2011 Spanish Grand Prix championship points

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel118
2Lewis Hamilton77
3Mark Webber67
4Jenson Button61
5Fernando Alonso51
6Nico Rosberg26
7Nick Heidfeld25
8Felipe Massa24
9Vitaly Petrov21
10Michael Schumacher14
11Kamui Kobayashi9
12Sebastien Buemi6
13Adrian Sutil2
14Sergio Perez2
15Paul di Resta2
16Jaime Alguersuari0
17Rubens Barrichello0
18Jarno Trulli0
19Jerome d’Ambrosio0
20Heikki Kovalainen0
21Pastor Maldonado0
22Timo Glock0
23Narain Karthikeyan0
24Vitantonio Liuzzi0

Constructors’ championship

1Red Bull185
7Toro Rosso6
8Force India4

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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    28 comments on “2011 Spanish Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Can’t see past Vettel winning next week. The Mclarens will need a couple of good results in a row to stay in it.

      1. I think Mclaren will nail it next weekend! ;)

        1. Hmm I can’t see it. Monaco has virtually no straights and Monaco is very high downforce. Not McLaren’s ideal circuit.

          1. Interesting how most people (including to an extent myself) see McLaren as the most likely duo to challenge Vettel next weekend.

            It’s sad, but in a way understandable, that no-one really sees Webber as a threat anymore. He blew his chance to reignite the old spark this weekend. It’s going to be hard from there. Not impossible, but he has to put up the fight of his life in order to come close to stopping Vettel from running away.

    2. Ferrari were way off the pace and the hard tyre just made that worse. Vettel’s lead is now enough for him to relax.

      1. He can afford to miss a race entirely. That’s impressive/depressing depending on your viewpoint.

        1. considering I’m not a redbull fan and in fact a diehard ferrari fan, I’m more than a little depressed. Guess I’ll have to wait till next year…

          Still though, credit where credit’s due, Vettel is driving superbly. Today he was fantastic. Unfortunately.

          I’ll not soon forget Fernando’s start though… that was phenomenal. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

          1. I think its great….another year that Ferrari’s saviour or Passioante Spinner doesn’t win a title.

          2. It really was. If points were awarded for the start Fernando would have got them all!

    3. I am remembering the 2009 season and feel like Red Bull this year are 2009 Brawn and McLaren are 2009 Red Bulls. Dont know what place Ferrari will occupy.

      I feel eventually Hamilton would be able to beat Vettel, like Vettel was able to beat Button in 2009, but by that time it would be too late.

      1. It does feel a tad 2009-ish to me as well. Though in 2009 I felt we all were just waiting for Brawn to be caught, now it seems like Redbull’s advantage is here to stay.

        Though if anyone will catch them it will be McLaren. Alonso can boast all he wants, but Redbull already has twice as many points as Ferrari, and it would take an even more impressive push than last year to even come close to catching up.

    4. Even as a Vettel fan this is pretty depressing. I hope Lewis can win the next race to really catch up.

      This season has been fantastic but we need a title battle.

      1. I agree. Vettel is a favourite of mine. However, he deserved it today. May be more so than any other victory this season.

      2. I agree. It feels just so much better when the championship is close. But it stems hopefull, that McLaren are pretty close as a race package here.

        Good thing Alonso got in front at the start to not give Vettel a chance to drive off in the distance.

        1. Agreed. The tyres have improved the racing, but Red Bull are just too quick now.

    5. Webber couldn’t stop him…of course it’s his fault at the start. I was happy to see Alonso at the start but then…well, perhaps Hamilton is the last hope.

    6. We need proper qualifying.

      1. We didn’t?

      2. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        22nd May 2011, 21:15

        And what exactly entails proper qualifying?

    7. The battle for 2nd,3rd,4th is pretty close.
      Just a shame that Vettel is so far ahead that he’s looking unbeatable.

    8. Well, at least we have a battle for 2nd in Hamilton, Button, Webber and Alonso!

    9. Looks like its a bit like 2009 here. Vettel has as much wins as Button did and the second fastest team is really starting to gain on them at least for total race package. I hope it makes the season a bit more interesting, but no complaints about the races so far.

    10. Unbelievable that Williams are still being beaten by Sauber and Force India. Barichello must be getting sooo frustrated.

      1. The problem with Williams is 1-drivers, 2-drivers, 3-drivers. Every time I see a team drop a good driver to get sponsor money from a novice that team does bad. Renaul, Williams, as the best example for the last two years.

      2. Williams have the same number of points as the sophomore teams. :(

    11. The New Hope
      22nd May 2011, 19:36

      Its great to see Sauber doing so well this year! I only wish they would not have lost those initial points.

    12. It has been a good race for Mercedes which helped them to get close to Renault in the CWC,

      1. True, I think the Renault Vs. Mercedes battle will be one of the closest this year.

        And if Redbull and McLaren keep leaving them in the dust, Ferrari may well fall back into the battle with Mercedes and Renault.

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