Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2011?

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The 12 F1 cars of 2011 have all been revealed and we won’t know for sure until the first race of the year which of them is quickest.

But we can make a call on which of them is the best-looking.

Which team do you think has the best-looking car on the grid this year? Compare them and cast your vote below.

Click each image for more pictures of the cars.

Red Bull RB7

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Valencia, 2011

McLaren MP4-26

McLaren MP4-26

Ferrari F150

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Mercedes W02

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Valencia, 2011

Renault R31

Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Williams FW33

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Valencia, 2011

The Williams has not yet been seen in its final livery.

Force India VJM04

Force India VJM04

Sauber C30

Sergio Perez, Sauber, Valencia, 2011

Toro Rosso STR6

Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, Valencia, 2011

Lotus T128

Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus T128, Valencia, 2011

HRT F111

HRT F111

Virgin MVR-02

Virgin MVR-02

Cast your vote

Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2011?

Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2011?

  • Virgin MVR-02 (1%)
  • HRT F111 (9%)
  • Lotus T128 (11%)
  • Toro Rosso STR6 (2%)
  • Sauber C30 (1%)
  • Force India VJM04 (3%)
  • Williams FW33 (2%)
  • Renault R31 (13%)
  • Mercedes W02 (20%)
  • Ferrari F150 (6%)
  • McLaren MP4-26 (28%)
  • Red Bull RB7 (4%)

Total Voters: 637

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    345 comments on “Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2011?”

    1. It’s a toss up between the Mercedes and Team Lotus for me, with an honourable mention to HRT for a great livery.

      1. Sudeepcarfreak
        9th February 2011, 8:14

        I THINK THE HRT is the best as far as looks are concerned….but the Mclaren looks great when science come into the party

        1. 1992 Peugeot Talbot Sport (@peugeot-905-92-93-le-mans-winner)
          9th February 2011, 8:18

          The HRT looks a bit of the old Malboro McLaren.

          But I think the Ferrari is best looking as it also did in 2010

          1. ….. really? Checked flags on it? I couldn’t imaging a more different looking red and white car.

            Funnily enough, at the time, I always though the McLaren was sponsored by the Evening Standard delivery vans… similar livery :P

            1. I find the checkered flags incredibly tacky looking.

          2. The Ferrari livery is just red with stickers.. There’s no artistic attempt there. But then if you like that sort of thing…

            1. At first it looks weird without sponsor but now I believe like in notmal cars that the great Ferrari red corsa shouldnt have sponsor shame is the santander turd looking decal

          3. maybe but no one can admit it so many rivalrys here anyway WHY is the mclaren in 2nd pos and the Ferrari 3rd I thought it was Red bull Ferrari Mclaren

            1. Well, that would seem to be simple that McLaren were 2nd in the WCC in 2010, and the WCC result is how the teams are listed.

            2. @bosyber that aint true when the champion changes team he carrys the n1 like the 96 ferrari that had schumis number

            3. It goes as follows:

              No1 – follows the current WDC (if he retires or leaves the number “0” is given to the “lead” driver of the WCC champions)

              No2 – Team-mate of WDC

              No3 & No 4 – Cars belonging to the highest-placed constructor in the previous championship which isn’t already assigned a number. In this case RBR in 2010, Mercedes as Button took 1 to McLaren and Hamilton inherited 2.

          4. i think HRT look alike old Lucky Strike teams… now we have 3 “virtual tobacco company” in F1, Marlboro, JPS & Lucky Strike…

            1. except marlboro are a real one pumping real money in

        2. Hey, look – it’s me from another forum!

          1. did that on purpose, didn’t you :p

        3. That’s the reason the call is out on that car. I would not call it good looking, rather interesting.

        4. You probably say that because you don’t have an Engineering degree…

          I can give you at least 2 flows in design compared to RB7

          1. Flaws? Go on then, please enlighten those of us without the brilliant engineering degree?

            1. I should make clear that I am not disputing that there are flaws, I am sure there could be hundreds, more that until we see the car turn a wheel its a little premature to mark the flaws…that is all.

          2. @anTONIo

            Are you talking about flaws in the design of the livery, or the actual car? Because you suggesting that you can spot flaws in a car designed by Adrian Newey and a team of people, just because you have an engineering degree and have seen some pictures…is just laughable. I hope I’m just misunderstanding you!

          3. Flaws? is that what you mean? If you can see better than the wind tunnel and the computers why arent you working on hrt. I can see why you say that but you cant say that you know better than any f1 team

        5. Love the HRT.

          Best-looking car for me means livery so my favourites are:

          Toro Rosso, Renault, HRT, Virgin Force India.

          Sauber is the worst ever created.

        6. Sudeepcarfreak
          10th February 2011, 7:53

          well its b’coz of science dat has made the look of the mclaren mp4-26 striking!!!!

      2. Is it just me or does the HRT livery look rather… American… And the sauber a bit too. Just of kind plain car and stick block logos on it and then wacks on some lines here and there style. I think that the Sauber livery could go very well in say a NASCAR kind of setting and the HRT in Indy.

        Compared to the more european liveries of the ugly renault (tema lotus black and gold was way better), the redbull, hte lotus, the mercedes etc…

        btw I’m still waiting for a TVR style paint job

        1. Well, the HRT livery was designed by an American. But there’s room on the grid for that, I rather like it.

          1. I have to say Mercedes.

            1. Mercedes,without question.

          2. Don’t want to spoil it, but Daniel Simon is German!

            1. Yeah his grammer is lacking on the text in front of the air intakes… did you notice? :)

            2. @ Hare did you mean Grammar?

              Haha that made me laugh thank you :)

            3. Hey, I didn’t say a thing about his spelling! :)

            4. He is? I stand corrected. Although he has the least German name I’ve ever heard.

            5. Maybe he was talking about his grandmother.

            6. @ajokay I’ve known two Germans, one called Daniel and one called Simon!

          3. The Grid… aaaaaah Tron.. I love… LOVE that movie :D

        2. Nigelstash (@)
          9th February 2011, 20:55

          Was going to post the same thing. Not a bad thing though and about a million times better than last year’s attempt! Mind you, I think the chequered flags are going to look a bit silly when they are still driving around and the winners are already splashing the champagne.

      3. I agree with GeeMac. Team Lotus is the best in my opinion with Mercedes just behind.

        In general, this years liveries are quite bland though. I’m looking forward to seeing the final incarnation of Williams’ though, they usually have the best liveries in my opinion

      4. Me too I dont know what people are seeing on the new mclaren i can only justify so many votes for home proud or team favouritism theres a lot of mclaren fans worldwide if i had chose that path i would have voted Ferrari

        1. i can only justify so many votes for home proud or team favouritism

          Whats the problem with that?

          1. I’m a fan of dome teams, some more than other (not going to reveal) but i didnt vote on my teams car i voted on the one that blew my mind the one that changed the most and to a better looking car of course on the same step as the red bull

            1. Miguel…. Look at me in the eyes and say you are not a Ferrari fan…. Come on mate, do it….. Cos I assume the f10 at the end of your name isn’t your bra size, or your favourite focal length.

              And did you vote HRT? I voted HRT…

            2. Look at me in the eyes and say you are not a Ferrari fan

              He is a Ferrari fan, and he said he voted for someone else. I respect that.

          2. thats why i said

            (not going to reveal

            just joking I voted lotus

            1. Awesome mate. We’re all friends here, regardless what team you support ;)

      5. Mercedes?!? Seriously?
        That car isn’t ugly – it’s disgusting.

        McLaren is very pretty, prolly the no.1 – but I need to see the frontal view to make the final call.
        Lotus is pretty – it’s a prettier version of the Renault which is also pretty.
        HRT – pretty, though I need the frontal view as well.

        And as for the coulour schemes – HRT reigns supreme :)

        1. I think you’ve mixed yourself up, the Merc is the beautifully flowing one, The Mclaren is the alarmingly interesting but equally ugly one.

          I can’t believe the Mclaren is this popular, it just doesn’t look good, I mean, The Livery has never been particularly special, shiny maybe, but special no, and I’ll say I’m really interested by their design, but just not from a perspective of artistic merit.

          1. I do think the Mercedes is a stunning car, but I voted for the Hispania car. Sure, it needs some work and they could probably work some orange into the livery to differentiate it from the red and white GP2 cars, but I voted for HRT because it’s clever, a total improvement from last year, but overall, it’s new and differrent, and I think everyone wanted to see a completely different livery this year.

            1. I agree, thumbs up for HRT.

              What I find funny, is how this one good livery has changed it from the team every rags on, to everyone’s 2nd favourite.

