2011 Turkish Grand Prix practice in pictures

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The F1 teams experienced two very different sessions in Istanbul. The first very wet, the second dry and sunny.

Here are pictures from today’s practice sessions.

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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    Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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    25 comments on “2011 Turkish Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Electrolite
      6th May 2011, 14:21


      1. I agree.

      2. Even by Keith’s high standards this is epic.

        Raising the bar. :D

    2. Force India’s nose and front wing have got big changes. I like this new face. Old nose looked kind of bulky!

    3. Stunning pictures..Tough to choose a wallpaper..The Torro Rosso looks stunning in the rain

      1. I’m about to wallpaper the Rubens Barichello one with the stands in the foreground.

        Fantastic pictures.

    4. Douglas62500
      6th May 2011, 16:19

      Just wondering, why are the photos of HRT always at a lower resolution ??

      1. I think they are from their official site, where that is the maximum resolution.

      2. Cutting costs.

    5. Why no pictures of the Virgin Racing team?

      1. Kieth must have been using a high speed setting.

        1. I don’t take the pictures – see the credits at the bottom of the article.

    6. Well done Keith for finding an ever so rare picture of Pastor Maldonado on the track!

      1. Just at the right place at the right time I guess!

      2. bleeps_and_tweaks
        7th May 2011, 0:17

        haha Yeah this might have been tricky by the looks of things today!

        Have to say this gallery is brilliant; the Mercedes looks awesome in some of those rain shots, and the one of Heidfeld’s R31 looking at the diffuser is amazing.

    7. JamesAlrawazik
      6th May 2011, 20:38

      funny that usually there are no/little mclaren pics, but this time there are several hamilton (no Button!!) pictures!! :0

      1. several hamilton (no Button!!) pictures!!

        There are two pictures of Jenson… 11th row.. :p

      2. usually there are no/little mclaren pics

        I don’t know where you’re getting that from but it’s completely wrong. Look back over some of the galleries from past race weekends if you don’t believe me.

        1. I guess he based it on the comments usually made when only some four(exaggeration) pictures are up. His comment about Button would support that, by proving he doesn’t go trough the whole lot.

          People, If you are going to make a point on an observation you’ve made, at least double check, that goes for life, not just F1F. :D

    8. has anyone seen the red bull cables on the forum? I am a bit unsure about it and would like someone’s opinion.

    9. Mt favourite today is the one of Michael Schumacher coming out of the pit, lovely picture!

    10. The Ferrari has the most narrow nose?

    11. BNK Racing
      7th May 2011, 1:24

      pictures in the wet r always the greatest when captured correctly! over the last couple seasons it seems red bulls photographer (if they use their own) captures the red bulls the best in the wet!

    12. Let me know if I’m wrong but I thought that Pirelli were going to change the tyre markings for this race. At the moment it looks like they are exactly the same as in Australia (which was when they decided to alter them because they were hard to see at high speed!)

      1. There’s more yellow on the softs.

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