How Webber climbed from 18th to third

2011 Chinese Grand Prix analysis

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2011

Mark Webber started 18th, fell to 20th, yet somehow finished third.

How did he gain 15 places on his start position to finish on the podium?

The answer to that and more in the post-race analysis.

Lap 1

Lap 1 position change

Sebastian Vettel lost the lead at the start of the race after making a poor getaway. He blamed a lack of grip on the left-hand side of the grid for his trouble.

It didn’t stop Lewis Hamilton, who also started on left side, from getting past. But other odd-numbered started had problems: look at Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez and the Toro Rossos in the chart above.

Pit stops

Pit stops

A mixture of strategies made for an exciting race.

Most drivers preferred a two-stop strategy but four of the top five drivers elected to pit three times. And Narain Karthikeyan, who finished last, only had to stop once.

Tyre compounds

Stint 1Stint 2Stint 3Stint 4
Sebastian VettelSoftSoftHard
Jenson ButtonSoftSoftSoftHard
Lewis HamiltonSoftSoftSoftHard
Nico RosbergSoftSoftSoftHard
Fernando AlonsoSoftSoftHard
Felipe MassaSoftSoftHard
Jaime AlguersuariSoftSoft
Paul di RestaSoftSoftHard
Sebastien BuemiSoftHardHardHard
Vitaly PetrovSoftSoftHard
Adrian SutilSoftSoftHardSoft
Sergio PerezSoftSoftHard
Kamui KobayashiSoftSoftHard
Michael SchumacherSoftSoftSoftHard
Rubens BarrichelloSoftSoftHard
Nick HeidfeldSoftSoftHard
Pastor MaldonadoSoftSoftHardHard
Mark WebberHardSoftSoftSoft
Heikki KovalainenSoftSoftHard
Jarno TrulliSoftSoftHard
Jerome d’AmbrosioSoftSoftHard
Timo GlockSoftSoftSoftHard
Vitantonio LiuzziSoftHardSoft
Narain KarthikeyanSoftHard

Race progress

Mark Webber started 18th, struggled on his hard tyres, was passed by Sergio Perez, and slumped to 20th place by lap 11. So how on earth did he finish third?

It turned out that getting the hard tyres out of the way at the start was a master stroke. By the end of the race, when practically everyone else was on the hard tyres, Webber was lapping around one-and-a-half seconds faster.

On his climb through the field he benefited from other drivers making pit stops but also had to make some passes. Among those he took were Vitaly Petrov and Michael Schumacher.

His last pit stop dropped him behind Fernando Alonso – after that he passed Alonso, the other Ferrari of Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button.

This chart shows how far each driver was behind the leader (in seconds) on each lap.

