Barcelona test day 1 in pictures

2011 F1 testing

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A sprinkling of rain before today’s test began gave the teams chance to try out Pirelli’s wet weather tyres.

Have a look at the new tyres in this collection of pictures from today’s test.

2011 F1 testing

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Images ?? Mercedes, Ferrari spa, Force India F1 Team, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Daimler, Pirelli, Red Bull

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35 comments on “Barcelona test day 1 in pictures”

  1. Pictures are awesome. Thanks Keith.
    It would be great to get some tire shots of cars returning to the pits. That would be a true telltale of how teams are really doing.

    1. Pictures are awesome. Thanks Keith.

      As always! Thanks Keith!

  2. Nice pictures. I especially like the one of Rubens in the Williams between the trees.

    1. i wish williams would stick with the darth vaider look for the season and not just in testing.

  3. Has anyone noticed changes to any of the cars? I can’t seem to spot any so far.

    The black paint on the rear wing of the Force India actually looks nicer than I thought.

    1. I think they did the same last year (during testing) but have not used it since (Im sure somebody will konow better). Ferrari ran a V cut out in the centre of their top rear wing today.

    2. i think the red bull had a small shark fin in the first test and now they dont

    3. yes, the HRT is running their Monza superfast wings!

      no, wait…

  4. finally! Some real quality photos. (No offense to Keith or Julien, but these are better).

  5. why no McLaren pics?

    1. More pictures will be added here shortly.

      1. so have you spotted any new front wings yet?

  6. Brilliant pics thanks. That dark Red Bull pic is a must have desktop for any Red Bull fan!

    I’m rocking a Force India one at the moment!

    1. the Renault pit stop is mine!

      1. Both wonderful!

      2. F1 Photographer
        2nd March 2011, 23:31

        Err, no it’s not. Don’t claim credit for pictures which are not yours.

        1. JustAnF1Fanatic probably meant that he uses that pit stop picture as his desktop, rather than claiming he made it ;-)

          1. F1 Photographer
            3rd March 2011, 16:54

            In which case my apologies. It just seems to happen a fair bit on sites like flickr and it annoys us!

          2. No problem, I and very possibly a great majority of regulars here fully agree with your feelings on stealing pictures (and stories) like that.

  7. Heidfeld’s helmet looks perfect in the Renault. That overhead shot from pitstop practice is great. The giant red stripe marking the pitlane looks nice with the car’s colors. I kind of like how the four airgun operators have red helmets while the rest of the crew have gold. That whole livery is really growing on me. Especially now with a German driver, Black/Red/Gold is very appropriate.

    1. * don’t
      Maybe it’s the perspective and the speed, but it looks curved to me.

      1. Yeah, it’s just that the motion blur distorts it circularly.

    1. lol Williams trying out a new double decker front wing?

    2. Haven’t been able to get a fixed version so have deleted it.

  8. Excellent pictures as always Keith.

  9. Keith

    Try and get a picture of the camera Button ran for the last hour of testing today. It sits on the engine cover inline with the raised sidepods. I Would be interested in how this camera creates an enclosed tunnel to channel air to the rear diffuser. Also would like scarbs to comment.

  10. Any McLaren Pics?

  11. are force india and hrt running last years cars?

  12. Great pictures, man Schumi looks old

    1. Yeah, I though the same.

  13. is that Mercedes’s rear wing using dfr? because they don’t have the system used by most of the teams if so, with that middle device…?

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