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Virgin VR-01

F1 Fanatic has an exclusive competition for readers to win one of ten tickets to the launch of Virgin’s new Formula 1 car next week.

The MVR-02 will be revealed on February 7th at 10am at BBC Television Centre in London.

For your chance to win one of ten tickets to the launch simply answer this question using the contact form below. You’ll have to be quick, as the competition closes at 3pm GMT on Friday 4th February.

Where did Virgin score their best single-car result in 2010?

You are also invited to include answers to the following questions in your entry. Please note you don’t have to answer these to enter the competition:

What would you like to ask an F1 driver?
What would you like to ask an F1 team principal or CEO?
What would you like to ask an F1 technical director?
Who else in the team would you like to ask a question, and what would it be?

This competition has closed

Competition terms and conditions
1. Maximum one entry per household.
2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic or Virgin Racing.
3. The prize is one ticket to the Virgin MVR-02 launch on February 7th at 10am at BBC Televsision Centre in London. Winners will have to arrange their own travel to the venue and accommodation if necessary.
3. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
4. No cash alternative is offered for any of the prizes.
5. Deadline for entries is 3pm GMT on Friday 4th February. Winners will be notified by email.

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24 comments on “24 hours to win Virgin F1 launch tickets”

  1. Maths lecture, or F1 launch near halls? hmm…

    1. maths lecture.

      1. purely selfish answer, if you go to the maths lecture, greater chance of me winning.

  2. I don’t think I can see one, but is there a minimum age?

  3. I need plane tickets to london first :)

    1. Me too.

  4. 2nd prize is 20 sets of tickets. only kidding, just round the corner from me so help save the whale and let me have one!

    1. Good argument Antonyob!

  5. “exclusive”?? I’m sure I’ve see the same competition on GrandPrixDiary.com, BadgerGP.com and the MVR Facebook page!

  6. Sorry to boast but I’m already going :P will you Be there Keith??

  7. I’d love to be there, i hope it will be worth the airfare from toronto

  8. So, first of all, Marussia were a sponsor of Virgin.

    Then they bought into the team.

    Then Nikolai Fomenko was given a senior engineering position within the team (one that sounds like nothing more than a title).

    Now reports out of Russia show Virgin will compete under the Russian flag. Reports that are solid enough that they’ve been accepted as references on Wikipedia (and being a regular contributor, I know just how strenuous the requirements for good references are, especially in the F1 section).

    I’ll give you good odds that Marussia will become the constructor name before long. They talked about it in 2012, but as they came 12th in the 2010 championship, they don’t lose television rights and they already have the numbers 24 and 25 to their name. It makes sense to do it now and get it over with than to have a good 2011 season and jeopardise their position for 2012.

    1. Yeah, it would definitely make sense to change the name now with nothing to loose.

      1. Dammit! Lose, not loose. Saw it right as I hit the submit button. Edit button!!!

        1. they already have, if i’m correct, marussia is actually part of the name, not a title sponsor, their full name is marussia virgin racing.

          1. The constructor is still known as Virgin, though.

            I believe this was a part of Richard Branson’s plans for the team: he sponsors them for a year and manages all their sponsorship, allowing the team to focus on racing. Meanwhile, Branson finds a young and largely unknown sports car manufacturer with potential and brings them in. They eventually become the constructor, with Virgin moving back to title sponsor. The manufacturer gets exposure through Formula 1; the team get the backing of the manufacturer. And Virgin get coverage through their sponsorship deal. Everyone wins.

  9. I think it would be a great idea if Marussia just took over the whole operation as P.M. said above. I love having sports car manufacturers involved in F1. Its hard to cheer for drink companies and airlines.

    1. i think they should be called Virgin/Marussia Manor Racing

      1. Virgin Marussia Manor Racing?

        That’s far too much of a mouthful. Even if Manor Grand Prix is the organisation that runs the team, they gave up their claim to the naming rights.

    2. It always gets me smiling to see the LADA text on the Renault. A LADA is the kind of car which is used as a target on our MBT shooting ranges. They have degenerated from lousy low end cars to even worse, and their market share in western europe is now almost non-existent…
      Then rather a softdrink producer or airline as owner/sponsor…

  10. letmeshowyou (@)
    4th February 2011, 17:59

    so, who won? :)

    1. I’m guessing not me, no email so far.

  11. I am one of the lucky few! Driving down to London asap to be there on time for monday.

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