Pictures: "Get well soon Kubica" on cars at Jerez

2011 F1 testing

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F1 teams have joined together in a show of support for Robert Kubica.

They are displaying messages encouraging the injured driver to ‘Get well soon’ in today’s test at Jerez.

All the teams are understood to be running the messages. Here are pictures of those seen so far.

Renault are displaying the message on their engine cover. McLaren and Ferrari have it on their front wings.

Virgin are displaying the message on their sidepods and it’s on the the rear wing endplates of the Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes.

Robert Kubica rally crash

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    67 comments on “Pictures: "Get well soon Kubica" on cars at Jerez”

    1. That’s Nice Of Them.

      Trzymaj się Robert!

    2. That’s a fantastic bit of sportsmanship from the other teams. It’s a clear indicator of how well regarded Kubica is in the F1 paddock.

      I wish other sports were as good as this …

    3. As the pictures on the McLaren and Ferrari replace those “make roads safe” from the FIA, does that mean the FIA is into it as well.

      Good move, I would think Todt can grip the opportunity to really make roads safer all over the world. Bring on all drivers who are moved by this. Let Kubica talk to politicians and companies doing guard railings.

      Agree with the message. And to remind the world what is at stake, I post a video (found it on Chandhoks tweet) of the best of Robert so far:

      1. That’s a very nice compilation video, always great to see drivers successfully go around Monaco, throwing the car and almost, but not quite, hitting the barriers.

        Since the message is also on the FOTA website, I think it is probably started by the drivers and teams, which makes sense. But you are right that it does sort of fit with the make roads safe campaign. Hope Todt sees this as a call to action on that.

      2. Is the time right for the FiA to look at replacing or augmenting the traditional roll cage with a stronger survival cell in all high level rally cars?

        I think so and will be writing a piece to explain why soon.

        1. looking forward to that. This certainly shows the Roll Cage is not the solution to all problems.

          1. What about the 1 hour it took to free him? The damage was made so much worse by the blood loss and time it took to treat him.
            That is far more pertinant than stopping a unexpected accident.I think.If a Dr gets to him and if he gets free in 10 mins his prognosis would have been much better. Look forward to a WRC that consists of nothing but SS in a stadium.

        2. I’m not sure anything short of a full carbon fiber shell could have helped in this case; it was an immense amount of force applied over an incredibly small surface area. If you fling a couple of thousand pounds at 20 square inches of surface area going 50mph, there’s not much that’s going to stop it.

          Plus, I don’t think this was a particularly high-level rally car.

          This was a freak accident, and it wasn’t caused by an unsafe car so much as terrible road maintenance (“Hey, guys, let’s leave deadly spikes pointing at the road! Forza Italia!”) and questionable decisions by the people who selected the stage routes.

          1. Very nice things for all the teams to do.

            The accident was totally a road maintenance issue, rather than a car safety issue. A carbon fibre safety shell wouldn’t have helped.

      3. That video moved me somewhat. Had a lump in my throat!

        Get well soon Robert!

        I hope more than anything he comes back as strong as ever.

    4. The F1 grid just is not as strong without him. Lets hope he recovers super fast and he can be up there fighting for wins soon! Great to see all the support!

    5. Oh, nice touch. It’s also on top of the FOTA website.

      Something like “A speedy recovery to Robert” (anyone Polish to properly translate?)

      Together with the increasing twitter action, and actual content on their sites, doing this also helps show F1 in a more human light, as an actual community of people, instead of just as teams that run two cars to win over the year.

      1. I asked one of Renault’s team and they said it literally translates to “Get well soon, Robert”.

        1. “Get well soon” is in the same spirit, but it’s not a literal translation.

          By the way, Keith, I don’t know if you got my message. I sent it through the contact form. I can’t log in to my account for several days now. I tried to reset my password but the email from F1Fanatic never reached my inbox. I checked my spam and bin folders just in case. Nothing there too.

          1. Ditto, I tried to register on the forum and never received my password…

            1. Same here.

            2. Keith's Parrot
              10th February 2011, 12:12

              Are you logged in?

      2. I’m not Polish but I have lived in Poland for over a decade and I know the language quite well.

        “Szybki” means speedy, quick or fast.
        “Powrót do zdrowia” means “returning to health”, “going back to health” or simply “recovery”.

        So it could be translated as “go back to your health quickly, Robert” or “have a speedy recovery, Robert”.

        1. Thanks Keith and Ben!

          It really is great that they took the time to all put that message on the car somewhere to show him how much he is missed.

        2. Very good, Ben!
          “Have a fast return to health” is the most literal translation one can get here.

          I think it’s awesome thy decided to put that message in Polish for Robert, it makes it so more special and sincere.

        3. Ben Curly – that is indeed a very good translation. whereabouts in Poland are you? I’m originally Polish, but I only moved back here last years after long years in Canada. I’d be glad to meet a fellow F1 fan – maybe even catch a race together at some point. I’m in Warsaw, so if you are too and would maybe feel like meeting up let me know. Cheers.

          1. Maciek, I live in Kraków, but my work sometimes takes me to Warsaw. There were times when I had to watch the race in a hotel, and the company of a F1 fan would be greatly appreciated. If I’ll be in Warsaw around the race weekend, I’ll try to let you know. How can I contact you?

