2011 Australian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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The 2011 F1 season has finally got underway in Australia.

Here are pictures from today’s first two practice sessions in Melbourne.

F1 pictures

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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35 comments on “2011 Australian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. Excellent pictures Keith (are you in oz)?

    Hopefully minichamps and hotwheels will wake up and release limited edition models of the cars that are carrying japanese flags or messages – Or I can see custom decals being sold on ebay!!

    I love the oragami bird on the williams a bit different!

    1. I’m loving the big numbers on the williams too, wish more teams followed suit.

      1. Agreed Kinz, that is how all the cars should do it!

  2. Yes!

    I’ve been looking forward to thie very post for four months now.

  3. I just miss pictures of the McLaren :(

    I guess it’s to fast to take pictures of it right:P?

    1. The shiney paint blurrs out all pictures…
      And more pictures are being added. As it says above.

    2. James Williams
      25th March 2011, 11:18

      as usual more pictures will be added

    3. It would appear that if it weren’t for Pirelli, there would be no pictures of McLaren. Are McLaren that stingy when it comes to giving out photos for re-distribution to fans?

  4. Aha the Schumacher pic is brilliant, that’s one for the folder.

  5. The way Williams put in that message for Japan looks really nice. Almost like being old ceramics.

    1. Yeah it really does, I’m taking a class on Asian Theatre and it looks like some of the stuff we have studied in there. I am so proud to see Formula One coming out and supporting Japan, I have two very dear friends there (both are safe) but my thoughts and prayers are still very much with that country and those people. It’s about time the race got here, time for something the world can enjoy and rejoice in.

  6. Hate to be “that” guy, but praying doesn’t really do much. My washing machine is still broken. JESUS?!?!?

    1. True, but I have to admit it is fantastic to see all the great support for Japan during this disaster(especially Jarno Trulli’s helmet!).

  7. Guys, why is MGP W02 having a launch spec front wing and not the one used in Day 3 of the Barcelona test?

    1. A very good question.

  8. I take back my earlier comments that the Williams wasn’t pretty because it actually is and very elegant too. Thanks for the pictures I forgot how good they were :)

  9. WOW – fantastic images!! – in high res too!

  10. can anyone notice the ‘obvious’ exterior changes to the McLaren Whitmarsh mentioned..?

    1. I think the ‘secondry airbox hole’ is smaller.

  11. Sweat pics. Cant find a rear pic of the red bull from P2. They ran a different engine cover with the rear exit hole a lot smaller & more circular. Any got a pic?

  12. I love that Buemi pic, it’s so good Keith posted it twice!

    1. Oops – will get that changed.

      1. Anyone else notice that STR is running two different style front wings in the pics. One is a lot like the Redbull wing of last year and the other looks like an STR version of what Mercedes seems content to run until the end of time.

    1. They are probably examinating the tyre for temperature and how much rubber is left for wear.

  13. how different is force india’s air intake system compared to ferrari, red bull etc… how will it help?? is it related to aerodynamics which will help in improving air fuel mixture??
    btw nice pics, gr8 quality…

    1. I think the idea is that because the air box is lower, it allows more (cleaner) air to the rear wing.

  14. Where are the virgin pics?

    1. Haven’t got any I’m afraid.

  15. Keith where is Mclaren ?????

    1. Consider getting your eyesight checked…

  16. charlieboy (@)
    25th March 2011, 19:36

    Great pictures!!

    So happy the seasons finally started that I’ve had the practice sessions on replay :D

  17. Loving that Picture of Hülkenberg from across the gravel – a beauty!

  18. The cars all look fantastic in the flesh. What striked me the most was the Renault, it looks amazing at turn 16. I was sad when they lost the yellow, but the black and dark gold look so good! Wish RedBull would do the colour of their drink can one day lol.

    1. Maybe – as long as they don’t do the colour of their drink – it’s a horrible brown/green!

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