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In the round-up: The Sunday Times rich list claims Lewis Hamilton is now worth ??50m.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Motor racing dominates sport’s rich list (BBC News)

??Seven of the 11 wealthiest sportspeople in the UK and Irish Republic are current and former racing drivers, the Sunday Times sport rich list suggests. Lewis Hamilton (??50m) joined names like Johnny Dumfries (??110m) and Eddie Irvine (??80m) towards the top of list.??

Vettel, Lauda & Marko on the Red Bull Ring (Red Bull)

??The Red Bull Ring is officially open in Spielberg, Austria and it has already tempted motor racing stars Sebastian Vettel and Niki Lauda to check it out, with the help of Helmut Marko.??

Mark Webber (via Twitter)

??Just back from weekend in Austria helping to open revamped Red Bull Ring.

??Track from the air! http://twitpic.com/4y6hak. From the ground! http://twitpic.com/4y6if4. They give me 10 laps in this one. Pushed it hard too :) http://twitpic.com/4y6kfl.??

Jaime Alguersuari (via Twitter)

??Red Bull ring is fantastic! Nice opening @redbull going back home from Vienna and getting ready for Barcelona.??

Virgin complete first day of straightline aero running (Adam Cooper via Twitter)

??Adrian Quaife-Hobbs did a day of straightline aero running for Virgin in Idiada today. Was also the first such test for the team.??

A stumbling block for News Corp? (ESPN)

??One of the UK’s leading competition lawyers says that a takeover of Formula One by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation would face “concerns” due to a conflict of interest.??

Why there will not be a breakaway series (Joe Saward)

??Luca di Montezemolo has been known for occasional political posturing in the past and the latest reports about a breakaway Formula 1 series is just such a thing.??

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Comment of the day

Are you going to the Italian Grand Prix? graham228221 has some questions ?ǣ can you help?

Hey everyone, I?ve managed to persuade my girlfriend to let us tag on the Italian GP to our week-long Italian holiday. We?ve got general admission tickets and will be based in Milan over the race weekend.

This is my first GP, and I was just wondering how much information we?ll receive beforehand. Should we expect maps of the GA accessible areas around the circuit? How about a programme of timings for the support races and stuff? Is this something that we can get hold of beforehand or is it just a case of playing it by ear once we?re there? Thanks all!

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From the forum

Red Bull Ring (A1 Ring) Opening Festival

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Rob A!

On this day in F1

Niki Lauda led a Ferrari one-two in the Belgian Grand Prix on this day in 1976.

Jacques Laffite completed the podium at Zolder.

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50 comments on “Hamilton worth ??50m on rich list”

  1. Not the “breakaway series” rumour again… please, Luca…

    1. My thoughts exactly, it is just getting dull, why doesnt he concentrate all the effort he uses on speculating on a breakaway series, and sort out his team

    2. I wish Luca would just go away. Everything that comes out his mouth is just hot air, stirring the pot, making waves, he’s an idiot.

  2. Some of you may remember I mentioned in the round up the other day that I’d been reading an F1 magazine from May 2002, which contained a feature on the 100 most important people in F1. Looking through it, I kept seeing comments and predictions which must have seemed reasonable enough back in 2002, but looking back seem a bit silly! Here are a few of the best ones:

    Michael Schumacher (#1):

    Wants to be team principal of Ferrari when Jean Todt leaves, and will probably get his wish. May fancy being chairman of the Ferrari car factory when Luca di Montezemelo retires, and may get that wish as well. Come to think of it, may eventually run the whole Fiat one day, he is that ambitious

    Flavio Briatore (#8)

    Team boss with respect for delivering results and getting the job done

    Jean Todt (#10)

    Wants to retire soon and lead an easier life

    Ginacarlo Fisichella (#28)

    Rated as Formula One’s third fastest driver after manhandling difficult 2001 Benetton to success

    Dietrich Mateshcitz (#35)

    Unsure of how to proceed in F1

    Alan Donnelly (#36)

    May well be Mosley’s annointed successor in 2005

    Nick Heidfeld (#61)

    One of the stars of the future… Just waiting to win

    Sam Michael (#63)

    Williams is unlikely to repeat past mistakes and let this man go

    David Coulthard (#66)

    Is inclined to end his career at McLaren because he likes it so much

    Clearly, the hierarchy will have changed an awful lot in the last 9 years. If anyone from F1 Racing happens to read this, please compile a similar list soon!

    1. Sam Michael (#63)
      Williams is unlikely to repeat past mistakes and let this man go

      Literarily laughed out loud at that one (while shedding a slight tear for Williams’ former glory that seems to be nothing more than a fading memory).

    2. Nick hasn’t changed :D

      1. Exactly, still “waiting to win”

    3. I see no problems with the Heidfeld one, as far as I know, he is still waiting! :P

      1. Hilarious!

    4. TheScuderia (@)
      16th May 2011, 1:29

      Flavio knew how to get the job done, alright.

