2011 Turkish Grand Prix Thursday pictures

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Is that Istanbul or Silverstone? Soggy, grey weather greeted the teams on Thursday.

Here’s a collection of pictures from the track.

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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    Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Team Lotus, Motioncompany

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    22 comments on “2011 Turkish Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

      1. dats a gr8 pic lol

    1. any pics of the new Pirelli option tyre colourings for this weekend?

      1. If I had any I’d’ve posted them. If I get any I will.

        1. Virgin posted one on twitter earlier today


          1. Good thing I read your comment, I was just going to post that link as well.

          2. It doesn’t look so good. I think the gold stripe was better.

            1. i think the white stripe in china was better.

        2. ok thanks! great pics as usual.

      2. Here are the softs on the new hot sauce backed Sauber http://yfrog.com/h81forxj

        1. Isn’t that on the wrong way round? I thought the markings were only on one side.

          1. The markings are also on the inside of the tyre

    2. Good god, those Force India motorhomes look so naff.

      1. Hmm not sure they are too bad when you look at HRT and their GP2 spec version!

      2. I love the picture of the mobile home miniature motorhome of HRT between the totally different scale ones of Virgin and Lotus.

    3. Wow, the livery of the HRT motorhomes are really nice!

      1. Good job by the designer!

    4. and still after all the years I have moments when I think: “Ah Thursday pictures, great! that must be of free practice 1”

    5. Younger Hamii(Formerly Younger Hamilton)
      5th May 2011, 21:36

      Hmm Keith,I noticed that they’re werent any Red Bull Pictures Labelled.Do you mind correcting it

      1. What do you mean? They’re all captioned and watermarked.

    6. Just one typo: the caption for the the last picture says Nick Hedifeld.

    7. Good to see Vettel is keeping on top of his hair. It really is a shambles at times.

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