Robert Kubica suffers multiple fractures in Italian rally crash

2011 F1 season

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Robert Kubica has suffered multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand following a crash in a rally in Italy.

Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter following a crash in the Ronde di Andora rally.

Renault have confirmed he is undergoing medical checks but have not given details about his injuries.

A statement from the team said:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure.

“Robert suffered a high-speed accident this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“Daniel Morelli, Robert’s manager, will be available for the press in front of the hospital emergency entrance at 16:30 CET (15:30 GMT).

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“Lotus Renault GP driver, Robert Kubica, suffered an accident at high speed this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“The driver was airlifted to Pietra Ligure Hospital, where he is currently undergoing medical checks. His co-driver is fine.”

He was due to drive at the Jerez test this week. Renault’s third driver is Bruno Senna.

Kubica’s co-driver Jakub Gerber posted “I’m OK” on his Facebook page around an hour ago.

The video below shot earlier in the rally shows the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car Kubica was driving:

This video shows the aftermath of the crash:

Robert Kubica rally crash

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674 comments on “Robert Kubica suffers multiple fractures in Italian rally crash”

  1. I hope he is OK!!!!

    1. Yeah I’m sure all of us hope the same.

      Get well soon Robert!!

      We may be seeing Senna in Lotus for testing… fancy that?

      1. let see we’ve got :

        1) Bruno Senna,
        2) Romain Grosjean,
        3) Fairuz Fauzy,
        4) Jan Charouz and
        5) Ho-Ping Tung

        Loads of choice! :)

        1. however from ESPN on Jan 31st:

          [Eric Boullier] did confirm that Senna would be the first reserve if one of the race drivers could not compete.

          “I will give it to the one that is ready, and this year Bruno is the most ready driver.”

          1. Parmalat Unipart
            6th February 2011, 16:10

            @ BasCB

            I disagree with your thoughts. Kimi Raikkonen is better suited to replace Robert Kubica at Lotus Renault GP.

          2. Incredible powers of prediction!

        2. I’d pick Romain for testing… but that’s just me ;)

          1. I agree Romain is most experienced with development.
            The downside of that would be, it limits Bruno’s chance to get to know the car before the season and get used to the KERS and DRS devices.

          2. But Romain hasn’t been in Formula one cars for over a year? He’s been driving GT cars.

          3. Romain did development driving for Pirelli, and dominated the AutoGP (open wheelers) championship despite only competing in 2/3 of the season.

            Romain gets a bad rap, I reckon he’s got a fair bit more talent than a lot of people think after his time at Renault.

          4. He’s got a lot of talent Ben. In the GT1 World Championship, he drove a Ford GT40 and basically made everyone else looks a bit tame. But athletes and specialists need track time. As much as possible. With Formula 1 too, you need to have that experience in a car that’s relevant, or your skills could be out of date very soon.

            Bruno is currently in that position. So seems he’ll get his chance, but what he does with that, we’ll see :)

        3. brunno is a wreck so hopefully renault do the right thing and put romain on the spot

        4. Why use any of those when you could poach Hulkenberg from Williams?

          1. Edit: Dur, not williams. hands up who hasn’t got their brain in today. You know what I mean.

          2. Hopefully, and presumably, Kubica will make a full recovery, so this will not be a long term prospect. I can’t imagine Willi Weber letting Hülkenberg go for that seat (not that it’s even being offered) only to find himself without a drive again mid season. If they don’t use Senna or Grosjean, Heidfeld and De La Rosa both certainly have a wealth of experience and development skills to offer.

        5. de la rosa

        6. To partner Vitaly Petrov, Renault will need someone more experienced. I reckon the smart money’s on Nick Heidfeld to be drafted in above all the testers.

          1. The smart thing would certainly be Heidfeld or De La Rosa. I imagine that when Boullier made his comments about Senna he only imagined replacing Petrov. Faced with this stark reality now, I’d be surprised if they don’t approach Heidfeld and De La Rosa at least for some testing days…

          2. Actually, that’s a good point, Heidfeld would certainly be a good pick. They need an experienced driver now, not another rookie.

        7. 6) Esteban guerrieri
          7) Jose Maria Lopez
          8) Norberto Fontana
          9) Agustin Canapino
          10) anibal zaniratto

    2. The Hundredth Idiot (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:51

      BBC’s now saying fractures to left arm and left leg… Doesn’t sound like there’ll be quick recovery.

      1. I am a fan of McLaren and Lewis primarily, but any F1 fan knows it is characters like Kubica who make the sport so spectacular and interesting. As a ‘racer’ in the purest sense of the word, I hope Robert fully recovers to the amazing level he has reached in the past seasons.

        Get well soon!

        1. Absolutely, winning a championship has little meaning without quality opposition. Robert, in my mind, has really grown and shown his huge talent in a car that could do better most years.

          I love him in F1, I hope to see him back soon.

          1. He seems like one of the most genuinely nice characters in the paddock as well, and if the outpouring of support from his direct competitors on Twitter today is any indication, my suspicion is confirmed.

      2. in spanish tv they are talking about the possibility of loosing a hand. I hope they are overreacting.

        1. I saw a video and it said they had cut off an arm. I really hope they are wrong and I am still so shocked that I am writing this very slowly because I continue making mistakes.

      3. If he keeps his hand, nerve damage is going to be the main problem. I think we can say he’s out for 2011, and I just hope physio can get him back for 2012 if there is no amputation. We need Kubica in F1… perhaps he should have rallied competitively after finishing with F1 – but it’s easy to say in hindsight of course.

      4. he’s undergoing surgery, which means pins of titanium couple with electroshock healing (stuff us normal people would never even be offered) so I suspect he will actually be available in half the time a true break would incur.
        Further, they’ve given no details on whether it was a break, compound break or just a hairline fracture et cetera so we really don’t know how bad it is. Hopefully his leg isn’t properly broken. The car doesn’t actually look that bad, so I think he’ll be racing in Sakir.

        1. I hope you’re right and it’s a quicker recovery than everyone’s speculating. Even so, it’ll take a toll on his performance for quite some time going forward.

    3. “All we know is that Robert’s life is not in danger,” Samson said. “However, he has very severe injuries to his left hand and left leg, but we don’t know anything more about it.”

      It was earlier rumoured that the 26-year-old, reportedy in a serious condition, has internal injuries, a broken femur, and a badly crushed hand that surgeons are considering amputating.

      1. dam, that sucks…omg.

      2. Oh my, I hope he doesn’t lose his hand. That’s a pretty shoddy looking site so I’m hopeful, for his sake, that my instincts about sensationsalistic/opportunistic websites, such as this, are completely rubbish. If I thought there was a god I would pray to him for you Robert!

      3. God Bless you Robert,and may your injuries heal fast.So very sorry for the talented young man.

        F1 is such a dangerous sport,we should applaud all the drivers for giving us such wonderful races.

        We are thinking of you Robert,you are in our prayers.

    4. Here is a good video of it. He looks bad

    5. ER.. I think he is definately NOT ok. With multiple fractures to his right hand for starters. The Polish web sites have been reporting that they were considering amputating his hand, but they have managed to save it. That may just be the rumour mill, but… he has been in surgery since 2pm so this is a very serious injury. Unfortunately this is definately the end of his 2011 season and that is if he’s lucky. I fear it may even be worse than that.

    6. I like to wish Robert well and hope to see him race again.
      Get well soon.

    7. A big, big blow for Lotus Renault GP’s hopes this year!

    8. Good wishes to Robert Kubica. 2011 will be poorer without him; one of the most exciting drivers in F1.

  2. Damn hope he’s not too badly injured.

    1. According to the BBC he might never even be able to race in F1 again. Holly ****!!!
      But even if it’s just this year he will be devastated if that Renault is really a capable for wins car.
      That’s bad for us too i guess. If the car was good we just lost a championship contender.
      Hope things prove to be better and he ends up just losing testing or the first 2-3 races the most.

      So does Senna take the seat now! Will Renault really trust him with that role? Or could this mean that Heidfield could be up for a come-back?

    1. Broken femur? If thats the case hes on the sidelines for a very long time. The femur is one bone you do not want to break, people have died from it before given how huge the bone is.

      1. planet f1 say he broje both wrists….looks like senna in the lotus for this season…. if hes done a femor and the wrists then i cant see him in a car this season……sad time for f1…….

    2. femur?? Oh no, 6 weeks to heal. Even longer for the pain, at least 3 months, if this is true!

      1. 6 weeks to heal……and then some. If its bad enough he would be lying in traction alone for the next 6 weeks.

        I’ve broken it before and not even Dr Quinn Medicine Women would be able to heal a broken femur in 6 weeks.

        1. It should be remembered that Robert suffered a serious arm injury in 2003 when he was the passenger in a serious road accident. He had 18 titanium bolts fitted into his arm but returned to racing quickly and won his first race, although his late start affected his overall position in the Formula 3 Euroseries that year.

          From Joe Saward..

          1. Awaiting the “Luizzi would be a good experienced replacement” column.

          2. Well Hamish, it does offer Liuzzi some chance. But with the enormous stable of reserve and test drivers Renault have on board, they are bound to find one of them to do the driver.

            Senna or Grosjean will be first in line (Grosjean more likely if Kubica will be back in time for the Bahrain GP, Senna if Kubica will have to sit out part of the season).

          3. @ Hamish: lol!

    3. Other reports say that it’s a broken wrist, so a month or two on the sidelines.

      1. Germany’s SID is reporting that his wrist’s injury is so bad that they’re considering amputation. Sounds a bit extreme, hope that’s not the case, and I sincerely wish to see him driving again soon. My thoughts are with Robert right now.

        1. Firstly, heartbreaking news, I had my eye on him for this year to do some big things.

          Secondly, If he was driving a RenaultSport Clio this accident would probably never happened.

          Thirdly, they should ask Sebastian Vettel to step in like he did last time for Kubica

          Fourthly, realisticly Senna will step in, Eric seems to be a man of his word

          Fithly, Senna in a black and gold lotus renault? back to the future what?

          Lastly, maybe Bruno will be the next Vettel? unlikely.

  3. Lets hope its not too serious!

    1. Poor Robert I really want to see him fit for the Bahrain GP!

    2. Its absolutely heartbreaking. One of the most talented drivers of our generation might never race again. We can do nothing but hope for the best.

  4. Renault must be in panic, me too…

    1. Didn’t they ban him from doing rallying just recently?

    2. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:19

      Kind of weird their website is down now. Hope they will post some updates on this.

  5. Hope it ain’t bad and he is OK!

  6. There are a lot of conflicting reports about what the extent of Kubica’s injuries are. I’ve contacted Renault to try to get clarification but not has a response yet.

    1. Hoping like hell it isn’t the femur.

    2. Depends who’s commenting. His Dad says wrist, some others say leg and hip.. Possibly all or some.

      Good news is that he’s not life threatening, and he’ll recover after some time to heal. GOOD NEWS! :)

      1. He’ll be out for the fly aways at the very least. This is an awful story for F1, Renault looked like they might be genuinley competative this year, to have lost Kubica at this time is a tradgedy, I felt this might be the year he really challenged.

        What I hope they don’t do is put Bruno Freaking Senna in the car, did you see Petrov last year? THat sort of calibre of driver isn’t going to cut the mustard at the front, they need a talent does Renault.

        That they’ve lost it is also, what they do to replace it is so vital, Raikkonen? Unlikley, Heidfeld, won’t do it. There’s no one and it makes me sad.

        1. It won’t be Räikkönen, he’s fully committed to WRC this season, and besides they ended talks last summer on a bad note. Why wouldn’t Heidfeld do it? His opportunities to race in F1 are disappearing fast, if not altogether gone at this point.

          1. yeah, but he’s just not that great. He’d be a waste of the car just as much as Senna and Petrov.

            THis is why they should have put someone like Glock in teh car, at least then they might not have underacheived.

          2. Agreed. I wished they’d put Glock in from the start, but I guess he’s banking on long term prospects with Virgin…

  7. I hope that’s nothing serious and he will soon be able to race…

    1. Soon means a few months, if at all.
      What a blow for the whole team.

  8. Assuming he wont be able to drive in the next test, who will take his spot? Bruno Senna? At least its a chance to demonstrate his true ability.
    However, I do hope Robert is fine, and is well and fit asap.

    1. I’m guessing it would be Petrov for all 3 days

      1. I don’t think that would happen. Lotus Renault have a plethora of drivers in the wings dying to get at the wheel. It would make little sense to make one driver do all your driving, and not allow the person who may have to take Roberts place, some significant track time.

        1. Yep agreed. In this period of next to no testing for reserve drivers I think a judgement call will be made ASAP. If you can extract any positves its a new car with new tyres, so whoever was to be driving will be on a learning curve just like everyone else.

      2. Probably two drivers, the second one must be familiar with the car as well.

      3. Petrov only if Kubica will be back in time for the first race, Senna if he will have to compete in some races to give him some practice.

    2. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 10:59

      Just imagine if the car is the class of the field and Senna wins the championship. That would trump Jenson Button’s luck!

      First season at the back of the grid, loses drive, lucks into great car and wins championship in second season.

      1. That would be awesome, especially as he was so close to driving that BrawnGP car anyway.

        Won’t happen though. :P

        1. Yup, Griggs poinmts out something that we all seem to have forgotten. Bruno is/was so highly rated that he was set to replace Rubens at Honda before they pulled the plug on their F1 programme.

