Kubica leaves hospital 11 weeks after crash

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica leaves hospital almost three months after his rally crash.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Kubica discharged from Italian hospital (F1)

“The hospital described Kubica’s condition as ‘good’, adding that he will continue to be monitored by their doctors.”

Formula 1: Timely return of the prodigal son (Independent)

“When [Lewis Hamilton] unceremoniously fired his dad from his job as manager in March of last year, the genial Anthony redirected his skills into securing Di Resta a drive with Force India, aided by Mercedes, for whom the Scot drove in DTM. The Hamilton familial relationship has since improved and peace has broken out, but Anthony is seldom to be found in the McLaren pit.”

Ecclestone hints at F1 exit (The Sunday Times, subscription required)

“I’m old enough to get a pension, so I don’t have to get a job. I’d have to be sure the people [who end up owning F1] are people I would like to work with and whether they would want to work with me.”

Formula One could make a pit stop in Goa, talks under way (The Times of India)

“Sources say that an India-based company responsible for setting up the F1 circuits in Bahrain and Noida has been scouting around the state for an appropriate location. When contacted, tourism director Swapnil Naik confirmed the development. ‘Yes, we have been approached for a F1 circuit in Goa. We have decided to go ahead with it,’ he said.”

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Comment of the day

More tips on taking great racing photos from Siv:

With any kind of photography practice is very very important – not only so that you can get good shots but also so that you can spend time enjoying the event rather than staring through the camera the whole time.

You are probably not going to many F1 races so how do you practice? Simple – go to as many circuit days as you can. Could be track days, local races, smaller events (GP2 etc), motobike races etc. If there isn’t a track near you, if you have a highway near you try standing at a safe vantage point and practice your panning shots.

From the forum

Following Mark Webber’s climb from 18th to third in China, what’s the most places gained by a driver during an F1 race?

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

But it is Felipe Massa’s 30th birthday today so happy birthday to him.

Sadly, it is also ten years to the day since Michele Alboreto lost his life in a sports car accident.

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60 comments on “Kubica leaves hospital 11 weeks after crash”

  1. Every statement involving Paul Di Resta seems to involve Mercedes Benz, does this mean it’s a given that he is next in line for a drive with their factory Formula 1 team?

    1. Well, if this new guy at Merc has another lacklustre season maybe he can fill the void. What was his name? Michael or something?

      1. There are more deserving drivers.

        1. Like who, exactly?

          I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this whole “Driver X should race for Team Y because he deserves it the most” argument. The world doesn’t work that way. Mercedes evidently have their eye on Paul di Resta, who is certainly holding his own in the sport. They clearly think he is deserving – or at least has the potential to be – and let’s be totally honest here: when it comes to deciding their driver line-ups, their opinion is the only one that matters.

          And given Mercedes’ performance in 2010 and so far in 2011, I highly doubt some of those “more deserving” drivers are going to be jumpin at the chance to race for Mercedes GP if there’s something better out there.

          1. couldn’t have put that better myself, far too many arm chair team bosses around these days

          2. Completely agree – no such thing as a deserving driver these days – either they are fast, or bring money, or both. Paul Di Resta has jumped straight into that Force India, and without a second thought has been pushing his team-mate, who lets face it although sutil loves crashing, he is pretty quick. And di Resta has out-qualified him and finished in front of him, despite being in circuits he doesn’t know, despite having to give up free practice slots – any idiot can see that he has impressed so far this season, and only just three races into it!

            The boy is fast; that is clear. Which means he deserves a seat at a fast team.

          3. Agreed. Di Resta has Mercedes written all over him. He just won the DTM!

            Di Resta may find them quite attractive, Mercedes GP that is, a team he can build up with Rosberg.

          4. Of course you’re right, not every good driver ends up in a top team. I’d be happy of jumping from Force India to Mercedes if I were Di Resta.