              I think the teams should tae notice of this trend. because the sponsors would appreciate it.

          2. I think you’ve mixed yourself up, the Merc is the beautifully flowing one, The Mclaren is the alarmingly interesting but equally ugly one.
            I can’t believe the Mclaren is this popular, it just doesn’t look good, I mean, The Livery has never been particularly special, shiny maybe, but special no, and I’ll say I’m really interested by their design, but just not from a perspective of artistic merit.

            Agreed. There really should be two polls here, one for the car, the other for the livery. I think the Merc is the most graceful and sculpted looking car. It’s not my favorite livery. For that I would have to say my favorites are Team Lotus and *gulp* Renault (the red’s bothering me less and less as I get used to it).

          3. I’m a die-hard McLaren fan and I’ll be cheering for the MP4-26, but that thing is UGLY.

            For looks alone, Renault gets my vote


            1. The Renault looks great, possibly the best if they were all the same colour, but is ruined by its livery. If they’d done a better job with the gold on it and taken the red off it would be fine, and even better in last years colours (preferably also without the red).

        2. The McLaren is the ugly one.Mercedes is stylish,has a flair the others do not have.

          1. There should be a poll for the UGLIEST car and McLaren would win that for sure :)

            1. Nigelstash (@)
              9th February 2011, 21:03

              The McLaren isn’t ugly, but it is a much more aggressive looking car than their last attempt, which looked amazing but wasn’t fast enough. Let’s hope it’s the other way around this season. To be honest, most of the cars are not too pretty under current regulations, so it takes a good livery to bring things together. I do think on the Merc the livery combines with the form of the car really well. Its a beauty.

        3. Damon, if you say that the mercedes is disgusting and love the mclaren you are the exact oposite of the majoraty of people who arent mclaren fans

      6. I agree – Merc for best looking car design, but not best livery.

        1. Exactly my thoughts. There should be a separate livery poll.

      7. I voted Red Bull because I like the car’s shape and also the livery.

      8. @ GeeMac

        Completely agree, well besides the HRT part.

        The Mercedes does look amazing, the body and the livery. I’m liking the Lotus a lot surprising as well.

        Both the Virgin and Toro Rosso cars look very poor compared to the rest of the field.

        Renault isn’t bad either in my opinion. No surprise McLaren is at the top of this pole.
        I’d put McLaren in the middle for looks and livery, same with Ferrari.

        1. me too RGBSF im very surprised aswell

      9. Really? Mclaren’s car is the best looking? The look was refreshing and beautiful 3 seasons ago, but for my mind it is like voting Ferrari just because they’ve stuck with the same look. Both cars are beautiful but have to be a bit out of the running since they’ve not changed hardly at all. For all the people on here who hate Ferrari and voted for the Mclaren- You are the Tifosi of England; admit to the hypocrisy and be cleansed… if you are Catholic there is an app for that!

        1. Exactly!

          The amount of English bias on this site always surprises me.

          I would go for Renault, Mercedes then HRT

          1. So you voted for the English based, British flagged team Lotus Renault, followed by the English based, English led team Mercedes, whos engines are made in England?

            You must be English then!! Damned bias strikes again. 2/3 of the teams are based in England, what do you expect?

            McLaren is picking up votes more because it’s radical than anything else, and people like that. People like F1 when it get radical.

          2. Keith, can you dig that stat up again about less than 1/3 of the site’s traffic being from Britain…….

        2. So the Tifosi need to confess their sins to the Pope? People who support Ferrari are sinners?


          besides, what’s wrong with voting with you heart? It’s a SPORT!

          You don’t go to a football match and cheer the team that’s technically more proficient do you? You find a team you love, and you support them. Same with baseball, America football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball…

          … Darts, Curling, team ironing

          Stands to reason: That beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love a team, it’s more likely to appeal to you.

          1. team ironing

            Someone once gave me an “extreme ironing” calendar that had some pretty funny pictures in it…

            1. Now that is a sport I can get fanatic about… Put him in a Tron suit and I’m hooked! :)

            2. Haha! That would put it over the top, wouldn’t it? There are lots of other nice pics out there if you just google image search “extreme ironing.”

          2. Stands to reason: That beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love a team, it’s more likely to appeal to you.


      10. Same here, It truly is a fantastic livery from them, but is ruined by the fact the car is most likely going to be a hunk of junk.

        And I think some people are underestimating HRT based on 2010, however since they were so bad they would have started work on the F111 considerably earlier than the other teams and may well have a semi-decent car to go with their fantastic livery

        1. Right so…
          RedBull – Looks the same as last year’s
          McLaren – Interesting design but same old livery
          Ferrari – Ditto Red Bull
          Mercedes – Catastrophically bad
          Renault – Great livery. Great car?
          Williams – It has no livery so to speak of
          Force India – Same old
          Sauber – Improvement on last year’s
          Toro Rosso – Getting bored of that livery now
          Lotus – Classic. Old. Boring.
          HRT – OMG! Love it.
          Virgin – Duller than las year’s

          1. Catastrophically bad


            And how do you get

            Lotus – Classic. Old. Boring.

            But for the Renault get

            Renault – Great livery. Great car?

            Both are “Classic old liveries” And only the Lotus has actually done it right.

            1. Lotus isn’t anything new really. It’s very plain. Renault is a bit better, and I think (having only recently got really into F1)that it looks great. Was hoping for something… I dunno, better from Lotus this year what with their new tech etc.
              As for the Merc… I mean just look at it. It looks like something some one just ate and then spat out.

    2. I’m voting for the F1F KC-01 from the round up today.

      1. Actually.. That’s not a bad shout :)

        1. Same here. You should have added it as a valid option! Just out of curiosity Keith should email HRT and ask how much the sponsorship space costs, just out of curiosity. If Deutsche Post and CNN can sponsor F1 cars then why not F1 Fanatic?!

      2. I would have liked a button to vote for Ned’s Flanders F1 livery:

    3. Mercedes GP or Lotus Renault GP… hmmm decision, decision

      1. That’s my thoughts exactly. I had to vote mercedes though. when i first saw it thought it was awesome. i had to wait a bit for the renault (black and gold) to grow on me. the Lotus (green and gold) is a close 3rd.

    4. I think the McLaren, love the air box and the side pods, but I also like the look of the Mercedes.

    5. I voted Mercedes but McLaren is a close 2nd.

    6. I’m hard-pressed to pick. It will be either the Virgin, Renault or Mercedes for me. There’s no car that is truly ugly, though I will say that the McLaren is not a pretty car, either. Ferrari, Sauber and Toro Rosso all tie in the award for having the car most like last year’s (funnily enough, they’re all Ferrari-powered), whilst the Force India simply doesn’t do it for me. And Team Lotus get the prize for the worst livery, with that giant streak of canary yellow on the engine cowling that just ruins the green.

      1. Yeah, that’s not funny.

        1. I love the yellow. I couldn’t stand that livery last year despite its heritage, and find it very appealing this year. It’s also the car that the Pirellis look best on, and one of only a few that they look good on. I have a way bigger problem with the red on the Renault livery. That is not funny.

      2. Yep agreed on most points. I don’t think the McLaren is filth, but I have no idea how someone can vote it the best looking.

        p.s – cowling, you really have an obsession with that word don’t you?

        1. Just an observation mate, nothing more.

        2. cowling, you really have an obsession with that word don’t you?

          I just like the sound of it. It’s up there with “mission” and “roast” and “Russia” as a good-sounding word.

          I think PM is the best poster on F1F. He is very articulate & precise in his explanation of things. I like it.

          Thank you!

          1. So your idea situation is being on a mission to find a roast in Russia?

          2. No I just said I liked the sounds of the words.

          3. I like the sound of the words ‘Scarlett Johansson’.. I’m equally unlike to realise that as well..

          4. I prefer Thora Birch, m’self.

          5. Thora Birch? Wasn’t she in ‘Last of the summer wine?’

          6. You’re confusing the incredibly attractive Thora Birch with the incredibly old and possibly deceased Thora Hird.

            She was in Ghost World with Scarlett Johansson, which is why I mention her.

          7. But she wears baggy stocking though right? Glasses? Likes tea and biscuits?

          8. Birch or Hird? Now I’m confused

        3. Except when mentioning Ferrari. Such raging hate is bad for anybody’s health.

      3. Personally, the Lotus is one of my favourites so far, especially because of the that fat streak across the back. I think it looks great. Oh well, beauty and beholders, and all that.