          Lets not write him off after a season at the back of the grid in a useless HRT which no one could have driven any better.

          1. “Lets not write him off after a season at the back of the grid in a useless HRT which no one could have driven any better.”

            Really exept the other 3 three drivers which raced for HRT and smashed him in qualifying race afer race, Klein even did it the first time out in the car!

          2. @coxy

            Seriously? Come on.

            The biggest myth of last season has to be how much Senna was “smashed” “destroyed” “murdered” “brutalized” by his team mates.

            Klien was quicker. Fair enough. Senna improved against Klien as time went on.

            Other than that Karun was a nice guy and I can see why people like him.

            But this over the hatred for Senna is getting old now.


          3. Quite right again Griggs, people point out how Klein was quicker in their first race together, but omit the fact that Senna was faster in the last race at Abu Dhabi. Senna was “brutalised” by the rest of his teammates because their HRT’s somehow managed to finish while Bruno’s tended to break down…while he was in front of them.

    3. I suppose it will be Grosjean/Petrov, if the injuries are judged to enable Kubica to recover for Bahrain.

      If not I would expect Senna to get as much running as needed to prepare him to take the car in the first GPs this season.

      1. It’ll be Senna and Petrov.

      2. Parmalat Unipart
        6th February 2011, 16:12

        @ BasCB

        Np It will be Senna/Petrov.

  9. I hope he’s alright and will recover ASAP.

    Early days yet, but if he’s unable to start the season, surely Senna will step in for him.

  10. I’ve heard the reports of broken clavicle, femur, left hand and wrist. It’s all very conflicting and I think that most journalists are just making things up. Let’s wait for the official statement. I hope he recovers quickly.

    1. So… essentially he’s broken something then.

      unless it’s a rib, he’s not going to be testing at Jerez.

      1. I do believe Jenson raced with a broken heart for some of the races last year.

        1. He wasn’t driving the Mercedes?

          1. How.. what the…. eh?

          2. Again.. How the… what on… eh?!

        2. Wasn’t that Lewis?

          1. Button was a single man for about 2 months last year. How I know that really concerns me.

        3. Hahaha when his girlfriend split with him.

        4. hahahahahaha…. classic

          1. Gail in cincinnati
            6th February 2011, 18:27

            Schumacher raced, and won with no heart at all for several years…..

          2. @Gail. Hilarious Comment!

  11. Hope he recovers fully. Preferably in time for the start of the season. But of not it gives us fanatics an opportunity to see what Bruno does against Petrov

    1. Man, I know it’s speculation at this time but the worst case scenario’s make me feel bad for even mentioning anything other then the hope that Kubica will recover fully.
      All the best for him!

  12. Lets wait and see, media reports tend to be wildly inaccurate and over dramatise things.

  13. “Vitaly Petrov lead driver”

    Make sure whoever is within an earshot when you say that doesn’t have any food or fluid in their mouth.

    1. Fail! had ice cream in my mouth.. nearly snorted it.

    2. Ha ha hilarious!

      Imagine team orders:

      Vitaly is faster than you

      Senna moves aside


      Both renaults out of the race after petrov looses contol when overtaking teammate

  14. From “La GAzzetta” (most important italian sport paper, quite reliable) it seems he reported multiple fractures, and prognosys is still reserved. It means that the doctors don’t know what the extent of the injuries exactly is. Seems to be quite bad.
    Let’s see and hope, but it seems pretty bad.

    1. Gazzetta and italian Sky News reports he may lose his hand.
      Waiting for 14:00 CET for an official bulletin from the hospital

      1. More recent reports state that he will definitely not loose his hand! GREAT NEWS!

        Get well soon Robert!

  15. I think he will probably miss a good part of the start of the season.

    Who is to take his seat ?
    Senna ?
    Grosjean is 3rd pilot too if i remember correctly…

    1. Senna will be next in line.

      “[Eric Boullier] did confirm that Senna would be the first reserve if one of the race drivers could not compete.”

      “I will give it to the one that is ready, and this year Bruno is the most ready driver.”

      1. Knowing the way Renault has operated lately Bruno will get they seat, they will say its actually Ayrton yet claim they don’t care about the history of Lotus.

        No disrespect intended to Ayrton.

        1. That is kind of the trend of mouth before thought that they’ve been doing. However it’s a bit too much for me, I think Bahar’s doing the intentionally. ‘Black to the Future’? Come on!

          Senna in a Black and Gold Lotus? Who’d a thunk it…

          .. Bahar that’s who!

          1. ( apologies in advance, that comment came across very cynical as I read it out loud :) )

  16. “I think he will probably miss a good part of the start of the season.”.
    Unfortunately it appears to be the case.

    It’s really a pity, since Lotus was really promising…

    1. Kinda weird when you wrote “Lotus”, got me thinking a couple of seconds,.. :)

  17. Not good! Wish you a quick recovery Robert, we need you fighting for the front of the grid in just over 4 weeks time..

  18. That’s a massive shame if it is the femur, given how long he’ll have to spend in recovery. Was hoping that the R31 would be a very competitive package this year so we could see Kubica fighting up front again and mixing it with the others!

    1. Rumors talk of an amputation of an arm.

      1. It would have to be a VERY bad injury for them to amputate and that is extremely unlikely…

        …this according to my girlfriend who is a trainee surgeon and has just finished her rotation in Orthopaedic Surgery…

        I really hope Robert makes a full recovery – if it’s his Femur then he will miss the start of the season for sure, but may be back sooner than you’d expect…if it is his wrist then that will be more complicated.

        NB: I have F1 headlines on my Google homepage and right in between headlines about Kubica’s crash was the headline “Chandok to test for Team Lotus” – took me a minute to work out that he wasn’t replacing RK…

  19. Lets hope he gets well soon and can return asap.

    Assume Renault will be looking for a reserve driver who knows the tracks and can quickly get to know the car during the pre-season testing. And one who can give good feedback to the engineers.

  20. It’s all just speculation at the moment, so we don’t really have any idea about how serious his injuries are. Let’s not go ‘jumping the gun’ here, and start writing off anyones season just yet.

  21. Another Italian newspaper (il secolo XI from Genova) wrote about the risk that Kubica could lose the right hand.
    I hope that’s not the case.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:01


      Please, no!!!

    2. Italian news papers?? If they’re anything like their politicians, I wouldn’t trust a word they say.

      1. Come on, please, in Italy motorsports (and F1 particularly) are closely followed and since this accident happened in Italy I guess we know the most. But since the operations are undergoing, I guess it’s too early to speak, and I hope so as what has been said is really dramatic.

        1. So the video at the top of this article that apparently says his arm has been amputated? That’s quality reporting is it?

          I don’t doubt there are some very good papers in Italy, but clearly.. It’s so easy to get excited when no one knows what’s going on.

    3. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:04

      Man, this would really suck.
      I wish him all the best!

    4. Lets not speculate to that extreme.

    5. Dear god, I hope not. Hes one of the freindliest people on the grid, and its not even funny to make up something like that.

    6. Spanish papers are saying the same thing about Kubica losing a hand.
      Hope he could be racing in no time

  22. While it’s inevitable some people will want to speculate on what it will mean for Renault if Kubica is unable to drive, comments about Bruno Senna “celebrating” are in bad taste and have been removed.

    1. that’s why I put a smiley face :)
      hope Robert gets better of course,..

    2. Thank for that Keith, comments like that are sick and do not belong here.

      I seriously doubt anyone will be feeling great about this, all drivers know only too well what it means to have something like this happening.

    3. Thanks for taking action Keith, was going to Tweet you about it…

    4. Damn right, Keith.

      Myself being Brazilian, and a fan of Bruno, I can’t bear to think of anyone sane celebrating these events.

      Kubica is a great F1 driver, not to mention a great person. Even if he wasn`t, it is utterly absurd to talk about it.

      I’m sure Bruno is sad and worried about Kubica right now, and i’m positive that this is NOT the way he wanted to get to drive that Renault.

    5. I was afraid of reading some comments like that, but now I know some people are really un-human.

      1. That’s what happens on the internet. People feel emboldened by the thin veil the internet provides, and feel they can behave in a way they never would with other people face to face. I have a good friend whom I love dearly in person, but online he’s a giant ***-hole.

  23. Mister Nillionaire
    6th February 2011, 10:54

    According to Kubica’s father ‘it looks nasty’.
    There should soon be a press conference from Ronde di Andora updating on his condition.

  24. Update from “La gazzetta” : Robert Kubica is not in danger of life.

    1. good news.. just some discomfort and his travel plans are rearranged.

      Rally cars are pretty damned safe these days, but still, big shunts do happen. He’s a tough lad is Robert, I’m sure he’ll be back desperate to use his new car to win races.

      1. No, all that means is he won’t die, amputation is still a possibility

  25. For what it’s worth, blurbs on Polish news station TVN.24 are along the lines of: the car hit a wall, had to be be cut open to get Kubica out, he’s conscious in hospital, several fractures to arm and leg, co-driver uninjured.

  26. According to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, he has broken his arm and wrist. The worst moment for an injury of this extent, he’ll probably lose all pre-season testing… :(

  27. Terrible news. I am completely struck down.. hope he gets better soon, you deserve a WDC Robert!

  28. Story is, he crashed on the ‘way to the start of the rally’. So no safety features on track then, a proper wall?

    1. Crashed against the wall of a Church no less…

      1. Race suspended.. not sure if they’re doing that out of respect, of the fact that the car has blocked up the route to the start of stage 1.

    2. Artur Kubica believes his son may have suffered a wrist fracture

  29. Who cares about his replacement! Wish you well Robert and a speedy recovery

  30. BBC saying he has suffered ‘serious injuries’. Not looking good :/. Get well soon robert!

  31. Hope the guy is fine. But I always thought it was kind of weird he was allowed to rally, thinking there would be some sort of ‘warranty’ in his contract banning that.
    Safe to say he would not think seriously about not rallying anymore during the F1 season

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:24

      How far do you go? Webber has inured himself twice on a mountain bike.

      Rallying does seem an odd allowance though.

      1. The old.. ‘don’t go outside on a vehicle unless we own it’ clause.

      2. And i can’t believe he was driving a Skoda Fabia! Hes really crazy

        1. He got a chance with really competative equipment (that car led for quite a while in the latest IRC event – the monaco rally). I would think one of the reasons he is happy at Renault, is that they allow him to have a rallye outing once in a while.

      3. You go as far as is reasonable to protect your not small investment – you ban most enjoyable things and enjoy them when your career is over. Roger was their only chance of winning WDC and now that’s gone.

        Webber knows that broken shouldblade last year didn’t help him – do you think he risks the same in what is prob his last season?

        1. Roger? Roger Federer perhaps? I guess you mean Robert :)

          1. Haha. I read that and immediately thought of Roger the deceased brother of Scott Stoddard in the film Grand Prix.

        2. But Webber had his leg in 2009 already – would have thought he learned from it, but then it turns out he got another injury in 2010 – Thoughts of donkeys and hitting the same stone twice come to mind.

          But I hope Kubica’s injuries are less bad than they now seem and talk of losing a hand seems really a bit much – multiple fractures with unclear how severe doesn’t sound very good for his season tough.

  32. In all Polish reports they say “multiple fructures”.

    1. Well, that could be two then. More important is where those fractures are.

    2. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:28

      [intial reports suggest he] has broken one, if not both, of his wrists.

  33. Bummer… I hate his boss but this is what no one wants to see happen, get well soon Kubi.

    So Lotus Renault is looking very very weak at the moment… Who and Pet?

    Those Kimi rumors that were floating around a few months ago are looking pretty good at this point.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 11:25

      The irony. Lead driver injures himself in a rallying crash and is replaced by rally driving ex-F1 driver.

    2. I don’t think that you’ll see Kimi coming back.

      There are plenty of other worthy drivers that are either not currently employed or are reserve drivers for other teams.

      Obviously Senna will be hoping to move into the ‘poles’ position, but that might not be what it says in his contract.

      1. Well it does actually. He’s the official No.1 reserve driver for Lotus Renault. So.. Senna in a Black and Gold Lotus… Danny Bahars mind must be whirring.

      2. I don’t think Kimi wants to come back.

      3. Agreed VXR but Loto Renno hasn’t got a #1 to start the season.

      4. I think the Kimi rumours will always be around as given Renault have gone very aggressive this year they will want to a lead driver to develop the car.

        As good as they are the car will not be developed in the hands of Petrov and one of the 5 potential replacements.

        1. Kimi was pretty ticked off with the whole Renault thing, so I think those rumours will be rumours for the sake of being rumours… if you catch my drift.

          1. Absolutely Hare… it was just a wandering wishful thinking on my part.

  34. first medical report is expected for 2 pm here (1 pm GMT). there are some concerns about

    1. … the fact he could lose the use of his hand.

    2. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 11:32

      Damn, I really hope it is not the case…

      1. surely hope not, too, but online newspapers are reporting very unoptimistic rumors. his left hand has been compressed for a very long time and seems compromised…

  35. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    6th February 2011, 11:31

    Left arm and left leg according to the BBC now.

