Hamilton does first run in new McLaren in Jerez

2011 F1 testing

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Lewis Hamilton made his first appearance in the new McLaren at Jerez today.

McLaren presented the car in the pits this morning before the second test session of 2011 began.

A close look at the car suggests its exhausts are vented at the tea-tray area, similar to Renault’s sidepod exhausts seen at Valencia.

2011 F1 testing

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    24 comments on “Hamilton does first run in new McLaren in Jerez”

    1. This car looks mighty quick! I think last years three way battle for the WCC could be trumped by a five way this year – I expect Renault and Mercedes to join the battle (excuse the Legardism…).

      Renault will fall away quickly if Petrov fails to score points often (i’m assuming Heidfeld will be in the other seat… but of course know he may not be!)

      So looking forward to this year!

    2. Looks like the exhaust in that picture (of the back end of the car) runs in the middle, straight towards the foot of the diffusor, pretty much like Virgin has theirs.

      That will be the basic setup, expect them to test more configurations in the coming days.

      1. hi guys ,have to say that is best looking f1 car this year and ope its as fast as itss looks.i like those side pods,they clearly thought out of the box.

    3. Still seems to have last year’s nose on it. The rear wing appears like the one at launch (https://www.racefans.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/mcl26_2.jpg) aside from the funky bit for adjusting it. I guess that will give them a baseline to work from. You’d think, though, that the front wing would have to be quite radically changed to work well with those sidepods and make the most of getting clean air to the rear. But I know sod all so will just shut up now and wait to see what they run with!

      1. As these are publicity shots, perhaps the wings are the same as the ones for launch and they will swap them out when going out on track.

    4. This car really looks great. Funny how a few tweak move last year’s car from “looking odd” to “looking really fast”. Of course, looking fast and being fast aren’t the same.

    5. I still maintain that it’s not a pretty car. It’s not ugly, but it’s not pretty.

      1. I know what you mean PM. Something not quite right (Besides those pods). I am a Mclaren fan, hope it’s quick but there is something kind of elongated that makes it look disproportionate. However I’ll take function over form all day if it wins WCC or WDC!!!

      2. I think it does look really ugly. Livery not taken into account I think this is the worst looking car on the grid. I do like seeing this look though, simply because it’s so unique compared to all the others.

        I’ll probably be rooting for McLaren (Hamilton) as I have the past couple of years, so I hope it’s fast. If it is, it’ll probably look nicer with every race victory. That’s how it tends to work. ;)

      3. As long as the car can win races and it’s not ugly, I am game. First test shows they are more than a second behind Ferrari though.

    6. how does a car look fast? f1 cars are or they arent, their looks have little to do with it. Looks a little like Janet Street Porter round the gills.

    7. I love the long nose of the car. So different to Red Bull’s/Virgins.

    8. That front wing is the only reason i find the car pretty :P

    9. Look! On the helmet there is Santander as sponsor, similar to the Ferrari ones.

    10. Guys

      If anyone has taken a even closer look at the side pods – you will distinctively see that they resemble L for Lewis and J for Button (use a bit of imagination.

      Now has anyone else clicked on that one? Keith care to comment? And if McLaren hasn’t clicked on that one, maybe they should as it’s a bit of a PR thing wouldn’t you say?

      1. Nice observation! Left side L, right side J. :)

      2. Wow! You’re right. Surprised no one noticed that until now.

    11. forward exhaust is official now by the way its been outed.

    12. Either re-invent the whole concept a little better and call it radical or just evolve from what once was optimum and call it conservative. MP4-25 was certainly close to optimum, I think. May be, not so much with the EBD, but they were working on it all year – a team like McLaren could have come to terms with it over the winter if they continued on that path – I feel.

      May be, McLaren should try not to be too radical too often with their design, unless necessary. It looks like, they’ve not really made use of the work they’ve done and knowledge they gained over MP4-25 – just my opinion ;)

      After MP4-23, they’ve not started the season on a high note, let’s hope they do so this season. After observing the MP4-26 a bit more closely… I’m afraid, if the design fails they’ll have too much to solve over the season while others improve. I hope, it works for them and they don’t have to play catch-up with Red-Bull.

      It is always good to see something new on the field, than the same old designs from last season. But MP4-26 looks a bit too radical with too much of unknowns at the wrong time (when we more or less know that the RB7 is going to lead the pack once more with a good margin).

    13. Is the exhaust exits are on the inside of the side pods? The shape of the inside, bottom, of the side pods are shaped to direct the airflow through the center of the car.

    14. On your last picture Keith


      If it is the exhaust, then I think they’re trying to take the exhaust flow out of the equation and have a cleaner flow on the sides.

      But it doesn’t really look like an exhaust to me, it is pointing against the air flow. May be, it is an invention similar to F-duct, scoop part of the air flow and direct it to have a better flow over the diffuser?? Just a wild thought.

    15. Nice job, nice work, nice template

    16. Mclaren will be a very tight competitor to beat this season.


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