            1. Cool, nice town, Krakow (nicer than Warsaw in my book). Let’s see if I get this link right you should be able to email me here

            2. Scratch that. The link doesn’t work, but when I click it my email address does appear in the address bar of my browser (after: jerez/…). So yeah listen when you’re in town, drop me a line if you feel like it. Bests.

    6. Red Bull have also got one on the rear wing.

      Nice touch from all the teams.

      1. Yep just seen that one now.

    7. Wow, I’m really touched…

      Nice to know there are rather human beings than robots and brands’ investments.

      Greetings from Poland.

      1. It’s awesome. Shows people this is a sport and not a war ground too. I hope it helps encourage him and gives him good heart I sincerely do, and also helps dull that lethal sense of nationalism some ‘fans’ have..

        1. I think it has a small amount to do with who this happened to as well. Kubica seems universally respected, and well liked throughout the paddock from all accounts. The same can’t be said for other top drivers, though I’d like to think there’d be support for any driver in this situation.

    8. This was touching.

      Here is a great get well video of Robert that Rubens Barrichello has tweeted:

    9. That is how the F1 should look like always. Nice touch from the teams. Hopefully this message will come true faster than anyone expects.

      1. I almost feel that F1 has grown up in the last few days.

        Get well soon Robert!

    10. Wow. This made me cry.

    11. get well soon rob

    12. Here in Poland we’re overwhelmed by the support and solidarity which is displayed all over the F1 world (and even outside, as even football club AC Milan wished him speedy recovery on their website)regarding Robert and his accident. Most of people who don’t follow F1 and don’t know Robert’s history and status are really surprised. Most of Poles thought it’s tragic for us because he’s one of us. I guess much more people around the world think of him as “one of us”.

      On a side note, Fernando Alonso gained huge amounts of respect over this situation. We say “Prawdziwych przyjaciół poznaje się w biedzie” which translates more or less into “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Also, despite their previous harsh relationship and some negative feelings towards him among Polish fans, we are relieved to see Heidfeld in R31.

      1. Podpisuje sie pod tym – 100% agree. The support is amazing and very touching.

        I only hope that he won’t be forgotten and he will have a real chance to show his skills after the rehabilitation.

      2. Amen.

        Such situations unite us in Poland in a way unreachable for anything and anybody else.


      3. He’s a very likeable guy and a great driver, what’s there not to like about him :)

    13. Hi,

      I get 404 error pages when I click on these images (except McLaren and Lotus).
      I’m not registered and not logged in. So this could be some reason.

      1. Remove these comments. It is repaired now :).

      2. Try later – I had the same problem, and after a while it’s ok

    14. Yes, for us Poles, he is naturally a hero. The amount of support he has in Poland is really enormous, but today many teams, brands, drivers like Alonso, Hamilton, Barrichello, You people in comments here showed us, that this driver who comes from a little country is a hero not only for us. This support message in polish language which teams packed on their livery, it was really touching. That by his devotion to drive and personality, an F1 world will be always opened for him, that there are so many people behind him not here, but there.

      Trzymamy za Ciebie kciuki Robert, greetings from Poland and thank you people.

    15. What a beautiful gesture.
      Watching video linked above I’ve almost cried.

    16. Never in 40 years of F1 have I seen such a nice thing !

    17. Great support from the teams. Nice to know that there is still class in the F1 paddock. Get well soon Robert.

    18. Really nice touch, its good to see that sportsmanship and camaraderie aren’t dead.

    19. Big support for Robert
      I hope he will come back soon!
      I wish to see him on track at the end of seson, It is possible i think

    20. It’s already spawned imitators:

      1. Haha, whose car is this, Keith?

      2. And I just washed my car… Now I have to make it dirty again to copy that idea ;)

    21. Great to see so much positive response. A nation of formula one fans are with you Robert, wishing you the best.

      1. You misspelled “world.”

    22. I have to say I am very impressed. Normally f1 teams are characterised as cold political monsters but this proves that formula 1 is as much about the people – the drivers, the mechanics and the fans – as it is about business.

      Get Well Soon Robert from everyone in f1.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        10th February 2011, 14:24

        I agree. Just shows how well Kubica is regarded by everyone in the pit lane.

    23. Great spirit from all the teams and i’m sure Robert is over the moon with all this support.

      1. I’d have thought only Renault would have done so, I am pleased with everyone.
        Szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia Robert

    24. its Your car Keith? :)

    25. This is definitely one of the best things F1 has done for a long time (Massa’s crash didn’t get as much support on the cars) in terms of supporting a driver’s recovery :-) Love it.

    26. It’s great to see this kind of solidarity from so many teams.

      Here’s hoping you get back soon, Robby! Miss you already :C

    27. I’ve added it to the header on my company’s web page.

    28. Its great to see the other teams support him. Maybe they should leave those messages on the cars for the first race as well as testing?

    29. Nice job, nice work, nice template

    30. Such a nice thing to see. The other day I saw people all over the world who are fans of many different drivers & team here in F1F & in twitter really supporting Kubica & praying for him.Now the whole of F1 team is supporting him. I think one reason why this sport is called F1 is the fact when it matters all the people connected to it get together & becomes ONE.

      1. Lotus Renault driver Robert Kubica has been moved from intensive care to a trauma ward as he continues his recovery.On Friday he will undergo a double surgery in his foot and shoulder.Then next week we expect to perform the last operation on the patient.

    31. THANKS GUYS! Best regards from PL

    32. So nice to see a real community spirit throughout the F1 teams, just a shame that it took such an awful event to bring it to the fore.

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