2011 Chinese Grand Prix practice in pictures

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A haze of smog hung over the Shanghai International Circuit as practice began this morning.

Nearby factories which are usually instructed to shut down around the time of the race are instead running as normal.

Here are pictures of the cars in the haze in China.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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45 comments on “2011 Chinese Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. The smog is standard for metropolitan China. When I went to the Great Wall I remember looking back in the direction of Beijing. You couldn’t see the city, but you could see where it was – somewhere inside the massive brownish cloud off in the distance.

    1. that top picture of Rosberg in front of the pits building and bridge looks very spooky, almost SF movie like!

      1. Would almost make Mad Max return, I’m sure.

  2. Nearby factories which are usually instructed to shut down around the time of the race are instead running as normal.

    Novelty of the GP and the desire to paint a rosier picture of everything finally evaporated, maybe?

  3. Too many pictures of those dull bland looking dark blue cars, when I loaded the homepage I thought it was redbullfanatic.co.uk. More McLaren`s and Ferrari`s please !

    1. 9 pics of Bulls, including Toro Rossos, 8 pics of McLaren alone.

      What was your point again?

      1. he probably means the latest articles. if you open the hompage its full of RBR. no wonder considering their performance though

    2. Well yea, I did notice that myself. Hardly ‘redbullfanatic’ is it though?

  4. If they ever have a Mumbai GP, I can guarantee you that these smog levels will be put to shame.

    1. Don’t give Bernie ideas!

  5. Hey photographers, you do relize there are 2 Red Bulls out ther right?

    1. Yeah, all the good shots are always of Vettel :(

      1. Infact, all bar one are Vettel

        1. That’s my point. One photo.

  6. Hamilton has 3 fingers :o

    1. Yellow head and 3 fingers… Was Homer Simpson driving?

      1. hahahahahaha 10pts

        1. or should i say 25pts ;)

  7. I love the selection today so thanks Keith! I think the first one of Nico is my favourite.

    I don’t know why (probably my insane PC) but this year whenever I try to sue the pictures as screensavers they’re a little blurry. Does anyone happen to know a fancy tech trick I could pull to make them more clear? Any help would be much appreciated :)

  8. F1 is not any more a novelty in China Bernie.

  9. At least he still has his opposable thumb :)

    1. The above was in reply to Nemo87’s comment, of course :)

  10. Some awesome pictures there! Especially first Schumachers one and Vettel coming out of the garage (30th photo). Now I have something good for my desktop, thanks!

  11. “Nearby factories which are usually instructed to shut down around the time of the race are instead running as normal.”

    Are you sure they were closed last year? People here are just funny and easily influenced by the media. The fact is that it is a normal fog not smog. The media keeps bashing China and makes everything dirty. Shanghai is a coast city and it’s common to have this weather in spring. If you visit San Fransico, you will find it’s much worse. And also this year’s GT1 was held in fog in Abu Dhabi and I found no such harsh criticism.

    1. Where is the criticism in what Keith said?

      Just a fact is it not?

    2. That’s nice but I have been to China and I know the difference between fog and smog.

      1. Unless the photographers use filters, those pics also show it clearly. It is true that fog can sometimes cause smog to stay around more, that happens in the Netherlands too with fog during rush hour, but not to this extent.

  12. The huge Chinese lettering looks great :)

  13. omg, I am glad I don’t live in a Chinese city.

    1. So this is the effect that your media wants. Lol. So England is sunny every day? Last time I visited London it rained cats and dogs and was foggy much worse than Shanghai.

      1. Fog and smog aren’t the same thing (and I think you’re jumping to conclusions about what part of the world he’s from).

      2. There is a difference between fresh foggy or moist air and smoggy one thats chocking you, and overcast weather is my favorite weather condition.

        BTW I’am not from the UK, and glad that not from China(urban area) as well.

      3. I’m from France, so dissing London would be a joy, but London hasn’t seen a smog in 50 years.

          1. If you actually read that article it says it was blown in from other countries like Ukraine and Russia lol

        1. Every major city has a smog problem to some extent.

          In London it’ll certainly be nothing like the Victorian pea-soupers but they’ll still have smog.

  14. That picture of Vettel’s car from the back (12th pic) looks very ominous. Almost like a sign of things to come!

    Jenson doesn’t seem too worried, does he?

  15. I like that you put an HRT up as the front of the album

  16. Thanks for the pictures!

  17. Thanks, Keith. You have secured some really nice photos from all the teams.

  18. The pic of Karthikeyan entering the pits is amazing – love it!


  19. Are the Bell helmets only equipped with the Zylon insert?
    See pic. Luiz Razzia & Vitaly Petrov.
    Arai wearer Paul Di Resta has no Zylon insert?

  20. Who was it that made the comment during the FP2 Live Blog about “Hydroplaning on smog” ?


    1. Correction FP1

  21. Please much Ferrari the outfield picture.thanks!very GOOD web this.
    my English NO good!Thank you Keith.

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