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Paul di Resta, Force India, Barcelona, 2011
Paul di Resta, Force India, Barcelona, 2011

Paul di Resta says he’s happier with the set-up of the Force India after his second test session in the VJM04.

Speaking to journalists after driving in the car in Barcelona he said: “The fundamental set-up of the car is there, it’s the finer details we need to get.

“It’s not always necessarily going forward, you need to try things that may take a step back, but you need to understand it more.

“The fine tuning will come at the next test, we need to get the big stuff like reliability of the car good before we can do other things and understand the tyres more.”

Despite spinning off with a braking problem on Saturday he said he’s made progress in that area since the Jerez test:

“We have improved it but still got work to do but as long as it’s an improvement, that’s the main thing. We are tying different things and testing more stuff.”

Di Resta says he and team mate Adrian Sutil have similar requirements in terms of car set-up:

“[The] set-up is not too far away from Adrian’s. Obviously there are different things each driver wants.

“It difficult to say exactly what’s different as I’m just going through the process of managing that. Adrian knows what he needs for a F1 car, I’m new in this position.

“The team can now work in more fine detail with me individually as a race driver. In the past it’s always been what Adrian and Tonio (Liuzzi) wanted last year. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it and working solely with the guys who want the same things as I do.”

Although he appreciates having a team mate he can learn from di Resta said “obviously, I want to beat him on the track.

“But at the same time, we need to work hard together and develop the car for the team, to get out performance a bit higher.

“I’ve raced against Adrian before, we had good battles and equally he’s a good friend of mine. I hope we can continue a good relationship on and off the track.”

Quotes and additional reporting by Leandra Graves

2011 F1 testing

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  1. I really hope this car isn’t a humming-turd and is a proper king fisher

  2. Interesting. Hope they get to grips with the car soon enough.

  3. I enjoyed them in 2009 but they didn’t really set my world on fire last year. Hoping that 2011 is something special for them and they can be up their with the R31 and W02.

  4. they were way more competitive in 2010 than 2009!?!?

    1. No Spa heroics in 2010 though…probably what he means.

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