F1 cars at the Silverstone Wing opening

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Silverstone assembled a collection of over a dozen classic and contemporary F1 cars at the opening of its new pit and paddock complex.

Here are pictures of the cars on show.

F1 pictures

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32 comments on “F1 cars at the Silverstone Wing opening”

  1. Good to see a brawn in brawn colours

    1. Lotus 92 is my fave from there but the MP4-1 and Matra MS80 are close behind it

    2. I think the Brawn is going to become one of the cars we tell our children hushed stories about.

      1. I love the Brawn GP it is just so simple and beautiful

      2. Douglas62500
        18th May 2011, 8:57

        Exactly !! Bring back Double Diffusers !!!!

      3. What, if they’re scared of snowploughs?

        The FW14B is the sort of car we’ll never see again. Just as a reminder: in qualifying at the British GP in 1992, Mansell was 2 seconds faster than his team-mate Patrese, who was another second faster than Senna. And we’re surprised these days when the HRT is a couple of seconds off the pace!

        An amazing collection there though – any idea where they’ve got them from? I expect the Brawn is Button’s, but what about all the others?

    3. It is a lovely car.

  2. It’s stuff like this that’ll turn some folks at Donnington into super-villians

    1. Well, isn’t that Lotus 92 with the unusual car number 15 from the Donington Grand Prix Collection Museum? I say unusual because the Lotus 92’s were numbered 11 and 12. In that time period, oddly enough, the number 15 was a Renault.

  3. I’m glad the cars moved away from the design like the Hesketh. So ugly!

    Brawn! I miss Brawn. That Vanwall is so gorgeous too. And an FW14B!? *Drool*

    1. That Hesketh is indeed awful.

    2. Don’t you remember the Ferrari 312B3S “Spazzaneve” or the March Cosworth 711 or the Tyrrell 006? Just to name a few.

      1. All awful!

  4. Are these a permanent feature or just for the opening?

  5. Is that BGP001 the one that Button got, or did they get another one from Mercedes/Brawn?

    1. There were six. Button got one, another was painted silver for the 2010 “launch”, so they’ve probably got at least one other lying around.

      1. There’s one lying in pieces at Les Combes, along with some bits of McLaren, Renault and Toro Rosso :D

  6. Very nice. Can’t wait to check this out when I go to the British GP later this year. :D

  7. Loving the Williams FW14B, class.

  8. Williams FW19 looks actually pretty sexy from that angle, when compared to some of the hideous aerodynamic solutions of the ’97 season.

  9. I also miss the Brawn, it was so nice. It was good seeing sponsors fill up the car towards the end of the season too ;)

  10. Seeexy Brawn. The most innovative car of 2009 and the best looking car since the 90s. How about we give this sort of car another go? It looked like it went full-throttle round most corners even though it obviously didn’t, and in standard definition still looked amazing.

    Pweeeease Jean? Bring back 09 regulations?

  11. A nice selection, not “the usual suspects” if you know what I mean.

  12. That March 701…Pretty, pretty car. Ditto Williams FW19 and Matra MS80. The 4CLT is nice as well.

  13. They say if it looks right it is right…… that Brawn BGP001 absolutely looked right as soon as it hit the track proper, albeit late at Barcelona on 9th March 2009 – and eff me was it right :) I have wicked picture of Button just after he got out of the car after his first run in it ….. the smile on his face said it all.

    1. I’d love to see that picture if it’s online anywhere?

      1. There’s a copy here but it wasn’t taken in Melbourne as this site states


  14. MP4-23 looks like a concept car when you consider it was a time when aerodynamic parts were more sophisticated then ever. With all those winglets and chrome finish it has a distinctive charm I think.

  15. Why is there one one BGP car left?

  16. I miss Goodyear :(

  17. Ahh such nostalgia, I’m only 24 so my knowledge of the older cars is a bit lacking, but the livery and design of the FW14B (and all the other Williams liveries) is so firmly ingrained in my memory that upon viewing them I am immediately thrust back to my childhood.

    I can recall having a diecast model of the FW14B that I would play with for hours on end, until I damaged it to the point where I could no longer push it around… I can remember vividly proclaiming incorrectly to a friend that it was pronounced “Williams re-nul-T”

    It’s times like these I realise what a large part F1 has played in my life up until this point.

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