        1. I like williams, cos it reminds me of that classic movie which was like 1966 meets the great escape. A bunch of famous actors in a prison playing football to beat the germans.

          forgot the name…

          I guess what I’m trying to say, is that it looks like a 60’s football strip.. Everton Home Kit maybe :)

          1. Yeah, but that’s not the final Williams livery. They’re have a “retro” one. Read into that what you will. Most people assume it’s a copy of the FW14.

            There’s no word on when they’ll have it ready by, though they could possibly make it to Jerez with the final livery. I doubt they will, though.

            1. Can’t wait to see it, whatever it is. Unless they pull a Sauber and actually manage to make it worse, I think it’ll be an improvement over last year’s bland livery.

        2. Maciek, MOST IMPORTANT POINT MADE. 100%

          It’s all subjective.

          I like the McLaren because it’s striking. Prefer the Merc it’s allround rather lovley, as is the Renault.

          Ferrari + Redbull look just a wee bit boring.

          1. Well, it’s an opinion poll…. The clues in the title… Its not an absolute value.

            1. Erm yes? Just sayin, it’s been faily calm but opinions usually do get thrown about as fact.

            2. Sorry Scribe, wasn’t directing that comment at you :) just generally tagging it on to the end of the convo.

              No offence intended old boy :)

            3. Marvellous, to industry!

    7. Best Looking Livery: HRT
      Best Looking Shape: Ferarri
      Best Overall Look (Livery + Shape): Red Bull

      Worst Livery: Virgin (shame it was really nice last year)
      Worst Shape: McLaren (I don’t like the look of the L shape side inlets, maybe they work well but don’t look that great)
      Worst Overall Look (Livery + Shape): Renault (the red end plates are gross, and it has big gaping side inlets)

      1. mmm wrong. :P

        I agree with HRT.. mmaybe Red Bull.. and the Virgin thing. But there rest ( both of them ) are wrong ;)

      2. some of u dont know the meaning of beauty.as far as am concerned,the maclaren is the best looking car and hopefuly it will perform according to its looks

        1. this year’s McLaren probably started life as a beautiful car, but then someone left it next to the heater and parts of it sort of melted and sagged into the shape you see now.

          1. LOL. I guess thats what happens when the heaters are placed on the airbox, more aerodynamic downforce!

    8. seriously people, the mclaren? its horrendous.

      1. The inlets on the side pods are, in that I would agree, but the rest is nice,

        Most are a bit dull / same’ish

        Worst Renault, too much gold, it looks like a pair of sold ladies shoes (or a handbag)

        Anyway I votes for HRT (esp if you ignore anything forward of the front wheels) because its such an improvement on last year (OK that’s mainly livery)

      2. If it wins the WDC this year it will be the prettiest by far

      3. I wouldn’t say its horrendous, it ceratinly is a very striking car (you sort of have to do a double take) but I also wouldn’t say it was a pretty car.

      4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

        .. so clearly you’re holding the wrong eyes?

        it’s lovely… reminds me of kittens..

        1. Well maybe I just need to clean my specs. ;)

    9. With RB5/6 charms, simple curves and a nicely designed bull graphic, the Toro Rosso won’t win much this year, but it wins my vote for the best looking.

      1. I agree with you completely frankus! Plus it’s the only car with real sidepods, not warped, miniaturized ones, and I love that double floor!

        1. I do give honorable mention to Mercedes, that thing is striking, and HRT – I love that livery.

          1. Mmm, I was going to vote for Mercedes before I chose STR because they really worked hard to make the Petronas aquamarine work with the dull silver this year, far exceeding the spray-can job of last season. Unfortunately, the W02 has too many lumps and bumps for me.

            I agree with you on the HRT livery! My guess is that they paid a designer a fraction of what Sauber did and got a better result! I suppose they didn’t have any trouble with sponsors (“what’s a sponsor??”) bickering over logo space and colour schemes.

    10. Sudeepcarfreak
      9th February 2011, 8:17

      HRT has definitely the best livery…no doubt…
      Ferrari has always been with that typical prancinghorse looks…but Mclaren livery is outstanding, mercedes also looks good…

      but my vote to HRT

    11. Definitely Mercedes. However I’m not sure it’s fair to run this poll until we’ve seen the HRT in the metal (and not just CGI), or Williams’ definitive livery.

    12. Although it pains me to say it, I think the McLaren is the best looking car.

    13. I love the Mercedes, apart from the nose, its stunning with a great livery!

      The McLaren is beautiful from the side, but not so much from the front.

      The Renault is magnificent, as is the Red Bull. I’d also prefer the Williams to stay just how it is, instead of what it looked like when Pastor Maldonado drove it in that demo.

      1. Mercedes = Minty headache!!

        1. Mercedes = Minty headache!!

          But it’s so fresh! :-)

    14. haha. lol. :D

      1. Maybe you should check the poll results before laughing.

        1. .co.uk……..

          1. Not this old debate again…

          2. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Im that guy that sees and well lit fire and just wants to biff gasoline on it.

          3. @Hamish
            Renault and Williams are both from England as well, just in case you didn’t know…

          4. No one likes the only true british team (williams) and the only reason its because it aint wining mclaren was founded y an aussie and renault saw their glory years when renault money was flooding

          5. Actually.. F1 FANATIC .co .uk

            You come to a site with the term FANATIC in the title then throw blame around for people who are actually FANS of a team….

            Are you the sort of person who watches Scooby Doo and then reels in shock when we find out the ghost isn’t real, but it’s actually one of the bit part characters?

            Come on dude… Let go of the old hitting stick. This topic is well beat.

          6. Bruce Mclaren is from New Zealand…

          7. @Mike yup, and that orange swish that is the McLaren Logo? It’s actually a ‘speedy kiwi’ design..

            I know.. I found it hard to believe too, but it is :)

        2. Maybe you should check the poll results before laughing.

          Why are you like that on this site? He was obviously referring to his username, not that the McLaren looked bad.

          Seriously I find it very hard to find positive comments from you.

          1. I didn’t understand that his comment was directed at his username. If he thought the livery was ugly, I just wanted to point out that a majority of people would disagree with him.

            I might not have as many positive comments to please your positive, and incredibly vibrant personality, but then again, I’m sick of people who read way too much into basic comments and take them in a negative sense, or interpret them in a spiteful manner.

            I’m sorry if my presence offends you, maybe you shouldn’t look for positivity in my comments. Simply ignoring my comment is fine by me. Have a nice day

    15. MP4-26 by far.

      1. It’s full of emotion and spirit! Progress!

      2. yeah.. nice.. like.. tea is nice.

        Lets be honest, it’s just a red car with some stickers on it. ( livery wise )

        1. thats why some people like it the mclaren livery was cool at first now is boring

          1. Yeah I agree. I love McLaren, but the livery doesn’t excite me any more.

            I prefer the Team Lotus black and gold livery that they would have had if they’d gone racing with it.

      3. Yeah, I was tossing up between the Ferrari and the MP4-26, the Ferrari looks a bit beautiful actually IMO.

    16. Force India for me .. I simply love the national colors on the car .. the cleanest by far :)

    17. The Lotii (Alan Partridge reference…) and the Mercedes for me :)

      The Lotus Renault has actually grown on me a fair bit. I think the red was a bit shocking on the eyes at first, but it’s slowly beginning to adjust..

      1. It’s ‘Lexii’, but we’ll let that slide simply because you mentioned Alan Partridge. A-Ha!

    18. Team Lotus gets my vote! With Mercedes GP a close second, and Marrusia Virgin a close third.

      1. Virgin the car that was designed with a CAD package that can only draw round cornered squares and rectangles (and stick them together).

        Very funny, you almost had me there.

        1. Oh, sorry, my bad, I was talking just in terms of the livery, not the actual car design itself.

    19. for me McLaren is the worst looking car with its deformed kinda shape. Mercedes and Ferrari are the best cars.

      1. The McLaren has that double air intake only an aerodynamacist could love :P

        It looks terrible, the rest of the cars not great either soo long…

        1. Don’t agree with that, I think the McLaren manages too look the most innovative and different, sometimes radically different, while maintaing an overall asthetically pleasing shape. Basically it’s pretty easy on the eyes. The long things a bit weird. It’s not winning Singapore or Monaco, that’s for sure, hopefully the suspension not stiff as last times.

          Anyway I voted Merc, it’s just very pretty, the nose is nice, the sidepods looks good, the liverys pretty excellent. It’s a nice one bascially.

          Renault next, beautiful shape to the sidepods despite them being a little bulky, the livery is nice, love the red, shaped flows very well. It’s just rather lovely.

          Must say, don’t like the Ferrari or the Redbull, blocky, bit plain, not as striking as either of their last cars. Probably be annoyingly quick though huh?

