Live: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix third practice

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Follow the final practice session for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix on F1 Fanatic Live.

F1 Fanatic Live combines updates from the teams and drivers in real-time via Twitter with comments from F1 Fanatic readers and more.

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2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    2 comments on “Live: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix third practice”

    1. ralph schumacher
      9th April 2011, 6:26

      nice to see Webbo using Vettels car this weekend!

    2. Do you think Schumacher will finish qualifying in the top 8? I vote yes ;) if you want to compete with me, go to and vote. There are other F1 questions like predicting the pole position getter, etc. It’s free and you can win cool prizes.

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