Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo 2011

Alonso to wear gold helmet in Monaco

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo 2011
Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo 2011

Fernando Alonso will sport an unusual gold-coloured helmet during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

The helmet is a similar design to his regular one, but uses gold and white colours in place of blue and yellow.

It will be auctioned at the end of the season to raise money for the Fondazione Fernando Alonso which promotes road safety initiatives for children.

Alonso will also wear the helmet at the Singapore Grand Prix.

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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46 comments on “Alonso to wear gold helmet in Monaco”

  1. Shiny :D . I do look forward to all the fancy Monaco helmets

  2. Sounds good; nice to see that it will be auctioned off :)

    Of all the Monaco helmets from recent years, I most liked the casino wheel Lewis used.

  3. Lol for a second I misread that the helmet was solid gold.

    Looking forward to see if there are any other special Monaco helmets to look out for.

    1. Unlikely.

      Too heavy and not good as protection. Also expensive but that wouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Well thanks for stating the obvious. I sense a real lack of irony around this site.

        But in all, I would say a solid gold helmet would be far less expensive than the monstrous caging they plop on nowadays.

        1. Do you miss drivers dying?

          1. Lack. Of. Irony.

            I was talking about the expense, not the practicality. Gaaah!

  4. I would of thought it would be tin-foil so Helmut couldn’t steal their messages in return.

  5. Ferrari haven’t won the Gold (probably actually silver) trophy here for 10 years now.

  6. The helmet looks a bit like what Sutil had a couple of years ago.

    And anyone else think Alonso looks just ridiculous with that “Kimi-style” cap on? :D

    1. Yeah, that helmet looks pretty bad, but this being for a good cause, I can live with it.

      Isn’t that just a too big cap? He looks sheepish.

      1. EVERYONE looks stupid in a trucker hat.

        I’m surprised there’s no gold leaf on that helmet

      2. That’s a weird slab of deja vu there, Fixy. Is there a book of standardised Formula 1 poses they have to adhere to?

    2. I don’t like the helmet or the hat. Actually, I hate the hat! :P

      1. Luckily Massa kept the normal one!

  7. I was going to make the predictable “Alonso: helmet” joke, but that’s actually quite nice.

  8. Charity, comendable etc.

    He has SUCH a funny face though, look at him, rolls and dimples and I don’t know what.

  9. I feared it would have been ugly when I saw it on the homepage, but it’s actually nice! White and gold fit together and will be nice in a Ferrari. Probably though the arrows on top should have been silver, or another colour, to stand out. Hopefully he’ll win and increase the value of the helmet!

    1. Jules Bianchi wore a gold and white helmet during the yound drivers’ test at Abu Dhabi in 2010: http://europeanmotornews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/100410tst.jpg

  10. Yep, fits the scenery.

  11. Gold.
    As opposed to the purple one he wears out the car.

  12. When it comes to helmets I agree with Brundle – they should be like a driver’s signature! I’d prefer it if they kept their helmets the same for each race.

    1. Same but I don’t mind the odd one off especially if it’s for a good cause.

    2. I’m sure Vettel should be the one you should be saying this to – I agree with Steph. Alonso has kept the same design during the whole season, with differences between one and another, but a one off with special colours – and for a good cause – is nice.

      1. Even though Vettel can never decide on a colour for more than two weeks he does use that distinct glittery design quite a lot.

        Thankfully Mark Webber’s is easy to pick out at a moments notice.

    3. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
      25th May 2011, 21:31

      I agree, but as Steph said I think the odd change for special races, i.e. Monaco and possibly their Home races

    4. I don’t think You need it to tell the difference of the drivers. If You just learn which car no they drive. To me the drivers signature is the way he drives together with his ability to see the racing events from outside his own cockpit also.

    5. At least this one is or a special occasion, and auctioned off, and it is the same design, but with different colours.

      It does remind me of that Fisichella helmet mentioned above, but I don’t really dislike it, it is less of a jumble of colours than his usual helmet, so the pattern sticks out a bit nicer, for me.

      The cap looks bad, but at least Alonso is smiling about the whole thing.

    6. I agree with Steph. But Vettel does change his helmet a bit too much. His Malaysia one looked like Webber’s from onboard if you weren’t paying enough attention!

  13. Personally I hope he keeps this helmet layout. I think his normal helmet design is plain ugly

  14. I love his normal helmet design and hate drivers changing helmets but auctioning it for charity makes it alright. Not sure I’m keen on the colour, but if he gets a good result I’ll love it!

    1. Yeah, the colour looks more like a brown than a gold… Yuck. It kind of reminds me of Sutil’s awful helmet design.

  15. ferrari4life
    25th May 2011, 20:49

    I reckon if i was him id wear kubicas helmet not sure about the white trim on the gold.

  16. I wish he would keep wearing it. I dont like his existing helmet design.
    For a light blue color he should take a look at the old Jacky Ickx one, or maybe some other historical helmets such as the beautiful Ignazio Giunti or the Phil Read ones.

    1. He uses Asturias light blue, so it’s probably fixed. I actually like it – very unique and stands out quickly. Especially when you compare it with his McLaren 2007 helmet – that was particularly bland.

      1. That blue shade fits perfectly in the Ferrari.

  17. I like it, nice to see a bit of bling now and again in the cockpit. Talking of bling, did they ever find that diamond?

  18. Wasn’t it that a driver (not sure whether it was Kimi or one from Jaguar team) had a crash & then lost his diamond from his helmet?

    1. Klien in the Jaguar, 2004. The diamond wasn’t on the helmet, it was on the front wing. He crashed out at Loews, but when they recovered the car, the diamond had gone missing.

      1. Yeah I remember now,Kimi had it on his helmet.

  19. Golden helllmet… of Alonnnso…
    There can beeee no… hat like theee!

    Thou and I now, ere I driiiive now,
    Will make golllllden historyyyy!

    The eight people who both visit F1Fanatic and have seen Man of La Mancha will get that. The rest of you, just smile and nod.

  20. I love it! He should keep the design.

  21. Oh but I’m proud of you, but I’m proud of you
    There’s nothing left to make me feel small
    Luck has left me standing so tall…

    Don’t like the design but it’s for a good cause.

  22. I don’t like the gold color. He should trade it up for a better one ;)

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