      1. All wrong don’t you mean! There was nothing ‘right’ about the way the Singapore victory was manipulated the…

        1. There should be a ‘;)’ at the end, it was meant to be a light hearted comment!

    5. Interestingly, I think the team principal post WAS offered to Michael post-Todt, but he turned it down.

      1. Yeah, I think he recently said again, that hanging around on the pit wall just has no real enjoyment for him.

      2. Do you think Schumacher would have hired Alonso?

        1. I do :)

          Why wouldn’t you hire one of the top 3-4 drivers on the grid, to drive for a team that had been built around a dominating lead driver…?

    6. Thanks for sharing that, brilliant read!

      1. Well done Ned! I can’t believe that didn’t get COTD… :P

  3. Have Virgin done a straight line test before?

    1. From what I understand no, this is their first ever aero test. A sign they may actually be taking aerodynamics a little more seriously?

      1. Well real world aero at least, moving away from their ridiculous obsession with DFD only design.

        1. I bet it will be just to verify the CFD programs.

          1. Agreed…

  4. Mark Hitchcock
    16th May 2011, 1:40

    Apologies if it’s already been mentioned somewhere but Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections featured Formula One this week. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b011dcb2/Richard_Hammonds_Engineering_Connections_Series_3_Formula_1/

    1. thanks for the tip! Am watching it now. (2:15am lol)

    2. Will be interesting to watch.

    3. isn’t that from last year? I swear I’ve seen it…

    4. I’m going to watch that later. Quite a good series I think – although he does tend to over-simplify stuff…

  5. Why does the official Red Bull article only state and given a pararaph on Vettel Lauda and Marko were there?

    Surely they should have mentioned a certain Mark Webber? or doesn’t he coubnt as part of the team like Marko does?

    1. A bit strange, isn’t it. And the video of the event did not even show a lap of Webber in that great sportscar he was driving.

    2. On the other hand, at the same time Mr. Marko said this:

      “Ferrari is the best-known team and has been in F1 the longest, but being Italian, they tend to express things more emotionally than others. In my opinion, the situation is nowhere near as bad as it looks,”

      First time he says something that really looks sense to me!
      Good one Marko.

  6. A boring track.

  7. Johnny Dumfries…you are kidding me right?!?

    As I understand it Eddie Irvine’s presence on the list is actually down to the extensive property protfolio he has rather than his F1 earnings.

    1. Yeah, Eddie did well for himself with investments. I think Coulthard is managing that fine as well.

    2. If by Johnny Dumfries you mean John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute, a member of one of Scotland’s oldest aristocratic families and a distant cousin of the Queen, then it’s a fair bet his money didn’t come from motor racing…

      1. Agreed, but like Kenny said below he is “old” money. Similar to Irvine in that his wealth has nothing to do with F1. Saying he is a racing driver therefore he is wealthy is a bit misleading.

    3. Johnny’s money is “old” money, isn’t it?

      I think Eddie made more money driving for Jaguar (Ford) than in the rest of his career combined. He walked away from that one smiling.

      Lewis only has 50 million? He’s needs to get his management motivated.

  8. If F1 returns to Austria. It will be at red bull ring. That means boredom. Red Bull dominate after get own practice there.

    1. Nahhhh Zak. That worked for Ferrari as they had their track in Maranello (or very close). RBR are based in in Milton Keynes, UK and like all teams are currently operating under a testing ban.

      1. How many “filming days” can they get away with again? ;)

        1. Ah but with filming days you’re not allowed to run anything that hasn’t been raced before…I think ;)

  9. I like the video of that event but two things struck me as strange.

    1. The only thing we see of Webber is him being interviewed. The picture he tweeted with that great sportscar indicate he did 10 laps, I would have loved to see some footage, but there’s nothing in it.

    2. For a Red Bull event there was a lot to show, but it looked like only a handfull of people present. I would have thought that with a bit of proper marketing they could have got at least several thousends of visitors.

  10. box this lap
    16th May 2011, 7:30

    Yes the old A1 Ring is back. Used to be my favourite circuit in the game F1 2002. They have designed a great logo for it by the way.

  11. About time for Virgin! Can’t help but think this will be one step back two steps forward for the immediate future until they get their heads around it all.

  12. Fifty Million Pounds.

    Lewis and I were born but a few miles, and a week apart… where did I go so wrong?!

    1. Great ad that is, from the smile on his face driving around the Fiorano track, you would believe he is really enjoying himself.

  13. A *ahem* different perspective on F1 in Austin: http://youtu.be/nZ4S1Qc5CFI

    1. wow, how is that for bleating nonsense (Hellmund did pay for the parcels, didn’t he) and obnoxious use of language. Does anyone listen to **** like this

    2. Wow. Somebody get that guy a horse tranquilizer!

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