Sergio Perez, Sauber, Valencia, 2011

Valencia testing day 3 in pictures

2011 F1 testing

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The final day of F1 testing in Valencia sees several drivers on-track for the first time this year.

Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Adrian Sutil and Jarno Trulli returned to the cockpit.

This page will be updated with more pictures throughout the test.

2011 F1 testing

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56 comments on “Valencia testing day 3 in pictures”

  1. Blank cars look very weird.

    1. Karthikeyan is using that carbon-fiber helmet to add a splash of colours.

  2. Sorry, but that Renault is just the ugliest car so far this season, even makes the HRT look nice (barely though).

    THE Lotus on the other hand looks simply stunning, my favourite so far.

    Karma? Who knows.

    1. Conversely I think it’s one of the best looking cars, although I can’t work out why.

    2. Some people call it karma, some people call it bias ;)

      But seriously, I don’t like these fat gold lines and red endplates on Renault either. But as far as the shape of the car, it’s very nice.

      Green Lotus would be looking really great if they managed to incorporate their sponsors better.

      However in my opinion the ugliest livery award goes to Sauber, and the ugliest car must be Mercedes.

      1. Who cares about the livery?

        1:13.144 means something.

        1. Cool down. We don’t know the fuel loads and we know nothing about the car configuration. It will start to mean something, if they continue that trend in remaining tests.

          Although for me, as a Renault fan, it’s definitely a positive sign.

          1. The track is probably a good half second to second quicker than day one, but better to be at the top than at the other end, irrespective of the fuel loads.

        2. Not really. For all we know he might have 50kg less fuel on board.

          1. Regardless they were 0.75 quicker than any other 2011 car. I reckon Renault Lotus Whatever will be one to watch this year.

          2. I dont know if they will be the one to watch this year. But I dont think they have gone horribly wrong with their exhaust system, we just gotta wait and see

          3. Maybe, but there is no foundation behind that, did you see the state of the track on day 1, can soon tell by looking at the 10 lap+ stints, it was like a sand pit the track will have been faster today, the question is more by how much. Anyway they were still faster.

        3. It means nothing at this stage. Teams do not care about times. none of them, repeat, none of them, will be trying to set fast laps at this stage. They have very rigid testing programs which they stick to. Until they are running qualifying simulations in the final test, we know very little about their relative speeds.

      2. the Mercedes looks mad. I like it a lot, it’s shiny and all. Plus they removed that hideous black bit from last year’s car.

        The Renault is really horrible! it’s a total mess. They say it’s the “John Player Special livery”… bah… come on. It’s just a horrid remake, with some random sponsors.

        The Lotus livery. THAT’S a good remake!.

      3. “They all look pretty on the podium.” – Martin Brundle.

    3. Disagree. I think the Renault looks classy. Kubica’s helmet also works very well with it

    4. I think it’s a nice looking car let down a hideous livery. I loved last years, and the old mild seven one, but they can’t help but use terrible liveries every other time it gets changed.

    5. Agree, the Lotus is really sexy!

    6. Sorry, but that Team Lotus is just the ugliest car so far this season, even makes the HRT look nice (barely though).

      THE Renault on the other hand looks simply stunning, my favourite so far.

      Karma? Who knows.

  3. Has anyone else noticed the lack of t-cam on the HRT? what are they trying to achieve with that?
    Im also predicting Mercedes doing something funny with their intake again this year, look how far back their t-cam is? Am i right that the t-cam has to be connected to the roll structure? hmm…

    1. My guess is that it has to be attached to the highest point and thats it

    2. The ruling is pretty vague as to where the camera, or camera housing sits in that area, and only states that their must be a camera in that area.

      Just as with front wing cameras moving around from car to car, this is probably an area that is can move as long as it’s on that area of the car.

      1. no all car must have the camera in that location (it doesn’t affect the aerodynamics up there anyway) HRT simply haven’t attached it for this test. there’s no need.

        1. Actually any appendage on the car affects the aerodynamics. Hence why all teams must use one so no team gets an advantage.

    3. For sure, it looks bad on the MGP.

  4. Twitter App is dead, at least for me. It was working an hour ago, now it says “loading messages… fail#”. Firefox 3.6.13, Windows XP Sp3.

