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In the round-up: Ferrari use another filming day to put more mileage on the 150??? Italia.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Three Ferraris for Massa (Ferrari)

“This came about as part of a promotional film being shot for, featuring the 458 Italia, the 458 Challenge and, of course, the 150??? Italia.”

Trulli trusts FIA on Monaco DRS call (Autosport)

“When asked if he felt there would be a gamble in trying to use it through the Tunnel, Trulli said: ‘Yes. Definitely, yes. You won’t go through flat, so it is too much of a gamble. That is why I would prefer to not use it.'”

A shining moment to remember: Q&A with Eddie Cheever (Times Leader)

On Alain Prost: “Most talented and determined team mate I ever raced with. Didn’t really know him that well as a person, but he was just as brilliant out of the car working the politics, as he was behind the wheel going blindingly fast without using tyres, brakes, or fuel. I’m still convinced he had made a deal with the devil early on in his career.”

McLaren fixer rues link to son of Libyan dictator Gaddafi (Daily Mail)

“The deal came to nothing. I hoped it would at the time, obviously, because there was money riding on it. But, given what’s gone on in the last few weeks, it’s probably good that it didn’t.”

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Comment of the day

Resureksiyon gives some local perspective on Mark Webber’s view on ticket prices in Turkey:

As a Turkish F1 fan, i can not agree more with Webber.

Yes, track is really far from the city centre, hell, far from even the suburban areas outside "the city". But hey, I’m OK with waking up early in the morning for the race day.

The problem is to me that, there are no Turkish teams or drives, not even a sponsor that can attract more visitors/spectators. I realized this fully when i was in Maranello. People there live with their F1 team.

Coming to the ticket prices, i think base price of ??90-100 are not really expensive, say, compared to a big football game. But still, ??100 can get you a decent ticket/spot for a football match. What you get with your ??100 at Istanbul Park is just not doing for me.

From the forum

Jonnyw360f1 picks his five favourite street tracks.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to ccolanto, Mike Weilding and Oliver!

On this day in F1

One year ago today Ferrari denied the graphics on their car were subliminal advertising for Marlboro cigarettes.

Despite their denials the team changed their branding and have revised the logo again for this season. But the distinctive splash of white is still reminiscent of the Marlboro designs used from the mid-nineties.

Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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48 comments on “Massa does filming day for Ferrari”

  1. Looks like Ferrari are still down the copycat route, from the pictures posted on the forum you can definitely see the Red Bull Rake along with already having Red Bull exhausts and Red Bull sidepods. All they need is Red Bull suspension! Funnily enough, they’re actually red too…

    I await doctors kicking up a stink about the JPS livery. No?

    And amusing of the Daily Mail to use a term like “fixer” when talking about dodgy deals!

    1. So mabye they now added the flex nose/wing as well?

      1. FFS that really is more than a little bit naughty. When this happened last year suddenly their performance was right up there after struggling seriously. Seems like the second Ferrari are struggling the rules don’t count. I hope they get punished for this, or at least everyone takes advantage, although thats hardly the point.

        Grrr they make me mad, an there car looks like a straight up copy.

        1. other teams can and do promotional filming days.

          1. Where are the photos of the new car? That article only has one shot of all three cars….

    2. UKfanatic (@)
      30th April 2011, 22:59

      about the suspension i believe the ferrari rear suspensiopn may be their secret for tyre degradation

  2. Aw, no F1 video. :(
    I had just started getting into watching them in the last couple of days.

    Let me chose one:

    Today is the 30th April, and 17 years ago we were on the eve of the 1994 San Marino race at Imola. It will be a high profile rememberance tommorow, as we take in the memories of Brazilian multiple World Champion and the best driver in many people’s opinions, Ayrton Senna’s tragic death at the race on May 1st 1994.

    But it is 17 years ago today, that the one that everybody sadly seems to forget about passed away during the 1994 San Marino GP.

    Austrian born Roland Ratzenberger was a late comer to F1, making his debut at 33 years old. Unfortunately his F1 career was cut short after only 3 events because of a horrific near 200mph crash at Villeneuve corner.

    Let the F1 community remember the life of Roland Ratzenberger by watching this short tribute clip.

    1. It’s almost a tragedy in itself the way that people have overlooked Ratzenberger’s death so comprehensively. I suppose it was kind of inevitable given how little known he was compared to Senna.

      To say I don’t like Max Mosley is a bit of an understatement, but I’ll always respect the fact that he was part of the small minority of people in F1 who chose to attend Ratzenberger’s funeral

      1. I’ll always respect the fact that he was part of the small minority of people in F1 who chose to attend Ratzenberger’s funeral

        Same here. Not only is it one of the few things (in fact, possibly the only thing) I respect about Mosley, it’s also one of the most decent things anyone could have done.

