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Nico H???lkenberg and Davide Valsecchi were among the test drivers who were in action at Barcelona today.

See below for pictures of them and others during today’s test session.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Renault/LAT, Force India F1 Team, Team Lotus, Pirelli

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23 comments on “Second Barcelona test day 1 in pictures”

  1. im so looking foward to see the new williams livery on the track!!!

      1. Not that I’m particularly interested though!

    1. I’ll second the Williams livery anticipation.

      I also like the Pirelli tires with yellow lettering. It reminds me of the Southern California car scene from the 1970s with all the tires with raised white lettering.

      1. The color of the Pirelli logo differentiates the tire’s compound.

        Red lettering = supersofts
        White lettering = softs
        Blue lettering = mediums
        Yellow lettering = hard

        I’ve got to admit it does look cool.

        1. Hey where did u get that……… :-)

    2. Eh, we’ve already seen the Williams on-track. And until they do something about those horrible dark blue fins in front of the sidepods (and possibly the weird randomness of the design on the nose), then I’m not too excited for it.

      Hispania is the one I’m looking forward to ..

  2. James Williams
    8th March 2011, 18:31

    Hmm, none what so ever of the McLaren nose device or the McLaren winglets above the sidepod?

    Bad sponsorship on the engine cover, AirAsia is all distorted.

    1. first time I noticed the yellow -Team Lotus- on the side of the car. Getting cheeky?

      1. Cheeky no, needless oneupmanship yes.

  4. White writing on the sidewall of some of the tyres! I think it looks much better but they will probably stay yellow. That’s if pirelli don’t use the writing to distinguish different compounds

    1. Didn’t see your post, I wrote the same below!

    1. looks cool. Hope it reflects in spotlights!

  5. LOL, look at the Red Bull rear wing from the side.
    We have the Infiniti logo eating total.
    Or maybe Total Infiniti guiding the team.

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. But its all about Pacman on the nose!

      1. Look at the sides of the rear wing, the pacman is eating total above it.

  6. Lovin’ Valsecchi’s helmet

  7. genasupergena (@)
    9th March 2011, 16:26

    Dear f1fanatic.
    Long time reader first time writer.
    Could you please maybe post some 1920×1080 pictures because I bought a new screen and these pictures are too small :)

    1. Worth considering – does anyone else want to see bigger pics? What size?

      1. Me – 5000×3000

        Nah, these sizes are big enough for my PC desktop (1366×768).

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