Sebastian Vettel2.0341.9441.6961.9582.0972.0672.0532.0231.8581.881.811.6050.9983.76218.09712.125.5215.0514.7995.0075.0294.6384.1593.8880000003.27820.5515.77816.00516.53116.72416.72916.11311.5230000000000001.2622.8054.0475.2235.198
Jenson Button00000000000002.49319.05413.8366.6296.6296.2286.4036.5936.4236.2959.85121.15220.56619.37517.85417.23214.66710.2578.2842.3291.7142.8864.5359.3925.25819.8347.9527.6576.9696.8816.1796.7867.9188.3338.5558.7767.8076.3225.9026.8417.6919.05310
Lewis Hamilton1.3781.161.0431.1851.2531.3841.281.4251.2521.2951.2060.9120.63503.99715.8568.2497.8767.9257.9478.1468.1258.3438.1088.12723.22622.19320.68319.1615.79910.7129.1362.9922.5733.0322.6821.8395.12116.7985.8565.6735.775.0074.6363.7583.3422.9441.6470.9780.4480.32200000
Nico Rosberg2.9323.1343.0873.5754.2864.4434.6874.7874.9335.536.0479.64523.54818.1813.6437.813000000000.80317.88816.70915.85814.70612.2358.0316.2830.5390000005.4694.9646.4765.9765.6877.1718.4098.919.1729.56310.4488.8848.3258.78610.84711.19813.448
Fernando Alonso4.1714.5144.4645.065.7956.1776.1886.6446.9656.9776.8496.8195.6842.3140012.34312.93113.35213.93114.59414.99716.18717.01713.96814.25314.74916.20317.8818.44716.64221.49134.10734.76235.88636.61137.03537.17133.67322.89623.29523.76324.40524.79626.2727.33328.57829.21830.55630.69930.15129.99430.6631.0331.20130.622
Felipe Massa3.5753.73.7344.244.9655.0935.2955.5075.4956.1836.3596.1574.4781.3232.65515.5267.5127.3477.387.4457.4927.3857.1277.2143.6123.2793.253.4133.3342.5100017.98418.53918.77718.91218.72314.3543.6994.0543.9884.1324.6856.5247.3997.9898.0659.36811.10912.16312.60214.28215.26415.91315.84
Jaime Alguersuari6.9648.66410.34612.6914.43516.98719.61522.12929.344
Paul di Resta4.695.8526.3648.47110.14511.12711.85712.74314.02914.71120.1536.68435.67131.07326.64922.37915.41416.41917.30718.42519.63920.50321.37322.62819.59521.3123.36524.8125.88826.61325.82233.62848.07849.25252.04953.25254.32555.32951.96941.84342.95443.96345.09945.71646.55348.18449.79951.02752.69553.24853.78155.32259.17661.95165.01268.757
Sebastien Buemi8.04910.07711.48613.70215.78917.37619.8422.44325.38426.59627.32833.49851.7748.49845.25945.25660.56160.51760.82661.28662.7363.16663.73864.38763.77164.27864.75265.28366.16965.99564.33965.9668.40888.06889.01589.56489.74991.41488.3977.50378.01277.93578.38478.51478.43378.78279.9181.5682.10581.72881.87782.19983.7285.49188.49390.671
Vitaly Petrov7.6459.45710.70413.13315.01216.62417.87318.89119.19619.74419.7819.26618.63416.21714.61211.48311.4330.5231.12531.69832.52232.92833.64733.80530.68231.07231.62432.29934.07534.96632.48632.21129.10431.95534.34936.02943.32962.02557.94848.08449.550.48351.07151.95354.86356.90357.21756.89256.755.38154.41554.42256.36156.84257.58157.404
Adrian Sutil5.3646.6117.0599.09310.83411.96712.82613.87214.53815.42816.06316.05815.89713.81716.46629.4422.24223.0223.90525.30226.65627.17928.14228.96926.5327.62829.22830.66632.65937.88954.51455.29851.89353.22255.39957.08358.54359.9556.92747.08648.03449.04150.2251.50153.76756.09879.692106.223105.853104.924104.538104.811105.685104.815103.872
Sergio Perez9.74912.35113.4516.12618.37119.93221.86423.61425.82627.20728.08228.48426.98423.32320.47521.71231.13431.631.55532.20432.90533.32934.12134.51331.18831.75532.30332.74934.70436.35634.72735.21932.41735.22838.88845.96765.68365.62761.22350.1350.2651.22852.43552.10354.13856.4669.04974.40784.80488.962116.529116.256118.072118.89120.35
Kamui Kobayashi7.1568.9739.66210.65211.7613.24513.98615.19616.01816.82617.5517.37717.04819.95333.29530.99723.26423.5924.44125.67627.25927.8628.9229.87927.24128.62430.37431.67833.77140.08755.18654.5650.42851.23752.89254.59755.80956.63353.32443.01844.04144.89245.91946.48447.67248.9650.49151.9953.34954.09154.99856.22558.64260.49462.12863.273
Michael Schumacher5.7297.0997.8589.42211.24212.65413.37714.77315.4420.18235.2933.95531.30826.42922.73217.48312.03612.26912.92113.47814.13414.62715.86516.60814.3619.63937.42135.90935.97535.77532.81332.52427.70128.22428.38828.42528.52629.46830.09737.04137.42336.97836.46235.85535.34735.18935.17434.76634.87934.89533.37332.51632.4832.46831.92331.026
Rubens Barrichello9.35111.52712.4816.09517.73819.47921.15624.50926.91828.36528.70929.31528.50826.07324.88527.12638.5539.29240.22441.92742.8843.65544.35745.59442.89543.58544.92446.56247.81947.91346.56147.33244.82247.83556.7876.9578.74679.87477.14267.64969.00669.84570.46970.50170.75571.95873.64174.85976.82877.57678.22279.73882.27284.77588.01790.189
Nick Heidfeld8.97110.75512.10614.25816.39918.11620.29322.80825.06125.54125.63925.38724.32821.04518.84616.48411.9219.56538.1537.75638.04537.78737.76437.8534.2334.84935.16735.16736.58841.2456.35855.92452.38553.82855.96857.66559.05660.3757.57247.87749.05751.06754.42155.39956.28357.73959.2660.23161.28561.23160.64460.72662.32963.51265.32572.739
Pastor Maldonado11.03413.32414.8617.09920.04821.93124.64728.53633.35743.20962.45960.99259.36956.02952.17447.17140.441.47542.94144.62946.68348.11650.4352.95856.63275.10775.50375.59575.97274.99472.472.36869.1971.61275.02578.36781.4984.91184.70383.135110.717110.908111.772112.858113.165113.494113.975114.477117.624117.913117.959118.535121.283123.418125.279
Mark Webber9.96111.85712.85915.03516.73918.76120.71523.08526.53135.65353.70451.83149.1743.45338.34332.75326.08425.56625.44125.75227.59228.39329.46730.33731.84546.88145.35443.55441.43938.71434.15133.05429.44430.38229.8929.27428.77529.09724.40417.05531.55328.61326.04825.04923.621.68920.19818.03916.0512.97211.2558.7459.2388.968.6757.555
Heikki Kovalainen10.58513.84316.50818.95221.79923.94625.80728.89331.58233.56534.56435.96736.65434.71332.77931.53627.65231.45139.6460.55163.45165.70967.24368.9867.01468.09369.63770.35271.42371.43969.81770.33267.470.00872.77875.49778.01280.55879.22774.71794.85896.57997.84798.33699.231100.775104.553107.47109.062109.938110.255112.813114.683115.473116.94
Jarno Trulli10.86414.57416.99520.02822.65125.07127.02630.02333.81136.29938.42239.77340.19338.20537.02435.02530.71335.20139.47850.18571.95373.70875.16976.75374.33676.97278.49679.39380.56480.60878.87179.78676.87779.14682.73685.94988.89592.19891.883.99987.79897.475119.442121.385124.497127.508128.823132.832134.582134.859137.1136.8137.425138.174139.09
Jerome dAmbrosio13.74718.41422.00425.57329.58133.75637.71641.49944.77547.95551.19954.13656.43356.69856.89556.32653.78359.18765.30875.761100.957104.129107.865112.765111.729114.77118.165124.645127.803129.448129.492132.409132.155144.054168.912172.643175.961179.089178.163170.313175.125178.418182.79185.78188.809192.756196.717200.127203.423209.296215.215221.475227.646231.249
Timo Glock12.72317.45321.00224.82428.91132.66436.31539.94343.38946.79549.88953.28155.70755.72556.42659.5676.06879.23382.78386.70290.90794.6999.28102.978104.33109.23113.721121.285144.564145.854145.505148.26147.007150.706156.941163.858169.877173.392177.947202.151206.906214.828218.257223.859228.31233.209236.677241.865247.896250.84252.765255.682259.136261.49
Vitantonio Liuzzi12.41517.87922.57727.52432.04436.56940.62844.62752.97567.45971.03674.00676.25176.09476.0875.64276.89982.4488.54995.334108.916138.193144.627148.922150.744154.511158.511162.183165.595168.28170.205173.529174.413179.142185.043190.15196.706201.03202.087195.393201.167207.372217.255223.949236.915261.074265.23268.195270.602272.095273.008273.781276.05279.271
Narain Karthikeyan14.21319.23123.41628.04232.72537.28441.29945.38749.69554.72458.89962.12764.77265.09865.82165.22263.70269.39474.73880.66186.81393.187105.438137.446139.81149.559154.496158.495161.984166.214166.632171.719172.883178.174183.31188.328192.853199.747200.22193.394197.804203.231209.133217.658222.233227.945235.13241.823250.195255.074258.991267.899274.476280.443

