Jarno Trulli: "It’s a huge step forward"

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In today’s round-up, Jarno Trulli talks of progress with the new Lotus and a chance to meet the Force India drivers in Mumbai.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Trulli: Lotus’s progress is enormous (Autosport)

"Jarno Trulli is confident that Lotus has made a ‘huge’ step forward with its 2011 car – though he warned that with reliability having been less than perfect in testing, it could be some races before the T128 shows its potential."

Best winter still leaves RBR guessing (Autosport)

"Red Bull Racing may having rounded off what it believes was its ‘best ever’ pre-season build-up at Barcelona this week, but the team insists it still does not know how it stacks up against the opposition."

A bit of a softie – No Angel, the Secret Life of Bernie Ecclestone (The Spectator Book Club)

"There are more serious errors ?������ for example Bower’s explanation of the confrontation at Indianapolis in 2005, when seven of the ten teams refused to race at the last moment. He incorrectly says this was due to the FIA forbidding a change of tyres during the race and misses the significance of this first indication of a political fault line in the sport. But even this does not really matter. Despite the errors, anyone reading his book will get the clearest picture yet of Bernie as a person and his role in building Formula One."

Force India via Twitter

"Just two more Sundays until the big race in Australia! :D Melbourne, we’re ready, are you!?

"#certifiedfantastic is your chance to guide the Force India drivers around #Mumbai city! http://moby.to/v9wlku"

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Comment of the day

PJ has created some great posters for every race of the season to come:

Quiet Sunday indeed given all the testing done (great coverage of it all by the way).

To liven things up, take a look at these F1 2011 posters I made for the upcoming season. There’s one for every Grand Prix on the calendar

From the forum

The results are in for the Belgian Grand Prix in the Official Junior F1 Fanatic Junior World Championship. ed24f1 won the race for Renault, followed by Shyguy2008 for Lotus in second and jamiet19 for McLaren third.

After 10 rounds, ed24f1 is in the lead with 147 points, with jamiet19 just six points behind for second.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of our most regular commenters, Patrickl!

On this day in F1

James Hunt won the non-championship Race of Champions at Brands Hatch 35 years ago today.

The McLaren driver finished ahead of Alan Jones’ Surtees and Jacky Ickx in a Hesketh.

Check out these pictures of the race by John M47 on Flickr.

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66 comments on “Jarno Trulli: "It’s a huge step forward"”

  1. what’s/when’s the next race for the ps3 championship?

  2. Great job on the posters PJ… I loved the way you blended the countries flags and the F1 cars!


    1. Aren’t they just; each one is interesting and original. The Japanese one is my fave.

      1. Got to be Turkey. Brilliant job

      2. Japanese is my favorite as well. Very simple and elegant. Plus it’s for Suzuka, which is one of my favorite circuits…

      3. love the spain one, and valencia! they’re all awesome.. wallpapers here i come!

        1. they’re all awesome..

          If I expressed myself using my own words, I’d have run out of superlatives.

      4. The Japanese is just a fabulous idea! But all the others are lovely, even if they share many characteristics.

    2. I liked the Indian one most. Great great job!!

      I hope PJ allows Keith to use these posters for F1Fanatic

      1. Oh god yes!

        1. Great idea. They’d make really great banners on the sidebar for each race weekend.

      2. Woah thanks for the mention Keith, as a massive fan of F1F this certainly means a lot!

        Also, feel free to use each poster in the runup to every Grand Prix, quite a few F1 sites have asked me if that was okay to do but this is the one site where I’d love to share them with the world.

        As for printing, I’m currently lookiong into pricing and will open up a store for these soon!

        1. Simply amazing job PJ. Absolutely great!!!

    3. Indeed! Those are bloody brilliant!

      1. Just had a look at the posters – and wow! Do you mind if I print the Melbourne one out at put it on my wall? :) Do you work for Formula One Management? Are these the posters that will be displayed at every Grand Prix this year? :P

        1. Ha! I wish I worked at FOM (the original plan was to make these and let all the teams, FOM, FIA, BBC etc. know about them) and I’ll send out a few emails/tweets during the week when I’m free. In particular I’d love to know what Schumacher thinks of them since he’s been an idol to me ever since childhood.

