2011 Turkish Grand Prix in 100 pictures

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There was so much overtaking in the Turkish Grand Prix the drivers were almost falling over each other.

Look back on an action-packed race with this collection of pictures.

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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    Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Motioncompany

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    26 comments on “2011 Turkish Grand Prix in 100 pictures”

    1. I realized that Rosberg’s probably demonstrating his driving position for the media, but the thumbnail had me thinking that he’d found a spot for a quick nap amidst the Pirellis!

    2. I like Vettel’s helmet design.

      1. I do prefer it to his disco and sterile Red Bull ones.

        1. Webber’s is so boring!

      2. Let’s just hope he sticks to it!

      1. No, especially seeing as its Alonso.

    3. I hate Vettel’s finger!!!

    4. Glad to know there’s no such thing as perfection – Vettel’s haircut makes him look like a teenager!

      1. It’s better than his previous shaggy hairstyles.

    5. Love the Mclaren Duo’s position swapping shots, that was a great fight.

      1. Yeah, for a second I was wondering why there were two very similar shots, then noticed the helmets had switched…. wow!

      2. You’d imagine that was the same lap, and you wonder how they swapped places.

    6. Really great pictures today

    7. I agree with AlexT – please can someone speak to Vettel about the finger gesture. Great pics again. Another collage for my wall!!!

      1. Don’t hold your breath – it’s been a habit of his for a long time!


      2. I don’t have a problem with it. Its his gesture, he’s been using it for quite some time, let him keep it.

    8. great pics,great keith

    9. There’s a photo of Massa in the pits with “Kobayashi and Trulli” below it.

      1. Have changed it, thanks.

    10. box this lap
      9th May 2011, 19:58

      Thanks a lot again!

    11. box this lap
      9th May 2011, 20:25

      Good work on the picture by the way! I noticed some are much bigger than others, thanks for that! The one with Vettel finishing in front of the DHL signs does have the standard “Getty Images” one it but only much smaller, It looks good as a wallpaper.

      I understand that big pictures are taking a lot of mb’s, wich means internet space which probably means money, so a big thank you!! would be good and appropriate. I will enjoy it to see more of this in the future, keep up the good work!

    12. Was Alonso racing? there are no pics! you can see HAM in 10 pics, D’ambrosio in 9, Sutil, Rosberg, Liuzzi, Button in 7, Heidfeld in 6. Alonso finished 3rd, was the most impressive driver in the race, was the comeback of Ferrari and there are no close pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Petrov, Maldonado are on more pics than Massa!!!! how can you explain this?

      1. 100 pictures, 24 drivers, that’s four to five pictures per driver, and there are four of Alonso (not counting the pictures of the start he’s also in).

        Conclusion: you’re getting worked up for no reason.

        1. is there a close pic of alonso while driving the ferrari? i didnt find any. almost everyone is in one. at least one pic!

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