    1. Left hand drive meets wall, makes sense.

      1. And we all know how important your left leg is in F1!

        1. Unless you’re Barrichello

          1. Indeed. But ‘Barry’ just can’t make his mind up. :)

  36. I hope it’s not to bad and he can make a full recovery.
    And let’s hope we get an official update soon, as different sites deliver different reports.
    Not looking great anyway :(

  37. Mister Nillionaire
    6th February 2011, 11:36

    according to initial rumors [his hand] is almost crushed.

  38. This is awful news! I really wish all the best to Kubica, who i regard as one of the best drivers in F1 today. Crossing fingers that the injuries are a least not permanent. Get well soon!

    1. The word “amputation” is being used in some reports now!

      1. Well, you know what the internet is like..

        1. Well I just got an email offering mefrom the Egyptian president offering me $2,000,000 if i help him.

          So I’m hoping honest and accurate….

          1. that would have been much better if i had read it before posting it…

  39. German newspaper Spiegel says his life is in danger,1518,743822,00.html

    1. Well, it is Spiegel Online. I would not trust them accurately rporting what they had for lunch.

      Anyway, all the best to Robert, may he have a speedy and full recovery!

    2. Belgian sites also says he’s not out of danger for his life.
      But let’s wait for an official report for now. That he was concious all the way is a good sign imo!

  40. Hope your ok Kubica

  41. this is such a bad bad bad news…

  42. What concerns me is… The report that he fractured his leg / wrist seems to have come form the scene of the accident, onsite.

    From my own experience, fractures of a non-obvious nature, aren’t easy to diagnose unless there’s some clear evidence. Bones pointing where they should for example. So I can see where the speculation about loosing the hand is from, if it is a drastic injury. However, how can we possibly take that on face? We have to assume that he’s broken some bones, and should be ok in a couple of months given modern medicine.

    Either way, Robert is a lionheart, I’m convinced of it. He would probably driver an F1 car with a hook if he had too. Hope it doesn’t come to that to be honest, but he’s a legend waiting to happen in my mind.

    1. I agree, let’s wait to hear the reports – it could be bad, but I wish him all the best for a strong return to F1 racing.

    2. If his hand and foot got stuck and crushed, it will be pretty tough work bolting them together and a longer period of recovery.

      I suppose we’ll just have to wait for this 14.00 CET for some news.

  43. As a doctor, the only info I can I add is one related to prognosis. That relies on a diagnosis, which we don’t have yet, all we’ve got is chinese whispers and 3rd hand information.

    However, based on speculation, assuming a peripheral injury which would require surgical reduction and fixation, it’d be roughly 6 weeks before he could put weight/force through it. Another 6 weeks before putting any decent loads post that. Given the fine motor control required, a femur fracture (assuming mid shaft) would be far more favourable then a radius/ulna injury

    1. A voice of reason.:)

    2. Thanks for the (appropiately cautious) medical view.
      So sad for Robert, as Hare say’s he’s a lionheart and one of my favourite drivers. Just have to hope that he’s going to recover fully in the end. That would be good news in itself, but I’m so sad that it will wreck his season as seems likely. Not that I pray, but I pray that’s all it will do.
      Get well soon, Kubi. Hoping you can come back like you did after Canada.

  44. Hope your ok Kubica…

  45. Oh dear, poor Robert
    A hope there’s a lot of false reports at the moment…
    fingers crossed

  46. Robert Kubica is the number one topic on Twitter.

  47. All just speculation really yet.. The medical update at 13:00GMT should give a definitive answer to questions about his condition. Hope he can recover well though!
    BBC are reporting that he had surgery in 2003 to his arm after an F3 crash, anyone know any more on this?

    1. It was a road accident, back when he was competing in F3. He had to have metal pins put in his arm, though he recovered to win his first race back in the F3 Euroseries.

      1. 18 Titanium pins…

    1. Thanks.
      We need a statement from his rallye crue though. Lotus are just a spactator as we are.

  48. BBC say it could be a fracture in both his left arm and leg.

    1. It doesn’t look good.

        1. Mister Nillionaire
          6th February 2011, 11:58

          Doesn’t look all that conscious to me :< Hope it will be okay.

        2. he looks unconsious, :(

          get well soon robert

        3. Scrap that, he’s intubated. He’s not conscious in those photos.

          1. You can of course be conscious and still need intubation, particularly if your ability to expand your lungs is compromised by, say, a traumatic pneumothorax (quite likely in Robert’s case) or peripheral neurologic compromise (not likely at all here).

    2. The concern from me there is that is looks as though he’s receiving bag mask ventilation to assist breathing.

      Not a good prognostic sign, usually associated with a head injury

      1. Those photos seem to be at the hospital, is it possible they put him to sleep for the pain or something?

        1. Or to maintain his airway. Can be for a few reasons, usually in this immediate situation, conscious state in the primary reason

        2. Mister Nillionaire
          6th February 2011, 12:11

          I’m afraid that on these on-site ones, he isn’t conscious either.

      2. I would have thought oxygen to help his body react and produce blood cells quicker, and maybe to alleviate some of the shock symtoms?

      3. They have to ventilate if anaesthetic has been administered – which looks likely. This is standard practice in such circumstance.

        1. +1 on this.

    3. Having them put up those sheets gave me a chill. Glad to know he is consious and “only” has fractures to his legs and arm(s).

      Still this is a shocker.

      1. They do that whenever there is an accident of that kind of proportion. I saw a horrible accident back in Bournemouth at the Sun Seeker Rallye, the guy was fine, but the sheets were up to give the driver some privacy at that moment.

  49. Poor Kub :(
    Hope he comes out alright from this even if it takes a while to recover.

  50. Apparently these pictures show Kubica being taken away in an helicopter after his crash:

  51. Some pictures emerging of Robert on the stretcher.. not looking good. :S

    1. Photos here people.. Robert on the stretcher. Left eye bruised..

  52. People now saying his right hand is badly hurt

  53. The first in line is Senna, its really a shame becouse Kubica is one of my favorites…
    i think Renault will test bouth drivers Senna and Grosgean… looks like Kubica is gonna stay in bed for a while…. i hope he recover 100%.

  54. What is of concern to me is that his overalls seems to have been partially taken off, as if CPR was carried out, do hope that is not the case though.
    This is nothing short of a disaster.

    1. This is done for exposure. Some occult injuries are missed unless the patient is exposed. CPR can be carried out effectively with race suit on. There’s no indication he’s recieved CPR from these photos

      1. Don’t forget the wear many layers of protective clothing, effective CPR is best done with chest exposed for accurate placement of hands and hence avoiding injury to patient.

        Not saying that is the case here, hoping it isn’t.

        1. Effective CPR is best carried out as quickly as possible – NOT worrying about removing layers of clothing.

          Clothing provides nothing like the obstacle that layers of body fat do – and most people who receive CPR do have several layers of body fat…

      2. Also they would want to apply equipment to monitor his vitals which they have to stick to the bare skin.

    2. its comments like that which add nothing but fear and rumour. You have no idea what has occurred at the site, so I’d best advise you keep your very illinformed comments to yourself otherwise it just feeds the rumour mill.

      1. Thanks for your advice but its not needed I’m not starting any rumour here so go pick on someone else.

        1. no you’re not starting a rumour, but people saying stupid stuff like “overalls seems to have been partially taken off, as if CPR was carried out” is how rumours start.

          If you’re not a doctor with experience in recoveries you’re in no position to speculate on what has or hasn’t been done based on a couple of photos.

          Comments like yours do not help the situation at all, they only harm it.

          1. *not deliberately starting

          2. I’d just like to add that I can qualify my opinion as I am a First Aider with St John Ambulance and have been to a number of training sessions on trauma scenarios.

            His overalls being open does not in any way indicate that he received CPR – they were almost certainly opened to a) check that there were no injuries that had been missed, b) apply leads to monitor his vitals in transit – both absolutely routine and not to be concerned about.

  55. Update from the hospital that Kubi is in at 1400 GMT… a few hours to wait…

  56. Whatever injury he got, it looks like Senna just got his first big break in a competitive car. If he cant keeps up with Petrov, Senna’s career is over.

  57. Now in “Il secolo XI” it’s written that the right arm is compromised.

    1. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 12:24

      Terrible news, if true :/

  58. a lot of facebook pages saying a hand is getting taken off :\ not comments, actually official pages…

  59. We have some more informations here in Poland, unfortunately Robert’s hand was badly crushed and it may be amputated… Hope it won’t happen and he get back ok soon, without him the LRGP won’t get good information about upgrading car during tests :/

  60. I hope he’ll get back on track soon.

    1. Server seems to be overloaded.
      Here’s one of those photos.

  61. These rumours of amputation, may be coming from reports from news agencies like ANSA, that Kubica has crushed his left hand :(

    I’m hoping this is just rumoured rubbish… really hoping. I was a bit blase with this story, but this is quite nerve racking news.. if this is the case, my heart goes out to him and his family more so.

  62. What if we stop for a while of predicting who will replace robert and think and hope that the injuries are minor and that he will get back very soon!!

    1. I second that! Come on, people…

  63. Anyone know if the car is RHD or LHD?

    1. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 12:40

      I am pretty sure it was a LHD, unless they had to remove the steering wheel or whatnot to get him out.

  64. James Allen says fractures to left arm and left leg. Nothing about hands being amputated – I dearly hope that’s just a malicious rumour. We will know more in 25 minutes or so.

    1. I think that James Allen would currently know as much as anyone else.

      If the injuries were described as “it looks ugly”, then some further investigation on the part of the hospital staff will be necessary.

  65. Interview with rally driver on Polish TV who spoke with Kubica’s co-driver: “reports of crushed hand and amputation are exaggerated.”

    1. Good news if true.

    2. Thats what I want to hear.

    3. You know, can’t stomach people making up that kind of report.. it’s actually making me sick to think of it :S Someone’s trying to sell column inches out of this perhaps? Maybe it’s just human nature… either way, it’s not pleasant.

      Come on Robert.. get well soon! :)

    4. Thanks for that Maciek. I hope it is only a matter of missing probly the first few races this season.

  66. Very sad news. Fabulous driver. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  67. Pilot that helped him said he was in really bad condition, crashed between the guard rail and the cockpit, with a foot smashed into it. It tooked more than one hour to recover the body from the car to the stretcher

    1. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 12:49

      I really do hope it’s all rumors and they simply exaggerate, since they are pretty incoherent about whether it was his hand or foot, that was compressed for so long.

  68. Staffan Hansson
    6th February 2011, 12:46

    They should take Heidfeld insted of Bruno.

  69. UPDATE
    robert is in hand surgery

    1. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 12:50

      Hope the surgery is about fixing it, not amputation.

  70. Just get well Robert.

    Get well soon.

  71. i hear amputation is threating

  72. Robert have smashed palm, and broken leg.

  73. I wish my namesake a speedy recovery (same first name and initials anyway!) and I hope that he’ll be driving for Renault again as soon as possible.

  74. There’s supposed to be an update at 1:00 pm UK time — waiting for that has been excruciating! Feels like it’s been hours, even though it hasn’t.

    1. it’s just a fan page, not official

  75. No confirmation about amputation. News to be expected at 2 pm CET are post poned due to surgery which is in progress. Surgery to the hand is to stop the bleeding

    1. Can you please tell me where you are getting your information from?

      1. From both italian Sky news and local journalist outside the hospital

  76. The news has been moved back 2 hours. to 15:00 GMT.

    1. Seems they are working on that hand to get it right as best as possible.
      At least means it will not be amputated I suppose, but I fear it will take a long period of time to come back in the car.

  77. this news ruined my day :(
    hope its not terrible

  78. Really really hope it’s not that bad.

  79. Black day for Robert and for his fans. I hope and wish he will be good and his career wouldn’t be R.I.P after that.

  80. Press conference as been put back by 2 hours.. hopefully thats a good thing!

    I gotta go to bed. It’s 2am here :)

  81. A full and speedy recovery, Robert

  82. when i read about kubica crash few hours ago I thought it just minor rally accident. but couple of hours past and when the photos of the crash been circulated on the web and more so the conflicting news all around.. man… I hope he’ll be okay.

  83. formula 0ne drivers need not put their F1 careers at risk by taking part in these types of off track rallye sports.
    i hope Kubica recovers but the news about his hands is not good if true.

    1. F1 drivers can do whatever they damned well please in there little spare time

    2. Personally I think F1 drivers should do more racing outside of F1.

  84. speedy recovery, Robert!!!!!!!!!

  85. “14:22 A surgery on Robert’s hand has started, conducted by doctor Igor Rossello in the Pietra Ligure hospital.”

    1. It’s actually a very informative video There’s a massive hole in the footwell, you can see the floor from in side the car. Must have been a massive impact, circa 50mph head on almost.

      1. The hole could have been cut post-accident, to help extract Robert. Thanks for link.

        1. They extracted him from the drivers side. The cut roll cage is clear in the video. If they did cut the bottom of the car. Perhaps they needed to free his feet? Although no comment has been made about feet injuries

          1. Mister Nillionaire
            6th February 2011, 13:43

            You can tell from the pictures provided earlier that at least his right foot is okay (i.e. not covered in blood or anything).

  86. According to F1Lite on Twitter:

    “We can give you this statement which is supposedly from a source at the hospital. Again, we cannot confirm it’s validity or accuracy. It essentially says Kubica has a broken femur, internal bleeding and broken hand which is under operation – with amputation an option.”

    1. well, that’s at least 12 weeks out :(

      That puts him out until the Turkish GP in May. he’ll miss the first 4 GP’s at least. We’re looking at Spain, Monaco sort of time realistically if not later.

