Nico Rosberg drives DTM Mercedes at Hockenheim

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Nico Rosberg had his first chance to drive a DTM Mercedes at the first round of this year’s championship at Hockenheim last weekend.

Unfortunately he was only doing ‘taxi runs’ with passengers alongside him, rather than actually racing.

He was joined by fellow Mercedes-powered driver – and current DTM champion – Paul di Resta. He took David Coulthard, who races in the DTM, on a flying lap of the track.

Here’s video of the two drivers in DTM cars last weekend:

Pictures: Nico Rosberg at Paul di Resta at Hockenheim DTM

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10 comments on “Nico Rosberg drives DTM Mercedes at Hockenheim”

  1. Nice video. I think DTM is really starting to get interesting again with BMW entering next year (with Heidfeld?)

    1. This, then they just need to get Alfa and Opel back and reintroduce the nordschliefe and it will be back to it’s best!

  2. Is it just me or nico looks a bit like Di Caprio from a few angles….

  3. Ralf still looks like a jackass.

    1. bananarama
      5th May 2011, 12:47

      Wherever Nico goes, he can’t escape the Schumachers …

      1. he seems to be quite good at escaping them when they are racing

        1. +1

        2. Well, depends – at least he wouldn’t beat Ralf currently in DTM.

  4. DTM racing should have celebrity passangers all the time

  5. nico’s got his retirement home sorted out..

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