        2. I started by liking the McLaren and now think it’s just extremely ugly – but promising to be quick. Aesthetically I think the Mercedes. Most balanced, nice livery. Ferrari, Red Bull, Force India all fine looking.

          1. I love the McLaren. It just works for me.

      2. Are you my twin brother?

        1. @sid90 (13 comments up)
          Renault are not English. They are French.
          (Unless you mean where their factory is)
          In which case RedBull, McLaren, Williams, Force India, Renault, Lotus and loads of others are “TRUE BRITS”

    20. Mercedes W02. Honourble mention for the HRT F111 too, but I’m surprised that the McLaren is winning. I think it’s hideously ugly but there you go!

      1. But only something like 30-35% of readers are British…

      2. Right, second person to say that, so now I have to say that this “bias to Mclaren just becaused you this:

        4 teams are “British” (McLaren, Lotus, Williams and Virgin);
        4 more teams are based in Britain, although not holding British licences (Red Bull, Mercedes, Force India and Renault;AND
        As has been pointed out many times on this forum only 30-35% of the formu readers are British.

        So if people liek the McLaren, its not because this is a co.uk blog or because Keith subliminally tries to swing out votes that way.

        1. First line was supposed to be “Right, yuo are the second peroson to say that, so now I have to prove that this “you said McLaren just because you are British” thing is nonsense because:”

          Typing in a rush, at work!

        2. Virgin are now technically Russian. :)

          1. Good point! I guess we’ll just have to see how strong the the Manor/Virgin DNA is in the end.

          2. Pretty much all the cars (Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, Renault, Williams, Force India, Lotus, Virgin) are built in Britain, but the people with the money keep insisting on putting the wrong flags on the licence forms.

        3. I don’t think its that straight forward however.

          – Its the Hamilton factor. As a result there is increased popularity towards McLaren. The fact that there are 3 other “British” teams are irrelevant. He hasn’t driven for them. If Lewis has spent his career at Williams with the same outcome, that butt ugly Williams would be winning the pole right now.
          – I’m sick of this 2/3’s of people aren’t British comment which is supposed prove all accusations wrong. A large portion of British people favour Hamilton to near god-like status regardless, while those from outside of Britain are not so stupid to not vote for Hamilton if they believe he is deserving of his credit. Its blind eye favouritism – thats why the majority of the world cannot stand the British sporting press.
          – The fanboy. Of course with ones success a fanbase will follow but the quality of posts since his rise is stupid. Regardless of topic theres always someone who somehow turns it into Lewis Hamilton. On top of that there are so many fanboys on here now that they are slowly becoming the majority.

          Hes a good driver, I give you that. But would this website be inundated with praise for the guy if he was German for example – probably not.

          1. You mean like the praise heaped on Kubica recently?

            I’m British, born and bred… Can trace my family back on both side 500 years in farming communities.. I’m as British as a union rep called Jack, chruchill, Yorkshire pudding and the rest… I even grew up in and around Stevenage…. Yet somehow, I avoided the gravitational pull and voted for HRT.. While Button Is my favourite driver cps he’s the same age, and I like his attitude and lifestyle, I equally love Kubica, Kobayashi Schumacher and a few others.

            The regulars here are well balanced in their views.. Most don’t gravitate towards Hamilton that’s I’ve noticed. Steph for example loves Ferrari etc. I’m sure many other have many views. No way can you colour all of us the same way, what do you know about anyone? You’re speculating at best. You do not know who’s commenting from which country, that info is not available.

            I could assume your Scottish and that you automatically will plump for Force India… But then, that would be stereotypical speculation entirely in my own mind.

            Let’s just agree we don’t know the stats and leave it at that. If Keith wanted to find a breakdown of country vs vote I’m sure he could. But that still wouldn’t tell you the nationality, just the location.

            And so it continues… :)

          2. I do totally understand Hamish’s point that there are a lot of fanboy types and less “sophisticated” readers on the site (types who say “I vote for X because they are my favorite”) these days which does tend to sway the polls a wee bit, but I don’t think there has been a general election in any part of the world that hasn’t been affected by similar people, so why we expect a huble F1 poll to be any different is beyond me! :)

          3. What tripe!!

            When any other countryman gets behind their national team it’s called loyalty but when a Brit displays the same loyalty to local talent it gets interpreted as biased and partisan. What a joke!!

            I support Mclaren because they are British but that’s not the only reason. I am loyal to Queen and Country yes, but I also love Mclaren because they make fantastic cars that look and go great.

            They have cool merchandise, they make an effort with the fans. The drivers are not aloof, of this I have first hand experience btw and to top it all off they have been very successful in Motorsport in general, not just in F1 and are indeed worthy of praise and recognition from everyone never mind just the Brits!!

            Also, if you think the people on this site are so uneducated about F1 that they would choose to support a team based purely on their geographical location then you are grossly mistaken.

            Britain is the most cosmopolitan, forward thinking, liberal and tolerant society on the planet. No one comes close when it comes to respecting human rights and diversity so wind your neck you utter buffoon!!!

          4. No idea who Coefficient is addressing, but since its after my comment i’ll assume that I’m the buffoon. I’ve been called worse, so I don’t mind!

            I am British (well my place of birth, family history and pasport say so anyway, country of residence for the last 2 decades not so much) and I have supported McLaren for 21 years by the way. I loathe the sort of fanboyism that seems to come from certain fans, and you have to admit the worst fanboys on F1 forums seem to support McLaren and their drivers.

          5. Seriously Coefficient – breathe a little. Funnily enough, you sound like huffy Americans, or huffy Poles for that matter, when someone tells them they could be a bit less self-involved. I’d love to know how you came by all this most tolerant and most open-minded information – must be an interesting analysis with lots of good data!
            It’s like “the US is the freest country in the world” or I don’t know, my neighbourhood is better than yours, nya nyah.

            I am the most tolerant person in the world – and I will not stand for anyone thinking different!

          6. Hamish, I’m a Brit and I absolutely detest Hamilton.

          7. Just to point something out. The biggest ‘fanboys’ on this site that vie seen.. Meaning people that just vote with their love not their mind, are Ferrari and/or Alonso fans.

            We sometimes get a few who come on ALONSO IS BEST!!! FERRARI IS BEST!!

            I’m not judging them, I think it’s great they’re so hyped up over the sport. Football fans are the same, blindly believing that Barnet is the best team ever to grace the green field and their time has yet to come, having been so unlucky and they’re now just waiting for the time to pounce.

            When it gets out of hand is when racism gets involved, or terms of hatred.

            Ultimately its a sport, and that’s what sport is… A pastime. A joy. A love.

            So let’s just get on and stop the baiting with the nationalistic nonsense. It’s tiresome.

          8. So let’s just get on and stop the baiting with the nationalistic nonsense. It’s tiresome.

            Hear hear! It gets tiresome from all sides. “You’re biased!” “No you’re biased!” *yawn*

          9. Just to add my basic and fairly stupid example to you guys myriad of well made points.I’m a British, McLaren supporting Hamilton fan and I voted Mercedes. Don’t really like Rosberg, have gained a modicum affection for Schumacher, still don’t really like Brawn tbh, lingering resentment. Kinda not that happy with Merc for jilting us BUT the question is which is the best-looking car of 2011.

            Just cause i’m a fan with underlying tribal loyalties doesn’t mean I’m incapable of subjective thought. Not all fans are walking cliche’s.

            The bias argument is just so lazy, it just assumes that all people must be carrying certain veiws because of their heritage, humanity is capable of independent thought strangley enough.

            Apart from anything else, Brits are some of the least patriotic people on the planet, with the exception of the usual right-wing irritants. It’s quite funny how sure certain people come to this site and scream bias, because of their own bias.

    21. I really like the livery of the Force India, but I have to say the McLaren is a bit sexier in terms of looks.

    22. For me it has to be the Lotus (the green one, not the black one)

      There are a couple of liveries I like more (HRT, Renault), and maybe one or two cars have a better shape (Red Bull, at least, possibly McLaren), but as far as livery and shape together go, the T128 wins it for me. It’s a perfect shade of green, just on the flat side of metallic, and the car has some very nice lines. I’m hoping for good things from them this year.

      Although, the worst could still happen… they get told not to use the Lotus name, and the car ends up being resprayed in the nasty red and white ‘flame’ motif that the Team Air Asia GP2 cars have.

      1. I loved the Lotus, till I saw it’s nose from the side. Since then I’ve not been able to take it, or any of the other “new teams” cars seriously. They just feel like toys.

