Razia and Valsecchi to be Lotus reserve drivers

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Davide Valsecchi, Lotus, Barcelona, 2011

Lotus has confirmed Luiz Razia and Davide Valsecchi will be the team’s test drivers in 2011.

Razia will be the official appointed third driver and Valsecchi will be the team’s reserve driver.

They both drove Lotus’s F1 car in the test at Barcelona on Tuesday and will drive the car during some Friday test sessions this year.

The pair also drive for Lotus’s sister GP2 team Air Asia.

Ricardo Teixeira has also joined the team as a second test driver.

Chief executive officer Riad Asmat said: “Luiz and Davide’s efforts have helped Team AirAsia enjoy a very strong start to its debut season and their roles with Team Lotus will give them invaluable experience of the highest level of global motorsport which will help their natural talents develop in the right direction.

“Ricardo has already learnt a huge amount from his two runs in our car in pre-season testing and we are very excited about seeing Luiz, Davide and Ricardo continue to grow with us throughout 2011 and beyond and the whole team is looking forward to working with them.”

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    11 comments on “Razia and Valsecchi to be Lotus reserve drivers”

    1. Any word on where that leaves Karun Chandhok?
      These two being reserves makes sense to combine with the GP2 team. But if a 3rd driver is needed this year, I would think it is better to have someone at hand with at least some F1 experience.

      1. Sounds like he’s out. I had a feeling that deal wasn’t going to happen based on how long it was taking. Too bad too, it would’ve been great to see him as reserve driver, with possibly a one-off race seat for the inaugural Indian GP.

    2. Theyve added Ricardo Teixiera to their lineup now, aka Money Talks.

    3. I still dont understand why teams are hiring so many test/reserve drivers (hi Renault) when they a) get no chance to test and b) wont be used as a substitute. Do they really get paid by sponsors just to say they’re on their books?

      1. George,

        I’ve felt the same. It seems so meaningless at announcing so many reserve drivers and having them look smart in their outfits on launch day, when they aren’t ever going to do anything constructive in the team. I’ve also got the feeling the teams may be paid by the sponsors just to get these “reserve” drivers announced.

      2. Agreed. Renault hiring 4 3rd/test/reserve drivers and then using none them when Kubica has his accident makes the whole malarkey look very stupid.

      3. You’re right. But still, go Davide!

    4. I thought Karun was being considered for it. Wat may have happened to him?

    5. I think Renault are probably an understandable exception to this. If something happens to any driver mid-season the teams may only have less than a week to react…so that’s the purpose they serve.

    6. That’s good line up for the team as they have drivers as reserve who will continuously drive GP2 in tracks of F1. But I still think that they could have a experience test driver who won’t take too much time to learn the car & tyres.

    7. GP2 are on Pirelli’s too so it won’t be completely alien.

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