Kubica hopes to leave hospital “within ten days”

2011 F1 season

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Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Robert Kubica says he hopes to be out of hospital within the next ten days.

The Polish driver has been in hospital for over two months following his rally crash at the start of February.

Kubica told Renault’s website: “I am starting to feel a lot better now. My recovery is moving in the right direction: my strength and weight are increasing day on day and as a result I will leave the Santa Corona hospital very soon.

“The mobility of my hand is limited but this is pretty normal in this kind of situation, because the connected arm muscles are still very weak due to the long period of immobility. Things are definitely improving day by day.

“As soon as I leave hospital, I’ll head to my home in Monaco for a short period of rest. Then I’ll move to Dr. [Riccardo] Ceccarelli’s facilities in Italy where I will start a deep rehabilitation program and a preliminary soft training programme.

“The two programmes will gradually cross over based on the speed of my recovery.”

Kubica thanked his supporters who he said had helped his recovery: “I must admit that it’s been overwhelming and, yes, it’s helped me a lot.

“I really didn’t realise that quite this many fans were supporting me. I’m very flattered and I promise them that, when I’m back, I’ll give them my absolute best.”

Robert Kubica rally crash

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    39 comments on “Kubica hopes to leave hospital “within ten days””

    1. Elliot Horwood
      21st April 2011, 14:44

      Good to hear :)

    2. Great news, keep it up Robert!

    3. Brilliant news, get well soon Robert!

    4. Nice to hear that he’s progressing well, but still wow at how long he’s been in hospital, hopefully he could make it to a race (possibly Monaco) as a spectator, I’m sure it would be a very warm welcome.

    5. This sounds much better in from his mouth. Keep on fighting Robert, we’re waiting for you.

      1. Yes, if he says it it must be true.

        1. Are snide comments like that really called for, Fixy? the guy is recovering from life threatening injuries. Let people feel good for him, you grump!

    6. To see Kubica in the Lotus Renault GP garage at Monaco would bring a tear to this chap’s eye.

      1. Hear hear. After his great drive there last year, I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to show up…

    7. good news!

      his awesome mosaic came out as well.. check it out!

      1. Wow, this is spectacular.

    8. Would be perfect to see him waving the flag in Hungary in the same way Massa waved the flag in Brazil 2009.

    9. it’s great to hear finally from Robert!

      fingers crossed for him to recover fully.

    10. I wish somebody would tell us what the chances are for a comeback, even if its just a guess.

      Anyway, My all time favourite F1 driver is getting better so its good news.


      UKs Number one Robert Fan :D

    11. Why am I the first the mention Heidfeld? what about him!

      1. Because it’s entirely predictable what will happen to Heidfeld if and when Kubica comes back?

        1. [Heidlefd] What about him!

          Well, Nick left the hospital three days ago, and according to his manager, he’s doing fine. Apparently, he didn’t even need to be hospitalized.

    12. If Lauda can come back after a horrific accident to win the championship, then so can Kubica. Bring it! Although now that Heidfeld and Petrov’s been on the podium I’d be unwilling to let any of them go from the team. Difficult.

      I say put Kubica in a Ferrari next year.

      1. I watched closely Heidfeld and Petrov in last 3 races. Petrov was better on pure pace comparing to Heidfeld in 2 out of 3 weekends but due to different incidents it wasn’t clearly visible. Bearing in mind what Kubica did with Pertov last year Renault will not dwell for long on taking Kubica back. Let’s hope he will be the same driver as before accident.

      2. I really hope he doesn’t go to Ferrari, he’s mates with Alonso but I don’t believe for a second that that would stop them from having a ruthless intra-team battle that would probably hamper Kubica as Alonso is Ferrari’s favoured child. I’m hoping he can find his way into Mark Webbers seat when he decides to move on, or just stay in Renault with the way they are improving.

    13. I have no doubt about Kubica’s come back. Question is if he will be the same driver as before accident. It’s possible (finger crossed it’s not true) that he won’t be able to compete at the same level in F1 any more but he will race somewhere, anywhere he can.

    14. I think the fact he’s only just come out of hospital speak volumes about how much of a bad accident it was. It’s pretty daunting.

      I thought of Lauda as well. I would actually put money on him winning a WDC if he can use his arms just as well and he’s in an even better team than Renault in 2012.

    15. I think it was very bad, much worse than people can even imagine. But Luckily, the surgeons didn’t choose the first option, but tried everything possible to ensure he had full mobility even though restricted initially.
      Wish him the best. He is a stubborn guy though so that should help him get back to a reasonable level of fitness and ability.

    16. Good news, however I hope Kubica’s eagerness to come back doesn’t lead to him coming back to soon. I would hate to see him come back to see that he’s miles of the pace.

      1. Wrong. If he gets his F1 license back, it means he is fit to get back. If he is fit to get back, then waiting and not driving will not get him anywhere. You don’t get to be a fast driver by sitting at home. He should then come back as soon as possible.
        If he would be miles off the pace, then he should be driving to improve, not sitting at home.

    17. It’s great that we finally get to hear from him directly!!

      Wish to see him on track soon!

    18. best news of this year. come back soon Robert . fingers crossed!

    19. Marvellous, can’t wait to see Rob back in the car and I suspect it will sooner than many expect, I gotta this funny feeling like he is going to go on to win a WDC. In any case, his story would make for a great film one day!

    20. Lauda, Hakkinen, Kubica?

      Well, first things first: full recovery. After this we’ll see what happens.

    21. Thanks for the Kubica update Keith. Glad to hear he’s doing well.

    22. Hitman Contract (@)
      21st April 2011, 23:29

      I’d really like to see Robert racing again in the last races this year… and winning a few WDCs beginning next year.

      Preferably at Ferrari btw

    23. Pink Pirelli
      22nd April 2011, 1:14

      Good news for Kubica. I didn’t realise he was still in hospital, so it does bring it home as to exactly how nasty the crash was.

    24. Made my day. We all love you & wishes you a very fast recovery.

    25. Great to hear of his progress, and his confidence that he can make the recovery work; hope to see him back in a car soon. Heidfeld I’m sure will understand!

    26. Bigbadderboom
      22nd April 2011, 16:20

      I think he should write this season off. Allow Heidfeld to complete his season, this would give Renault the information they need to make an informed choice. Nick has done a great job for them so far, it may be he finishes on double the points as Petrov. Robert should forget about this year, get fit, get well and get a good pre seasons fitness level before challenging next year. He could end up doing more damage by rushing back.

    27. Kubica. You either love him, or you fear him. I know this isn’t exact fair to Petrov and Heidfeld, but I think this year’s Renault is good enough for Robert to have regularly mixed it at the front. Let’s hope he can still return for the final few races of the year to show what he can do with it.

    28. Robert left the hospital today ;-)

    29. Apparently left hospital today!!! I wish him all the best with his recovery :-) http://tinyurl.com/3tpkq3w

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