Lap chart

Six different drivers led the race – both McLarens and Ferraris, Vettel and Rosberg. Hamilton only held the lead for a total of six laps.

Paul di Resta was on course for more points in ninth place with six laps to go. But he couldn’t keep Vitaly Petrov and Kamui Kobayashi behind.

This chart shows the drivers’ positions on each lap.

Sebastian Vettel133333333333335742222222211111125544443211111111111122222
Jenson Button211111111111114953333333586554443322335555555444433333344
Lewis Hamilton322222222222221375555555448666554433222444332222222211111
Nico Rosberg444444444444698421111111124433332211111133444555554444555
Fernando Alonso5666666666665531197777777533456661099988876666777777777777
Felipe Massa655555555555442264444444332222211155554322223333345666666
Jaime Alguersuari7101011111112121217
Paul di Resta877777777771016141413111088888887777777101212111110999999999999991011111111
Sebastien Buemi91313131313131313131312131818181820201919171717171716161616161616171919191918181716161616161616151414141414141414
Vitaly Petrov1012121212121111111110998753613121212121212111110101088778889131313131212121313111111111099999
Adrian Sutil11888888888877666131110999999998881113141414131312111111111111111111151616161515151515
Sergio Perez121617171717171716141413111111101016151313131313131212111111101111910101014141414141413131212131315151717171717
Kamui Kobayashi1311111010101010101098879151412111010101010101010999131413131312121110101010101010101010101010111110101010
Michael Schumacher1499999999911161413131198666666665131312998666667788888888888888888
Rubens Barrichello151515151616161617161514121212121217171715151515151514141515151212111115161615151515151515151514141313131313131313
Nick Heidfeld16141414141414141412121110101088791414141414141413121213141515151514141312121212131414141412121212121212121212
Pastor Maldonado1720181818181818181919222121201919181818161616161616181818181818181817171717171718191918181818181818181818181818
Mark Webber18171616151515151515172018171717161312111111111111131515141412109877776667777666666555433
Heikki Kovalainen1918191919191919191816151515151415141416181818181818171717171717171616161515161616181717171717171717171616161616
Jarno Trulli2019202020202020202018171716161617151615171919191919191919191919191918181818191919171819191919191919191919191919
Jerome dAmbrosio21232322222222222222211920202121201919202022222221212121212020202020202121212121202020202020202020202020202020
Timo Glock22222121212121212121201819191920212222222221212020202020202121212121212020202020232323232222222222212121212121
Vitantonio Liuzzi23212223232323232324232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323222222222323232323232323232322
Narain Karthikeyan24242424242424242423222122222222222121212120202122222222222222222222222222222222212121212121212121222222222223

Fastest laps

Vettel’s slow final stint meant he only set the eighth-fastest lap of the race.