          As for printing, there’s no point in printing based off the images you see online as the quality will be very bad. Besides, I’ll be opening up a store for these soon and am looking into costs of production at the moment :)

    4. I agree, they are really lovely. Clever design, not to complicated and great how you used the flags.

    5. Absolutely agree – those are great. PJ – you should definitely put a copyright on those if you haven’t yet. By the way, I think these would make a brilliant postage stamp series. Very nice work.

      1. All the (non-client) work I do I own the copyright of, so no worries there.

    6. somerandomguy
      14th March 2011, 8:25

      no bahrain…

      1. I had a Bahrain one made (it was my first), but had to cut it in the end. By the time Bahrain was cancelled I was halfway through so I had to go back and adjust all the numbers and tags at the bottom!

    7. Completely agree, the posters are great. If I could offer any criticism, it’d be that the angle of the F1 car on a few of them is the same, which in turn makes a few of them look pretty similar.

      Then again, thats purely constructive criticism as I love them! Only problem is that I don’t entirely know how to use them :D. Maybe offer them to Keith for his race review page?

      1. I know, it was intentional to create a sense of consistency, most of them were 20 degrees off. Any further on some flags would make them look less like flags.

        1. Singapore is groovy! I love how clever Japan and Abu Dhabi are, too. :)

        2. Great work on the designs. They remind me of art deco posters. Did you ever consider making them 3d to give them some more depth?

          1. I hadn’t as I wanted to keep them flat and minimal for now, but that could be an idea for the next project :)

    8. Nice work PJ thoroughly enjoyed ur poster.

  3. wow those posters are great PJ! so much better than the rubbish ones FOM produce.
    I especially like the Brazillian one. :D

    1. That was the original inspiration back in (!) October, I said “I could do better than that :p”

      The Brazil one was special as I struggled a bit with the concept, but ended up going all out to make something totally different to the previous 18.

  4. I love the posters. They will make great backgrounds for my iPhone :)

    1. I should convert them to iPhone papers and let them go as a set to download.

  5. PJ’s posters are amazing! I wouldn’t mind buying a couple actually

    On the subject of Twitter- for the site regulars who haven’t got an account, or think Twitter’s a load of rubbish, I’d recommend at least giving it a try. In the past few weeks in particular I think it’s been really great.

    I don’t really use it for following the F1 news- most of stories find their way on to F1 Fanatic, Autosport, James Allen etc. I just think it’s great for having a chat with likeminded people about not only F1 but any random subject.

    Twitter has a perception of being a bit self indulgent, celebrities telling everyone what they had for dinner etc, but it’s not really like that. You’re much more likely to read things you just don’t give a hoot about on Facebook, in my experiences at least

    So, at least consider giving it a try, the more fanatics there are on there the better it gets. And no, I wasn’t paid to write this :P

    1. totally agree! i only got it last week, but it has opened up the F1 news a ridiculous amount! during testing there’s about 3 or 4 tweets a minutes coming from the teams, drivers, reporters etc.. its live, and great! also, a tonne of fanatics are on there, so its good to keep in touch

      1. Someone should give the Twitter ID list thingo I made in the forum a bump… :P But yes, I had this image of Twitter being for celebrities, creepily-obsessive fans and hipsters documenting their encounters. But I was convinced to join (or re-ignite a dormant account, in my case) and I’ve not had a single regret. Actually I have, it’s a giant time-eating machine and you’ll learn more about F1 than you had previously imagined possible. I love it!

        1. Where is the list?

    2. For me the only upside to Twitter is that you can use it to talk to people you randomly met on the internet without given them access to your real name. Apart from that, it’s exactly the same as facebook to me. As for the news, well, you can just set up an RSS Feed, bingo.

      And for everyone who might have wondered, yes I deleted my account, I didn’t de-friend you or anything.

      1. Ned Flanders
        14th March 2011, 12:22

        Indeed, but my point is that talking to people on Facebook is boring, because most people are only interested in themselves and their own mundane lives (well, my friends anyway), whereas Twitter doesn’t seem so narcissistic. Like I said, the F1 news aspect isn’t that big a deal.

        And we know your name already, it’s Nikolas :P

        1. I wasn’t a massive fan of Twitter but I’ve net some fantastic peole on there. The conversations take many turns, and not just a bout F1, with many different people dropping in and out as it goes along. I find it fantastic. :)

    3. Those posters are really great. Silverstone is my favourite I think. I love the use of ‘The Wing’

    4. Oh, and by the way, Ned’s been looking at the posters as they went up live every day, and was a great motivator in getting me across the line :)

    5. Can I suggest also Adam Cooper, Grand Prix Diary and Scarbs.

      Really good tidbits of info on there.