        I like to think Senna would not have minded Mosley’s actions at all. Especially given how he was friends with Ratzenberger.

        1. Yep. It’s heartbreaking that Senna had an Austrian flag in the cockpit with him when he crashed, and planned to dedicate his win that day to Ratzenberger.

          1. I didn’t know that. Goosebumps here…

          2. It’s in the Wikipedia article on Senna under the section on his death.

      2. There have been many deaths in F1. Most are forgotten, and obviously Senna was better known than Ratzenberger, therefore his death has had a greater echo in the circus. Maybe they focus more on Senna even because, after a Ratzenberger’s death, the race went forward and took another life, and many were upset with one death, let alone two.

      3. I dinn’t like Mosley either but you must recognize that he was deeply concerned over driver safety and worked to improve it with zeal.

    2. Thanks for posting that one over here Calum!

      A very sad death and sadly its often overshadowed by the next death the day after.

      1. damonsmedley
        30th April 2011, 9:52

        Thanks for posting that video. I’ve always felt sad by how he was largely forgotten in the wake of Senna’s death. That video was quite nice. Let’s hope we never have a weekend like that again.

    3. I think some people are sometimes too eager to do finger-pointing about “forgetting” about Ratzenberger.

      I do not use “On This Day” to list every F1 driver who passed away on a point in time – and I do not get accusations of “you’ve forgotten about such-and-such” for any driver other than Ratzenberger.

      I certainly have not forgotten about him. You can read more about his life here:

      Roland Ratzenberger

      1. Just in case you took it the wrong way Keith, that is most certainly not what I was implying! You’re an F1 Fanatic, after all! :P

    4. all i can say is …..respect

  3. Look, I like Alonso. My fav driver right now. Not big Ferrari fan though. Right now though, copycatting looks to be the only way to gain enough speed to at least close the gap to Red Bull. Then, they can do “new” things to try to pass them.

  4. How can Ferrari keep doing this? It really annoys me.

    I thought there was some sort of rule in place after last year Ferrari happened to have a “promotional day” when the car was running major upgrades on it that a promotional day must use the same spec car as that used in the last race?
    Mind you, this isn’t the first time Ferrari will break a rule that was put into place for something they themselves had done….

    Also, clearly more rake on the car, I suppose if you can’t innovate you just imitate (using massive resources, a spare track and some promotional day nonsense)

    1. promotional day must use the same spec car as that used in the last race

      I haven’t heard about this rule. Anyways, if teams are allowed a certain number of filming days, then why not take advantage of them? Ferrari have way too much ground to make up on Red Bull and Mclaren, and I’m actually happy they are testing some of these copycat ideas before Turkey.

    2. The rules are the same for everyone.

      All teams are able to undertake promotional days using the special tyres provided for the purpose. As far as I’m aware, there are no restrictions on running new parts – can you point to the specific rule Ferrari are breaking?

    3. I didn’t know of the rule either and didn’t think it existed. But apparently it does:

      But then I skimmed the regulations and could find it, so the idea might have been abandoned.

      1. That’s a shame. I think the rule was only fair for the teams who say… Don’t have a massive test track in their back garden.

  5. Talking about the Turkish problem with the F1 race. I don’t really think prices is that much of a problem in the end.

    Haven’t they thought that it might just be that the average Turkish people aren’t really that interested in F1 at all?. Take Argentina for example. If F1 came here, even with the prices we would have to pay (and the economic situation definetly worse than anywhere in Europe) the grandstands would be full! It happened in the 90s and hell it was expensive.

    Considering the prices at Turkey, 100 euros today are about 500 pesos. I went to see U2 a month ago and payed a similar price, for one of the cheapest tickets around. And the stadium was FULL the whole 3 days!. An F1 race? pah!…

    If people like it, they’d do the effort and pay that kind of price and travel to the racetrack, all to see the F1 race. I’m not saying all turkish people are not bothered with it, but they really don’t quite have a motorsport heritage.

    1. I think you are right with the heritage part.

      In 2003, after Zsolt Baumgartner made his F1 debut, there was no country which had staged F1 race (I mean the actual location and not that stuff around San Marino/Luxembourg GP) while never having GP driver. Of course it took Hungary 17 years to have one, their first race being in 1986 and Baumgartner’s debut 17 years later.