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’38.99342
2Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’40.4151.42248
3Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’40.6231.63039
4Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’41.1572.16454
5Nico RosbergMercedes1’41.1662.17341
6Michael SchumacherMercedes1’41.2152.22246
7Vitaly PetrovRenault1’41.2612.26850
8Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’41.3212.32847
9Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari1’41.6432.65039
10Felipe MassaFerrari1’41.6782.68539
11Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari1’41.6962.70345
12Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Cosworth1’41.7022.70946
13Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1’42.0313.03845
14Jarno TrulliLotus-Renault1’42.0523.05953
15Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’42.0703.07741
16Nick HeidfeldRenault1’42.4063.41351
17Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’42.5773.58432
18Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’42.6143.62145
19Heikki KovalainenLotus-Renault1’42.6723.67945
20Vitantonio LiuzziHRT-Cosworth1’43.3844.39152
21Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth1’44.3815.38854
22Jerome d’AmbrosioVirgin-Cosworth1’44.8065.81345
23Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari1’45.7006.7075
24Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth1’46.0817.08841

All lap times

The lap times chart illustrates the benefit of Webber’s strategy in the closing stages of the race. Over the final 20 laps, despite making a pit stop, he gained 11 seconds on his team mate.

This chart shows all the drivers’ lap times.

Sebastian Vettel107.942104.769104.636104.275104.094104.007104.018104.132104.365104.741105.048105.136105.367111.161122.384103.2104.424102.784102.761103.016102.622102.558102.467102.677102.936103.054102.727103.111102.964104.097109.097120.475102.392102.238101.735101.795101.927101.675101.457101.551101.671101.933101.797102.221101.777101.373101.321101.712101.608102.58102.993103.873102.97103.269103.394103.117
Jenson Button105.908104.859104.884104.013103.955104.037104.032104.162104.53104.719105.118105.341105.974110.89124.61103.959103.816103.254102.612102.983102.79102.779102.818106.504118.125102.468101.536101.59102.342101.532101.409101.23101.209101.396102.381103.251106.777118.159100.623101.192101.376101.245101.709101.519102.384102.505101.736101.934101.829101.611101.508102.191102.366102.877103.58104.089
Lewis Hamilton107.286104.641104.767104.155104.023104.168103.928104.307104.357104.762105.029105.047105.697107.762112.046121.036103.416102.881103.062102.83102.799102.928103.164102.713106.843118.153101.694101.601101.441100.736100.732101.627101.02101.592101.668101.252101.079105.573117.724102.132101.488102.03101.034101.85100.899100.957100.923100.415100.939102.05102.867102.289101.427102.027102.218103.142
Nico Rosberg108.84105.061104.837104.501104.666104.194104.276104.262104.676105.316105.635108.939119.877103.029103.512103.347103.21103.254103.013102.808102.6102.949102.946102.948107.627120.139101.548102.26101.812101.626101.615101.455101.42101.472101.209101.602101.922102.291106.047118.543101.166103.445101.297101.932103.261102.611101.822101.974101.999103.465101.429102.052101.888104.088102.569105.392
Fernando Alonso110.079105.202104.834104.609104.69104.419104.043104.618104.851104.731104.99105.311104.839105.027105.735109.177123.366103.842103.434103.387103.263103.352104.136103.778103.775103.339103.223104.565104.641104.664104.014108.052119.78102.666102.333102.327102.346102.427102.549102.297102.07102.401102.439102.612103.251102.436102.566102.352102.946102.723102.445102.454102.093102.397102.389102.563
Felipe Massa109.483104.984104.918104.519104.68104.165104.234104.374104.518105.407105.294105.139104.295105.242109.381122.048103.009103.089103.046102.873102.647102.842102.688103.035103.222102.721102.698103.274102.885103.273103.309103.203107.164119.995101.764101.84102.057102.102101.678102.419102.026101.867101.941102.774103.616102.248101.911101.788102.911104.321104.047103.05103.107103.009102.867103.069
Jaime Alguersuari112.872106.559106.566106.357105.7106.589106.66106.676111.745
Paul di Resta110.598106.021105.396106.12105.629105.019104.762105.048105.816105.401110.557121.875104.961103.799103.625104.907104.058104.259103.901103.926103.814103.813103.816104.203103.791104.769104.782104.556104.042104.822105.028111.009121.614103.185104.006102.805102.995103.295102.687102.948102.782102.942102.933102.838102.614103.004102.936102.94103.276103.133103.526104.152105.281104.802105.279106.887
Sebastien Buemi113.957106.887106.293106.229106.042105.624106.496106.765107.471105.931105.85111.511124.246105.125104.81109.174126.328103.21103.322103.268104.044103.385103.518103.597106.208103.561103.201103.642103.85103.923104.163104.824109.612121.671102.156102.151102.107103.956103.023102.187102.18101.856102.246102.351101.696101.722102.449103.362102.153102.203103.142102.933102.948103.798105.22105.32
Vitaly Petrov113.553106.671106.131106.442105.834105.649105.281105.18104.835105.267105.154104.827105.342105.98106.444106.048110.97122.344103.618103.381103.424103.355103.665103.106103.701103.444103.279103.786104.74104.988103.339102.928104.057104.862103.603103.282109.222120.987101.97103.21103.087102.916102.385103.103104.687103.413101.635101.387101.416101.261102.027102.618103.366102.508102.957102.965
