Second Barcelona test day 5 in pictures

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Heavy rain hit the final day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

See below for pictures from today’s test.

F1 pictures

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Mercedes GP, Daimler

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36 comments on “Second Barcelona test day 5 in pictures”

  1. Have Pirelli released anything to say how we can distinguish between hard and soft tyres yet?

    It seems to be blue for inters and green for full wets.

    Anybody know yet?

    1. The tyres are black.

      1. Ha. I think it will be the coloured writing. Blue for inters, green for wets. Silver and yellow for the 2 dry tyres but not sure which Is which

        1. @mcmercslr: Yeah I saw the inters on the round up today and the wets in pictures today too. We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose. :)

          @McG: Very funny. :P

        2. I think the supersofts are cord and ply colored. That is to say that after two laps, you will be able to see the cords and plies from the tires flapping around as the driver comes in to change them.

    2. They’ll announce it next week, for all four dry compounds and the two wets.

      1. Ah right. Cheers dude. Thats cool. I saw a picture of the inters on the round up today too. Thats a really unusual looking thread isn’t it?

    3. UKfanatic (@)
      12th March 2011, 23:56

      white i guess

  2. DeadManWoking
    12th March 2011, 18:05

    Just noticed McLaren using Ferrari style front wheel rings this year.

    1. Yeah you’re right. I thought they were banned??

      1. There is a rule to prevent them by limiting the surface area of the wheel-rim, thats why they are not as big as the ones on the F10 which had three rings instead of one. Its a bit like the roll-blade rule change.

      2. They couldn’t use them last year because the wheels were homologated at the beginning of the season.

    2. Good spot Dead Man Woking. A shame they did not get this banned as well, looks ugly.

  3. I knew the Mercedes was gorgeous…but my god!!

    1. Except that they’ve gone to the tall sidepod vanes like everyone else now, I liked the looks of the short stub vanes better.

    2. And they’ve replaced that retro W196 look rear facing scoop atop the sidepod with louvers to fix their KERS cooling problems.

  4. I like the type of green used for the lettering better then the Bridgestone green! And I’m gonna look at that HRT nose again (comparing it with the Mercedes one)

  5. The Mercedes is even more stunning in the rain

  6. is it me or those grooves are WAY deeper than those from Bridgestone ?

    1. UKfanatic (@)
      12th March 2011, 23:58

      dunno has anyone notice how shiny are the pirellis they look like karting tyres

  7. Great pictures today, <3 rainy sessions

    1. Agreed, Fantastic photos.

  8. Mercedes have gone back to the old spec wing again. Why?

    1. Maybe to assess its potential in the wet.

    1. * check the mclaren nose

      1. oh it was just a piece of equipment to measure the load on various parts of the front wing. Its not permanent, its just been painted to match the livery.

  9. Good to see you have been choosing the McLaren pictures that don’t show the front of the nose Keith!

  10. Why have MercGP gone back to the old spec front wing ? Worried about ruining one before melbourne?

    1. Just guessing, but it could be they don’t need the new wing for a rain set up.

  11. Why doesnt heavy rain EVER hit barcelona during racetime?

    1. because of the climate?

  12. I love that pan of Nico… absolutely perfect shot!

    The 6th one down on the right.

  13. Are these all the pictures Keith? I was hoping for more McLaren ones in the wet. :)

  14. I must say, as I’m not a huge fan of the Red Bull livery, both the Mercedes and Ferrari are two of the most beautiful cars out there this season.

    McLaren i’m afraid…isn’t.

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