      1. Mister Nillionaire
        6th February 2011, 13:38

        It doesn’t matter anyway, I just wish he gets back to F1 at all :/

  87. Hope he is ok….i think he could have done quite well this season
    he showed it in testing

  88. His hand is being operated, but he could still lose his hand. He also has internal bleeding which the doctors are trying to stop.

    1. Internal bleeding 5 hours after the event can’t be a good thing :S

    2. but he could still lose his hand

      Why do you want to speculate? Never think about negative things. Be positive. Almighty will pull him through this.

  89. Forget who’ll replace him. I just hope he’s ok and wish him a speedy recovery. He is a huge talent and one of the most likable drivers on the grid.

  90. boulier said senna will be 1st choice at the launch

    1. who cares now?

  91. Hope he’s alright! Good job LRGP have more reserve drivers than I can count.

    1. You can’t count to 5? Oh damn.

  92. Live updated info about Robert in Italian:

    plus some photos

    1. – Seems it took an hour to cut him free.
      – the guard rail went through the foot well
      – Right hand was crushed
      – Possibly a mechanical failure

  93. Right now I just hope one day to see him embrace his own children with both hands standing

    1. It’s gone beyond worrying about the impact this will have on the Renault Team (nor right now does one care about the Lotus name debate)

      …This is a very sad day for Formula 1, I only hope and pray for Robert’s recovery now.

  94. polish news say he might have to have his hand amputated, as the bones are crushed into pieces, his left arm is broken in several places, same with his left leg and femur.
    doesnt sound too good!

  95. Kimi's Ice-Cream
    6th February 2011, 13:45

    Last news from gazzetta dello sport.

    The car lost adherence due to a bump in the road caused by a tree’s root. The rail guard entered the cockpit and injured RK. Nothing is said about his present situation.

  96. Local television has reported the arm/hand has been amputated :(

    It’s not confirm officially though.

    1. Link:

      I hope that’s not true…. ;(((

    2. they reported this 2 hours ago, it’s only a piece of bad journalism…
      in the meantime, we can only hope they’re wrong.

    3. Mister Nillionaire
      6th February 2011, 13:58

      Won’t believe it until confirmed by LRGP… :(

  97. Blessing u, Robert!

  98. I’ll be surprised if he’s ready for Bahrain. Leg and arm fractures, AND similar injuries to his arm in 2003- it doesn’t look good.

  99. omg
    Im speechless:/

  100. If Robert really isn’t able to return he might be working for Alonso/Ferrari, since they’re close friends.

    But I’m hoping that Kubica’s injuries aren’t that massive and we’ll see him miss the first 3 GP’s only.

  101. Some reports say Kubica had just started the special stage and others say he was still driving towards the start. Which of these is correct?

  102. There’s a rumour at Finnish website that Kimi Räikkönen has already been contacted by the Renault staff to be the replaicement of Kubica.

    1. Just can’t confirm that.

  103. Renault have issued a second statement confirming the extent of Kubica’s injuries. This has been added to the article above.

  104. Get well soon Robert!! We will all miss you in Bahrain.

  105. I think all the F1 team bosses can learn a lesson from here – consider fitting in clause into the drivers contract saying ‘No Rallying or taking part in other extreme sports’. Really, that’s the only way to move on.

    1. That’s been a common clause in many driver contracts for years. But some drivers prefer to be able to compete in other series, as has been the case with Kubica.

    2. Agreed with you …these drivers are exposed to enough risks while on an F1 track..therefore they do not need to expose themselves more by taking part in other sports which are needlessly dangerous.

      1. I think, ultimately, it’s the driver’s choice. I suspect Robert was in a strong enough position to be able to negotiate some freedom into his contract, and he’s a big boy and should be allowed to make that decision for himself. All F1 drivers probably do a lot of potentially life-threatening or dangerous things all the time, it’s only when they go wrong such as this that we hear about it… or when they admit it in their book in Mark Webber’s case…

        1. Also if he got hit by a bus, or if he had a normal road car incident would we suggesting that he go out only wrapped in bubblewrap?

          He is a racing car driver, and to keep his skills sharp surely he needs to practice them?

  106. I’m in total shock, and I’m sure everyone else is as well.

    When something this terrible happens it reminds us of how close to the edge our driver’s live in order to do their jobs. Please, Heavenly Father, watch over Robert.

  107. Really hope Robert recovers quickly, but assuming Bruno gets the drive as he should, what with being named first reserve and all that, Senna in a car with THAT colour scheme will be very very creepy. Martin Brundle thought it was eerie enough just having those eyes in that helmet in an F1 car!

    1. It is better not to talk about who is replacing him, our thoughts will have to be concentrated upon praying for Robert’s speedy recovery.

      1. well obviously that goes without saying.

        However with the next test session in a few days I’m not the first to be speaking of whats going to happen with it.

      2. Some of us will pray, others will hope that he’s in the most competent medical hands possible. I don’t really see the point in telling people what they should be concentrating their thoughts on. Some people are thinking about Senna driving the car and that’s fine too.

  108. So sad.. May allah pull bless him so that he’ll be able to race at bahrain.

  109. I know it is a tad bit heartless to suggest this, but wouldn’t Kimi be a perfect replacement for Kubica ??

    Shame Renault kind of fell out with him last season when they were forever abusing his name for investment and interest reasons, but still, all the best to Kubica and this could be a gap for Kimi to muscle his way back in ?!

    1. I know it is a tad bit heartless to suggest this, but wouldn’t Kimi be a perfect replacement for Kubica ??

      Very crude and rude to be discussing that now. Its an insult to humanness. Please pry for Robert.

  110. Nick Heidfeld – where are you now?

  111. He was so promising driver. I thought in a 2-3 years he could be a champion as he was fast, driving wisely throughout the race. I heard on TV that this accident happend cause of some tree roots which made the tarmac deformation subsequently leading to crash….Hope he will recover soon…

    1. Not was. Is. No need to use the past tense prematurely.

  112. I really find it really disturbing that many people over here a joyfully discussing about the possibilities of Robert’s replacements.

    Is this all a human life is worth?

    I think we ought to be praying for Robert’s speedy recovery.

    May Allah fully cure his pain & bring him back to his normal self.

    1. No body is “joyfully” discussing his replacement in the way you are quite clearly implying!

      However, the season is pretty much underway, and there is no use ignoring the fact that he wont be able to race.

      Everyone has huge sympathy for whats happened to him but someone will have to have his seat.

      1. Exactly. There is a massive difference between “oh no, this is horrible, he had a great car this year, who will they replace him with? Senna?” and celebrating his injury.

        So long as it is respectful it is a perfectly reasonable question to discuss his possible temporary replacement.

  113. Best wishes to RK… Rally drivers are nutty at the best of times, good to see an f1 guy giving it his all out of obvious love for all things Motorsport. Hope it doesn’t prove damaging to his career.

  114. Ouch. Even if Kubica comes back he won’t be capable of doing stuff like this again:


  115. It is starting to hit me now that we might not see kubica race in F1 again, i feel **** so god knows how robert is going to be when he comes around, he is a fighter and needs to be, praying he is safe and sound now, F1 is irrelevant.

  116. unbelievable the whole the barrier made in the front of the car, this does not happen in rallies and these cars are safe, he was very very unlucky :(

    I regret he did not stay in the renault front wheel drives, he had a good milage in them and fantastic results, think it would not have happened in that car. The Skoda was new to him, a different class, and a more difficult car to handle. No testing before the rally – all of this contributed a bit to this accident ;(

    From what the Polish news say its the hip, internal bleeding and crushed hand. No doubt there will be a long break for Robert. I think we should keep our fingers crossed for him to return to F1 at all :(

  117. What an awful news :( :(

    The fact they’re even considering amputation of his hand… not good. I guess the best way to look at it is that these are not life threatening injuries, everything else is secondary. Get well soon Robert!

  118. This is very sad news indeed :( . His life is out of danger which is the most important thing and we have to be optimistic about his hand. Even if it is in very bad shape, modern medicine can do incredible things, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was back racing sooner than we expect.

  119. The French websites are less alarming, even if they are relating the fact that the Professor Igor Rosello, a hand specialist is now operating since 2:00 p.m. his hand.
    All are stating to wait for the official press conference at 4:00 p.m.

    1. It seems clear that his hand is in a bad state, but if his surgeon is a hand specialist, he is probably the best to attempt to fix it as best as he can – he won’t easily give up, knowing that his patient needs his hand in the live he has.

  120. all the polish news say his hand was partially crushed and that they are trying to stop the inside bleeding

  121. For me the official talk coming out about fractures is somewhat reassuring considering the dire rumours flying around before. Of course it’s too early to say more, but it gives hope. Fractures can heal, heck Webbo did 4 races with a fractured shoulder last year without telling anyone. Whilst Rob’s injuries are more serious, I am hopeful of a speedy recovery, he is a fighter and if anyone can do it, he can.

  122. the cusp of an actual guard rail he hit entered his window in his side of the car.. a horrible crash.

  123. Not a fan of Robert, but still would like to wish him all the best… Hope for him that the injuries are not so bad as the press is actually saying..

  124. So this is news from close Robert’s friend:

    1. Broken in many places – leg, arm and forearm, internal bleeding
    2. They didn’t hit the wall, they hit the barrier that broke and stabled the car (on video you can see the hole in engine area), it was what mostly injured Robert
    3. The cause of accident was a budge on wet asphalt that bumped car up

  125. In 2007 and 2009 I went to Pietra Ligure for my summer holidays!

  126. even though his injuries aren’t life threatning there is a big question mark whether he will be a formula 1 driver anymore

  127. @tedkravitz

    Get well soon Robert Kubica: In surgery after broken leg, arm and hand. Sure to be out for months in what could be Renault’s comeback year.

    Looks like reports are confirmed but crucially NO AMPUTATIONS like some people were posting.

  128. Spanish media talks about internal bleeding, leg and arm fracture. Nothing about amputations. I seriously hope that the internal bleeding is not very serious and after 2 or 3 months of resting he will be back to 100%.

  129. I just hope he’ll be all right, independent of his F1 career. But it be a devastating blow for such a great talent at such a young age not to be able to keep competing? Yes it would. But the first and foremost issue right here and now is Robert’s health and well-being. I wanna see him driving the hell out of that Lotus Renault as much as the next guy, but there are more important things on the table right now.

  130. Sound’s worse than what the BBC reported, Hope he will be ok.

  131. rember the Canada 2007 crash? absolutely nothing happened to him

  132. Do we even know HOW he crashed? If he was conscious, was he questioned about the cause? I don’t understand how you can crash in to a church when on the road – especially in a rally car with loads of grip.

    1. It was semi-wet and apparently he hit a tree root which made the back slide out. He hit the barrier, which didn’t last and went straight into the car. Had that not happened, he might have gone away with bruises.

      In short, he was immensely unlucky.

  133. Well there’s absolutely no way for us to tell what the injuries might be. Pity they couldn’t tell us at least something even if the final outcomes are all up in the air.

    Anyway the armco slicing through the engine bay and firewall into the car is a pretty unlucky, I guess possibly he went into it from the ‘wrong’ direction compared to normal traffic so it’s lapped the other way with each end exposed. If so, one of those things it’s hard to prevent.

    It could have missed him completely or killed him, no way of knowing now what damage it’s done, we just have to hope. But the delay in the press conference suggests they have to look first – not very encouraging :(

  134. Holy cow!

    Reading on, it says: “According to sources at the event, Kubica was trapped in the car for more than one hour until specialist extraction equipment could get to the scene of the crash.”

    Trapped for one hour in the car with multiple fractures, internal bleeding and a crushed wrist. Not that must be really, really awful!

    Hope you stay strong Robert Kubica. Important is, you stay alive. Returning to F1 can wait, surely.

  135. Pole media talks about
    1. internal bleeding
    2. leg fracture in several places
    3. arm fracture
    4. hand crudhed

  136. Disgusted by this news. I hope that at the end this is all not as dramatic as the initial reports suggest, and that Kubica will fully recover, but the reports are not sounding good.

  137. Whatever you say kubica was lucky, he lived

  138. Jarred Williams
    6th February 2011, 14:46

    I really wish that there was some official news coming out. I also hope that his injuries are less severe than what is being reported here. Get well soon Robert!! My thoughts are with you.

  139. OMG, this is bad news :( He is in surgery now (internal bleeding), I hope he is fine. Such a talented guy, let’s hope he can race again soon.

  140. Man i think this might be the end of kubica’s f1 career, i hope not

  141. Guys, although he does have injuries, we won’t know anything truly about them until 4, so can we just hold our tongues with all of these rumors? Yes, we get that this newspapers has said this and that, but we don’t need to read the same thing over and over again. These things happen, and we need to be respectful of what, and not bash Kubica’s driving or even worse, talk about his replacement (Just yet).

    Get better soon, Robert. :(

  142. This would be a tragedy if it ended his career. I couldn’t quite believe it when i read the words on BBC’s report “following surgery in 2003 after a serious road accident as a passenger that left him with titanium bolts in his arm, there will be doubts about his ability to continue in the sport.”

    I’m getting the impression that although this isn’t as life threatening as Massa’s accident was, that it is probably more career threatening.