    23. The best looking car for me is the HRT-F1Fanatic by ajokay. https://www.racefans.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/f1fhrt.jpg

    24. Instead of voting for the best, I would like to see rating system… we can rate each car say on a scale of 0 – 11. the best car gets 11 points, worst gets 0.

      that way we can have people give ratings to multiple teams and will give clearer idea about what people think is HOT and what is NOT.

      btw my vote goes for McLaren.

    25. i thought i had a favourite team this year. Everything seemed to be in place. A touch of history, a very good lead driver. Nice classic look, some innovation in the new exaust, and hired senna and stewart, both names very appealing. And then the accident. I vote for them without a doubt. Mercedes very nice also.

    26. The Mercedes has to be the best looking for me.

      Worst looking has to go to the McLaren. It just looks ridiculous. I only hope they’re fast, so they don’t look like a complete joke….

      1. i agree, i was in valencia last week. I waited at the end of the session on top of the mercedes box. When schumacher came right below. i was amazed of the beauty of the mercedes paintjob. Even if i have to admit, the paintjob in most cars, was impresive. It was renault, mercedes and mclaren the most impresive.

    27. For those of you who are interested in a side by side:


      I have a higher quality image but I’m not sure where to upload it.

      1. The mercedes really looks good there, colours used a lot better. The HRT has a real classic livery, something most would imagine for a race car (if not red).

        I like the way the Lotus looks from the front, while the Torro Rosso defenitely looks better than its sister team car. That shark fin on the RBR just doesn’t cut it.

        McLaren I would say looks interesting, but not beautifull. Ferrari look bland, the asymetrical logo out of place on the left side of the car. Sauber looks a tad better than last year, but not much.

        1. I actually like the look of the real shark fins. This new half shark fin is a bit silly looking.

      2. Dude, that is awesome work!! Thanks a lot!! Can you link the HD one on here? I’d love a copy.

        Personally, a wallpaper size would be great too. Maybe you can knock up Keith an official F1F wallpaper so we can share in the glory of 12 liveries at once :)

        1. I can probably do a Wallpaper version when I get some time on the weekend, But I don’t know where to upload the HD version which is 2268 × 5131

      3. Well done, Prof.

    28. definitely Mercedes gp

    29. I think the MP4-26 is the winner here… not that its pretty because it’s far from sleek but we’re voting on the best looking car and not the prettiest.

      The McLaren gets my vote because it looks agressive, it looks unique and its not just a modified version of everyone elses cars

    30. i am looking at the cars with a more technical eye, rather than esthetics, so i would have to go with McLaren. it is a car you recognize instantly (even without livery). I admire their willingness to be innovative and try new things. the outargeous side pods, the twin air intake, the front wing.

      even if the 26 is not as fast as it looks it would still win my vote.

    31. The Mclaren is easily the best looking car. It is not classically beautiful but then neither is the Mona Lisa or a Picasso.

      I was lucky enough to be at the launch of the MP4 25 last year at the Vodafone HQ and getting up close to the Mclaren you can really see the quality in their work. From a manufacturing refinement perspective they’re on a completely different level to the other teams. The quality of finish is simply perfect. To an engineer that is beautiful and as this is an engineering race above all, I guess that has to go some way towards ones assessment.

      In addition to this, conceptually they have yet again tried to offer something different. New solutions to age old problems are going to save the world some day and Mclaren are already at the forefront of the sort of spirit of innovation that is beginning to epitomise the new look formula 1 which is on the horizon and indeed the drive to cut back man’s requirement for wasteful indulgencies.

      One might say that F1 itself is a wasteful indulgence and its true really but what better platform to showcase to the world renewable motoring technologies and make them look cool? If it were up to Ferrari everyone would have 6 ltr Bi Turbo V12s, 5 wind tunnels running 24/7 and separate qualifying engines that would explode after an out, a flyer and an in.

      The F Duct increased performance and reduced fuel consumption which not only illustrates that thinking outside of the box can work but also what I feel is innate in the Mclaren team, a desire to lead change for the better. Last year they took the fight to the mighty Red Bull all year and without chopping the beautiful MP4 25 up to fit a stepped gearbox and Pull Rods or having a flexing floor and droopy nose. Ok, these items were great innovations in their own right but showed no regard for the technical challenges presented by the need to “go green”.

      They seem this year to have come up with further innovations that are not only different to their rivals but offer a spectacular alternative to the usual way of thinking in F1. i.e. copy the fastest car and hope to keep up. Ok, Mclaren have taken elements from the Red Bull such as the Pull Rod rear suspension but Red Bull took it from somewhere else, it isn’t new technology. Mclaren have plenty of areas of innovation of there own to showcase such as the unusual sidepods and the item that sits where the F Duct used to. Trust me, the intake behind the airbox is not just for cooling the gearbox and hydraulics. It exits at the back of the engine cover and accelerates air over the beam wing to increase downforce, and they say there is more to come.

      At the moment F1 seems to be dictated by the mindset that they all need to wait and see what Adrian Newey comes up with and then carve up a copy as quickly as possible. I admire Mclaren because they are invariably in the hunt for the title and they go their own way at least to some degree. Ok, their purity in this respect has cost them titles but at least they’ve been up there fighting and when they don’t win they have the dignity to take it on the chin and try again the next year.

      In summary, it is the whole ethos and raison d’etre of Mclaren that makes my eyes see beauty in their designs. That coupled with the overtly attractive physical appearance of the car itself make it a sure fire winner in my book. In no way do I intend to imply that the other teams don’t innovate because that would be entirely wrong. What I mean is that things such as Mclaren’s decision to develop a drag reducing device rather than a downforce (drag) creating device in order to create the same net performance effect indicates that they have already moved at least one eye onto the environmental issues facing the sport and indeed the world. This should be applauded!!

      1. I like it! :D

      2. I agree with you on the technical side the McLaren is a very exiting car. I would not vote on it looking best though.

      3. That comment should be applauded! +1

        I also concur in the meantime :)

      4. Ditto that, +1 for me too.

    32. In terms of look, rather than how I think it will drive, I like the Williams.

      Looks really tightly packaged, and I like the interim livery. I wonder whether we’ll see a return to blue, white and gold for Williams in their livery.

      In terms of on the track, the RB and McLaren I think will be fast, I’m rather underwhelmed by the F150.

      I would have voted for the Renault, but those red TOTAL pieces just spoil the look in my opinion.

    33. it was close between the Merc and the Mclaren, the latter won!

    34. Mclaren has its usual attention to detail beauty but the Mercedes is the most cohesive design with some distinctive styling. Suprisingly the HRT looks fairly dynamic but that may be just the camera angle. The ugliest is the Virgin

    35. As of now, 41 people have misread the question. It’s “vote for the best looking car,” not “vote for your favourite team.”

      1. Damn.. I’m a die hard HRT fan.. Must be because I’m British.

    36. Well, I think the ‘skunkworks’ Lego Racer Virgin Marussia car, built around Timo Block is the best looking personally… Designed on Lego’s very own CFD virtual wind tunnel and modelling software.. available on iPad, iPhone and available through the Mac Apps Store..


      1. You really are hooked on the lego racer, aren’t you Hare. I admit, she looks beautifull ;-)

        1. Yeah, I have an addictive personality. I just love the way I want to pick it up and pull it back then let it go like a wind up toy. :)

          I have a childish urge to want to bite the tyres as well, like a 3 year old. Those were the days!! :)

    37. The mclaren really stands out from the crowd, it could almost be from another race series to the other cars. I hope its as quick as it is pretty.

    38. I am blocked and can’t vote from work.

      I like the Lotus T128 best.

      1. …and Williams should keep their interim livery as is. It looks great. Quite menacing.

        1. Agreed.

        2. I agree and have agreed with you probably for several seasons. Now that they don’t have too many sponsors, they really could!

          I love the circular white retro car number because it’s simple, elegant and nostalgic.

    39. I found the HRT praise surprising because to me it looks a little tacky, especially the faded checkered flag. It has a nice shape though & will probably look better in real life. I’m biased for darker liveries so I voted Renault ( as much as I dislike the politics behind the Lotus re-hash). My favourite recent car in terms of looks was the STR4 pre-platypus nose, it looked mean on TV.

      1. I agree that it looks tacky and cheap. Perhaps it’s not a chequered flag pattern that HRT are using, but an attempt to get a camouflage effect on it’s rear end? :D


        The William’s looks classy and with fashion trends though (supposedly we’re at end of a 60’s revival and the start of the roaring 20’s look), shame there’ll have to be sponsors to ruin the retro look.

