2011 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel50
2Jenson Button26
3Lewis Hamilton22
4Mark Webber22
5Fernando Alonso20
6Felipe Massa16
7Nick Heidfeld15
8Vitaly Petrov15
9Kamui Kobayashi6
10Sebastien Buemi4
11Adrian Sutil2
12Michael Schumacher2
13Paul di Resta2
14Jaime Alguersuari0
15Nico Rosberg0
16Jarno Trulli0
17Jerome d’Ambrosio0
18Heikki Kovalainen0
19Timo Glock0
20Rubens Barrichello0
21Vitantonio Liuzzi0
22Pastor Maldonado0
23Narain Karthikeyan0
24Sergio Perez0

Constructors’ championship

1Red Bull72
6Toro Rosso4
7Force India4

2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    30 comments on “2011 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Man… the Mercedes are so lost this season.
      Renault have a good chance of beating Ferrari this year and becoming the third power in F1.

      1. did you watch any of the races?
        Petrov was third only beacuse Alonso messed up the first corner, even than, he almost beat him, now heidfeld was only 3rd, beacuse alonso damaged his front wing, and massa’s pit stop was screwed up by ferrari. their pace is nothing compared to ferrari…

      2. I was just going to say…Mercedes are the most upsetting thing in the standings so far. Just not in it!

        1. Australia was a fluke, but their lack of grip here was a bit disturbing. Both drivers looked like they were on ice.

    2. Vettel with practically a win in hand, horrible sight…I hope Red Bull drop pace in the next few races.

      The thing is people say 2010 is the best season but if Vettel hadn’t of had car problems this is the trend the whole of last season would’ve took.

      1. Spot on there RIISE. He made two big errors last year but even then could have had an extra 50 points or more by the end.

      2. Very true, still early days though

      3. Did you see Button in the press conference though? He looked like really feeling confident they could really take the fight to Seb for the win next time round.

        And when you think about where Alonso was going until he misjudged that pass on Hamilton.
        It’s not all bad then for the year, although they will look a bit like countering Button in 2009.

        The race was thrilling, right until the end when I realised Vettel just coasted around for the last 20 laps, just like in Australia.

        1. Yes, you are right – Ferrari have a similar problem, so far, as they had in 2010: race pace, but qualifying too slow, but this time McLaren are much closer. Hamilton had a bit of a weird race, but on race pace both Ferrari and McLaren are good enough right now to give Red Bull a fight.

          Renault aren’t quite there yet, but could be soon.
          Of course, that might be Red Bulls fortune again, having three other teams competing for points and podiums just behind them.

      4. Exactly RIISE, this is RBR in 2010 without the reliability issues.

      5. I think the Championship might still be exciting. It’s true, Vettel might win 19 races out of 19, but the action for all the other positions wasn’t missing in these two races and the fights are still important. If every race proves entertaining the whole season will be entertaining even if the win will be decided earlier.

      6. It is worrying. After two races this year the gap is already bigger than at anytime I can remember last year.

    3. Really need someone other than Vettel to win the next race

      1. Mclaren and RBR are fairlye evenly matched in terms of raw pace. I think China suits Mclaren more.

        1. If only for the the massive straight. But China is a tight and twisty track. Red Bull could gain a tenth or 2 on McLaren in turn 1 and 2 alone.

          1. I think McLaren is improving it’s alround pace fairly well at the moment, and the car doesn’t really have the straight line advantage it had last year.

            I reckon the championship is going to come down to the development race between the Big 3, if McLaren improve as they have been they got a great chance, however RBR was so good last year, an Ferrari need to sort it out in quali quick.

    4. Vettel deserves his lead – he might have the fastest car, but he has been faultless with it. Hamilton unlucky and a good race from Button and Heidfeld. I hope Petrov is ok!

      1. Yeah, Petrov’s accident was brutal. It could’ve easily injured his spine, so I hope the flying Russian okey.

      2. I wouldn’t say he deserves the size of his lead as such, but he thoroughly deserves the 50 points and if others are making mistakes that’s their fault.

    5. it is becoming like ferrari era with schumi during 2000-04. boring!!!!!!!!!

      1. But the racing is good. Sure, a title fight would be nice, but with some amazing battling going on near the front and in the midfield, not much more could be asked.

      2. Are you suggesting 2000 and 2003 were boring? The other 3 fair enough but I thought they were great seasons.

    6. that 50 looks daunting, but the pack is very close together. expect a couple to fall off the back in the next race or 2.

      1. If Vettel were to have a couple of poor races he’d drop back quite quickly, beauty of the new points system.

        I’d like to see the other teams really cut his lead otherwise we’ll have to look elsewhere for a narrative this season, which might be okay but I’d rather not.

        Vettel has as many points himself as the next constructor, that’s a little scary.

    7. Congrats to Sauber for proving their car was actually genuinely fast. At least Kobayashi scored the same number of points as he did last race and pulled some good overtaking moves.

      1. Steward meddling means one has to come back here and correct any statement you made earlier, so 5 years from now you don’t look silly.

        Congrats to Sauber for proving their car was actually genuinely fast. At least Kobayashi scored the same number of points plus 2 as he did last race and pulled some good overtaking moves.

    8. Sad times seeing Williams points tally.

      1. For all the criticism, Lotud and Virgin are beating Williams!

      2. Agreed. For all the pre-season talk and hope it seems to have come to naught…

    9. It looks to be a very closely fought season, not just at the front, but in the midfield (especially).

      I don’t think Vettel will dominate the season. He’s had two great races, but that doesn’t mean the rest will be the same. Webber won both Barcelona and Monaco back to back last year, but he didn’t end up winning or dominating the Championship.

      Not to mention that no driver has ever won every race during a season, in the history of Formula One. It would be extremely difficult for someone to pull it off in the current scheme of things.

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