    1. Well, I agree with you as well. Got the same kind of impression too, suddenly.

  143. Remember all the horrible rumours after Massa’s accident, people are prone to exaggeration and worst case scenarios.

    RK will pull through and he will be back.

  144. I hope he’ll be
    all right and that he’ll be racing soon, he was a really talented guy

    1. he was a really talented guy

      He Still is!!!!! Fingers crossed for him


    What terrible news!!!!!!

    Please get well soon Robert!

  146. horrible rumours I hope the press are exaggerating and that he’ll be all right and go on racing in f1 get well soon kubica

  147. My best wishes and sympathy to Robert.

    I do not wish to join in the speculation and rumours surrounding the extent of his injuries. We should all wait until there is OFFICIAL news and use whatever energy we have in sending him our best vibes/wishes/thoughts/prayers etc instead of nitpicking and bickering with each other.

  148. Possibly the biggest threat to Kubica is a fat embolism as a consequence of a broken femur, this after all was what killed Ronnie Peterson after his accident. Fingers crossed that all will be OK.

    1. Luckily they take that in mind now adays, although fat embolisms still kill people as they are nearly impossible to stop. I dont think his legs are that crushed though. Ronnie Peterson’s legs where pretty much destroyed, while Kubica only has a broken Femur to worry about (Fat embolisms dont usually start at the hand, or even arm).

    2. I think the biggest threat might be if he loses some motor function in his hand.

      I don’t think he will lose the hand as modern medicine is very good and you can be sure that he will have the best surgeon(s) available working on him.

      Broken legs heal (Schumacher anyone!!) but with so much going on on the steering wheel these days motor function is vital.

      Personally I think the media are overdoing it and he’ll recover and be back in the car mid-season.

  149. kubica needs lots of physic support but he’ll get through I know he will he’s a tough man

  150. best wishes robert

  151. I’m so angry I don’t have the words. Renault should have denied Kubica his wishes to do rallying. Let him sulk and complain behind the scenes. Rallying has always been dangerous and this shows why. The guy is top 4 in F1 at the very least. F1 is where he is a star, not rallying. This crash will end any Rallying adventures of all current and upcoming stars in F1. And Raikkonen complained like crazy when Mclaren would not let him indulge himself with Rallying. The sport looks like losing one of its brightest stars.

    1. Yes let’s lock em up in a 1 by 1 by 2 room padded with mattresses between races so that nothing happens to them. They’re only humans, let them enjoy themselves in their spare time. Everything in life is potentially dangerous.

      1. And I also think one of the reasons he was much happier at Renault last year than in the BWM (okay, apart from the car having more promising development) that he had freedom to do other things too, like rally. I clearly remember how smiley, happy, and relaxed he seemed last year around this time – people were still wondering how much of a dog the R30 would be, and he was smiling, waiting to start to race and see – that enthousiasm is something to nurture, not lock up, it just wouldn’t work.

        Hope to see him back in the paddock soon.

        1. I agree. Kubica looks like really relaxing while honing his skills in Ralleys and keeping in form.

          Personally I think it is great drivers like him try other things than just doing his laps in F1. These are humans, not racing horses only seeing the track.

          Keep it up Robert, get back on track as soon as you can!

  152. Please get well soon Robert!

    BTW, 16:30 CET is 15:30 GMT, Not 15:50.

  153. Good luck Robert, hope things are nowhere near as bad as some reports are suggesting and look forward to seeing him in an F1 car ASAP. Exceptionally talented driver, the grid will miss him this season.

  154. It’s gonna to be ok, but 2-5 month without Kubica in F1 in worst option.

    I don’t believe in gossip type of news.

  155. heck
    why should Renault stop Kubica from rallying, I know he’s FAB at F1 but rallying is his passion and it’s his life


    look at 0:25

    Oh God. That’s horrible!

  157. doesn’t look too bad, at least his face seems ok to me.

  158. Wow, this is a major blow for Robert and for the Renault team. I really hope he will be able to return to F1, and that these rumours of possible amputation aren’t true. He’s one of the fastest drivers on the grid, and I expected great things this year (to be honest, I think we all did).

    Get well soon Bob, and wish you a quick and successful recovery!

  159. Well, that’s racing. I support F1 drivers competing in other events, but I like those events to be things like the 24 hours of Le Mans or the 24 hours of Daytona. At most, I would like to see them compete in the Indy 500. Aside from those, I think that would be enough. I’ve never been a fan of Rally or any drivers competing in it. Yes, I understand that accidents happen at Le Mans, Daytona, and the 500, but those races are a hell of lot more professional than any Rally event, hands down.

    If there is a positive, it is that Bruno Senna may get a decent race seat. Let’s give the guy a chance…a REAL chance because as we all know, HRT was and still is a joke. If he stinks it up in the Renault, then we know what kind of driver he is. But if he’s good, then many of us here shall eat our words.

    In the short run, let us pray for Robert’s full recovery and long-term health, which is far more important than if he races again. He seems like a good man who has really worked his tail off to get where he is.

  160. ok in english

    The operation began at 1:30 p.m. and the doctors have already managed to reduce internal bleeding. In addition, the press was informed that a medical report will be released on the conditions of Robert Kubica at 4:30 p.m.

  161. Renault official tweet:

    After extensive medical checks, Robert has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is undergoing surgery.

    No mention of internal injuries, amputation, busted hips etc etc. A good sign IMO.

  162. The cleaner the break, the better it is. If they are just regular fractures, he could be back in the car within 4 weeks if he heals well.(with lots of pain, but still able to perform at 85-90%) and with 33 days till FP1 in Bahrain, it could be possible. If Kubica has suffered any compound fractures,(and thats the impression I’m getting) then recovery is much much longer.

  163. So sad hearing this news and I will pray for him to recover ASAP….Hopefully the injuries will not stop him from competing in F1 at the highest possible level……Buddy, be tough and be strong…….

  164. Feel bad for the guy. Hope the injuries are not as bad as first reported and that he makes a quick recovery.

  165. All my wishes to Robert! Please let´s wait for some official announcement! THis speculating doesn´t make it any better :(

  166. Did he wear his helmet??? He was not on the stage yet, so i think he didn’t wear it yet..

    My god, i’m really upset by this mess

  167. Doesn’t look good.

    Sad to lose top 5 F1 driver ahead of the new season. In fact, I was convinced that F1 drivers are not allowed by contract to take part in other official racing events. But apparently Renault gave Kubica a green light and he wanted to. Well, it was his choice.

    Hopefully he’ll get back sometime in future and Nannini fate won’t be repeated.

  168. Bring Back Kazuki Nakajima…;)

  169. Apparently the car slided on moist asphalt and hit an end of a safety rail.
    This smashed through the window with sufficient force to damage the roll cage too.
    Afterwards, the car hit a church’s wall.
    Reports on hand conditions, though unofficial, continue being worrying.…057234170.shtml

  170. I hope he returns driving at 100% (maybe more ;))
    It would be a great season if he came a few races late and still managed to win the WDC but I sure hope he recovers quickly so I can see him race as often as possible. After all he is one of the best drivers and my fav.

  171. Shock horror. Driving cars at incredible speeds is dangerous. News at 11.

    Really guys. These things will happen no matter what. Thats one of the reasons we love this sport. We admire the drivers who have the balls to do it.

    Best wishes to Robert. Speedy recovery and all the best.

    1. I’m all in favour of having the balls to do it, but if you’re a professional F1 driver should you really be doing this?

      I know there are two schools of thought, guess I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

  172. NEW
    Renault statement: left arm, hand and leg fractures (source: Polish television TVN24)

    1. That was added to the article quite a while ago.

      1. Sorry, I missed it. I am just switching tons of webpages and tv channels and with all this information and misinformation I feel a little bit confused ;)

  173. I bet Senna is regretting his words,

    Senna said: “If any of the other drivers happen to be poisoned or break a leg or something like that, then they may not know who’s to blame but they know who is going to replace him.”…one/9381786.stm

    1. Why would he?

      1. Because that’s the way the human mind works. Even if he had nothing to do with it, he’ll feel guilty thinking that somehow he asked for it.

        1. Perhaps if he’d actually been involved in the accident.

        2. I hope not, even though his comments would have been more of a reaction to the situation at HRT last year (remember the “food poisoning” Yamamoto was said to have in Singapore?).

    2. I feel so sad for Robert, he’s a fav of mine. Hope he recovers soon.

      Well maybe that’s faith… to give Bruno Senna a seat in a contender team… btw I’m sure now he regrets saying that…

      PS Get well Robert!!!

    3. Yeah, what does Senna have to be regretful for? It was Kubica driving the car. I’m sure no racing driver would wish an accident like this to occur to a fellow professional, whether they benefit from it or not.

      Coulthard often talks about how Aryton Senna’s death gave him his break into the sport at a high level. It offers an odd, yet understandable, conflict.

  174. Stephane Samson – referred to as a ‘consultant’ to Kubica by the German news agency SID – shed some light on his injuries.

    “All we know is that Robert’s life is not in danger,” Samson said. “However, he has very severe injuries to his left hand and left leg, but we don’t know anything more about it.”

    1. Many conflicting reports at the moment.

      1. This is terrible. He’s a good driver and a darn good sportsman too. I remember Martin Brundle saying he looks like an accountant but he’s bloody fast . Whatever his injuries are I wouldn’t be surprised if he overcame them and made a full comeback.

        There are so many half-stories and rumours around now it’s probably best they delay the Press Conference until they’ve got some accurate information. People shouldn’t worry too much about all these stories right now. Wait for the official facts and not guesses, rumours and hear say.

      2. Agreed – seems different sites are reporting different hands (some left, some right)…

        …I’ll wait until the surgeon who’s operating on him makes a statement.

        1. I got it, that his right leg was injured by the guard rail sticking in through the engine compartment (the hole you see in that video posted above) and his left hand crushed.

          Although to be honest, it is pretty much unimportant what leg/hand is hurt. I get it that the doctor working on his hand right now is good, so let us hope he can get it stuck together again.

    2. Doesn’t sound reputable – every other report has reported injuries on his right side (which would make more sense from where he’d be sitting and where the impact appeared to have happened).

      1. Really? Looking at the pictures I’d expect the injuries to be on the left side.

        Remember it’s a left hand drive car.

        1. That’s what I thought, but the statement from Renault definitely says right-hand side.

          1. oooh yeah, that is odd :/

            Still, whatever side, real tragic news for him and for the whole of F1.

          2. I suppose that guard rail really protruged into the driver compartment from the front through the engine compartment (the big hole cut into the car).
            Sticking up, hitting his leg and crushing his hand someway. Sounds horrible.

        2. I had the same thoughts and I’m wondering how he can have hurt his right hand so much.

  175. I hope he will be ok and I know he we be back in F1 car. Get well Robert

  176. I really hope that Kubica’s not too badly hurt.

    Hopefully the outlandish reports from the less reputable media about the risk of his F1 career being over and the idea that there’s going to be some sort of amputation are just rumours and nonsense – Autosport and the BBC are still talking as though it’s likely that his injuries are far less serious.

  177. I do like KUBICA and I hoped last year that he joined McLaren… but that rally thing was just STUPID and STUPID!!! now people will understand why McLaren and other teams don’t let their drivers drive “other” race cars during the season… I’m sorry to say that, but i wish all the best to him.. but his season maybe OVER and may be his career… :|

  178. This is awful. He’s such a great guy and has some real talent to boot. He’s obviously sustained some serious injuries so I can only hope that he can make a speedy recovery.

  179. Guys what are the latest news? He will be okay?

    1. Summary: (google translated)

      First aid at the scene gave the next crew, Mauro Moreno and Corrado Bonato. According to their report Kubica was trapped in a wrecked car, and the steel barrier has damaged his right wrist. Italians called for help and continuing 40 minutes after the rescue Polish driver was excavated from the wreck and transported by helicopter to the hospital of Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure. Throughout behaved consciousness and talked with doctors, but lost a lot of blood. According to initial reports, he suffered several fractures, and the most affected and damaged the right hand barrier. Gerber has not suffered serious injuries and escaped unaided from the wreckage. – I’m OK – wrote a couple of hours after the accident on Facebook.

      Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital said in Italian Kubica fracture of the femur and internal bleeding, which was quickly stopped. Identified his condition as serious but not life-threatening. In the afternoon, you started a damaged hand and a broken leg. He led her professor Igor Rossello, one of the best European specialists in the field of hand surgery.…tml&prev=_t

  180. I think Eric Boullier would not allow Kubica to compete in rallies, as far as he is still driving for the team.

  181. The press conf being postponed by 2 hours kind of confirms that there are some serious injuries and the doctors don’t know yet what the final outcome will be.

    Hand amputation/loss of function could be serious

  182. now Morelli is talking to the press, but i still can’t find updates…

  183. It is very worrying but I am optimistic.
    Even if the reported damage was true and terrible I hope he would recover soon and come back saying something like “I still have the other” and make a legend.

  184. This is very worrying. Kubica is a great driver and I was really looking forward to seeing him in the new Lotus-Renault. But seeing these pictures and the reports, it looks as if he will be out of F1 for a very long time. Such a shame

  185. As someone already mentioned. There is a lot of blood next to driver doors and worries me a lot frown.gif

    Ohhh Robert … get better ASAP ! And win that WDC !

  186. I am shocked like hell, Now at this time there should be a press conference any news on that anyone?

    1. 16:30 CET (15:30 GMT).

