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In today’s round up: Jarno Trulli on the new Lotus, Nick Heidfeld’s new helmet design and Mondini impresses during day three of testing in Barcelona.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Trulli delighted with Lotus’ potential (Autosport)

"Jarno Trulli says he is delighted with the new Lotus, despite reliability worries, and reckons there is still plenty more to come from the car."

Nick Heidfeld’s new helmet design via Twitter

"Here’s the photo of Nick’s new helmet. I think you’ll agree it does look stunning. The golden Q is a nice touch."

Kolles pleased by Mondini’s pace (Autosport)

"Hispania team boss Colin Kolles said he was impressed with how quick Giorgio Mondini was in Catalunya testing today considering his long absence from the Formula 1 cockpit."

Chandhok tests F3 car at Pembrey (Autosport)

"Karun Chandhok tested with frontrunning British Formula 3 team Double R Racing at Pembrey this week, in preparation for a return to Formula 1."

Lotus Renault GP via Twitter

"Some fans made a lovely flag for Robert, which has lots of messages for him. They just presented it to Eric."

Mercedes GP via Twitter

"Nico said: ‘We’ve made good progress in understanding the car and the tyres, and the reliability was solid once again. Two positive days.’"

The new HispaniaRacing steering wheel (Hispania Racing F1 Team’s Photos via Facebook)

Vitaly Petrov Q&A: Renault can rely on me (

"Q: Vitaly, how is the team without Robert?

"Vitaly Petrov: It is difficult to say because Robert was an important part of the team, but I think the team should move forward because we cannot get frozen at one point. With Nick (Heidfeld), an experienced driver has joined us so that gives hope. Let’s put it this way: life is like that – sometimes very unpredictable and cruel."

Senna film screening in New York (Steve Taylor on Twitter)

Have arrived in NYC to watch Senna after a 900 mile drive from Atlanta

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Comment of the day

Linz is going to the Italian Grand Prix and has a few questions – can anyone help?

Hi everyone. Another Monza goer here! We are staying in Monza itself at the AS Hotel because I thought it would be easier that Milan. I’ve heard it can be a bit of nightmare to get to the circuit though, even staying in Monza.

Anyone got any experience actually staying in Monza?

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From the forum

F1 Fanatic LAK has written an insightful post on his thoughts regarding the Bahrain Grand Prix. It’s definitely worth a read: A Bahraini F1F, the Bahrain GP and how we see it..

Happy birthday!

A big happy birthday to Lou, Nirupam and Phiwe – hope you have a great day!

On this day in F1

In light of the situation in Bahrain, I thought it would be a good time to return to an article published on this day in 2008. Why is there no Dubai Grand Prix?

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68 comments on “Trulli happy with Lotus progress”

  1. Nick Heidfeld’s new helmet design via Twitter

    I look forward to seeing Fixy’s new gravatar.

    1. @D

      How in the hell did I manage to **** up a smilie?

      Thats better.

      1. Trying to replicate the Q in a gold circle?

        1. I dunno, I prefer the green helmet he had. I’m not into this ‘match your helmet to your team’s colours’ look. I blame Michael, and many others have followed suit.

          1. Michael did ditch that way of thinking though as he kept his red helmet when in a silver car :P

            I also hate helmet designs that are only made to match the car (except maybe Irvine’s jaguar one). Heidfeld’s was much better when it was green and Kubica’s red/orange BMW lid was beautiful but his Renault helmets have just been boring.

          2. But to be fair to Quality Nick (new meaning to the Q) he had the mat black helmet for Pirelli testing (tyres, anyone? Or just as contrast to the white car) and added the gold lines and a bit of red to get the German flag into it when he got the Sauber drive.

            It might be he was gambling a bit on getting a Renault drive though.

  2. Glad to see Mercedes showing that they have got over their problems in testing. Hopefully no more trouble for either Schumi or Nico in the remaining test days.

  3. You didn’t mention Damon for winning at Suzuka!!!

    1. There were some brilliant forum topics yesterday, so there’s no way that someone winning a race on the PS3 is more important. Besides, you must read LAK’s post. It’s wonderful.

      1. I know but, you know a line wouldn’t hurt.

        I will read that post tomorrow, it’s 1 in the morning and it turned into a blur.

        1. heh Keith has never mentioned the winner of the xbox championship ;)

      2. but you owned!

        1. probably verging in blasphemy here…. but any chance of an xbox tournament for us non-ps3 players?