Adrian Sutil111.272106.106105.332106.047105.696105.17104.891105.208105.196105.609105.753105.336105.813106.317110.698122.151103.825104.032103.898104.205103.954103.472103.909103.775104.385104.152104.327104.549104.957109.327122.444103.987103.759103.34103.386103.286103.382103.698103.024103.233102.619102.94102.976103.502104.043103.704124.915128.243101.238101.651102.607102.884102.301101.157101.275
Sergio Perez115.657107.461105.983106.689106.2105.598105.964105.912106.742106.1105.993105.743104.474104.736105.201110.414120.445103.72102.968103.457103.301103.373103.738103.34103.499103.621103.275103.557104.919105.749104.19103.695104.362104.822104.869108.681121.638102.235101.643101.981101.801102.901103.004101.889103.812103.695113.91107.07112.005106.738130.56102.338103.243102.845103.678
Kamui Kobayashi113.064106.676105.573105.003105.063105.522104.773105.372105.352105.527105.842105.168105.645111.302121.391106.879103.29103.58103.864104.043104.183103.55104.006103.907104.186104.437104.477104.415105.057110.413120.918102.577103.032102.82102.864103.307103.134103.115102.738102.768102.694102.784102.824102.786102.965102.661102.852103.211102.967103.322103.9103.838103.844103.879103.852104.287
Michael Schumacher111.637106.229105.643105.577105.775105.449104.755105.558105.197109.461120.226104.006103.327103.518104.352103.928105.576103.487103.665103.365103.256103.442104.184103.691104.576108.333120.509101.599103.03103.897102.857102.914102.341102.534101.373101.639102.023103.233106.676120.018102.053101.488101.281101.614101.269101.215101.306101.304101.721102.596101.471101.754101.391102.015101.673102.245
Rubens Barrichello115.259107.035105.837107.628105.598105.778105.709107.515106.939106.166105.462105.947105.167105.962106.861111.418122.447103.996103.945104.511103.553103.724103.648104.185104.125103.744104.066104.749104.221104.191104.467103.974104.654105.024110.154121.772103.718103.419103.315103.581103.028102.772102.421102.253102.031102.576103.004102.93103.577103.328103.639104.127103.961104.53105.46105.314
Nick Heidfeld114.879106.643106.235106.165106.096105.754106.209106.677106.783105.199105.216105.089104.915105.114105.85106.815106.459110.899121.598102.414102.889102.691102.923103.034103.204103.673103.045103.111104.385108.749120.937102.769103.625103.454103.349103.299103.313103.605103.249103.379102.851103.943105.151103.199102.661102.829102.842102.683102.662102.526102.406102.693103.03103.21104.031110.556
Pastor Maldonado116.942107.149106.42106.252106.904105.92106.748108.051109.351114.571124.368103.874104.351105.057104.194104.174104.252104.329104.479104.496104.654104.382105.26105.476110.498121.529103.123103.203103.341103.119103.225103.171103.986104.433104.622104.944105.045105.712105.839111.506129.253102.124102.661103.307102.084101.702101.802102.214104.755102.869103.039103.187104.175104.162104.079
Mark Webber115.869106.755105.886106.189105.659106.059105.986106.532107.976113.841123.169103.468103.313102.68102.939103.587104.354102.736102.888103.119104.44103.75104.02103.818108.332118.09101.2101.311100.849101.372101.256102.106103.554102.949100.717100.986101.423102.613101.354105.725116.16998.99399.232101.222100.32899.46299.8399.55399.61999.502101.276100.101101.92101.749101.933102.022
Heikki Kovalainen116.493108.117107.549106.457106.802106.184105.893107.248107.219106.702106.117106.744106.661106.456106.115107.934107.139107.053111.202123.719105.5105.207104.48104.685104.858104.133104.271103.826104.035104.113104.197103.718104.232104.619103.979104.321104.437104.837104.716108.564121.812103.654103.065102.71102.672102.917105.099104.629103.2103.456103.31105.169103.297102.817103.685
Jarno Trulli116.772108.569107.305107.046106.578106.457105.987107.159108.318107.207107.241106.692106.394106.409106.868107.178106.711107.742107.29113.515124.368104.704104.407104.532104.407105.69104.251104.008104.135104.141104.082104.118104.255104.28104.799104.815104.868105.594105.649105.273105.47111.61123.764104.164104.889104.384102.636105.721103.358102.857105.234102.311102.052102.776103.134
Jerome dAmbrosio119.655109.526108.474107.582107.963108.212107.992107.945107.806107.899108.362108.278108.271108.662108.246108.608108.48108.658109.134113.261127.796106.121106.682107.848105.788106.095106.122109.591106.122105.742105.863106.12106.91113.91126.067105.333105.24105.419105.121105.224106.483105.226106.169105.211104.806105.32105.282105.122104.904108.453108.912108.871107.598105.63
Timo Glock118.631109.589108.433107.835108.042107.79107.683107.79107.976108.125108.212108.733108.4108.415108.75112.311127.531106.419106.563106.727106.805106.732107.536106.646108.176107.954107.218110.675126.243105.387105.47105.958105.911105.71107.444108.519107.941105.806110.602137.278106.426109.855105.226107.823106.228106.272104.789106.9107.639105.524104.918105.528104.881104.381
Vitantonio Liuzzi118.323110.323109.582108.96108.475108.562108.091108.161112.878119.203108.695108.311108.219108.24108.035108.739112.28108.795109.122109.593116.182132.226109.38107.243108.646106.821106.727106.783106.376106.782107.744106.527108.048106.74107.11106.709108.478106.615107.104106.38107.445108.138111.68108.915114.743125.532105.477104.677104.015104.073103.906103.384103.696105.248
Narain Karthikeyan120.121109.877109.069108.639108.638108.596108.047108.25108.838109.748109.293108.569108.619108.723108.772108.578109.503108.946108.357108.731108.752109.323115.197134.956109.188112.803107.664107.11106.453108.327106.237108.29108.328107.302106.345106.62106.447109.185106.52106.248106.081107.36107.699110.746106.352107.085108.506108.405109.98107.459106.91111.519108.004107.994