      Does CET mean local time? Because that’d mean it’s happening now.

      1. yes it’s Central Europe Time. However, I can’t find any news on the Italian media and on the websites…

  187. sad news

    hopefully he can recover and continue in f1 even if it means missing some races of this season, without him i dont think petrov and senna will extract the full potential of R31

    still you got to wonder what was he doing rallying with f1 testing and season approaching

  188. Reports of armco penetrating the cabin are worrying – the pics of the car don’t seem to show it so much, but if he hit the armco headon it could have entered through the firewall which would explain the foot/leg injuries… :(

  189. The latest news I got is this:
    His pilot, who is in the hospital with Robert, says that amputation was never considered by the doctors.

    What a relief!!!
    Although, well, we shouldn’t praise the day just yet.

    1. Thanks a lot for that piece of relieving news.. I hate to see any driver in such a condition, doesn’t matter who it is.

      1. Cheers Damon for that, one good bit of news out of this so far.

        This has me remember the time Massa got injured, I couldn’t stop thinking the worse and feeling sick to my stomach.

        All the best Kubica, hope you are 110% when you fully recover.

  190. Well, he messed that car up pretty bad…..

  191. I’m in shock and utter disbelief. That was really really stupid. But I really hope and pray its not as bad as the reports are suggesting. The thought of him losing a hand is very very disturbing. And I can’t believe some people here are talking about replacements and nonsense at such a time. Is compassion so dead you guys? C’mon, where’s your humanity?

  192. Does not appear as if the car have been punctured by a guard rail, neither as if anyone have been cut out from it. I do see the rear part open, however would imagine a cut to be on the drivers side door, if it was needed.

    Obviously a heavy crash, but as posted about looks ‘better’ (in a relative sense) than what mental picture I had from the various reports, if anything looks as more of a head on, thna side swipe.

    1. I don’t know about in Italy, but in the UK the first thing they’d cut away would be the roof – so that being still being there is a good sign.

      (They’ll even cut the roof off a perfectly good car as a good samaritan who drove someone who’d been in an RTA to A&E discovered when the medics called the firebrigade to remove the roof of the good samaritan’s brand new car – true story told to me by one of the fire crew)

    2. If you watch the video in the article above and pause at 0:25 you can see the giant hole made by the barrier basically right between where his legs would have been.

  193. Get well soon Robert!

  194. Common Kubica!! wit the F1 season around the corner yu go and do other events wat a shame seriously…Im going to miss his competitive driving. In the other hand this gives Bruno Senna the chance ive been waiting to see.

    Get Well Robert!!

  195. I’m an Alonso fan but Kubica is for me the greatest personality in the paddock, one of the nicest guys arround and this news are very shocking for me… I really hope he comes out just fine and this is all just media speculation… :'(

  196. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    6th February 2011, 15:54

    Statement long overdue : (

  197. Doesn’t seem good for him. I wonder how the accident happened, especially if it wasn’t even a special stage. So he was probably driving normally. But it must have been a huge shunt if it was to injure him that much in a rally car.

  198. Morelli says arm won’t be amputated!

    Surgery is still going on, but that’s great news!

      1. translated to english on the last post:

        Daniele Morelli confirmed that the operation of Robert is still in progress. However, it excludes the danger of an amputation of the hand and the doctor Rossello is working in order to save the functionality thereof. The bleeding that is talked about is internal and it seems to be under control, so Robert was not life threatening. On arrival at the hospital the relatives of the Polish driver.

  199. Hopefully this falls into a “6-8 weeks recovery” category, but I doubt he will be back this season.

    To me, F1 drivers doing rally racing is a bit dumb. For a driver on the way up, in a series, trying to get to WRC would be one thing, even though
    risking your life IMO is a dubious venture. For an F1 driver, who may be accustomed to crashing at high speeds and walking away, the sensation
    of “if I make a mistake serious consequences follow” is probably different than the average rally driver that crashes and thinks “brrrr…. that could
    have been a lot worse”.

    I’m not into the old-school fearless-driver angle. I just saw Chris Amon on Windsor’s The Flying Lap show reveal that in hindsight, what they did “back then” as
    absurd. That people still choose to take extravagant risks when unnecessary these days is sort of peculiar. Raikkonen and Kubica both have that sort of flat-emotional state, a serotonin-balanced persona that I think gives them an advantage, but someone should tell them “hey, you know, 150 mph on dirt half a meter from a tree isn’t really a smart thing for someone well off with other opportunities”.

    I hope Petrov gives us reason to know if the Renault exhausts were a good idea or not, because now it’s going to be sort of a question mark?

    1. I Love The Pope
      6th February 2011, 16:46

      I agree about Rally. I think that the drivers would do well to compete in endurance races, such as Le Mans and Daytona, and the Indy 500, but really nothing else during their F1 careers.

  200. really really sad… get well soon Robert, we need you back on the grid. the sport needs you.

  201. First we don’t know how the accident happened now we are been held up to know what is the situation about him.

    I know I won’t be popular here but I think this accident wouldn’t have been bad then it was in 07 Canada & as the a Rally is under the FIA what safety feature could have gone wrong for such a bad event.

    1. heard that surgery might end at 20.00 GMT

      via twitter

      1. Roberts manager has said he’s stable, the internal bleeding has been stopped, operation successful. Great news for us.

        As written in Autosport “Kubica was trapped in the car for more than one hour until specialist extraction equipment could get to the scene of the crash.” Is it true? How can FIA safety feature fails to reach the driver that late?

        1. I don’t think this is an FIA-certified event.

          Saddened by the news, hope Kubica makes a full recovery.

  202. no amputation and the ‘internal bleeding’ wasn’t internal and now it’s under control. Great news.

  203. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    6th February 2011, 16:05

    I doubt we’ll get proper news today.

  204. He’ll be missing for a few races I think, that lot won’t heal in 4 weeks and he’ll have to get his fitness up to scratch also.

    I also wondered whether they’d draft in Heidfeld, Petrov & Senna is not a good combination.

    1. I fear that the sight of a yellow helmet in a black and gold Lotus will be too hard for some to resist.

  205. CNN reports he was on his way to the start of the rally..and also they say he may loose his badly damaged hand.
    i wonder why he was speeding in this section if he had not actually started the rally itself..may be his co driver can shade more light on this incident.
    This very bad news indeed and we hope he recovers.

    1. Old and false news dude, you’ve got to check when those articles are published for breaking events.
      It was initially reported he was heading to a stage, but later reports said he was racing.
      And his hand will be saved, but it was badly damaged.

      1. “His hand will be saved” is still a bit optimistic at this stage. There is no need for an amputation, that’s correct. However he may still suffer partial or complete loss of function in that hand. We can only wait and hope that doctors will do the job.

        1. Y, thanks for clarifying.

  206. the latest from has Morelli confirming the general picture we’re getting, saying (approximately) that there’s no danger of amputation, because they have recovered circulation of the right hand. However the situation remains critical because he could lose the functionality from that hand. two teams of doctors are looking after him. Fingers crossed for the lad

  207. Will Kubica end up like Alessandro Nannini? His forearm got severed in a helicopter crash 20 years ago. Surgeons reattached it but he was only able to continue racing in touring cars.

  208. Just heard the news about 15 minutes ago.

    Such bad news, had high hopes for him and Renault this year.

    Hope he makes a full recovery.

  209. Very sad news. Was hoping for Kubica to mix it with RBR and Mclarens this year. Renault with it’s radical designs might be a top car this car.
    Hope he doesn’t miss too much testing.

    1. It looks as though he’ll miss all of testing and some races.

      Though nothing is certain until we have more information, given what the alternative outcome could have been I would say that any return to F1 will be very good news for Kubica and all fans of F1.

  210. Really hope Robert will have a full recovery, especially with the situation with his hand!

    Renault has got to think about bringing somebody experienced in the team. Heidfeld, Kimi – just someone good to lead the team. I think they have a car that can possibly do very well this year.

  211. Another 2 & half hrs of surgery. Doesnt matter if he misses the entire season as long as he can regain functionality of his hand during this period.
    Atleast the horrible rumours we’ve been hearing havent materialized.

    Adam Cooper
    Quote from Robert’s manager Daniele Morelli: “The surgeons are trying to restore the functionality of his right hand.”

  212. First thought – I wish Robert a healthy recovery.

    Second thought – why was he indulging himself/indulged by Renault to do so much rallying? This was an accident waiting to happen. Sure, Robert enjoys rallying – but does he enjoy ruining his season for the sake of his off-season?

    1. Well, maybe it’s because the drivers have life outside of Formula 1. Some of them have quite dangerous hobbies, and they deserve to have them.

  213. I am very sorry to hear what has happend. Hope Robert Will recover perfectly from his injury.

  214. I think it may take days if not weeks to judge whether his hand will recover, so I wouldn’t put too much hope on the PC to give us definite information on that issue.

  215. According to some French sites, it is the security rail which crossed the car from the left back into it which provoked the injuries…

  216. Christ how idiotic rallying for him looks now! I wish him a swift recovery, but this is seriously bad news for Renault, whose new car, on first impression, looks quite good. Disaster, total disaster to be stuck with Senna and Petrov if the car is good.

  217. you’re all focussed on the hand, don’t forget he’s got a pretty serious leg injury as well

    1. Legs heal quite well. Look at Schumi..!!

  218. Johnny B Goode
    6th February 2011, 17:15

    leg injury . long bones, it should be a speedy recovery if they are only broken. Really we should be positive thinking. This guy is a really lucky one!

    1. If he was really lucky, he wouldn’t have this accident. Don’t you think?

      1. there was a ice hockey player, Mike Modano who had his wrist tendon and some nerves severed by a skate blade..

        he#’s still not playing, 3 months later… and he’s going to be left with some permanent nerve damage..

        it all depends on the extent of the injury.. and how well the body recovers, nerves are tricky things

        everybody is different

      2. Chris Amon is widely regarded as one of the most unlucikiest drivers in F1 history. He disagrees. The very fact he survivied his period of F1 makes him believe that he was, extremely lucky.

  219. Poor Robert… reading all this news coming through i feel like is the end of a career…. but hey, he was racing to the fullest.. hope F1 will see him again soon. We also thought Massa would not come back, but he did (and almost won a race last year)

  220. His surgery haven’t finished yet. Better not speculate.

  221. Terrible news, I’ve just read about it. And reading the all the speculation on this thread was kind of sickening. I’m revealed to hear that his life is out of danger but I’m devastated by his injuries.i wish the best recovery for him. Scr3w the season, scr3w F1, scr3w replacements… Robert’s health it’s what really matters. My best wishes to him.

  222. I hope you will get better soon ! take care Robert, we love you !! <3

  223. Always sad to hear of an injured race car driver. Get well soon Robert.

  224. My uncle was a reconstructive surgeon specializing in hands damaged from auto or industrial accidents. He told me he could spend anywhere from 4-8 hours working on a hand or foot. So many bones, so many little blood vessels, and so many ligaments and tendons. If they’ve brought in a specialist it means it’s serious, but the good ones can perform miracles. Give them time.

    I’m sort of contractually bound to root for whomever drives for Ferrari, but Robert has always been one of my favorite non-Ferrari drivers. I hope to see him as a WC one day (hopefully in a red car).

    Even in Texas, we’re pulling for you Robert!

    1. Actually I understood they had the local hand surgeon specialist there, who just by chance happens to be a top guy in the field, and they have the Renault teams specialist there as well. Operation was about 7 hours, first the bones, then muscles.
      Now wait how it all holds together and hope he will be able to drive with his hand and be just as quick as he was as soon as possible.

  225. Latest from French ESPN :

    Amputation “now seems ruled out”, according to Morelli, but the prognosis is guarded about the possible consequences that will keep the Poles in this sheer. Footage shot just after the accident show that it is a guardrail which went through the cabin.
    At a press briefing in Genoa, the agent of Robert Kubica, Daniele Morelli, gave an update on the health of its driver.
    “After having undergone thorough medical examinations, multiple fractures were diagnosed him on his arm, his leg and his right hand.”
    “Surgeons’ seek to restore the functionality of the right hand”, said the Italian.
    “They have already revascularized the arteries and reduced the fractures, they must now think of muscle function, but Robert has a great temperament and will be okay.”

    The parents of the driver are expected in the evening to the hospital to comfort him…

  226. One thing about F1 drivers, they’re in such good shape they usually recover twice as fast as normal folk.

    I’m expecting (hoping) the outcome will be much better than originally expected.

  227. this is the curriculum of the doctor that is working on kubica hand…

    luckly for him the hospital where is robert is famous in Italy for the operations at the hands…
    I’m writing from ITALY and I can confirm that

  228. Sharp Dressed Man
    6th February 2011, 17:28

    Dear Robert, after the shocking news my thoughts are with you. Get well soon. Nick

    In ’03 Kubica severely broke his arm, made a speedy recovery & won upon his 1st race back as my teammate. Do it again my friend, good luck!

    #Juan Pablo Montoya
    Our prayers go to robert kubica. Hopefully everything goes well

    1. #Fixy
      Come on Robert, don’t give up!

  229. Paranoid Android
    6th February 2011, 17:30

    The good thing that he is a young man with a strong mind. I’m sure that he will recovering very fast.