          1. There is one, but it never gets mentioned. We’re like Superleague Formula. Just as fast, but largly anonymous!

          2. LOL ajokay! do you sound as great as their V12s as well?

          3. see the forum alejandro

          4. @ BasCB – FFFFFrrrrrNNNAAAAOOOOOWWWWWWrrrrgggggmmmmmmm!!

  4. Any other McLaren fans have the lingering feeling that the cars a dog and we’re going no where? Nothing impressive seems to be happening, reliability seems to have scarpered, I’m genuinley worried.

    AAAAAGGGHHHH I can’t take the idea of Vettle winning the title again despite himself, his cars to fast for his talent! And Alonso, talented t*** that he is, his just so sulky, an whiny, and lacking in integrity, booo to him and his superior mechanics.

    Oh god, will you give Hamilton something to compete with or his going to leave us!

    1. I agree (Is that the first time i’ve ever agreed with you? lol), if Vettel wins I won’t be a happy bunny. Although if the Red Bull is say in Ferrari’s position last year and he actually has to fight for wins I will be impressed.

      Oh and integrity is a weakness!!!

      1. JIM CLARK! ARYTON SENNA! JACKIE STEWART! The list goes on, integrity is an extremley admiarble quality and didn’t stop that lot and their 7 titles.

        Note, none of their titles seems devalued by outright cheating.

        1. 8. Their combined total comes to 8, which frankly doesnt even start to describe how good they were, especially Clark.

        2. Senna had integrity? When did that happen?

          1. A few hours after he died.

          2. Let’s put it the other way around: how many times did it happen that he didn’t?

          3. Senna had more integrity in his toe-nail than you will ever dream of having. When will you cease to be a trolling Prost/Balestre fanboy that’s the more important question…

    2. Given the fact that Hamilton has completed 66 laps this morning with no issues, I’m feeling slightly happier about the team’s chances. Granted the times haven’t looked brilliant so far, but it is only testing. The first race is where it matters.

    3. Oh come on!

      Even if Vettel had a superior car, you can’t argue with 10 pole positions

      Furthermore, he had more poles on the latter part of the 2010 season, despite the Ferraris catching up with them in terms of car performance.

  5. Just like USF1’s nosecone, the steering wheel does look like its part of an F1 car, but wheres the new car?

    1. To the point. Maybe it is already sitting somewhere in a Bahrain warehouse? So the team can claim it got lost in the troubles?

      But you can trust Kolles to be at the first race with a functional car, just about able to make the 107% time limit. Just not too much faster with their ressources.

      1. He is just doing the bare minimum to maintain his presence in the sport and make his entry justified, until either he can find some cash or sell the team for its entry spot!

        1. Sounds like doing the sensible thing for the Carabante’s.

  6. “Hispania team boss Colin Kolles said he was impressed with how quick Giorgio Mondini was in Catalunya testing today considering his long absence from the Formula 1 cockpit.”

    I’m still a little bit bemused as to what Mondini was doing there in the first place. I’ve heard rumours that Hispania have Swiss backers, so I suspect there is a clause in their contract that states they will get more money if they can field a Swiss driver.

    1. Interesting, I was also wondering about him. But maybe just a bit of putting the pressure on Tonio to bring a bigger pot of cash to race?

      1. Never heard of Mondini. Who is he? When was he in F1?

  7. Golden Q for Quick Nick way to go for him.

  8. You can always rely on Nick for a great helmet.

  9. so.. what does the Q actually mean?

    1. oh right.. quick nick.

      totally forgot for a bit there!

      1. Not too hard to forget, he does not always make us remember with his driving, does he?

        1. Well, Heidfeld was equal to Räikkonen in his rookie year, was slightly better than Massa, much better than Pantano, equal to Webber, slightly better than Villeneve and about equal to Kubica.

          I think that “Q” can stand not only for “quick”, but also for “quality”. I honestly think that he will do a good job.

          1. Equal to Raikkonen in Kimi’s debut year, that is. Nick had a season experience. Massa calmed down with a year testing at Ferrari. Beating Pantano, that finished Pantano off, not much to say. Webber really showed he moved on from there and improved.
            Jaques Villeneuve got fired for being no better than he was.
            Nick is quick when he gets a team mate pushing him to deliver (what Kubica, Kimi and Massa did), not that quick when not pushed it seems.

            The Quality sounds better for him: reliable, bringing what you expect to get and pay for without much suprises. Yes that fits the definition of Quality.