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    76 comments on “How Webber climbed from 18th to third”

    1. Webber’s lap times are just insane. after first stint of hard tyre, he was faster than anyone on the grid. I’m sorry I underestimated hime before the race. Now he should improve quali pace.

      1. His laps were very comparable with Hamilton for the second and third stints. The final stint his is much faster as he is on soft tyres. I wonder if anyone will change up the strategy and suffer the hard tyres at the beginning of a race, to gain the advantage that Webber had at the end of it. It might be a faster overall strategy if the early lap times are closer on heavier fuel loads.

        1. Thats what I’m hoping for. And since they used the same tires they qualified on would there be any gains in starting on a more used pair of hards instead of softs? For instance using hards for two hot laps in Q3 instead of just 1 to give them extra wear

          1. Using hards on Q3 will likely put you close to 10th; why not use the hards from Q1, and not run at all on Q3?

            1. A Red Bull on the hard tyres might be faster than most cars on soft tyres.

            2. No it wouldn’t work if you were in the top ten, it only works because you are out of the top ten in the fastest car in the race. The track then comes to the soft tyres.

            3. Webber used hard tyres in Q1, but for some reason he eliminated himself in that session. If he had made it to Q3, he would have been 7th at least, as the Toro Rossos were 2.5 seconds slower than Fattle. If he had been 7th in the qualify on hard tyres, his winning chances would have been pretty high, I think.

              In the race he didn’t suffer too much from his first stint on hard tyres, as he was fighting much slower competitors. So being in the rear of the field isn’t only disadvantageous. ;)

    2. Fantastic information. Thanks Keith, this was a lot of work, methinks.

      1. Thanks very much, appreciate it :-)

        1. @MinusTwo – PlusOne! :P I agree! Keith, this is absolutely fascinating. I just ticked the top four drivers and I love how they fluctuated throughout the race, but all somehow bunched up at the end. Webber’s lap chart is incredible. That line just falls from the sky! :D

        2. I very much agree as well Keith. Great graphs to give deep insight of how it worked!

          Great to see that blue line below the water for most of the race to quitly pop up right at the top end to get on the podium.

          1. I think, keith should take over

        3. Great work, is it possible to zoom into the final chart (All lap times) and analyse only a selected number of laps?

          1. You can filter out drivers but not periods of laps.

            1. How long have the “select none”-button been there? Is it new or have I just missed it forever?! Anyway, Good! ;D

            2. Yeah they’ve always been there, at least since the move from the old Flash charts to these ones :-)

            3. Hi Keith – what tool do you use for these graphs, and where do you get the data?

      2. Monk.who.sold.his.RedBull
        18th April 2011, 15:33

        Yupp! Super-Data! Super-Presentation! Super-Keith? ;-)
        Now if only I cud see the same details for the 2005 Jap GP, that Kimi won( from what? 16th? ) – now, that wud be fabulous !!!!!

    3. Great race by Mark, does make you wonder how far the red bulls would have finished in front had they had a front row start and got away clean. Tremendous pace for a 3 stop considering how far back he was.

      Love this stuff Keith, great work all.

    4. jarno faster than alonso. tho he did it 10 laps after alonso did his’s.

      1. Amazing discovery! I’m really suprised by Lotus

        1. Yes! Incredible! I can barely believe that! :O

          1. Oh my gosh, I had to scroll back up to just make sure that was true!

            Wow Lotus!

            And good for Trulli!

    5. Ivan Vinitskyy
      17th April 2011, 15:21

      Webber was very fortunate to run in clear eair for as long as he did. Had he been stuck for 10 laps, this strategy wouldn’t have worked.

      1. As DC said during the race though “strategy is the key” Red Bull needed to work to get him in clean air. He was able to get those insanely quick laps by making sure that after a pit stop he was in the clear air. Indeed very lucky though. I was thinking it would have been great to see a yellow flag towards the end of the race and see Webber try and overtake all the leaders. Despite going for him (I’m Australian) I didn’t think he had a chance really. To salvage third from his start is really unbelievable. Vettel was unlucky with his radio problems but I think the KERS problems on both the Red Bulls is going to become more of an issue as the races go on. Both Vettel and Hamilton were lucky that there was not another 2 or 3 laps as I wonder if Webber would have been able to catch them. Would be good to look at the replay and see if he had of pitted for his last set of tyres one or two laps earlier if he would have been able to make up those spots and win.

