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2011 Australian Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Barcelona, 2011

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn says he is pleased with their progress in pre-season testing.

Concerns were raised over the performance of the W02 earlier in testing but the team appeared to take a step forward in the final test in Barcelona.

Brawn said: “Our pre-season programme has gone as well as we could have wanted.

“However, as always, the first race will be the real measure of where we are in terms of competitiveness. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how the grid shakes out in Melbourne, and wherever we find ourselves, we will respond accordingly.”

He expects the team to make better progress during the season than they did last year:

“Our ability to react strongly has improved considerably over the past twelve months and we have a robust development plan in place for the season.

“2011 will be the second season with our drivers, Michael and Nico, and this continuity, together with our well-established relationships, has enabled both the drivers and team to prepare well for the challenges ahead.”

Mercedes Motorsport vice president Norbert Haug said: “The final test in Barcelona with our planned technical updates saw us take a step forward which is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of our whole team.

“There are still a lot of question marks about how the racing will unfold in 2011 with the new Pirelli tyres, the adjustable rear wing and the reintroduction of KERS. These are demanding challenges for the drivers, and Michael and Nico have done a good job mastering the new systems and understanding how to get the most out of the tyres.”

He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our hard-working team members in Brackley, Brixworth and Stuttgart for their relentless efforts since the final chequered flag of last season.

“The best reward for all of us would be to start the new season in a stronger position compared to 2010.”

2011 Australian Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Brawn pleased with Mercedes testing”

    1. It’s a good job the latest update worked. I consistent development pattern throughout the season will probably give Mercedes and Schumi a chance for wins.

      Still disregard that Nico is actually part of the team =D

      1. Michael doesn’t…

        1. Michael youre da man! Its so interesting to watch him in a winning car! Can’t wait to see the OZ race…wow! :)

    2. Proesterchen
      18th March 2011, 10:59

      I suppose there are worse places to start a season from than the top of the sheet at the most demanding circuit.

    3. Music to my ears Mr Brawn, music to my ears.

      Hope to see both Nico and Michael up there in the front at the start of the season.

      @verstappen, same goes for Norbert and Brawn himself, they both admit they were shocked how well Nico did compared to Schumi. Rightly so Nico is putting his foot down this season in the team when it comes to driver equality…

      1. Yes, not only a music to my ears…its a sunshine in my entire week and probably the whole year, lol.. “verstappen” is MSC hater.. its a blast to his ears. hahaha

        1. I remember some of verstappen’s other posts suggesting he isn’t an MSC “hater” as such.

          But hopefully he is wide of the mark here ;)

    4. I’m really waiting Saturday 26th!!! i’m just hoping that Micheal will be in the top 3, this is enough!!!
      then I’m sure if he start the season there he will take care of the rest!!!
      Guys, we should never forget that this is Mercedes, Brawn and Micheal. If this combination couldn’t make a good car than no one can!!!

      1. Wow! can’t wait to see Schumi in a winning car!

    5. It seems like they’re fast enough to challenge Redbull and Ferrari although I think it would not easy to outpace them. How Renault and Mclaren are competitive is also interesting, Williams, Sauber, Toro Rosso as well.

    6. I am actually cheering Schumi on this year, which I never thhought would happen. I just think it would be an awesome comeback story if he started winning races again. A lot of people count him out, and he had a rouigh 2010… I actually feel like he’s the underdog this year.

      BTW Keith I love the new mobile site. Works like a charm on my BlackBerry.

      1. I agree, I think a credible comeback for Schumacher would be the icing on the cake of 7 x WDC trophies.

      2. If he wins races and is a contender for this year championship he could improve a bit more his reputation and maybe, just maybe, he will be able to surpass Senna’s image as the best driver of all time.

      3. I actually feel like he’s the underdog this year.
        BTW Keith I love the new mobile site. Works like a charm on my BlackBerry.

        It’d be nice to see some 1996-2000 style performances from him, where he was very much the underdog.

        And I agree that both the full and mobile sites work brilliantly on BB.

    7. By now I must say I am fighting anticipation, fearing it will end like with Bahrain last year. Sure Melbourne is a better track and FOM might have learnt how to show us the action and Pirelli did their thing, but can Schumacher actually acheive anything impressive this year, or will indeed Nico Rosberg win his first race?

      I would love it if both things happened this year, althoug I remain sceptical.

    8. It would be great if Michael and Nico could win a race this season. I think red bull is the fastest car with ferrari and merc equally quick. But this world championship will be by far the best ever because of pirelli. Mark my worlds…… it will be unpredictable and exciting! And I think that we will have more than 6 winners!

    9. I still think they’re going to be rubbish, I refuse to believe they’re as fast as that final test suggested.

      Having said that, I would be glad to see both drivers on the podium this year.

    10. I hope their updates can keep them in the running for at least podium finishes all season.

    11. The last test was promising for them I hope they improve.Both Brawn & Schumacher have lots to prove this season.

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