  230. I hope that he will get better quicker than we all think! – Be strong Robert – don’t forget where you came from !!!

  231. This might have been another Senna accident – good that he is alive. Let’s hope that he will make a full recovery

    1. Senna didn’t have a rallye accident.
      Rallying has its own history of accidents.

  232. While I obviously hope that Robert makes a full recovery (and I am optimistic so think he will – he has an excellent surgeon working on his hand).

    Wouldn’t it be a positive message for F1 to send out if he was able to return to the cockpit and be competitive even if he did lose some sensitivity in his hand. I mean if Alex Zinardi can drive an F1 after losing his legs then there shouldn’t really be any obstacles as long as the driver has the arm strength needed.

    1. If he lost sensibility on his hand, he would not be able to activate all the buttons and probably not even of grasping the wheel with enough strength to hold it and turn it.

      1. As good a reason as other to have a look at simlifying all of that I would think!

  233. Pretty devastating news. The upside is that Robert seems to be in good shape with respect to any concerns on his life. The downside is that his 2011 Formula 1 season and most possibly his motorsport career seems to be at risk at least at this very point in time. As it is now only time will tell, depending on his surgery and recovery being successful whether and when he will be able to resume his professional racing life (at whatever possible level)again. Having said that, wish he is back to his Renault F1 cockpit as soon as possible, the man is certainly one of the most skilled racing drivers in the world, and certainly one really deserving of a shot at the F1 World Championship. It is further sad that Renault seems to be at the verge of breaking again into the top contending teams for the challenge this year, the accident will certainly put him out of contention for the title even if he manages to come back early such is the level of the competition, whatever points left on the table will be missed. But now the only thing that really matters is Robert´s health, wish him a speedy recovery

  234. sympathy for the Kubica
    6th February 2011, 17:45

    I hoped that these doctors was be able to restored full funnctionalioty on his hand. This is too damn big talent to just *******’ loost.

  235. This really sucks : (

  236. Although it’s a shocking news i don’t think he can race in F1 any longer at least the next two seasons.I truly hope he can recover fully and at least lead a normal life if not come back to racing.For me it’s a terrible start to the new season.

    1. i don’t think he can race in F1 any longer at least the next two seasons

      That’s pure speculation

      1. That’s not

  237. Robert we’re waiting for your coming back

  238. Poor poor guy. And this year’s Renault seemed so promising!

  239. I just want Robert to get better and to see him behind the wheel again, no matter how long it takes. :(

  240. Doctors have already restored the circulation in his hand and have set broken bones. Now they figh for that all the muscles and tendons to work properly.

  241. Robert has always been one of my favorite racing drivers. I hope he will get the chance for a full recovery. Hopefully he can even return to F1. I trully believe he will do absolutly everything that is possible to do so. We all know how a great fighter he is. IMHO out of the best drivers on the grid he had the least probablity of finally recieving his racing seat in F1, but through hard work and determination he managed to achieve that. Hoping to hear some good news

  242. Damn, hope he gets well soon. I wonder if he’ll recover in time for the new F1 season.

  243. We are still waiting, but all fans in Poland belive that Robert will get well soon.
    Arm& hand are all right , the doctors are working only to put all bones together.
    Get well Robert we are with you

  244. From David Croft on Twitter:

    “Have spoken to Eric Boullier who says Robert lost a lot of blood in his hand but ruled out amputation. Operation has gone well so far though. Eric Boullier also said it was far too early to think about a replacement for Robert in Bahrain, but more than likely he wouldn’t be racing”

    1. Given the news confirmed, the replacement scenario is a must now even if miracle recovery is going to happen.

  245. Probably it’s better to remove the second video from youtube at the very beginning of this article. Infact the speaker says that the Robert’s right arm has been amputated. The video is in italian (not many people can understand it)and gives false informations (don’t know why).

    1. I agree with Lucio
      please remove 2nd video :S

  246. Impreza_600BHP
    6th February 2011, 18:30

    Any updates?? this has made me feel really depressed.

  247. Impreza_600BHP
    6th February 2011, 18:35

    I think those saying that Bruno Senna does not deserve a chance are wrong, Last season the HRT was a dog you can get no accurate comparison of his talent with such a bad car, he deserves half the season, Hulkenburg has had his chance and will get more in the future.

  248. My best wishes to Robert and his family in this difficult moment. I hope he gets well soon.
    I have enjoyed following Robert from his first contact with the F1 community.

  249. Robert is great person ! Get well soon!

  250. Of course it is too soon to start speculating, but even on the best-case scenario injuries such as these require a lot of therapy and physical rehab. I hope his hand does not suffer any long term damage and I’m looking forward to seeing him in F1 again sooner than later. But I think it’ll be difficult for him to come back in 2011.

    With that said, if Renault think they have a good car (which it apparently is), they should look beyond their test drivers to take Kubica’s seat in 2011. Enter Nick Heidfeld.

    Best wishes for Robert.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      6th February 2011, 18:43

      It annoys me when reserve drivers are overlooked. Regardless of his quality, you’d think Ferrari would’ve given Badoer a run out in ’99 to replace Schumi. As macabre as it might be to think about it, these are the only opportunities these guys get to race in F1.

      1. +1 and I’m sure there were those saying that BMW Sauber should have opted for an experienced race driver to sub for RK after Canada 07…instead they went with Vettel and that worked out pretty well in the end didn’t it!!

        Also I think a lot of people are forgetting that Bruno Senna came very close to driving for Honda in 09 before they pulled the plug and Ross Brawn needed someone with the race experience due to their lack of testing time. AND I believe he tested Honda’s KERS during the end of 08 so he has some experience of that – granted a few years ago now.

        1. Thats the thing though, two years experience between both drivers? Its not really good enough is it? I agree that sometimes it makes sense to bring in your young, third driver but when your other driver is also young and inexperienced its just a bad idea.

          1. They’d be more experienced than the lineup at Sauber…

      2. I agree that the treatment of reserve drivers is often very harsh, but one thing is needing your reserve driver to fill in for a race weekend or two and a very different one is facing the idea of having to substitute your number one driver for a whole season.

        Independently of whether you rate Senna or the other reserve drivers highly or not, I doubt that a Senna/Petrov lineup would be the right way forward for Renault.

        I have the impression that most teams think of reserve drivers as a way to get additional sponsorship money, and not as “hey, I need this guy to be dependable because he will be the one racing if any of my regular drivers can’t”. However, it is true that cases such as this one don’t come up very often so it’s difficult to prepare for them.

  251. Fernando Alonso has arrived to the clinic to support Robert.

    1. Huge plus points for someone I really don’t normally like.

      1. Ditto.

        This is horrible. I’m sure Robert would say, it’s all part and parcel, risks of racing etc but still…All I can say is, like so many others on here, Get Well Soon Robert, we’re all thinking of you.


    2. Well, I’d be really surprised if he did not, since they are like, the best friends or whatnot for the last few years.

      Wish Kub all the best again, can’t wait to see him on track again already.

    3. I’m sure Kubica will appreciate the support once he’s out of surgery.

  252. My prayers for Robert and his family.

  253. Been offline all day and only just logged on and found out about this.

    Best wishes to Robert on a full recovery, however long it takes. Looking at the car that was a huge impact. Thank goodness it was not even worse.

    Fingers crossed for him. Top bloke.

  254. I’m sure he will be back as he’s tough as old boots!!!

  255. get better soon robert! tbh he really shouldn’t be taking such risks at this time.

    1. Impreza_600BHP
      6th February 2011, 18:58

      you will never stop a racing driver taking the risks that he wants to take!

      1. You can and you should when he’s taking larger risks in his free time than those he takes every time he’s on the track. These risks are called “unnecessary”. Racing drivers are famous for not thinking straight in terms of risk or simply ignoring it. I think that undertaking such risks when it’s not your discipline, in an inferior car to those at the top which you actually don’t know because you had fun with different one is plain stupid. Still, I’m with Robert with all my heart, but if tries this kind of stupidity again, I will lose some part of respect for him.

        1. Impreza_600BHP
          6th February 2011, 19:39

          i know its the mentality of a racing driver, he will want to undertake the risk i think simply becuase he was having withdrawal symptoms for not competing for so long with F1’s long brake and the ban on testing, i personally would have thought entering some kart races (like Micheal Schumacher does) would quench his thirst for racing in a safe way and the competition and racing is very tough and exciting, i agree Rallying is just a step too far, he should have filled the gap with karting.

  256. Keith – just a request. If there are any further updates please could you add them at the bottom of the main article so we don’t have to look through the 18+ pages of comments for them…

    Also +1 on the request to remove that 2nd Youtube clip as it apparently contains incorrect information.

  257. Forza Robert!!!

  258. Impreza_600BHP
    6th February 2011, 19:29

    This from Spanish website, its translated so sorry for poor english:
    Polish F1 driver Robert Kubik, Lotus-Renault team, has suffered a serious accident this morning running a rally, a result which have, according to the medical, multiple bruises and fractures in his hand, arm and right leg. It was initially feared he could lose his right hand, which try to avoid at all costs at the Hospital Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure, where he was airlifted after the accident.

    Kubica went into surgery for treatment of injuries suffered in an intervention that lasts until the evening and the efforts of the doctors who treat you focus on restoring blood flow to the injured hand.

    “Surgeons are seeking to restore the functionality of the right hand,” he said at a news conference Daniele Morelli, agent of the pilot. “They are the arteries and minimizing revasculando fractures. Now we must think in muscle function, but Robert has a great temperament”he added.

    so its very worrying that they are “seeking to restore the functionality of the right hand” , it may not be amputation but if you have muscles and nerves too badly damaged for function then its almost as bad as amputation, i beleive in fate and the hand surgeon is apparently the leonardo da vinci of hand surgery, the fact he was only 30km away makes me feel a good fate that he will have a full recovery.

  259. HounslowBusGarage
    6th February 2011, 19:30

    He’ll be out for several months, I fear. I’m sure we all wish him well.

    1. estimates are 3 months at minimum (highly unlikely), 6 months most probably.

  260. Wishing you all the best for a full and speedy recovery, F1 wont be the same until your back where you belong

    Having watched the footage above though…

    what on earth was he even doing in it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bunch of useless drivers in my life. I did better hand-break turns on my 2 hour rally session at Silverstone! and I go faster than that on my way to work every morning

  261. the operation will end at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT), now they’re reconstructing the nervous tissue in the right hand.

  262. I need an Italian to translate this…

    1. the short summary is that he says that Robert got multiple fractures and might lose the functionality of the right hand.

      1. Is that the surgeon saying that? Terrible news.

        1. It’s Kubica’s manager doing the talking, but just as terrible.

          “May the force be with you” Robert to tackle this and get back to driving the wheels of that F1 car again as soon as possible!

      2. In which minute of the video is he saying that i am listening it over and over there is not mentioning at all about losening the functionality of the right hand

  263. LaurafromItaly
    6th February 2011, 20:03

    Robert, I wish you a speedy recovery! I hope to see you in the race as soon as possible! You’re so talented and you must still win a lot!!! sei grande Robert,non mollare!

  264. the news gets no better, it sounds really serious. i for one do not care who drives his car next month. all the best robert.

  265. Apparently Gerber’s (Kubica’s co-driver) gf has said on her FB page that Gerber ‘is sending [her] very positive news about Robert’s state’.

  266. News that Kubica will take 6 months to heal from James Allens twitter.

    1. where did james allen get this info ?

      1. He says he has a friend who is in that field and knows his stuff etc…

        1. cheers for that lets hope its 6 months and not a year

        2. Full rehab could take a year a specialist says, not 100% proof of that being said though in Kubica’s case.

          1. They say they will need a week to get a real timescale.

    2. Impreza_600BHP
      6th February 2011, 20:41

      im Sorry but James Allen does sometimes talk rubbish, i will wait for a more accurate source, (nothing against him personally)

      1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        6th February 2011, 20:50

        He’s got a sensationalist side to him that I never really liked in his commentary.

        1. To be fair to James Allen, he states that the prognosis his friend gives is a worst case scenario and going on those assumptions. He doesnt state Robert will be out that long, but its only a posibility. Ofcourse it might be quicker, it could be worse.

          1. Can’t be worst case as that would be loss of use of the hand…

          2. according to the doctor, he’ll need a year for complete rehabilitation.

  267. Poor Robert! :-( This time the luck doesn’t seem to be with him. My thoughts are with him now. A really deserving pilot.

    Renault … well, they need a winning driver. Can’t see Bruno and Vitaly winning alot. Renault should be going for a hunt now – Kimi, Hulk, whoever it takes. In the name of Kubica and Lotus.

  268. La Gazzetta dello Sport now says that the surgery they’ve done to both hands has made sure no amputation will be done. But it appears that wounds were so serious that it will take one year for functionality to be restored.

  269. Robert, don’t give up! All will be ok! If you will be unable to go back, I’d like to replace you Nick Heidfeld. He’s similar driver to you, and faster than Vitaly, and reserve drivers on the team.

  270. Get better Robert. We want to see you back soon.

    All the best from Spain

  271. We are so used to the high level of safety in F1’s cars that we forget that this kind of thing, sadly, happens in motor racing. Hope he gets better soon.

    1. Yeah, it really illustrates how safe F1 is comparatively, despite the massive speeds they travel at. It’s a bit ironic that Kubica survived the crash he did at Montreal experiences 70 G’s by some reports, and only missed one race and came back to a 4th place finish two races later. This relatively slow speed crash now sounds like it could put him out for the better part of the season.