    40. Virgin. The HRT is also a beauty as is the R31 and the Ferrari is really growing on me (that logo will never look nice and they should be allowed to have the barcode just to avoid that horrible thing :P). I’ve gone off the Mercedes slightly but it still looks very good.

      The worst car has to be Force India but the Mclaren is a hdieous shape and the livery is tacky and it would also be nice the the Lotus had a more shiny shade of green.

      Sauber has been the biggest disappointment as the livery which was nice last year has been ruined because the sponsors haven’t been incorporated into the livery just plonked on.

      I guess I can’t really judge Williams yet but I’m hoping like mad they’ve jazzed their livery up this year.

      Overall, I do think this is a fairly pretty grid. The cars still look far too similar these days but there is some good colour even if I will miss having a yellow car on my TV screen.

    41. Keith – or anyone – is there a rule that forbids livery changes once the season has started?

      Maybe we could petition Sauber to make more of an effort. Great team – shame how the car looks.

      1. Nope. A few car have changed their livery mid season for various reasons. Usually sponsor related, special promotions, country specific regulations, new investors etc..

      2. The Lucky Strike BAR became the 555 BAR for the China GP each year. And Lotus did a beautiful one off red and gold 78 for Gunnar Nilsson at the ’77 Japan GP.

      3. Arrows changed early on in 1996 from mainly white with red and blue to mostly red with blue.

        Forti changed that year too, twice, in fact. The started yellow, changed to white and green, and ended up completely invisible!

      4. Many thanks for the replies, guys!

    42. Sorry to say but the mclaren is a minger :(

      I like the lines of the Williams, the presence of the Renault and the shape of the Merc.

      The HRT looks cool though! I think the F1 fanatic livery would be sweet on there! How much would that set you back Keith?

      1. two quid and a bag of chips

      2. $50 bucks and he gets to drive it on Sundays!

    43. i think the fact that the mclaren is leading the polls is laughable.
      if hamilton and button were on sauber, that “beauty” would be leading too :D

      1. Amazed at this type of comment – how hard is it to grasp that other people might like a different design to you? Very hard it seems.

        Also, the vote is not only about ‘beauty’, it’s about the best-looking car. The Ferrari is the most beautiful imho, but I like the way the Mclaren looks more for several other reasons. Beauty is only one factor.

      2. I think quite a few of us here like its technical finess and doing something new and different.
        The Red Bull was interesting and nice in 2009, now it is not much new and the livery is to clogged.

    44. I’m surprised I’m the only one who finds the Williams a delight to look at… a nice deep dark blue, simple, refined, elegant; it has everything anyone would want in a look. Not too many gaudy sponsors that don’t really fit the color scheme either. I do find the Mercedes a treat to look at as well. I always think Ferrari is one of the prettiest cars on the grid, but they are always the same these days… the less white on the wings they have the better the car looks.
      Have another look at the Williams before writing it off. Each year they have a very classy and understated livery thats easy to want to root for!

      1. You’re not the only one.

      2. But isn’t this the interim testing livery? I assume there will be a lot more white on the car when we get to Bahrain FP1.

    45. Aesthetically – Ferrari, but I’m more excited looking at that Mclaren so it gets my vote. I like elements of the Lotus, Torro Rosso and the Williams could look great with a good livery. Worst looking has to be the Virgin.

    46. Hrt and Renault Lotus is my votes

    47. McLaren, Renault and Mercedes in no particular order.

    48. its a hard choice, I love the silver of the Mclaren but I do agree it looks very industrial, on the other hand it looks like a beast and very quick (if you know what I mean)..it will look stunning under the Singapore lights…at first glimps I thought the HRT has Yo Shushi as sponser..not sure about that. Ferrari and Redbull..same every year. I don’t think there is one that stands out, some of the teams have got it very wrong but no one has excelled themselve. Therefore I’m sticking with the Mclaren.

    49. I’m voting for the McLaren MP4-26 as I have it as the wallpaper on my laptop!

    50. I’m American, but I don’t think the “tacky”/”American”-looking HRT is the best-looking car. I think the McLaren is, but I hear that car is actually hideous and people prefer it only if they’re British! I think I’m having an identity crisis or something…

      1. You are… The HRT designer is german. Now how do you feel? :)

        1. So confused. It’s hard for us American F1 fans to be biased in a sensible and predictable way, with no American teams or drivers to favor!

    51. Side profile of McLaren is great, Renault is gourgous, Mercedes a MIG29UB jet fighter. Fantastic evolution from the 60s to todays cars. Hats of to those who designed thse great cars.

    52. I think I”m going to say the Macca this year… I love the Ferrari and the William’s simplicity but that angular vane down the back of their air boxes just kills their lovely shapes.

    53. paint work = hrt
      body style = mclaren

    54. I vote for the Lotus. It looks great. The HRT looks very ‘American’ .. if you get what i mean.

    55. The Mercedes is the most elegant and slick looking car of the lot! The McLaren looks good too, but I’m kinda getting tired of their livery after all these years!

    56. Mercedes. Not my favourite team, but I think it looks best.

    57. I was between HRT and Toro Rosso.
      Went for Toro Rosso in the end. I know it’s last year colours but I still think it’s a nice car to look at.

      I did also consider the Lotus T128, but I think they could improve that a bit.
      And I ruled out the Red Bull as I prefer the actual Bull log to a name logo on Toro Rosso.

      …and I’m British.

      Thought I’d add that to prove we don’t all vote for McLaren. :)

    58. The Mercedes W02.

    59. I voted for Mercedes but I think that Renault too deserve it.

    60. 1st HRT, 2nd McLaren, 3rd Team Lotus & Red Bull.

      Unfortunately I can’t vote, because I can’t log in. I really doubt that I forgot my password, but with no other choice I clicked “Lost your password?”. I entered my email and clicked the “Get New Password” button. I check my inbox for the confirmation link, but there was nothing there. I checked all mail, spam and bin. Nothing. I tried it several times, to no avail.

      Any advice?

    61. I’d have to go with Toro Rosso.

      Much better than McLaren’s bling, and Renault’s JPS gold.

    62. The prize for best livery obviously goes to Renault for their unique, fresh and stunning interpretation of the black/gold livery, while in second place we have Mercedes. The prize for worst livery goes to HRT with that hideous, boring and banal checkered flag concept.

    63. Oh hey look, it’s a “what team do you support” poll

      1. Life is seldom one dimensional. It’s more interesting to give a holistic justification for your opinion instead just saying “that paint sucks”. Equally, it would be nerdy to just say “lovely bib splitter, phwoar!!”

        If people want to leave an intelligent response for their choice in the comments box then so be it. I guess that’s what its for after all.

    64. Hi Keith

      I keep reading from commenters on here about the bias shown towards UK teams and drivers (clearly this is a UK based website).

      Quite often the perception and the reality of a situation are different, and I was keen to test that theory.

      I was interested to see what the readership location stats would look like (I’m UK myself). i.e UK 15%, DE 12% etc etc. Do you have any view on that?

      Keep up the great work.


      1. And just to clear up, the accusations of “bias” towards comments and polls (i.e readership), not your journalistic talents ;-)

        Someone on another website aimed the same comment about bias, only to be proved completely wrong by the stats of readers.

      2. The whole ‘bias’ thing is dreadfully boring and is mainly put about by people who don’t understand that the site’s domain suffix bears no relation to its readership.

        Here’s a breakdown of where F1 Fanatic readers are from:


        1. I was thinking whether is would be worth migrating to .org or something similar to put an end to this bias nonsense?

          1. HounslowBusGarage
            9th February 2011, 12:21

            I don’t think that would stop the ‘bias’ accusations. After all, we all use English here, don’t we?

        2. The whole ‘bias’ thing is dreadfully boring and is mainly put about by people who don’t understand that the site’s domain suffix bears no relation to its readership.

          Or by people who feel their favourite drivers aren’t getting enough coverage.

        3. Indeed. But why let facts get in the way of a good argument ;-)

          The other 67% non UK people must be expats I suppose..

    65. None of then are brilliant, and we haven’t seen the real Williams livery yet…but the Merc looks best to me. They got the right shade of silver this time.

      A special nod must go to the genius who came up with the Scuderia Ferrari logo. Perfectly Marlboro yet perfectly legal (I think). Bravo.

    66. They all look the same. So I choose all of them, or none of them – either is ok.

    67. I think the McLaren looks the raciest and therefore the best. But the Ferrari has the more classy looks.

      ‘Course, who cares about class. We’re all a bunch of boyracers at hart here :P

    68. Looking just at the liveries…

      The Red Bull and McLaren liveries still look good but, fickle as I am, I always like to see something new.

