2011 Turkish Grand Prix: complete race weekend review

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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Find all the F1 Fanatic Turkish Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Turkish Grand Prix result – Full classification

2011 Turkish Grand Prix championship points – Vettel has a 34-point lead in the drivers’ championship

Turkish Grand Prix report – Vettel cruises to victory as the rest fight between themselves

Vettel: Fourth pit stop not needed – “I could have afforded to stay out on my first set of primes but you have to be in a position for whatever comes.”

Hamilton rues opening lap move on Webber – “I really lost quite a lot of ground at the beginning of the race when I tried to go down the outside of Webber.”

Alonso: Rosberg cost us shot at victory – “We lost a little bit of time behind Rosberg at the beginning of the race.”

Race analysis

Who was the best driver of the Turkish Grand Prix weekend? – Vote for the driver who impressed you the most in qualifying and the race.

Turkish Grand Prix stats and facts – Vettel sets his fifth pole position in a row and Button becomes the eighth driver to complete 10,000 racing laps.

Turkish Grand Prix analysis – Three-stop strategy works for Kobayashi, not Button

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Turkish Grand Prix

Red Bull – Vettel leads a one-sided one-two
McLaren – Hamilton salvages fourth after battling with Button
Ferrari – Alonso stops the rot with podium run
Mercedes – A weekend to forget for Schumacher
Renault – Heidfeld unhappy with Petrov after contact
Williams – Barrichello falls to 15th with KERS fault
Force India – Di Resta posts first retirement
Sauber – Point for Kobayashi after starting on last row
Toro Rosso – Only Buemi makes three-stopper work
Lotus – Late-race problem slows Kovalainen
HRT – Wheel nut problem ends hopes of beating Virgin
Virgin – Only one car races as gearbox problems hit Glock


Turkish Grand Prix qualifying report – Vettel takes pole in the pits in Istanbul

2011 Turkish Grand Prix grid – First front-row lockout of 2011 for Red Bull

Vettel: "Very strange" to take pole in the pits – Vettel sat out the dying moments of Q3

Schumacher "not happy at all" with eighth – “The more I pushed, the more things went wrong”

Turkish Grand Prix qualifying analysis – Hamilton was fast enough for front row

Turkish Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Vettel set to end losing streak in Istanbul


First practice report – Turn eight catches Vettel out in wet session

First practice analysis – Wet session thwarts teams’ development plans

Second practice report – Button fastest as Vettel sits out second practice

Second practice analysis – Tyres lasting longer than expected in Istanbul

Third practice report – Vettel leads Schumacher in final practice in Istanbul

Season statistics

Review the year so far in statistics here:

Driver form guides

Compare every driver’s form against their team mate so far this year:

Find coverage of every race this season here: F1 2011 Season

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  1. Thanks again Keith. Being able to scrutinise the practise times really helps for making predictions.

  2. Good to see somebody can stop Vettel raise his finger.. again and again…

    1. 2 pictures of Vettel = 2 pictures of his finger

      1. I thought i was the only one who got annoyed with “The Finger”

  3. I found this pic which explains easily why this year races score higher rates than previous years.

    Turkish GP 2011 vs 2010: Which you liked better?


  4. i visit silverstone every year , this year i took in the turkish gp and sat at turn 8. which you would think is the best place to “see” overtaking. The race etiquette of the turkish fan was appauling. I did not travel 1000’s of miles to watch the entire grandstand stand up and sit doen every time “any” car went passed. Berrnie says its a great event , i guess he has never sat in the grandstand. 15 laps from the end (and still not all cars had made final tyre changes) fans ( if you can say that) started queing by the gates getting ready for the track invasion.. I watched the race when i returned home and it was a fantastic race , shame it was so bad at the circuit. why travel all that way when a short trip to silverstone will give a true f1 fan the race they really want to “see”.

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