  272. Impreza_600BHP
    6th February 2011, 21:00

    This posted on Adam Cooper F1 Blog

    “We have to wait at least a week”, says Kubica surgeon

    Robert Kubica has completed a seven hour operation under Italian hand surgery specialist Prof Igor Rossello, but it will be some time before his true condition becomes clear.

    “We have to wait at least a week to see if his hand survives,” Rossello told Italian media, apparently adding that it could take a year for the Pole to be able to use his right arm again.

    Rossello, a specialist from the nearly San Paulo Hospital in Savona, was joined by Renault’s own doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli.

    Kubica underwent bone reconstruction before the doctors attended to tissue damage.

  273. M prayin for you..zycze Ci bys jak najszybciej wrocil do zdrowia..Robert come back to us..asap. Love..

  274. I really thought he is going to win the title this year given the potential of the new 2011 Renault.

  275. A quote from Dr. Rossello:

    The situation of the hand was clearly serious, it was nearly amputated and we’ve reconstructed completely, first recomponing the fracture and then working on muscles and nervous tissue. The operation has been successful, i don’t want to say too much but we’re quite confident. Kubica should get back the total functionality of the hand for his vital functions and maybe his driving profession. However, it will need some time, perhaps a whole year of rehabilitation. By the way, everything’s been good.”

    1. That’s great news that it all went well. Terrible news that it could take a year for recovery. I’ll bet Boullier will start thinking about replacement drivers now…

    2. Impreza_600BHP
      6th February 2011, 21:18

      do you have a source? the quote i have heard i much more negative than that.


        it’s a quote from an interview on the Italian Sky News

        1. Impreza_600BHP
          6th February 2011, 21:22

          Grazie! :)

          1. by the way, you’re right. in other interviews the doctor seems less confident, he says that the damages of the nervous tissue are a big question mark and we’ll need a week to know better.

        2. *claps* Yes! The next week is important though so lets send our respects to Kubica to recover now, then let him rest in peace, he will know our thoughts are with him.

          COME ON KUBICA!

        3. Thanks for posting the news. Looks like the doctor is hopefull the hand will function again in time and given enough rehab.

          Let us hope Robert succeeds in getting back behind the F1 steering wheel to win again during the next year!

  276. It’s crazy to say that Kubica was able to win the title because Renault’s R31 was fastest at the first test.

    We all know (some apparantly still don’t) that laptimes doesn’t say anything, especially not in testing!

    I really hope he’ll be ok after all this, and all the other things such as being able to come back in F1 (or in racing in general) is just a bonus for him personally.

  277. Robert, get well soon! Best wishes from Poland! I’m sure we will see you again on the top of podium in F1!


    Apparently, a tree root that had raised a part of the asphalt was the reason why Kubica lost control of his car, his Skoda lost grip, turned 80 degrees and hit the sharp end of the guardrail very hard.

    According to Italian reports, fire fighters had to remove the engine from the car to free Kubica.

    Eric Boullier had last week said that from the two reserve drivers, Bruno Senna and Romain Grosjean, Senna was the most ready to replace any of the regular drivers.

  279. 20 pages of comments 0_o

  280. I hope he will be able to race again in an f1 car or other type of racing car. People, please understand that due to the seriousness and substantial damage that the hand received , the doctor at some point ocnsidered to amputate kubica’s hand in order to prevent poor blood circulation, infection and necroptcy to invade the rest of his arm. So it means that his hand was problably destroyed in the crash. I really fear that he might not be able to be the same and that will be a shame .he is humble,classy and a good person. Unlike other drivers ( A.k.a. Hamilton)

    By the way alonso went to visit him. I think they are like brothers and wonder what this could mean for him? Probably an extra motivation.

    also I read some comments from some people here requesting the surgeon or doctor to learn english.
    Who that hell you think you are? you are the ones that should learn another language, if I speak three why any of you can’t? do you thik the world evolves around you?

    1. of course they do.
      The continent is isolated, once read an front page article in a british paper. When in reality what was isolated were the islands.
      They also consider driving from the left is the wrong side, when it’s the other way around.

    2. Juans, be cool baby. Some people say things you just need to try to ignore. Like, I might say, your unnecessary, unprovoked, gratuitous pointless and unwarranted jibe at Hamilton.

    3. More to the point – he’s a trained surgeon!! Do you really think he has time to worry about his spoken english – and given that the primary language for science in the world IS english I wager that his written english is better than a lot of english people…hell his spoken english already seems better than some english people!!

  281. Just woken up to see the news on Kubica and now i feel sick to the stomach. I’ve read a lot of peoples’ posts but i have to say, it sounds bad – really bad. It’s great that the injuries aren’t life-threatening, but the thought of Robert waking up and realising he may no longer drive again is really disturbing. You often hear how F1 drivers think they are invincible when they are in the cockpit – this is a stark reminder that they are human like the rest of us.
    My thoughts go out to Robert – never give up.

  282. Why are my comments awaiting moderation? Neither of them are offensive at all! Why just me? This is really annoying right now…

    1. Too many posts i reckon keith is just doing his best to maintain the overflow

      Why not just start a Kubica #2 thread keith?

      1. If I consider it’s worth writing a new story I’ll do it, but the decision will be taken based on how the story has developed, not on the length of the comment thread. This is a blog, not a forum.

        1. Fair enough response, all the best keeping up with the amount though, biggest I’ve ever seen it.

    2. Sometimes if you respond to someone else’s comment that’s deemed offensive and is moderated, then your comment in response is moderated as well, as it no longer makes sense without the original comment. I’ve seen that happen before. Don’t take it personally.

    3. US_Peter’s explanation is right.

  283. It’s not looking good for him! However, it is early days and look how Mark Webber turned it around. I really want to see him back racing and soon and make that team his.

    1. I just think you cannot compare any of the injuries people refer to here (i.e. Massa’s or Webber’s) with what Robert just went through. Simply because in his case a hand bone and nerves structure got injured, and it is necessary for an F1 driver to hold a strong grip on the wheel or be able press any buttons.
      I honestly hope we will still see him in an F1 car in the future, since as they say he might be capable of full recovery. However, we need to look at it realistically, it might as well be the end of his career :(

      1. I hope he fully recovers as well.

        Sadly I must say I fear how good Robert will be able to cope. Most drivers who had serious injuries had trouble at least for several months, some never recovered. Brundle nor Panis were ever the same, and just think about the interview Keith had with Häkkinen, where Mika admitted he had to cope with pain ever since adelaide!

        I had my wrist broken some 9 years ago, still feel it some times when driving a mountainbike on normal tracks, let alone on rough terrain.

        1. I too, had my wrist broken last year – snowboarding; and have to agree I can still feel the discomfort even when doing some pretty undemanding, usual stuff, be it biking or press-ups. I think you never get rid of that.

  284. The operation is over, and doctors say it was successful. They are moderately optimistic about Robert’s recovery, although they say that the rehabilitation may take up to one year.

    1. Don’t worry. He’s strong!

      In 2003 Robert had an accident in Poland. He was on a passenger seat, had broken his shoulder and doctors were saying it would take up to six months to fully recover after putting 18 bolts in to fix his bones. All that happened 1 day before the first race of GP3 season.
      Six weeks after he came back, drove a brilliant race and won it!!

      Same thing happened in Canada. He came back after missing only one race and finished fourth in France! …and than he had won Canadian GP in the next season!

      If anyone can recover from such a crash – he is the man!

      Lots of love!

      1. Only, this time it not an ‘simple’ injury of just one bone or whatnot; he today suffered multiple fractures (femur and wrist being pretty damn hard to recover from) and injury to his palm’s nerve and muscle tissues. This may not be, and probably will not be, an easy injury to recover from.

        Let’s of course be optimistic and hope for a miracle, because he well deserves it to be back doing what he loves – racing.

      2. Exactly, if anyone can get through this injury quickly its Kubica. Maybe he’ll join mid season? Maybe even earlier!

        Oh, and we share the same name :D

  285. hi everyone I want to tell you all that Robert is NOT gonna come back this season, maybe he will come back next season. I am so SAD because Robert is from my country

  286. I think Robert should be very happy with the fact that he might keep his hand. Personally I really don’t care if (or when) he’ll be back on the circuit, that’s just not relevant at this stage at all.

    I saw Alonso at the hospital, walking in… another translating asked from an Italian.
    at 9:48 you’ll see Alonso, it’s no secret that they’re close friends.

    1. You can see him also at around 1:30.
      And yea, he looks saddened by all this. Very good Kub will also have a genuine friend with him there when he wakes up.

  287. Alonso went to see Robert today

    1. Great to see the doctor (by the way, who critisized him not knowing English, he goes into detail here.) telling us he is satisfied to have done everything possible and being positive about the chances.

      Good luck Robert, I wish you the best health you can possibly have. Nice to see Fernando visiting in the hospital as well, to support Robert.

  288. I really hope Robert will recover, as soon as possible, and hopefully we will see you racing again. BEST WISHES FROM UKRAINE!!!

  289. 622 comments, has to be a record.

    I was at work and had to rely on my phone for internet coverage of the story. It was quite scary for the first hour, after Henry Surtees and Shoya Tomizawa this stuff makes me feel uneasy. And then the amputation rumours, horrible.

    But let’s look on the bright side, he’s alive, nothing has yet been said about his career ending.

  290. This is going to be a tough period for every F1 fan no matter who he supports the most. I trully believe it is possible he will be capable of returning if it will depend on him and his hard work.

  291. According to the medical staff in Pietra Ligure, it seems Kubica will need a year to recover the use of his right arm and hand. Anyway, the staff prefers to wait for another week before giving more detailed information. So we just have to wait now

  292. You might not now but there’s another surgery. There’s sth wrong with Robert’s leg and it’s really serious:(

    1. IF true, this is devastating news…

    2. If, as reported, he broke his femur then that is a serious injury, but let’s not confuse “serious” with “life-threatening”. They will have prioritised his hand because of the loss of circulation which they had to restore – now they may be working on his leg in order to prevent any deformity in the way the bone heals.

      (Of course this is all guess-work until we hear something concrete).

      People come back from serious injuries all the time with the correct treatment and rehabilitation.

  293. The surgery will last until midnight. It is true, sadly.

    1. Any source? Where is that information coming from?

    2. It ended around 8 UTC.

  294. Theres a polish reporter there and these are informations given by polish television.

  295. in Polish news I heard that Kubica is out for this season, no chance to come back this season
    Hope you to recover Robert

  296. does anyone knows any more information about Kubica, how is he? and is it true that he is having second surgery?

  297. I’m devastated. This whole Sunday was a nightmare.
    But if I feel this way think what his parents must feel like, and his closest friends … All my prayers goes to them.
    And I want to thank all you guys commenting here, and respect to Mauro Moreno and Corrado Bonato who were starting behind Kubica/Gerber and stopped to help.

  298. Well as it seems all we can hope is that he will manage to recover. Considering the news we are getting the “when” is now irrelevant.

  299. Terrible, terrible news. I won’t even be passing this onto my friends who are enjoying the Superbowl as I know it’ll ruin any fan’s night to hear this. I just hope he can race again one day.

  300. i hope he’ll be back in F1 in the near future… it seems like the injuries that he sustained in his arm are pretty bad according to the doctor’s description

  301. That is a very sad news…. Hope he gets well soon….. and is back in action. He is a very talented driver.

    Get well soon Robert…. Very sad that he had to go through something like this in 2007 Canadian GP.

  302. Nic Robert. Lots a luv.

  303. On-board camera from the car behind Kubica:

    1. Thanks.
      Damn its narrow there. You have to have big balls to drive there. And I wonder if Kubica (as the one new to the track and to the car) was warned about this place – the driver in this video says something like its a dangerous place of this stage…

      1. Copilot: “Ok, ok, move”

        Pilot: “Got hurt?”

        C: “He got hurt, he got hurt”

        P: swears when turn off the machine

        C: “Ok ok ok, stop there stop there”

        P: “Oh God.. I knew he would crash there”

        According to franknos90 @youtube.

        Wow. Nice of him to stop though :(

  304. Thoughts are with you Robert. Its weird you just don’t expect modern F1 drivers to suffer these sorts of injuries when driving. All the safety in F1 sometimes makes you forget how vulnerable drivers are in other vehicles.

  305. I wish robert a speedy and full recovery. Do not worry about 2011 season. The most important of all is your recovery. Fans of this sport knows the danger of drivers in every accidents even with the highest safety installation. That’s the main reason there’s a third ++ drivers. Hope Bruno Senna shows his true potential. Otherwise there would be other drivers (within renault) who will I think will be given a shot.


    Good news he is able to move his fingers YAY.

  307. I hope for the best. The grid won’t be the same without him.

  308. hey, does anyone have footage of the actual crash?
    As much as i want to see Robert back to full health and back racing in the F1 i want to see how he managed to do this to himself

  309. I just added this comment so there wouldn’t be 666 comments regarding his crash….

    Hope he gets better soon!

    1. Whoa……didn’t realize the gaurd rail went through the car. saw a similar picture from Montana and the rail went through a Chevy Suburban…no one was hurt. It looks as though this could have been much worse.

  310. Victor Stoyanov
    7th February 2011, 22:24

    Get well soon!!!

  311. is there any fotage of the actual crash anywhere??

    1. I haven’t found any.

    thats how it happened, looks terrible i have to say :O

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