      Like last year, Ferrari have go too much white on their car and the Marlboro thing isn’t fooling anybody. Like the tricolour on the rear wing though.

      I like the Mercedes, they’ve addressed some of the problems of last year’s livery and kept the big round numbers.

      Even if Renault’s JPS livery looked good (which, thanks to Total, it doesn’t), I couldn’t enjoy it because of the silly Lotus row.

      The update to the Force India livery looks quite good and I think the orange will stand out more now. Black rear wing a nice touch.

      The Sauber is a mess and I never thought the Toro Rosso livery worked.

      The Lotus looked brilliant on-track so I voted for that. I like HRT’s boldness with their livery!

      The Virgin doesn’t look half as good as it did last year when it was one of my favourites.

      1. Like last year, Ferrari have go too much white on their car and the Marlboro thing isn’t fooling anybody. Like the tricolour on the rear wing though.
        I reckon Ferrari would actually look better with a little bit more white in there – just on the front wing endplates. As it stands, the entire front wing is white except for the red endplates, which just look silly.

        The Sauber is a mess and I never thought the Toro Rosso livery worked.

        I’m hoping the Sauber livery is just a stand-in. If they made the airbox and the engine cover red in a line parallel to the existing red curve so there was a red-white-grey streak effect, and if they made the rear wing entirely red (with some nice large numbers), then it would look so much better.

        The Virgin doesn’t look half as good as it did last year when it was one of my favourites.

        The VR-01 looked good because of the tribal patterns. But they only looked good standing still, because you couldn’t make them out when the car was moving. It’s essentially the same livery on the MVR-02, but with white around the front of the nose. It could do with a few more sponsors, though. Particularly on the sidepods and the space between the front wheels and the sidepods. Since they have QNET, Quantel and Quick as sponsors, they should look at signing QANTAS, the Qatar National Bank and Qinetiq to complete the set.

        1. ….If they made the airbox and the engine cover red in a line parallel to the existing red curve…

          Please, no more red on these cars!

          1. You would suggest they retain the livery that looks like it was done in about 15 minutes in MS Paint, then?

            There’s nothing wrong with red as a colour. I don’t think you have to worry about people mistaking a Sauber for a Ferrari.

            1. too much red and white in F1. 1998 was a good colourful year, a spread more like that please.

    69. For me, it was a close call between the Mclaren, Renault and Williams.
      I think the mclaren just looks innovative and cool, bit different, but the livery lets it down slightly, i know they have to keep sponsors happy and everything but, al least flair it up a bit.
      The renault has cool livery, i didnt think so when i saw it on the R30 at autosport, but on the track and with Kubicas helmet in it, i thought it looked great (shame that he wont be in it this season :(
      I think the williams just looks great, very wierd, its ugly, but beautiful at the same time, and i actually quite like the interim livery, wish it would stay dark blue!!

    70. I think it’s a pretty disappointing year for car liveries, a step down from 2010 if you ask me – particularly for Renault, Lotus and Sauber.

    71. I don’t get why people don’t like the R31 livery. Everyone raves about the JPS design being one of the greatest ever, but as soon as someone adapts it, it’s suddenly ugly as sin.

      1. i wasnt a fan of it at the lauch, but like last year i thought it looked so much better out on track..

        i think its the ‘fat’ gold lines they’ve gone for instead on the slimmer ones that were to be seen back in the day

        1. ..that throw people off this years design

          ^^thought id best finish that haha

          1. The fat gold lines are there so that they can actually be seen by crowds and television audiences alike.

            1. Perhaps people like the subtle lines more than the ‘in your face’ lines for the TV cameras.

            2. Let’s wait until race day then. For now.. Marker pen mayhem.

              It would have looked awesome when they didn’t have quite as many sponsors I’m sure :)

    72. Emmm Peee Four Dash Twoo Sixx!!

    73. I liked the McLaren best, then the Mercedes. Gotta hand it to HRT for going all change with their design, unlike Sauber who are quite possibly the most boring F1 team since the beginning of time.

      There hasn’t been a pretty Ferrari since 1995.

    74. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th February 2011, 12:52

      For me is the Mercedes. Mention too on the HRT livery, even when I saw a lot of mocking on the post about its launch. No guys, I know it’s a bad team, but at least they have hired some good marketing designers and I think the car is acceptable-looking. Even though I laughed a lot with a comment of “This could be you…driving if you give us enough money”. That should be COTD!!!

    75. I voted for the McLaren but 2nd and 3rd to that would be the Team Lotus and the Mercedes :)

    76. None of them, those huge front and tiny rear wings just ruin the proportions…how about a competition to predict how many laps before the HRT’s rear wing flap falls off?

    77. I like the shape of the cars with the high noses, reminds me of the cars (benneton, ferrari & williams) around 96/97.
      McLaren should paint their cars orange, that would be nice! So which company logos are orange?
      Williams should keep this internal livery, the more white the more ugly it gets!

      1. Funny enough I like the lower noses. Just after the high nose period, they were banned because they could penatrate the driver cell. When was the ban lifted?

    78. If Sauber doesn’t finish last in this we’re doing something wrong.

    79. As much as i dislike Ferrari, i thought the f10 was by far the best looking car in 2010……the Mercedes and Mclaren are stunning this year…

    80. The McLaren looks cool and interesting, but its not actually good looking.
      The Ferrari looks good in that picture but I think its a bit ungainly from some views.
      The Mercedes looks too much like a platypus.
      The Renault is possibly the best looking car but is ruined by a terrible version of an iconic livery.
      The Force India, Sauber, Torro rosso, HRT and Virgin look too slow.
      The Lotus and Williams look quite good.
      The Red Bull just looks right to me. Very squat and purposeful.

    81. Got to be the W02!

    82. I voted the HRT, but then the Lotus looks really good, but then it may just be the livery.

    83. I think the Lotus T128 is probably the best overall looking car – the livery is cool yet retro and the yellow wheel rims match the Pirelli logos etc. The best overall package. But that new McLaren just looks so wickedly fast with the new sidepods that it has to be a close second – Innovation counts for something!

    84. Mercedes for me is the best looking car. HRT has the nicest livery

    85. really tried to vote but was not able to since the vote part was greyed out. I like the Merc though.

    86. I love the Renault. The best one of those. Williams is good too, but not as good as the R31.

      The worst is the Sauber. Lame

      MP4-26 is only for aliens :D

      1. It does look like a space ship.. I think laser cannons are nestling in the side pods, and possibly on the end of the fiddly bits on the wings :D

    87. I think the Renault looks best. I like the Mclaren as well, but it´s form just doesn´t make sense in my mind. Other than that, the Mercedes looks awesome!

    88. I think the vote is rigged. I can’t cast a single vote! Maybe because I am using Google Chrome? Maybe because I am a newbie to this forum?

      1. FIRST you register, THEN you vote. :)

    89. HEY Keith can u pls post some pics of the set up at jerez … like some pics of motorhomes,trucks,personnel etc …

    90. McLaren wins easily this competition, but luckily F1 is not Miss Universe…

    91. beaitiful Mclaren,stunning HRT and im a Mclaren fan!

    92. Actually, none of this year’s cars really appeal to me.

      My vote goes to the 1974 UOP Shadow. And Tom Pryce wins for best helmet design, too.

    93. The Lotus or the Renault. I don’t really like the red livery on the Renault though but otherwise it’s a nice looking car! The McLaren isn’t bad either but would like if they used a matte silver color instead of the shiny one!

    94. Somehow HRT

    95. João Vinicius
      9th February 2011, 16:44

      For me, Mercedes is the best one

    96. my vote to HRT

    97. Merc is slim looking and good colors, but i voted for HRT i dont know what is about that car, maybe humorus sign:)

    98. Is it just me who sees a bit of the Hondas in the HRT this year?

      1. yee me too. Lucky Strike :D

    99. I believe correct me if I´m wrong. Isn´t everyone voting for the 2nd best looking car, I think we all agree that the RB is the best looking one but because it is so similar to the rb5 and rb6 no one mentions it, i didnt mention it too

    100. Paint them all white, then vote…

    101. All this thoughts about F1 car livery’s in my head makes me come up the strangest ideas for instance: Did McLaren design it’s car so the Vodafone sings would look at it’s best?

      I don’t have any experience in writing but it would be a great idea to write an quest article about here on F1 Fanatic.

      1. *guest article

      2. From Lewis comments during the presentation, you would almost think they really set out with the target of getting it on in that size :-D

    102. Force India for me. I’m more a fan of the livery than the car design, but I dont mind that boxy look.

      As far as car design is concerned I prefer the McLaren, those sidepods make it look very aggressive and it generally looks different from the rest.

