller and don’t feature the undercut/double floor that the STR has. The only real similarity I can see is the front wing and the livery.

    4. Comparison of ‘big three’. Vettel in 50% of the car helped.
      Alonso helped Massa. Kubica’s car disturbed and irritated Pietrow.The question, who is the best driver I think it is a rhetorical world!

    5. Comparison of ‘big three’.
      – Vettel in 50% of the car helped.
      – Alonso helped Massa.
      -Kubica’s car disturbed and irritated Pietrow.The question, who is the best driver I think it is a rhetorical world!

    6. Its hard to stop loving the Toro Rosso livery. The car design doesn’t look too different from last years, although I do not know if they were running the pull rod suspension last year. So 4 out of 7 cars running the pull rod suspension. Red Bull have really started a trend this year

    7. Personally, I think it’s time that Toro Rosso is sold to a new owner. You know that they will never make a frontrunner and that’s a shame.

      It is a very long and bumpy road to winning F1 races and championships, but I get the feeling that Toro Rosso doesn’t bother to achieve that.

      Hopefully I’m wrong!

      1. I disagree – they fulfil a useful role in getting young and inexperienced drivers in, they are financially stable (albeit on a restricted budget).

        It’s not that they don’t “bother” to achieve it, they’re simply doing what may teams (ahem, USF1, Hispania) would love to do – be comfortable in the midfield.

        1. they fulfil a useful role in getting young and inexperienced drivers in, they are financially stable

          Agreed. I’d take a Torro Rosso over another HRT any day of the week.

    8. Hard to tell from the pics but it looks like the sidepods are aggressively undercut, more than other cars. Reminds me a bit of the Ferrari F192 idea that didn’t work at all :)

      1. That could be true – maybe it will help them hang on to the midfield. The nose also seems to be a lot smoother than last year, more or less as if they copied the RB6 nose really.

        1. Yay, I was right – Scarbs has a pic:

    9. Forget the Ferrari jokes, the STR literally looks even more unchanged to my eye. And the same boring livery again, sigh.

      1. Ferrari looked more changed than the Red Bull as well. Lotus Renault, Sauber and Mercedes made the most changes though.

      2. Agreed. For a company that is renouned for its marketing and creativity they’ve really dropped the ball here.

        Even something based on this scheme would have been an improvement:

        That said, it can’t get much worse.

        1. It would have been very cool if they had gone Ferrari’s way in adopting a more Italian theme, but alas no.

          1. They are essentially and Italian themed Red Bull. The same but better designed and a hand painted Red Bull on the side.

            Jos Pirkner’s Bull is the best bit.

    10. Other than the fin I can’t see anything different here!

      1. The sidepods are a big departure from last year as they don’t appear to actually attach to the floor at all…

        1. Plenty of room to run an exhaust forward then eh? ;)

          1. It would sure seem so. I hope they do it and it moves them up the mid-field. I don’t know why so many people seem to dislike STR. I like their livery, like Red Bull’s, but better. And I like their design for this year too. It is NOT a copy of Red Bulls and actually shows a lot of thought as they have gone against the grain of the shrinking sidepods. People should really give this team a chance, and actually look at a cars aerodynamics before claiming to understand them.

    11. The most unexciting car, for the most unexciting team. If not from the start by the middle of the year i expect Team Lotus to be faster than them, maybe even virgin.
      They should be grateful HRT exist so they won’t fall at the back.


      1. I disagree. ;)

      2. Hey Ron, how’s the road cars coming?

    13. Alguersauri is about the only thing salvageable from this team. Place him in a third Red Bull car and see if he can beat old Weebs too!

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