    2. Mercedes have bankrolled his career, including giving Force India free KERS this year in return for Di Resta driving, so it isn’t a surprise to see the names mentioned together.

      I would say Hulkenberg is still the favourite for the Mercedes seat when Schumacher leaves, but Glock and Di Resta are definitely options. Sutil is a dark horse, but he needs to start beating Paul very soon.

      1. Willi Weber is being very clever with Nico Huelknberg. He knows that Sebastian Vettel holds the mantle of the popular and fast German driver of the moment, but he’s found a niche for Hulkenber to fit into: he’s clearly trying to line Hulkenberg up for a Mercedes seat alongside Schumacher and inherit the title of Schumacher’s heir. The problem is that Hulkenberg’s main competition – di Resta – has a racing seat when Hulkenberg does not. And Mercedes are heavily invested in di Resta and clearly paying attention to him while Hulkenberg is benched. In order for Hulkenberg to fulfil the role of Schumacher’s heir, he would need to get a race seat in 2012 and get into Mercedes in 2013 because there’s simply no way Mercedes are going to recruit him straight from the sidelines, unless di Resta completely bins it and nobody else impresses.

        That said, I don’t think Hulkenberg is really all that impressive. He had one pole position in variable conditions, but his season was filled with silly mistakes that you would not expect of the reigning GP2 champion. He was also the single worst driver off the start line; he lost more positions on the first lap than any other driver (and his main rival, Petrov, was the best off the line; just watch the start at Suzuka from Petrov’s on-board – Petrov started two rows back and is practically on top of Hulkenberg before Hulkenberg has so much as reacted to the lights going green).

        1. GP2 is very different from Formula One, the idea of the reigning GP2 champion making mistakes isn’t that farfetched. He was learning just like all of the other rookies from his mistakes. From Hungary and onwards Hulkenberg was consistantly in the points.

        2. i think when schumi leaves in 2013, di resta will go to mercedes with the hulk stepping up to a race seat with force india.

        3. I think Vettel has firmly cemented himself as Schumacher’s heir.

      2. I still maintain that the best place for Hulkenberg is in Massa’s seat. Maybe next year, maybe later this year.

  2. happy birthday felipe -do brasiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll!!!

    1. Go Felipe!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Medicine these days… pah! Incredible.

  4. and here’s the official Malaysian race edit which strangely isn’t on the f1 website…

    1. Then how do you know if it’s official?

      1. i don’t for sure, but F1arab wouldn’t call it official if it wasn’t.
        also the music is very in line with what previous edits have had.
        and there is also unseen footage from the grid and unheard radio transmissions which only FOM have access to. :D

    2. But why is it not on F1.com if there is the Chinese review?

      1. i don’t really know… a mistake? remeber they took a few months to upload the 2010 abu dhabi edit!

      2. Its up on F1.com now. But this video on Youtube is better, as the site does not lag as much.

  5. I bet I’m not the only one after reading the ecclestone story that thinks HURRAH!!

    1. I’m more worried about who will replace him to be honest. :S

  6. Good news for Kubica.

    I do think that India have a future in Motor Racing, I know it’s tough due to cricket & IPL. But look they have their drivers & teams with sponsors. They have a Moto Gp team for the 125 cc class.May be 3-5 years time it may become a different story.but I kind not like the idea of making two circut for F1 in India other then that invest that money for the advertisement for the one & only GP.

    1. I agree it makes more sense to have one big *POW* event that attracts the attention.

  7. So will Kubica be driving in F1 this year?

    1. No chance, if Renault want him back for 2012 they will need to ensure he is fully recovered. That’s just not waiting for the injuries to heal but the rehabilitation of building up his strength.

      1. Quite reasonable chances I would say.

        He’s starting not only second phase of rehabilitation, but also he’s already introducing elements of training program. 6-8 hours of rehabilitation and racing oriented training a day, with the training part increasing day by day.