    103. I think the Mercedes has the best livery this year, but the best looking car overall for me is the Lotus.
      Ferrari is a bit drab (and the new logo is not fooling me either!)
      The HRT looks like a tacky toy you would buy in a pound shop, or get out of a kinda egg! They had a blank template and could have done anything, absolutely anything, colours, patterns, shades, you name it! very poor!
      Williams is ok, but would be better if it was a metalic electric blue (or even revert to the old blue, white and yellow)
      The Renault looks good, but if the red bits were black we all know how good it could look)
      The vigin is just awful
      Torro Rosso – YAWN!
      Force India should have kept the livery from last year but the car looks racey
      Red Bull looks good, but I hope they change the livery next year
      I think the sauber looks better than last year, but like HRT they could have done anything!!

      I am currently doing a rain dance for Bah’rain’. I think I have my work cut out. I need everyone across the world to join in, then maybe, just maybe………..

      Bah RAIN
      Bah RAIN
      Bah RAIN

      PS: I am british, but don’t let that could your judgement, I am only a fanboy of wheel to wheel racing!! Lets all hope F1 provides some of that this year!

      1. Oh, and my brain is still trying to process the Mclaren, not sure what to make of it?!?!
        Although, I do know that it would look better if they gave the chrome (back) to Mercedes and had it white instead. Now that would just rock!!

    104. Yeah the McLaren, Mercedes, Force India and HRT in that order – for me. Mind you the Ferrari ain’t half bad either!

    105. Page won’t let me vote (Safari on a mac), very odd.
      Anyway, I like the black Renault R31, closely followed by the Torro Rosso and Mercedes W02.

      1. Sign up to vote :) you need to log in with your account or you can’t vote :)

    106. HRT and Virgin for me. They’re the only two low-nose design this year. HRT edges out Virgin by virtue of a better livery.

      And honestly, the low front wing+high nose combo isn’t aesthetically pleasing in the least.

      1. Also, I don’t understand why Mercedes switched to a darker silver this year. The car looked like a proper “Silver Arrow” last season.

    107. Chris Pattison
      9th February 2011, 19:22

      Theres no doubt about it in my opinion. The Mclaren looks great with it’s slightly lower nose and interesting side pods. From a livery point of view though I do like the Team Lotus as well.

    108. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
      9th February 2011, 19:25

      Couldn’t vote for some reason, would hav voted for the merc w02 tho

    109. Is it just me who sees the Honda in the HRT this year?

      1. dam, didn’t realise my previous comment had gone through.

        sorry :)

      2. Jamie Franklin
        9th February 2011, 20:31

        Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. Either that or the Super Aguri…which is essentially a Honda.

    110. I really like the Force India. If the Sauber’s livery was a little more refined, it would be right up there.

    111. The McLaren just looks wrong with those sidepods :/ I went for the HRT, I honestly think it’s the best livery in ages :D

    112. Jamie Franklin
      9th February 2011, 20:34

      It’s really hard to choose. I want to vote for McLaren, but i’m still not sure on the side pods, i’m hoping they’ll be great, but not great in terms of looks. Plus, that particular picture isn’t good, I’d need to see it on track.
      From that angle, the Renault R31 looks good, but the bulky gold lines look a bit tacky.

      …So for me…I reckon I’d have to go with the Mercedes. It looks smooth and classy, and the particular shot from the front, the one they released before the launch…well, it’s just plain sexy lol.

    113. The Merc! What’s frustrating is that the Williams has a great shape, but they always make the livery so bloody boring nowadays. Brand new sponsor that they could have integrated into the car’s livery… but nope, just solid Navy Blue with a decal.

    114. Mclaren hands down for me.

      Livery-wise I think HRT is the best but as a combination of livery and shape Mclaren MP4-26 is just amazingly good looking.

    115. The McLaren is so ugly with those ridiculous sidepods, unfortunately it will win this vote… of course.

      I would say Mercedes this year.

    116. confused f1 fan
      9th February 2011, 22:02

      im confused at what “livery” exactly is….paint job, colour choice, sponsorship? please help

      1. The colours, placement of sponsors, the graphical side of it basically, what helps people identify the team. As opposed to talking about shape, or form. The best liveries manage to compliment the shape, however. I hope this answers your question :P

    117. mp4 26

    118. I really like HRT’s livery. It reminds me of the cars on old video games, although the pictures they released do look a bit pixelated so maybe that has something to do with it.

    119. Can You imagine Montezemolo comming tired home from the office, nagging at his wife…
      “Was it a hard day, dear? Didn’t Massa do as told?”
      “Ahh yes he did, but I had to make a tough decision today. Took me all day to decide!”
      “Oh, dear, what should You decide that was so important, dear?”
      “Arrhm, The color of the race car for this year!”

      Ferraris Livery is by far the most LEAN and economic of the whole grid: Many years ago Enzo sold a racecar to a guy, who couldn’t pay, when he should, but he owned a big stock of paint in one color…or maybe not, but it could be the truth, almost..

    120. I’m picking the Lotus for number 1. It looks simple clean and no nonsense. whether that translates into pure speed will be doubtful, but its a good looking car.

      As always the Mclaren looks brilliant, but ITS MASSIVE!

      I havent seen an F1 car that big for a long time.

    121. I’m a big Ferrari fan but I always think Mclaren’s chrome paint is awesome. I like Italian Red too, but at least now F150 is too conventional in term of design.

      Anyway, my choice is Mercedes W02. It’s very slender and sharp. All I want is just real Silver Arrow color, not gray silver. Snatch chrome paint from Mclaren, Merc!!

    122. R31 looks Monster…

    123. i can’t sign in to vote….
      i haven’t recieved the password confirmation email yet…
      Keith please help…

    124. Also having trouble trying to register! No email yet.
      Anyway, I’m glad I haven’t voted yet because I would have gone for the MP4-26. However, on track those sidepods look ugly! Didn’t seem so bad before! On that note I have to say the Mercedes wins easily on the looks front.

    125. For the second day now the voting buttons don’t work. My vote would be for McLaren which just pips Red Bull by a fraction…

    126. I am a Mclaren fan so my vote may be biased (would have loved to see it in Mclaren Orange tho)

      HRT have a great livery too.. really wish they find some backing

      What about car numbers?? the FIA should impose they are more visible (loved Williams’ old school numbers; hope they stay there !)

    127. Mercedes for me :)

    128. I’m into the “Dark Destroyer” thing so I like Williams best and I hope the official livery isn’t too different from what they are running now.

      A close second is the Lotus Renault. I love everything about it except the gold wheels. The gold rims make it look like the pimp mobiles I saw all over Los Angeles growing up.

      I also like last year’s HRT.

      The McLarens are always striking, but the straight front nose of the MP4-26 interferes with the rest of the car’s flowing lines. It looks like a big chrome Pinocchio. The MP4-25 was much better looking.

      I think the Lockheed SR71 Blackbird is the most evil yet beautiful device man has created.

    129. I voted for the Toro Rosso when this article was published, but now the season is almost over, I know which cars are my favourites.

      1: Sauber. Sleek, clean, awesome shape and a neat livery. Easily my favourite looking car since the new shapes came in back in 2009. Gorgeous.

      2: Ferrari. Much better looking than last year’s car. Great livery as always and I prefer their new logo, as much as everyone else seems to hate it. The fact that it doesn’t have a shark-fin engine cover really does help make it look better than the F10. Massa’s helmet really goes well against the red, too, I think.

      3. Williams. Basically for the same reasons as Sauber. A beautiful shape and a classic livery. Not particularly exciting, but very neat.

      4. Renault. Would be much higher up if it weren’t for the backstory. And despite everyone else complaining, I love the red endplates.

      5. McLaren. Hated it at its launch, but it’s grown on me immensely. I wish it had a bit more red on it like the 2009 car, and I’m not sure if I like the chrome that much, but at least it’s distinctive. It would look a lot better if it weren’t for the strange sidepods, however.

      6. Toro Rosso. Because I said it was the best at the start of the year and I couldn’t leave it out of my favourite half!

      As for the rest:

      I think the Red Bull’s livery is tired, even if the car’s shape is close to perfection.

      The Force India is hideous, but a lot of that is to do with its rollover hoop, which means I don’t like the Lotus much either.

      HRT and Virgin are okay, but they don’t really do anything for me, either. The updated nose that Virgin brought in at Turkey improved the shape of the car immeasurably, however.

      And the Mercedes just looks clumsy. I also don’t like the turquoise against the silver. Yuck.

      Overall, I think we had a good looking batch of cars this year. But I’m excited to see what they come up with next year!

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