Whitmarsh to continue as FOTA chairman

2011 F1 season

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Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh will continue in his role as chairman of the Formula One Teams’ Association in 2011.

Aldo Costa, Ferrari’s technical director, will take over as chairman of the Technical Regulations Working Group.

Renault team principal and managing director Eric Boullier will be the vice chairman and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner will continue as chairman of the Sporting Regulations Working Group.

FOTA represents 11 of the 12 F1 teams, exlcuding HRT who left the group in January.

2011 F1 season

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5 comments on “Whitmarsh to continue as FOTA chairman”

  1. I wonder if HRT will ever both rejoining?

    1. What can FOTA offer HRT? HRT has more important things to worry about than the free cup of tea served at these meetings.

      1. But it should be inclusive, I agree HRT have more to worry about but I don’t like the fact that teams can opt out for whatever reason be it money or disagreement. I think FOTA is a big positive for the sport and those currently in position have done well

  2. Good thing they don’t have HRT there.

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