      And the funniest moment of twitter last week where Gary Paffett tweeted Jensons missus to tell her that her new pic looked hot.

      Only for Jenson to chip in and say “Ahem,,,, excuse me”.

      Busted Gary :-)

      1. lol, COTD right there!

      2. Haha I saw that! :P

  6. Happy birthday Patrickl!

  7. Agreed, those posters are brilliant!

  8. Thanks for the birtdaywishes :)

    Been celebrating already. Unfortunately there was no race on my birthday party :(

    1. Happy B-day!

      1. Hope you had a great day! :)

    2. Happy birthday!

    3. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Happy Birthday!

    4. Happy b-day Patrickl.

    5. You mean you did not run around your frontyard with your buddies, helmets on and doing wroouummm? A part of your complete birthday.

      Anyways, happy birthday and great posters. I like the aging bit a lot.

  9. Very good design there PJ, you should sell them.

    1. Way ahead of you mate ;)

  10. Happy birthday Patrick!

    Them posters are gorgeous! Love what you’ve done with each of them, Spain is my favourite I think, or Korea…

    1. Korea was a funny one. I got up that morning and had the sketchbook beside me when drinking tea at breakfast and went “hey, those things around the flag look like cars, idea time!”.

  11. Really cool posters, PJ. You are very talented!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Trulli: “Tony has managed to give us a really good rear end.”


  12. Wow guys, thanks for all the comments, it means a lot to me that fellow F1 fans are so impressed by these. Just thought I’d use this post to answer a few questions:

    Using them on F1F: If Keith wants to use these in any way for the race previews he’s got my full permission to do so (it’s be an honour seeing my stuff on my favourite F1 site :))

    Printing/For Sale: I’m currently sorting out pricing and shipping costs locally and will be opening up a store soon when everything’s ready. At the moment I’m looking at €30 (about £25) per poster + shipping (discounts on multiple orders). When the store goes live I’ll let you all know.

    Wallpapers: A lot of people have asked me about using these as wallpapers for their iPhone, which is great. Feel free to take the images you currently see online and use them for that purpose. They’re all 636×899 so bear that in mind. (I obviously have the hi-res ones safely tucked away for printing) I may make a wallpaper set soon if I’m not too busy.

    Once again, thanks for all the love people, and like you I can’t wait for Australia!


    1. PJ i seriously think you should get in contact with FOM about your posters. they haven’t made any yet for 2011 and could buy the rights to the use of yours… $$$! also you’d get exposure!

      here there is nothing for 2011…

      1. I’ll get on that tomorrow morning, I remember looking at those when I was seeing what the standard was out there :)

  13. These posters are amazing, congratulations! Really great stuff!

    I would just remove the numbering if I wore you, but that´s just a suggestion. Without the numbering they would become more “vintage” in a way…

    1. Maybe, but I really wanted to hit home that each of these races, while important in their own right, are part of something much bigger.

  14. Happy birthday Patrickl. I may nearly always disagree with you on Massa but I always love reading your comments.

    PJ your posters are sensational! I absolutely love them.

  15. HounslowBusGarage
    14th March 2011, 14:09

    Of course, it should have been the Bahrain GP yesterday. But the situation would have been quite impossible as according to the BBC-

    It comes a day after the worst violence since seven anti-government protesters were killed in clashes with security forces last month.
    Dozens of people were injured on Sunday as protesters pushed back police and barricaded roads.

    The events in Libya and Japan have relegated Bahrain to third or fourth position in the news. But we should remember what is going on there; imagine what would have happened if Crown Prince had tried to make the race go ahead to show how stable the country was?

  16. I love how Jarno totally dismisses HRT at the end of that article, even though he hasn’t seen them run.
    Come to think of it, the fact that he hasn’t seen them run is probably why they’re so easily dismissed.

  17. That’s Max Mosley reviewing Bernie’s biography by Tom Bower. I just got the book and am looking forward to finding out why Mosley likes it so much, in spite of lots of errors.

    Bower does not appear to follow F1 at all. Surely he or his editor could have gotten Mario Theissen’s last name right with a couple of seconds of googling. The index manages to get both first and last name wrong .. sigh. With such basic errors you sort of wonder how rigorous the fact-finding was.

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