2011 Spanish Grand Prix: complete race weekend review

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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Start, Barcelona, 2011
Start, Barcelona, 2011

Find all the F1 Fanatic Spanish Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Spanish Grand Prix review – Vettel resists Hamilton to win in Spain

Vettel: McLaren ??gave us a very hard time?? – Vettel’s thoughts on his fourth win of 2011

Hamilton: hard to pass ??massively quick?? Red Bull – Hamilton says he had “no opportunity” to pass Vettel

Reprimands for McLaren drivers, Webber and Alguersuari – Four drivers warned for failing to slow sufficiently for yellow flags during the race

2011 Spanish Grand Prix result – Vettel shares the podium with the McLaren drivers

2011 Spanish Grand Prix championship points – Vettel has a 41-point lead in the drivers’ championship and Red Bull are 47 ahead in the constructors’

Race analysis

Vote for the best driver of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend – Who impressed you most in Spain?

2011 Spanish Grand Prix analysis – Alonso goes from leader to lapped as Ferrari struggle on ??super hards?

2011 Spanish Grand Prix stats and facts – Perez is first Mexican in points for 30 years

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Spanish Grand Prix

Red Bull – Vettel soaks up pressure for fourth win
McLaren – Hamilton strong on ??disastrous?? Pirellis
Ferrari – Alonso stars, Massa struggles
Mercedes – Rosberg wanted Schumacher to let him pass
Renault – Heidfeld eighth after ??worst fire of my career??
Williams – Maldonado reaches Q3 but still no points
Force India – – Team hold back on aerodynamic upgrade
Sauber – Kobayashi gets point after puncture
Toro Rosso – Alguersuari still struggling with tyres
Lotus – Kovalainen unhappy with strategy before crash
HRT – Karthikeyan suffers ??unbearable pain?? in race
Virgin – Team come under pressure from HRT


2011 Spanish Grand Prix qualifying report – Webber beats Vettel to pole position in Spain

Vettel ??sure?? to have KERS for the race – Vettel failed to take pole position for the first time this year after losing KERS

KERS problem delays Schumacher – Mercedes driver didn’t set a time in Q3

Alonso hails ??perfect lap?? for fourth – Alonso split the McLarens on the grid

McLaren losing most time in first sector – Hamilton only 12th fastest through the first third of the lap

2011 Spanish Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Vettel?s problems handed Webber a precious chance

2011 Spanish Grand Prix grid – Red Bull lock out the front row with their rivals a second or more behind


First practice report – Webber leads the way for Red Bull in first practice

First practice analysis – Lap times four seconds slower than 2010

Second practice report – Webber stays on top in second practice

Second practice analysis – Drivers unhappy with ??slow?? new hard tyre

Pirelli shrug off criticism of hard tyre – Pirelli said the tyre was performing “as expected”

Third practice report – Vettel beats Webber with one lap in final practice

Season statistics

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Driver form guides

Compare every driver’s form against their team mate so far this year:

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