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Follow qualifying for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix on F1 Fanatic Live.

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2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Live: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying”

    1. Why do the rest of Australia get F1 quali live, but Tasmania has an hour late delay?? They have some M7 Multisporrt hing advertised for 6pm in Tasmanias guide. But for the rest of Australia M7 Multisport is on at 5pm?

    2. Schumacher is beyond a joke lol

      1. 2 places behind teammate? Then Webber and Button are jokes too.

        1. Nearly a second behind rosberg = beyond a joke :)

          1. And by your logic, Webber is a joke because of his lack of pace on home territory.

            1. Webber had a problem pal, face it schumi isnt quick enough

            2. Only in the second half of the race did he have a problem. Webber was still slow throughout the weekend in the same manner you’re jumping over MSC.

              And at least wait until Sunday to make assumptions.

    3. Yes but webber isn’t a 7x world champion now is he, if it was anybody else other than Schumacher they’d have been long gone. So much for is development skills and the ability to bring a dog to the front. He is a myth who is vastly overated

      1. Schumacher isn’t going to be as fast as he was before, but to claim he’s a myth because of a poor comeback at 40+ years old is ridiculous. His development skills during his peak years are beyond question.

        1. And how do you know it just was the guys working with him that made Ferrari the dominant force in f1. As for his age I’m not having it

          1. It is widely acknowledged (even by some bloke called Jackie Stewart) that Schumacher did play a vital role in getting Ferrari to be dominant. The staff obviously did their bit, but if you think it was just them, and not the German, you are wrong ;)

            His age, and the changes in F1 in his absence partly do explain his current lack of spark. I do agree with the sentiment that he won’t get back to his early 2000’s form.

    4. Question. Do you think Schumacher is faster than rosberg? No excuses just a simple answer plz

      1. On the evidence of this season and last, no.

        But beyond a joke as you said? Hardly, since Rosberg is a very good driver.

        1. And I feel like leaving it here, as i’m tired of this.

    5. The real reason why I’m Slagging him is because I really thought and wanted him to beat rosberg lol in my eyes he’s ruined his legacy, coming back was a big big mistake

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