Kubica “better every day” but too soon to decide on return

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Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011
Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Robert Kubica’s doctor Ricardo Ceccarelli says the Renault driver is “getting better every day” but it’s too soon to tell when he could make a return to the cockpit.

Ceccarelli told journalists in Barcelona: “Robert is getting better every day. I see that he?s recovering physiologically very quickly.

“This isn?t a surprise for us as we know Robert very well. It?s a big surprise though for the doctor at the hospital. It?s good news as they are satisfied how he?s reacting to the surgery.

“We are very happy with the surgery, we are just not happy about the accident. We were lucky we had a very high level specialist from the beginning to work with him. As Robert is so strong that?s really when our main hopes come from, with him you never know.

“He is still at the same hospital which is good as it?s very well organised there. They are giving him the best physiotherapy sessions every day, so it makes no sense to move him from there. They have the right structure to take care of him at this moment.”

Ceccarelli said it’s “impossible to say” whether Kubica will need further surgery: “Probably not as everything is going very well.

“We are lucky as there have been no complications. We don?t plan any other surgery at the moment, there is no reason too.”

Kubica is undergoing daily physiotherapy and exercise: “Just a simple routine to help work and recover the body.”

But Ceccarelli said it’s too soon to talk about a return to racing: “We can?t answer. Nobody can. Honestly I?m not a magician.

“The surgeons did a great job and Robert is strong but there is a third fracture. Nobody knows the nature of this and how quick it may take for him to recover. It?s impossible to answer at this time. We have two positive aspects, the job did by the doctors and how strong Robert is.”

He added: “Robert is moving his fingers and his wrist so he?s good.”

Ceccarelli described Kubica’s injuries as “different” and “more difficult” than those he suffered in a road accident in 2003:

“It?s completely different injuries to last time, more of a difficult situation. Last accident was one month to recover, here it will be longer.

“I know everyone wants to know when, but I can?t answer as this would be stupid. It will take a long time, that?s all we know. We will see day by day how it?s going. After a month we will know more.”

He added: “The body has a capacity to react and is different from person to person. Day by day we have to understand what he needs and only then we can decide when and what type of rehabilitation he will need.

“The situation is as per the last statement, nothing different.??

Quotes and additional reporting by Leandra Graves

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    27 comments on “Kubica “better every day” but too soon to decide on return”

    1. but it’s too soon to tell when he could make a return to the cockpit.

      When he could make a return meaning it’s almost certain he will return sooner or later?

      1. That really is something positive then. Only a matter of time.

        Good luck Robert, great work doctors!

        1. Excellent news.

    2. Just hope he’ll come back one day. All we can do is wait.

    3. Considering that many healthy drivers train 4 to 5 hours a day to stay in shape, and Kubiies down time, I can’t really see how he will be back very soon.

      Later is my guess Fixy

    4. I don’t think its worth reading into the doctors remarks. The body heals differently for everyone at different points.

      All I can say is that I hope he comes back and I wish Robert a speedy recovery

      1. Doctors like to play it safe, so usually they talk about what they feel is the worst-case scenario. You can make your own adjustments from there.

    5. I don’t think he will be back, and if he does he won’t be the same driver. I feel the best we will have ever seen of Robert was 2008.

      1. If Robert has the will to fight and if the doctors did well and, then I think he’ll be alright. He has a seat for 2012 in Renault, and he will most likely be fit enough to help develop next year’s car. I doubt we will see him racing this year, but he will be ready for 2012.

      2. @RIISE: Agree, I doubt he will be the same Robert again. The quickness of the hand and body needs to be in ultimate level. So sad for a potential World Champion now am afraid it will never happend anymore. What a waste of a genuine talent.

        1. I must say that I am a pessimist myself but still with hope to be proven wrong

        2. Geez you guys are one jolly lot. He’s come back from other horrible accidents before (admittedly, not this horrible) and has only kept getting better. As long his body heals I don’t see why he wouldn’t come back even stronger after this. When Lauda had his horrible accident, for example, I’m not sure how many people thought he would race again, let alone win championships. These guys are made of stern stuff.

          1. Yeah, but you don’t operate the car with your facial skin or your ears.
            If, for example, Robert’s wrist’s range of motion becomes limited then this might be a problem that will permanently compromise his driving capability.

            1. fortunately there is nothing so far to suggest he won’t make a full recovery, in which case I don’t see why he won’t be as competitive as ever

      3. Maybe you’re right. But surely I hope you’re quite wrong. I really want to see what Robert Kubica can do in a top machine.

    6. Robert is alive and recovering. We can be very very happy about that alone!

    7. The doctor’s cautious optimism is to be expected considering the nature of the injuries. And he is fully aware of the demands of a Grand Prix car, and the minimum dexterity level required to be at least just capable, before talk of being proficient.

    8. Brilliant news, thanks for keeping us updated Keith :)

    9. dyslexicbunny
      10th March 2011, 14:47

      Thanks for the update. I hope he doesn’t rush back into it.

    10. What is this third fracture?

      1. Third time he’s broken the same arm.

        1. I believe it’s a typo. There should be ‘third factor’ (the nature) instead of ‘third fracture’. As far as I know, he broke his right arm only once before (in 2003).

          1. And F1 Canada 2007 surely?

            1. Nope, Kubica didn’t suffer any fractures in Canada ’07 crash.

    11. I hope Robert gets well soon, but I don’t want him to rush either, I don’t want to see him come to back and be off the pace.

    12. The good news is that he is improving day by day. So only thing we can do is pray for him.

    13. Read on tweeter that he is due to have another elbow surgery on Satuday :<

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