        1. I think Alonso was the reason. Webber took 6 laps to overtake him, what costs his victory.

          1. Webber got past Alonso quite quickly.

            Just check the race progress chart above.

            1. Before, Alonso got past Webber (after his stop). These 6 laps I mencioned envolve all that laps.

              Alonso was sixth at lap 40. Webber got back sixth at lap 45.

    6. Add 21 seconds for a working KERS and he would have won?

      1. Not to mention all the overtakes which would have been so much easier with KERS.

    7. Captain Phingerspex
      17th April 2011, 15:31

      Fabulous work Keith. I love these kind of graphs, where you can really get a feel for what’s going on – and special thanks for making them interactive, to clear away the info we don’t want to see at a particular time.
      Well done!

    8. See how Webber was the only car to try this hard-compound-first strategy in this race?

      Last year, a strategy like Webber’s would not work, as overtaking even with a tire wear/grade advantage later in the race was not enough to nip through the field as he did yesterday. This year, DRS, KERS and more frequent pit stops by other cars make this strategy much more viable. We may see more Q1/Q2 qualifiers start races on the harder compound after this performance.

      1. Maybe even the top 10. Don’t rule out someone like Kobayashi, Perez, di Resta or Sutil to try hards in the Q3, as they’re not fast enough to qualify much higher anyway.

        1. Entirely possible. But note that Webber struggled in his first stint against lesser cars on softer tires. Starting 10th on hards might lead to more positions lost than Webber’s two spots, as the competition is better nearer the top.
          But then if more and more mid-pack teams use the hard-first approach on a regular basis, that will become less of a gamble.

        2. Petrov might have done something like that as well, he had free choice as well due to him not running in Q3

      2. Agree, last year it only worked out to get someone in 13th into the points. This year it could work to give you a shot at the podium.

        It reminds of Monza 2009 where only three cars went for 2-stops (of course we had race fuel qualifying) and everyone else went for one-stop because they knew they couldn’t compete for pole (except the Brawns who were just playing the long game). If only we could get rid of the Top-10-qualifying rule about tyres.

        1. Yes yes yes, If they would get rid of that rule it would make it even more exciting!

    9. Congratulations Mark Webber, excellent race of recuperation. Congratulations to Keith by the work.

    10. If the race was joy, this analysis is ecstasy! Thanks Keith. Got my ID working too:-)

      The joy of having a race weekend is doubled when we have analysis like these available on the net.

    11. Surely after seeing how much Webber closed on the guys in the final part of the race it’s worth a gamble for some to Qualifying on hard tyres.

      Then you are able to run Hard, Soft, Soft, Soft like Webber did and pick off a load of drivers at the end of the race.

      1. I hope so, that’d be interesting to see if someone can repeat that trick. Button, for example, could be the one.

    12. Did anyone else notice that the BBC coverage has started using lap time graphs similar to these. I wonder where they got the idea… lol. Nice work Keith.

    13. Felipe was three/four positions ahead of Fernando with a few laps remaining. His last stint was too long and this caused him to end up just in front of his teammate, even if with 15 seconds of margin.

      1. More or less the same as Vettel then. Only difference being, that Alonso also did not have a 3 stopper.

      2. That’s the difference in strategies for ya …

        A driver can make a stop less and get ahead, but obviously the cars who do more stops will close right back up at the end due to their better laptimes.

        1. True. The two stoppers planned on getting ahead, just maintaining a constant pace, and hoping that the three stoppers would have way too overtaking to seriously challenge them at the end. The three stoppers were planning to catch overtake drivers on worn out tyres with ease, and were pushing hard through out. Honestly, if the hard tyres degraded slightly lesser, then 2 stop would be the better strategy. The 3 stop worked well for aggressive overtakers and quick drivers such as Lewis, but it didn’t work for tyre managing coasters such as Jenson.

    14. Had he known how well it was going to go he could probably have done 2 laps less on hard tyres, and 1 more lap in stints 2 and 3 and pinched 2nd. Great effort

    15. notice how no one from red bull management was getting excited over Webber’s thrilling drive and instead were tearing their heads apart over their failure to hand Golden Brat Vettel another win on the plate.

      1. Thats because they lost no matter what way you look at it. When you have a car that is 0.8 seconds quicker per lap and you fail to win then you know you have done something very wrong.

      2. Webber:

        Congratulations to Lewis. It was good that someone finally… of course Seb is in the same team, but he’s been on a phenomenal run and we’re all here together fighting for victories.

        Only Webber would say that! Obviously 100% true, he needed Vettel checked given he couldn’t quite catch him himself in the race, but hardly taken from the RBR team PR handbook.

        1. Agreed, I loved seeing Webber speak his mind like that in the interview room! He was merely reading the writing on the wall, but he made it quite humorous to boot!

          1. vettel laugh when webber said that…..

    16. Cant believe there is no news on alonso and his little DRS open in the wrong place affair! any news on that keith?? grat stats keep up the good work!