        Also… don’t pay too much attention to information about his recovery you’re receiving now. Since the incident with the Polish tv station TVN24 Daniele Morelli decided to not inform what’s really happening with Robert. Few days ago we were told on purpose that Robert will not leave hospital for at least next 10 days, so he could peacefully go home without any media fuss around him. Expect such disinformation.

        I realistically think he will be allowed to drive an old Renault model as soon as mid to late summer. As far as competitive driving is concerned – September or October. Of course, provided everything goes smoothly.

    2. I think at this stage it’s best to leave him out for the season, maybe give him a couple of practices at the end of the season to keep his eye in if he has recovered, but make sure he is fully rested and refreshed for 2012. This all coming from a Kubica fan, I just don’t want them to rush things

    3. I doubt if he will next year. I recently severed an extensor tendon just in one finger, 12 weeks later i still dont have full grip strength.

  8. A formula 1 circuit in Goa? That would be absolutely awesome!

    1. Why? Isn’t Goa a holiday resort enclave? and especially known as a drinking-binge destination?

      1. I think that’s why Todfod says it’ll be awesome. Although Goa will need a massive infrastructure upgrade to support F1.

      2. Yeah kind of. It is probably India’s biggest tourist destination. It makes a lot of sense for people who want to take an exotic beach holiday, as well as catch a formula 1 race. It is quite a beautiful state with beaches, hills and forests. It is quite a party destination, and the vibe of the place is very fun. I think a race there would attract a lot of people from within India and from abroad as well.

    2. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Not until Bernie is absolutely certain that Formula 1 takes in India.

  9. I’m a little surprised to see Goa jumping onto the F1 bandwagon. With Bernie insisting that there be no more than one race per country, I’m not sure Delhi would want to share the India slot. But I hope this helps the growth of inexpensive low-level motorsport in India. Besides the track outside Delhi, we have only 2 F3 grade circuits in the country.

    Good to see Kubica’s out of hospital. Hope he makes a full recovery and soon.

  10. I thnk Goa would be a better host for a rally, actually. The WRC is a little short on rounds at thirteen events, and I think a Rally India could make for a round like the Rally of Indonesia.

  11. Good news about Kubica! And Happy Birthday to Massa

  12. Great news about Kubica, fingers crossed things only get better.

    1. Happy news!

  13. I expect Kubica to be back this year for sure, no doubt at all.

    1. I expect the opposite. That he’s only left hospital 3 months after the accident should tell you just how serious his condition was.

      While I would like to hope that we’ll see him back in F1 soon, I honestly think it’s unlikely.

  14. Here’s some Ferrari (Fernando, Stefano, Luca) messages for Felipe’s birthday.


    Fernando can’t resist some psychological games of course.

    I want to tell you that I’m happy to be alongside you at Ferrari: I think we make up a good duo, respecting one another and working well together, in the knowledge that the interests of the team come before those of the individual

    1. Can’t believe he put that in a birthday message… actually, yes I can.

      1. That was probably written by his manager ;)

    2. That’s hilarious. Stay classy Fernando.

      1. C’mon guys – you don’t really believe he actually penned those words, right?

        1. Maybe, but I think that a PR person would be unlikely to write something like that, unless they have a very good sense of humour.

    3. Just a reminder Feilpe. LOL

    4. In other words, if I need you too move aside, you’re moving. =P

  15. Indian GP new name and logo released

    Some more comments

    1. Thanks for that. Interesting – I wonder what/who made them change several turns to ‘increase overtaking’?

  16. The first one, Im sorry im posting for the first time and cant get a grasp on the system…..

  17. No driver who has raced in F1 has died in racing accident since Alboreto’s death. There has been some close calls: Zanardi, da Matta, Massa and Kubica were all in life-threatening situation for some time. We must be very thankful for that.

  18. I wish him a speedy and full recovery. I hope he makes it back to Formula One soon. I think he’d be awesome with the new DRS.

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