Bahrain have until May to decide if race can happen

2011 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Bruno Senna, HRT, Bahrain, 2010

The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has set a deadline for the Bahrain Motor Federation to decide if its round of the world championship can take place this year.

Following a meeting of the WMSC today the FIA issued the following statement:

“The World Motor Sport Council asked the Bahrain Motor Federation to communicate by May 1st at the latest if the Bahrain Grand Prix can be organised in 2011.”

Bernie Ecclestone previously indicated a re-scheduled race could take place in November.

2011 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    12 comments on “Bahrain have until May to decide if race can happen”

    1. When’s the next Jean Todt approval rating, it seems we haven’t had one for a while?

      Anyway, I think my vote would have to be a ‘Disapprove’ for the last month or so, Jean Todt hasn’t shown good leadership at all in the whole Bahrain situation, in my opinion.

      1. They’re going to be quarterly this year, got one coming up soon.

        1. OK, thanks.

      2. He sure hasn’t shown any leadership about the Bahrain issue. Not good.

      3. Is it his job to do so though? He runs the FIA, not F1.

        It was always more Bernie’s decision than anyone elses.

    2. I hope this means whatever happens, Interlagos date ain’t move, awfully late to move the date by early may.

    3. I hope the race can happen, but regarding the entertainment I think having it at the end of the year would make it even more boring than if it was held at the start of the year.

    4. How very lenient. I bet if this was a European race, Malaysian, Japanese, Australian or Canadian GP they would be told there wont be a race until next year.

      1. I agree, I am not sure why they are being given so much leeway. Actually, of course I do… $$$.

        The whole 2011 Bahrain GP news story should be put to bed, for dignity’s sake. Give it the spot for 2012, but for now just leave it. We have enough GPs this year.

    5. I hope they can arrange something, 20 races is better than 19 in my opinion.

    6. Bahrain doesn’t count as a race in my view…

    7. After the Abu Dhabi race seems the best chance, both are close so won’t be too much problem in logistics

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