Heidfeld: “not the way I would have liked” to return

2011 F1 season

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Nick Heidfeld, Renault, 2011

Nick Heidfeld called his F1 return with Renault a “good opportunity for me to race”.

But after getting his chance to race in F1 following Robert Kubica’s rally crash he admitted: “It’s not the way I would have liked it to have happen.”

“It’s not nice to see anyone in a bad accident but at least the doctors are saying he’s in a good way and should be back soon.”

Heidfeld was cautious on predictions for the year ahead, saying: “Renault had a good year in 2010.

“They have done lots of developments and their targets are quite high but I think it’s too early to judge how quick we will be, we will have to wait and see.

“I think we are even more in the dark compared to previous seasons about judging our performance, I think the other teams are the same.

Red Bull are very strong but we have high ambitions and I’m really happy with what I’ve seen so far.

“Everyone is working so hard and I’ve had lots of of positive discussions and everything is going in the right direction.”

Heidfeld did a lot of testing mileage for new F1 tyre suppliers Pirelli last year and he hopes to benefit from it:

“I hope it will be an advantage to me, I’ve been heavily involved in the construction side of it but I wasn’t involved with all the different compounds. I think I should suit the tyres just fine.”

Quotes and additional reporting by Leandra Graves

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    8 comments on “Heidfeld: “not the way I would have liked” to return”

    1. That’s a good point yes. These tyres should suit him well.

    2. I don;t think the tyres and testing will have any impact at all. Pretty much all the team have said they have changed massively since last November.

    3. I suspect his knowledge of the tyres will just give him a an advantage on the learning curve, he will ‘adapt’ quicker to them than he would had he not helped the development that much seems obvious… and if he is going to make the lost of this ‘lucky’ opportunity then he should be able to turn this into an advantage….

      I am sure Nick is as aware as the rest of us that prior to Kubica’s accident his F1 racing career was over. I think that he still has something to give and who knows it could be a bitter dream year… Renault might have the car of the season and Nick might do a Button and he might win a championship… he has been given one more roll of the dice… and he knows its now or never.

      We can talk all we want about his team mates (and they are a select bunch – Kimi, Massa, Kubica) and how he pushed them all the way and did beat them all on a regular basis. We can look at the youtube videos of his overtakes… but there is only person who can show us what he can do and thats Nick… I think he has the talent to surprise a few people… enough to go all the way… need to be convinced.

      1. Fact remains, he did most of his team mates pretty narrowly in the races together. Even the less than stellar ones.

        I am sure he can do a good job, but he just doesn’t seem to be the one pushing everyone including himself forward.

        But prove me wrong there Nick and I would be really amazed. Up for the first race win after in his 200th race!

        1. Dunno his performance in his 1st drive of the Renault spoke to me of him pushing himself as hard as he could… Yes its testing and we don’t know what the different strategies of the teams were… but fastest time is fastest is fastest time… and it was his 1st chance to drive a car of which he had no direct experience….

    4. Unfortunate situation for Heidfeld really.

      1. I’m not sure about that, since it is his only chance at driving in F1 ever again.

    5. I know he did not win, but he is a good driver and I am glad to see him on the grid again. I hope he gets that win. I mean it would be cool to see him and Nico get that “w”.

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