Vettel: Fourth pit stop not needed

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Istanbul, 2011

Sebastian Vettel said he didn’t need to make a fourth pit stop on his way to victory in Istanbul.

Speaking after the race he said: “It wasn’t easy from the start to know what what was going to happen.

“Of course you have a rough idea about tyres and how long they will last but you really have to wait for the first and maybe second stint to see this is the trend, this is where we’re going.

“In the end I think I could have afforded to stay out on my first set of primes but you have to be in a position for whatever comes. I thought, at that time, I could have made it easily to chequered flag.

“But then, if something happens, if there’s an accident elsewhere and the safety car comes out, then obviously you’re on used tyres so I think it was the right thing to come in another time even though it was just a very short stint after the stop.”

Vettel said the large gap he built up at the start of the race gave the team the luxury of keeping an eye on their rivals’ strategies:

“We had a smooth race, obviously a very good start which was crucial.

“And then I was able to pull a gap in the first stint which was important because then we could afford to stay out a lap longer, wait and see what the others were doing in terms of strategy and then just react.”

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “Vettel: Fourth pit stop not needed”

    1. Says it all really. The large gap at the start, … never saw him back before the finish.

    2. I think so too. but I desperately hoped they make mistake.

      1. For some reason everytime I shout out loud for them to make a pit stop mistake they get quicker.

        Maybe I should cheer for them next time.

    3. Anyone remember the hot-headed Vettel of 2 years ago? Or even last year? Seems a somewhat irrelevant characteristic if he’s this far in front at most races. Or maybe he’s a more mature or relaxed racer if he can skip qualifying runs and pit stops and still dominate.

      Also. If VET continues to pull out 1+ seconds in the first 2+ laps, as in 3 of 4 races so far this year, then he’ll be safe from DRS-using followers when that system kicks in on lap 3.

      1. Great drive by Seb, but I really want to see how he handles himself this year if he has a bad quali, will he make it look as easy then?

        1. That’s what I’m waiting to see. Vettel’s shown phenomenal speed, coolness and consistency and fully deserves to be in the lead. But there’s still a hige question mark over his ability to overtake and win from much further down the grid – which all the great champions have done.

          1. The Last Pope
            8th May 2011, 23:39

            I think even if that happens, the question over his real overtaking skill will still be there for me seeing as it is so easy to blast past slower cars now.

      2. When was Vettel ever “hot-headed” when he was able to start from pole comfortably cruising at the head of the field?

        It’s when there is someone close behind him and/or close ahead of him when things start going wrong.

    4. pirelli tyre choices for next 3 races:

      Canada – soft and supersoft
      Europe – medium and supersoft
      Britain – hard and soft

      All from Pirelli website

      1. SVettel (@)
        8th May 2011, 16:38

        Canada will be absaloutely insane, as will Monaco.
        I can’t wait

      2. Soft and Supersoft in Canada … I think 5-6 stops will be called for!

        1. New record, from the near-80 of today to 125!

    5. oh, monaco: supersoft and soft

    6. whatever

    7. Great strategy today from Red Bull. Pitting a 4th time didn’t seem necessary at the time but Vettel makes a good point about a potential safety car.

    8. I so wish to see that safety car soon, we need the leader to be challenged and to see whether he is just maintaining pace or wether he still has real performance in the car in the later stages!

    9. At the end of the day he should be happy as Ferrari have found some pace in the car & this time their strategy worked well.

      1. Sorry for the above comment it is posted in the wrong place.

        Sometime in the race many drivers & teams were discussing(Hamilton) that they are going to plan B.Was that mean that thought they can do the race on 3 stops but have to turn to 4 due to the wear in them.

    10. It was need for the reason he stated… safety car.

    11. RBR are still way out in front, you’ll not going to see them disappear 20 – 30 seconds in front because that is too much of a risk in burning out the tyres, if Alonso or Hamilton had gone a bit quicker so would of RBR. More upgrades from Ferrari and Mclaren needed badly, but good to see Ferrari nearer the pace.
      Unfortunately Mclaren and RBR are likely to take points off each other but I can’t see anyone (at the moment) doing that to Vettel, barring a turn around this could be over mid – late summer.
      Although I think Ferrari and Mclaren will bring some good upgrades but will it be too late.

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