Williams on-track in new livery – pictures from Barcelona day 2

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The Williams FW33 has been seen on-track in its definitive 2011 livery for the first time.

Pastor Maldonado drove the car during testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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Images © Williams/LAT, Mercedes GP, Ferrari spa, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus 2011, Force India F1 Team, Pirelli, Renault/LAT, Red Bull/Getty images, Virgin Racing

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60 comments on “Williams on-track in new livery – pictures from Barcelona day 2”

  1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    9th March 2011, 10:59

    Can’t wait for more pics where we can actually see the livery ;)

    1. Awesome looking car tbh.

  2. I love this paint scheme, but I have to say, the vertical white stripe on the side (can’t remember the bodywork piece) looks odd. Rest of it is great, especially in low light conditions

    1. I wish they’d gone the whole hog for the Rothmans style livery with lighter blue!

      1. yeah I tend to agree with this. The livery is good – and my favourite of the 2011 spec cars, but there is still room for improvement. This is another pic, which shows the livery more clearly


        1. Thanks for that pic. Those white deflectors (or whatever) look goofy.

      2. Agreed. Dark blue is boring. In fact, smart though it is, the whole livery is sleep inducing. And I agree, the white fin looks a bit out of place

      3. Me too. That was the first thing I thought, looks good, but if only the blue was lighter it would look great.

    2. Yeah, those white fins really need work. They should be dark blue.

      The car could do with a few more major sponsors, too …

      1. Last years livery was better.

      2. Maybe if it had some sponsor, or those silver/burgundy stripes, on it, it would be better, but the white, combined with the very simple (clean?) shape of the thing make it look odd.

    3. yeah, the white turning vane spoils it a bit…!

  3. Photos of the Sauber C30 show an interesting new piece of aero tech: an “ear” for the vertical fin alongside the sidepod. Thy also have a new sponsor, the Homeless World Cup.

    1. That last one was on the car when they rain it in Mexico:

      Sergio Perez drives Sauber in front of fans in Mexico (See the video)

      Surely they’re not actually paying for the space, though?

      1. If they are, they’re getting a discounted price on it.

      2. Oh I don’t know, the Homeless World Cup is a big bucks event. The TV revenues alone are in the billions of dollars…

        1. But it will probably come with some budget for promotion?
          Or is it just Telmex are sponsors of the event and had it put on the wing<

      3. Now they seem to have a new one on the side pods. Good job Sauber.

    2. Isn’t the more interesting part of that photo the fact that the car seems to be missing a massive section of its engine cowling?

      1. That is pretty impressive as well!

      2. haha true, wonder why they did that – can’t exactly have helped with the times!

  4. the intake styling on the nose is a nice touch

    1. Nice spotting that. Love it.

    2. yes, hadn’t see that. It looks great

      1. Me neither. Great idea!

  5. somerandomguy
    9th March 2011, 11:31

    blue too dark. its pretty much black and white. inversed sauber

  6. My only complains are:

    – The shade of blue should be lighter. Im tired of this boring dark (and emo) blue.

    – The side deflector its not a piece that needs to be shown. I dont understand the white there. It should be blue also.

    1. That’s looking really good, thanks for the picture. I suppose it is matching that for both the livery and the car, the front looks rather boring and more of the same, and the back of the car looks quite interesting.

  7. Looks like its sponsored by adidas! LOL

    1. They should call them up! Or maybe not, for fear of having a lawsuit on trademark?

  8. From the front view, I think it looks far less impressive in the light of day. But the side view is still good (thanks rabbit!)

  9. no Mercedes pictures???

    1. Not yet.

      1. Keith, may I ask where u usually obtain pictures for your site and are them copyright protected/?

        1. From multiple sources, and yes (the copyright is noted at the foot of the article, underneath the images on the preview pages and on the images themselves – I’m not sure how you could miss it!)

          1. :)) well I was paying attention zooming on the car details…

  10. Image of the mclaren, have they decided to ditch their radical shaped sidepods and gone back to normal


    1. I know that’s this year’s car because it has ‘3’ on it, but what’s up with the F-duct inlet?

      1. It must be a image from the first test when their used the mp4-25.

        Stupid Planet F1, that was where the image came from with the heading Brundle: McLaren’s MP4-26 Is A ‘Mess’I thought that it was a recent image from the barcelona test.

    2. interesting, though if this is a permanent replacement for the radical sidepods, they still havent returned to complete “normality”. Could be wrong cos the picture’s small, but it looks as if they are raised and very heavily undercut, like a more extrem version of the torro rosso

      1. actually, looking at it again, its the interim version of the mp4-25 they ran in the valencia test. That would explain the number 3 on the car

  11. That front wing support on the Ferrari 150 is so enormous! wonder why that is

  12. Massa’s helmet! What’s happened!?

  13. When Ferrari take that boomerang off their car they’re gunna be a second up on everyone! ;)

  14. Keith could you please, when adding new photos, put them all on top/bottom and not mix them with previous ones?

      1. If it’s something that requires a lot of time then it doesn’t matter, but because I sometimes don’t know which photos I already saved and which I didn’t.

  15. the McLaren is obviously going too quick for anyone to take a decent photo!!!!!

    1. I like your optimism! (But I fear you’re wrong.)

      Where did that solitary McLaren picture come from? So far this year I have found all of about 3 MP4-26 photos that were wallpaper-worthy, and I have no idea why. McLaren have jack squat on their website and besides F1 Fanatic, I don’t have many other good sources…

  16. Can someone please explain to me why Mercedes Gp haven’t developed their front wing much since 2010, and the 2010 one was similar to the 2009 wing?

    Please. I can’t seem to work it out.

    1. The pics above do look like the old spec wing.

      I think they had a new wing they were testing last month in Barcelona. Have a look.


      1. thanks, at least there trying to change it :)

  17. It looks loads better with the sunlight beating down on it compared to those dark studio pictures we saw. The side profile is beaut!

    1. It is a lovely profile isn’t it. I think that tiny gearbox really lets them drop the back of the side pods and airbox to give it that steep sweeping line.

      It certainly gets my vote for the sexiest rear end in F1. ;)

  18. Petrov is using curb feelers? haha

    What are those two horizontal sensors on the back of the Renault measuring?

  19. Speaking of pretty pictures.Paul Henri-Cahier will be publishing pictures from Melbourne. Twit and Facebook link below.

    F1Photo f1-photo by F1US
    Every day for the next two weeks, I will be publishing one photo from each Australian GP in Melbourne since 1996.


  20. Could have sworn the FW33 had adopted black over blue until I saw the picture of it rolling out of the garage.

    As much as I have warmed to the R31, stick the R30 livery on it and you have the best season for livery as a whole, ever!

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