    1. Fails for me also. Using chrome.

      1. Thanks for the error reports, it seems that twitter is failing to return any search results, after a couple of refreshes of the page the feed started working again (tested in chrome and firefox).

        I will have a look into it, but it is most likely a hiccup with the twitter api (might be temporarily overloaded), please reply if you get it working or not, thanks.

        1. Thanks for letting me know, will look into it.

        2. It’s similar on my end. Can’t get it to work. I switched to JA’s tweets feed, for the time being.

  5. Why is HRT running, I mean apart from Narain Karthikeyan getting his money worth’s of laps.

    1. To get an idea of how the Pirelli tyres work perhaps? And for general testing to help develop the driver?

    2. I suppose they want to have thorough knowledge of the tyres to set off their disadvantage of not having much experience with the new car.
      And they might be testing some new bits on the old car, ironing out operations/communication with the driver and working towards finding the best setup.

      1. Too optimistic :D

  6. It looks like boeing is testing their new stealth fighter

    1. You saw the HRT?

  7. What happens to Trulli’s car?

      1. a broken ball bearing in the power steering system. Trulli only did installation lap check the system. no quick lap.

        1. Megawatt Herring
          4th February 2011, 0:10

          If I remember correctly didn’t Lotus have a problem with their power steering last year? In the first session Fauzy didn’t have any power steering for his first day.

  8. I think that the Merc is definitely the best looking, I absolutely love it’s nose.

    1. But the turquoise … the turquoise …

      It looks like someone has drunk an inordinate amount of some weird cocktail and thrown up, and then someone else has driven the Merc through it.

  9. What’s a shame is the HRT actually has gorgeous shape; with a proper livery (i.e. anything but primer gray), it would look stunning. Further, it’s unfortunate that Dallara couldn’t be paid in full/on time throguhout the desgin process, who knows how good the car could have been.

    1. I expect their new car will probably look a bit different.

    2. I don’t think the car would’ve been any better… Both ends of that venture didn’t live up to expectation.

      I agree about how it looks though, Hopefully they come up with something else his year.
      Perhaps a blue, we need a blue I think…

  10. Kubica and Alonso both set their quickest times on a five lap run, the first lap (I think). But who had more fuel and were either of them trying that hard.
    It’s a Micky mouse circuit, we’ll start to get an idea only in the last two tests IMO.

    1. That certainly supports the theory that the Pirellis are going off very quickly if the only fast times are being set in short stints.

  11. more Kubica pics please !!!

  12. I’m really starting to like the Lotus livery. Somehow the yellow diagonal at the back keeps reminding me of the ’92 (’91?) Minardi.

    IMHO Schumacher just quit the ridiculousness and revert back to his (better looking) Benetton-era helmet. Am I the only one who thinks this?

  13. Yes, the Lotus livery is pretty cool. I just hope they have a good enough car to catch STR, FI, Williams, and Sauber this year, as I think three of those teams will take a step back this year.

  14. Having a closer look at the times for all 3 days I think Mclaren look in pretty good shape assuming they’ve done an accurate job of recreating 2011 downforce.

    On day one, Gary put in a time of 1:14.2. If we assume that the track imprved by at least half a second over the 3 days, and that Jenson and paticularly Lewis could put in a lap at least half a second to a second faster on the same fuel loads, then they look pretty good.

    However, this is the first test and we can’t read anything from the times ;)

    1. I like McLaren for the constructors championship this year and possibly for a driver championship as well. I’m thinking McLaren and Red Bull to be close, with Mercedes and Ferrari nipping behind. I’m hoping Mercedes outperforms Ferrari, but it may be a long shot.

      1. For get the headline times look at 10+ lap runs, you still can’t tell a lot.

        The order looks like RBR (the only team to get into 1:13’s in a run of 12 – 13 laps,
        Ferrari, Renault, both in the 1:14s
        then Merc some way behind at the moment,

        but far to early to say, most don’t even have the front wing yet and Merc have something not shown yet.

  15. What utterly amazes me is that McLaren has not won the Constructor’s Championship since 1998.

  16. Serious respect to trulli for driving an F1 car with no power steering! That must have been a killer, and scary!

  17. For all the readers of F1 Fanatic Did anyone else notice the bridgestone logo on schumachers crash helmet?
    Whats that all about?

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