      Now, there are six countries: Bahrain, China, Turkey, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. And to be honest, I don’t think there will be a Grand Prix driver from any of these countries soon. Although I have to admit that Baumgartner or Alex Yoong getting into F1 was a surprise, having seen their races in F3000.

      1. yeah, that’s what I mean. It’s not “weird” the grandstands aren’t full at Malaysia, China or Turkey, it’s just that they are not that enthusiastic about F1 as Canada or Brazil.

  6. Don’t Start at Ferrari.
    Remember when the BBC filmed Coulthard driving the RB6 at Silverstone last year??? No one said anything then.
    Have Mclaren not gotten away with many things, Such as Hamilton’s damaged floor in Melbourne, when the rules clearly state that if the floor is damaged there is a disqualification???

    1. Know the rules, equal plank damage in all 4 corners indicating very low plank height for a wet race is what got Schumacher disqualified. Why shouldn’t anyone start at Ferrari? They don’t seem to have a spectacular start to the season anyway.
      PS: Looking forward to the imaginary ‘Damaged Floor = Disqualification’ rule link that will be provided by you

    2. Actually the rules state that if the plank (not the floor) is worn down at the specific points measured then the car is disqualified. Hamilton’s plank was fine at all the measured points so no disqualification.

    3. when the rules clearly state that if the floor is damaged there is a disqualification???

      Where is that rule?

      Is it in the same place that says front wings aren’t allowed to flex?

  7. Or the F150, as many of us insist on calling it ;)

    1. Isn’t that a truck? ;)

      1. Well if it isn’t, it’s driving like one at the moment for a certain Spaniard…

      2. No, that’s the F150 ;)

  8. Discussion between Montezemelo and Domenicali after the promotional filming day:

    Same Rake? Check
    Same Exhaust? Check,
    Same Sidepods? Check.

    See nothing like a truck, F150 is a bad name, lets just go ahead and rename it (again) the RB7.

    1. It was meant to be called that all along, don’t you know ;)

  9. “This came about as part of a promotional film being shot for, featuring the 458 Italia, the 458 Challenge and, of course, the 150º Italia.”

    Let’s put it this way: Ferrari actually is a car manufacturer and promote their cars in this manner. If they used the day to test bits and pieces from the new upgrade package then good for them. Who is stopping Red Bull and McLaren to do the same when they also have filming days available for them, or even HRT for that matter?

    But I wonder…why would Red Bull use a filming day? To promote their new exhaust blown straw which you could use to drink you energy booster faster?

    1. unnnococooc
      1st May 2011, 2:36

      HRT can’t test parts…. because that would require parts….

      It’s nice to see Massa happy about testing filming

    2. LOL, give me that straw!

  10. I wonder if this ‘filimg day’ will improve Ferrari’s situation on the track…

    1. “for sure” it will!

      1. perhaps, but usually they have to run at fraction of the normal speed.

        the one i am surprised doesnt get used more is the running 2year old cars. like michael did in 09, when he did a full day in the 07 ferrari.

        would be ideal for new drivers i would of thought.

        1. unnnococooc
          1st May 2011, 2:43

          3 things….

          1) New drivers don’t tend to go into teams with heaps of money for filming/testing days requierd to run an F1 for a whole day. Sure Ferrari can do it, but HRT.. nup, Virgin, hell no, Lotus.. lol…. Force India, of course not.. Williams no no no, Sauber bahah what? etc… The only team with drivers that could actually test due to money is Torro Rosso but then Red Bull have a whole team for testing their drivers pre Red Bull.. it’s called Torro Rosso.

          2) Cars change alot in 2 years. Until this year 2 years ago meant grooved tyres and crazy air bits. Drivers are very suceptible to change and their problem is getting used to the car they are driving, not one with different tyres and handling characteristics.

          3) Filming allows you to use the current car which may or may not have new bits on it. Using a 2 year old car has to be a 2 year old car not a 2 year old car with 2011 bits on it not that they would work properly

          1. all good points. Tho HRT did testing this pre season and if they were desperate for cash then why bother with old car. Running is running. and there is always something to gain, try or develop.

            but just for things like Kers development(which was allowed in 09) it would be totally worth it for some of the bigger teams, like red bull.

  11. Aahear.

    Mclaren did a filming day the dat after the Barcelona test, Mercedes did one at EuroSpeedway Lausitz, Team Lotus did one after the Valencia test.

    for some reason the ferrari filming days get picked up and critisises, yet other teams do one and nobody really seems to care.

    1. Ehm seriously. The filming days that you posted there were actually used for filming.

      These “promotional tests” that Ferrari keeps putting on obviously are used for testing.

      You really don’t see why the one gets criticized and the others not?

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