      1. Same thing happened when the underneath of Lewis’s car broke in AUS. FIA media blackout :P

        I’m guessing it was a glitch in the FIA system and they are not saying anything because it would embarrass them.

      2. Andrew Benson@BBC explains what the FIA said about it: it activated 600 meters later than it should, and it also deactivated 600m later; From the video it seems the auto disable at breaking kicked in to close it over the corner though. That’s still a bit of a worrisome software glitch, it staying open after the driver expects it, even with that safety working(or did Alonso override it for the corner?).

    17. Pirelli publish it after each race.

    18. Most people are happy that Vettel/the RBRs didn’t win today. So, they are not invincible, alright. BUT:
      -Mark Webber started 18th due to a catastrophic mistake in Q3. Nevertheless, after an awesome race he finished in the podium, and looked like he could have won in a few more laps.
      -Seb Vettel had a poor start, his KERS didn’t work and his 2-stop strategy was a disaster. Nevertheless he was 2nd.
      -It still seems to me that no team/driver can beat the RBRs this year unless they fail on their own. Last year they would have had the win in their pocket by midseason if it weren’t for unreliability and sophomoric mistakes. Their reliability seems to have improved now, and I’m afraid this year they will be unstoppable.

      1. I agree, despite being on the wrong strategy Vettel was only 5s from victory and Webber after being 20th after lap 11 was only 7 secs away. With these obstacles only an inspired Hamilton could beat them. If they sort out the problems with Webber’s car he will be the only person who can challenge Vettel unless McLaren and Ferrari make huge improvements.

        1. i wonder what will happen if rbr can fix their kers, then rbr will flying and noone can catch them…..

    19. I think the days are actually using this stats to analyse the race too, alway great to see this.

    20. I think it also helped that he had less fuel when he was running on softs

      Lower fuel = less degradation and thus more grip for more laps + Webber could really take advantage of the superior pace of soft tyres on a light car

      1. There’s a big problem with the softs. They seem to be about a second faster than the primes, and that’s fine. But they also should last much less than the primes, and actually last almost the same. So the strategy is unbalanced: every driver tries to stay in the softs for as long as possible. For a balanced act, the options should last about half, or the primes quite a bit longer.

    21. Great job Keith, this data is put together very well!

      Webber was flying in the late stages of the race. Extremely entertaining

    22. We Want Turbos
      17th April 2011, 22:46

      Excellent work by Mark. This is exactly what he needed to lift him, I’ll bet my house on a webber win in Turkey.

      1. I sure hope so!

    23. Webbers drive was the highlight of the race, along with hamilton winning; not vettel again!
      Where did heidfeld go wrong, he was on hards to start with also, wasn’t he?
      All the doubters out there who don’t believe in webbers ability or age really need to shut it. He has had some of the best drives in the last year or so, brazil(09) monaco budapest spain silverstone china and don’t forget about germany in 09 after getting a drive through he still won! He has talent and its about time everyone started to realise it.
      Its a shame it took him so long to get into a decent car, because others outside the f1 field would have realised it sooner!
      I’m not saying he is the best driver in the field, but his true grit, never die attitude and spirit is something to be admired.

    24. Webber’s was a strategy that would only work for a top-10 qualifier without the stupid Q3 tyres rules. Make them use the Q3 tyres at some point in the race, but forcing everyone in the top 10 to use them first limits the strategies available.

      Also, I don’t understand how doing one qualifying lap (and an in- and out- lap) does so much damage to the tyres. I realise they go at full pelt, but the tyres last at race pace for 15-16 laps. Surely a qualifying lap would just knock 2 laps off their lifetime, or is there something I’m missing.

    25. No KERS for Webber hence no twin KERS-DRS passes in the easy zone.

    26. Why Autosport abandoned this kind of graphical analysis is beyond me.

      Great work to whoever owns this website and does those graphs.

      1. That’d be me and you’re very welcome, glad you like it!

    27. But other odd-numbered started had problems: look at Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez and the Toro Rossos in the chart above.

      Perez started 12th, didn’t he? Though the theory looks good, +6 positions gained for the right-hand starters, but on the other hand Schumacher itself did +5.

    28. Thanks for posting this, it makes working out strategies much easier!

    29. Firstly thank you Keith. Your hand work makes analyzing the race a joy. It’s interesting to see the different times from each driver over the entire race. Webber showed true form, that car is phenomenal ever without KERS and without Vettel.

    30. Sorry i havent read all comments but it seems to me that Ferrari really dropped the ball yesterday with Massa. He had the pace to get on the podium in china if hed been on a three stop strategy and would have utterly trounced Alonso has Rob made the right call for his baby. He was ahead of Lewis into the first stops and had shown real pace. No reason to think he would not have been right there duking it out with Ham till the end.
      Nando ought to take not and get his act together. Massa is an Istanbul specialist! Might put a few quid on him…

    31. Following Webbers logic on tyre stratergy imagine where Petrov could have come starting from 10th if he’d also gone Hard, soft, soft soft. Maybe best stratigy is to get into q3 then dont run and start on hards…

    32. After the first couple of last never in my worst dream I would have predicted Webber to be there on the podium. A true Grit drive by him.

    Comments are closed.