Toro Rosso score points despite drivers’ clash

2011 Australian GP team review

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Sebastien Buemi was unhappy after Jaime Alguersuari barged him out of the way on the first lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

Buemi said: “It?s a shame that my team-mate and I made contact at the first corner. It?s not the first time it has happened, so I think we will be having a chat about it after I?ve watched a recording of the incident.”

However Buemi went on to score points for eighth place.

Sebastien BuemiJaime Alguersuari
Qualifying position1012
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’25.882 (-0.221)1’26.103
Race position811
Pit stops23

Toro Rosso drivers’ lap times:

Sebastien Buemi111.12195.39994.894.80695.43295.17896.23295.15394.6194.4994.47996.21294.94394.376116.915100.11194.92392.83193.35193.493.09892.98795.28193.0592.35592.16992.57492.275111.416101.4792.73391.90791.93691.95892.44191.14390.97991.33991.1691.21691.40691.66791.17890.83691.0290.98791.15191.34892.57992.09391.95792.44892.89995.6492.69493.04793.506
Jaime Alguersuari133.879100.65993.29393.14493.3293.5795.33694.60193.88293.98395.06195.07494.96494.91895.37395.601117.713102.51993.76293.20293.09192.55295.6193.24793.5395.00193.70593.52193.68393.47793.79193.77694.0894.058118.5299.86693.08991.1690.72290.68790.46790.52691.14990.74491.46491.21791.2791.44992.29594.29892.44392.15192.31693.35293.14595.13994.478
Start, Melbourne, 2011
Start, Melbourne, 2011

Sebastien Buemi

Took Toro Rosso into Q3 for the first time since 2009 with a time less than one tenth of a second of a second faster than Michael Schumacher.

But Buemi used up all his fresh tyres doing it and so was unable to post a competitive time in Q3. Even so, the team decided against starting him on the hard tyres.

Thanks to his team mate he fell behind Paul di Resta at the start but took the place back on lap seven when the Force India driver made an unsuccessful attempt to pass Kamui Kobayashi.

Buemi took on more soft tyres at his second stop and switched to hards for his final stint. He was running third late in the race but the recovering Felipe Massa on soft tyres caught him with nine laps to go.

Buemi resisted Massa’s attempts to pass to begin with but offered little resistance when the Ferrari driver used DRS to come down the inside of him at turn one on lap 54.

He finished tenth and was promoted to eighth by the exclusion of the two Saubers.

Jaime Alguersuari

Dealt with his team mate quite strongly on the opening lap, then tagged the rear of Schumacher’s Mercedes at turn three, damaging his front wing and forcing him to make an early pit stop.

He quickly picked off the Virgins and Lotuses but couldn’t make up the time lost. He ended the race 13th on the road which later became 11th.

Daniel Ricciardo

Drove for the team at his home track in first practice.

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    20 comments on “Toro Rosso score points despite drivers’ clash”

    1. Clearly not the best day for Alguersari

      1. He ruined his own race, his team mates, and Schumacher’s as well.

        1. Yes needs to me more careful next time as he said this is not the first time he & his team mate crashed. They are now carrying the badge of Crash Kids.

    2. They were crossing each other all the way through the race looking at that graph, never really noticed that!

      Also I’m not sure if it’s just my computer screen, but it’s very hard to tell the difference between the two colours on your graphs. You probably get annoyed when people say that Keith I know so apologies :P Anyone else find it similarly hard?

      1. Yes, the two shades are too close together, but with Virgin’s graph I found it harder.

        1. Virgin one was worse yes. If both colours were the same hue but one more distinctly pastel than the other.

          However then there’d be stupid complaints of Keith being biased towards one driver because they are more saturated in colour probably XD

      2. I’ll have a look and move the shades a bit further apart if possible. But as there are some charts which include all the drivers it’s not so straightforward.

        1. The Virgin colours looked both black to me as well. STR is not too bad, but a tad more contrast would be fine.

        2. It must be difficult to find 24 different tones indeed… Maybe using the same color for the 2 cars of 1 team, but one of them dotted ?
          Or one circle and 1 square as markers ?

    3. I guess this might be a good place to (politely!) ask that more distinct colours be used to ease the graphs on the eyes of colour blind people like myself? I have serious issues distinguishing the shades of colours used between the team-mates in all the graphs :(

      It’s not particularly urgent though, as I am generally only interested in one of the two drivers ;)

      1. or simply have different marker shapes for each driver..maybe a square for the 1st driver of the team and a circle for the 2nd driver

        1. Maybe one is solid line, another is dotted line, perhaps easier?

    4. Joakim Järvinen
      28th March 2011, 14:37

      change driver colours of the graph :)

    5. Sound_Of_Madness
      28th March 2011, 14:55

      Buemi unhappy on Alguersuari barging him? And Alguersuari barging Buemi??

      The Ricciardo effect on action.

      1. Agreed – they both know that come Germany/Hungary time, Ricciardo will be replacing whichever has the worst performance. Somehow I don’t think Buemi moaning about his team-mate will sway it his way…

        1. No, but the points still might, especially as Alguesuari didn’t show an awful lot of special stuff in the rest of the race.

        2. But Buemi has now scored over twice Alguersuari’s points across 2 seasons.

    6. The car doesn’t seem as dominant as it was in testing, but it’s still definitely better for them than last year.

    7. I think both drivers know that one of them will probably be out of a drive by late this season, so these first few races will be absolutely critical.

      Daniel will be driving by September is my guess. What a strange driver setup STR have. Always pulling the trigger.

      They’ve had more drivers than Sven Goran Erikson gave away caps in his England reign.

    8. Considering it’s Buemi who sounded like he was under the most pressure to perform at the end of last year (despite leading at Canada and Jaime only really beating him in the last few races) he made me forget Jaime was even there this weekend although he did have one less pit stop.

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