            So Quality Nick it is from now on!

          2. Just to add to BasCB’s response, Heidfeld also had considerably more experience before he arrived in F1. He raced in German F3 and spent two years in Euro F3000 (the forerunner to GP2), winning the title in his second year.

            Raikkonen, by contrast, jumped straight into F1 from Formula Renault having never competed in either of the intermediate categories, i.e. F3 and F3000.

            Heidfeld had an impressive year in 2001, but the fact that Raikkonen was able to get reasonably close despite his inexperience in single seaters was frankly astonishing.

  10. “Jarno Trulli says he is delighted with the new Lotus, despite reliability worries, and reckons there is still plenty more to come from the car.”

    Somebody is putting a brave face. The T128 is probably the most unreliable car of the season. I think the number of laps it has managed to complete so far is the smallest out of all the 2011 cars.

    1. 2011 HRT = zero laps

      1. And in three minutes, Aetost was proven wrong.

        1. Yeah, bit baseless…

        2. HRT? I cannot really comment on imaginary cars… :-P

    2. McLaren is not doing all to well on that front as well, although yesterday was a bit better.

      1. 66 laps completed this morning with no issues reported. Sounds like an improvement.

    3. being unreliable in testing doesn’t neccesarily mean anything, because testing is so much different from racing proper. for example the 2008 BMW was unreliable in testing and slow besides, but turned out to be the 3rd best car of that season.

      1. Also, Sauber were impeccable for reliability in testing last season, then De La Rosa went through 9 engines in almost as many races..

        1. that was more due to ferrari to be fair

  11. Nice to see someone ‘Trulli happy’ ! :)

    1. I guess he’s not so happy now, as he just crashed his Lotus in turn 9 :(

      1. Apparently not his fault (acc. to his boss)

      2. Darn, you beat me to it.

        I believe it was a component failure (Mike G on twitter).

  12. Why is there no Dubai GP, well the answer is quite simple…because of the debt crisis (and the subseqent bail out from the Abu Dhabi government) there is no money left for the sort of frivolous projects Dubai is famous for. The GP would have fallen into that category. The Abu Dhabi Government now have the final say in much of the Dubai Government’s investments, and seeing as they are far more conservative (read sensible) than the Dubai Government, I fear the Dubai Autodrome won’t be hearing the sound of F1 engines anytime soon. Which is a shame not only because because its a great facility, no yas Island great, but still top drawer.

    I’m surprised Qatar haven’t pushed for a GP, MotoGP seems to be doing alright over there.

    1. I think their track is to narrow for F1 cars GeeMac.

      And I agree on Dubai not really being in a position to put money in a GP. First sell of the island world to lower the debt and built up trust again.

      That theme park was not even finished, was it?

    2. I absolutely agree there.

      As someone who works for one of the large companies hammered by the dubai fallout (from unpaid bills), I dont give two hoots about an F1 GP in Dubai.

      Another case of too much growth, too quickly I’m afraid. I’m sure there is irony in the fact that a lot of these big projects were built on sand (see quick).

  13. I like Nick’s new helmet, nice. Kinda pointless having all those buttons on the HRT…chances are anything they’re connected to will fall apart.

    1. Thats if they can afford the wiring to connect them to anything!

      1. Hope the radio will work. They will have to tell the driver what button to push that actually works.

        Although with Yamamoto driving it might be better not to have him pushing to many buttons for fear of blocking the grid with foam!

  14. I just read this. All you Australians, protect that GP. Now that Bahrain might be cancelled or postponed we do not want the season starting even later with Melbourne being dropped!

    1. They are not talking about dropping it now, but after 2015. It would be a shame, I agree, but we still have the time to fight for it. And by “we” I mean “F1 fans in general”, not Australians.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. That’s a member of the opposition whose saying that stuff, technically he can’t do much about cancelling it.

      Worse case scenario would be if the general public (aka your average Joe Blow) started saying they want the race gone, thats when you should start to worry.

  15. Kolles pleased by Mondini’s pace

    This makes me worry for poor Tonio.

  16. Hi Linz,
    Since no one answered, I try to answer to that.

    I was in Monza last November, and I ensure you that is pretty easy to reach the circuit walking. from the center of the city, to the main entrance it’s about an hour walking. Probably you could find better alternatives, but with the expected traffic jams around the circuit, I believe it is the best option, and you can enjoy for free the wonderful Monza National Park.

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