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2011 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Sebastian Vettel 143
2 Lewis Hamilton 85
3 Mark Webber 79
4 Jenson Button 76
5 Fernando Alonso 69
6 Nick Heidfeld 29
7 Nico Rosberg 26
8 Felipe Massa 24
9 Vitaly Petrov 21
10 Kamui Kobayashi 19
11 Michael Schumacher 14
12 Adrian Sutil 8
13 Sebastien Buemi 7
14 Rubens Barrichello 2
15 Sergio Perez 2
16 Paul di Resta 2
17 Jaime Alguersuari 0
18 Jarno Trulli 0
19 Heikki Kovalainen 0
20 Jerome d’Ambrosio 0
21 Pastor Maldonado 0
22 Timo Glock 0
23 Vitantonio Liuzzi 0
24 Narain Karthikeyan 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 222
2 McLaren 161
3 Ferrari 93
4 Renault 50
5 Mercedes 40
6 Sauber 21
7 Force India 10
8 Toro Rosso 7
9 Williams 2
10 Lotus 0
11 Virgin 0
12 HRT 0

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2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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40 comments on “2011 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

  1. sebs scored almost 60% of his 2010 points in the first 6 races of 2011, he has almost double that of lewis hamilton!

  2. Sebastian is about two race wins worth of points ahead now. However I don’t think he’ll win too many more races after this. Mclaren are level with Red Bull if not better on race pace.

    1. Regarding points, that remains to be seen as Hamilton may yet get a penalty…

    2. Could be. McLaren (or on circuits where mechanical grip and/or engine power counts and softs are used exclusively Alonso) just needs a clear race.

      I mean of course they are going to start behind Vettel (and probably Webber too), but ideally they could use DRS and pass them to win.


      But I think the tides can turn, in the last few races the race pace of Red Bull wan’t great – but crucially they managed to win somehow. Maybe in the races coming they are just going to post some successful updates and will have the initial advantage.

      Luck has played its part it todays win than it did in any of the last few races. This is where close championships are won, and this is how big point advantages become impossible to turn around.

      1. can i just say one thing about thing about this quote;

        (or on circuits where mechanical grip and/or engine power counts

        what really annoys me is the whole powertrain thing. when DC goes on about the mercedes power besting the renault engine. same as when horner said it last year.
        lets get one thing clear;
        all engines are very very very near to 760-770bhp. after reading a james allen article on the subject he claims the differences between the mercedes and renault engines are less than 3 tenths a lap. i.s LESS OF A DIFFERENCE THAN IF ONE CAR’S KERS ISNT’T WORKING, AND THE OTHER’S IS.

        thus can we please stop referring to the whole mercedes power, ferrari power nonsense, when in truth it’s a rather small differentiator, or advantage, if any. that is all.

        1. I think hes referring to circuits where such differences are magnified, like Monza, which would serve to nullify the Red Bull advantage in efficient downforce.

        2. Totally agree Timi. This whole engine power thing is blown way out of proportion.

          Plus I dont understand why people feel they know which engine is fastest. Aero has such an effect on top speed that I dont think there is anything that we as fans can see on track that truly indicates which engine is best.

  3. Great races, horrible championship.

    1. +1
      Not Vettel’s fault but we’re seeing some brilliant races (without rain yet!) but the championship looks close to being wrapped up. Webber’s complete absence of any threat to Seb is shocking. Still, I think we’ll see McLaren start eating into the lead soon (presuming Hamilton manages to calm down from today).

    2. einariliyev
      29th May 2011, 16:27

      second that. at least the races arent walkovers. also doubt red bull will level off as brawn did in 2009.

    3. Well, at leat its pretty close for runners up :-(

    4. You win 5/6 you deserve to be that far ahead. Enough said.

  4. The New Pope
    29th May 2011, 15:33

    Great job by Sauber and Kobayashi this year!

  5. I hope it doesn’t end up like 2002 or 2004…

    1. It also looked like that in 2009 witb Brawn/Button streak of winas at the start of the season, but then RBR put up a fight, so…

      1. Brawn barely developed the car in 09 though.

    2. I can’t see it ending in any other way, as sad as it is. :(

  6. Vettel by himself might win the constructor’s title if this keeps up.

    Even if he doesn’t turn another lap he’s probably wrapped up a top 5 finish in the driver’s championship already.

  7. I really, really want Ferrari to win the title and I won’t give up on them until it’s impossible but apart from that I really don’t care that one driver is running away with the title. The races are so good unlike 2009, 04 and 02 that I’m just enjoying the best part of F1- the racing.

    1. The races were pretty exciting in 2009, Steph! But I have to disagree with you about not caring that Vettel is running away with it. Once he has it wrapped up, the remaining Grands Prix will feel very bland, no matter how much action there is. :(

      1. Did Suzuka 2005 feel bland?

        1. Can’t comment, I never saw that race live. ;) But I can imagine there must have been a feeling that it was all well and good, but at the end of the day, it’s for nothing, which is a shame.

          1. I think Steph’s point is that often the leading driver feels liberated to take risks after the championship is wrapped up — thus giving us even more exciting racing, as long as the focus is not on the WDC.

            The constructors’ championship is often not wrapped up yet — this year, for example, it could drag on, as Webber has been doing poorly — and likewise, at every race so far, if we ignore Vettel at the front the races are mighty interesting

      2. It depends for what reason you’re watching it. I have no favouritism so I never feel disappointed, I just enjoy the spectacle of the sport and the midfield battle.

  8. WDC /over.

  9. the diffuser clamp down might change everything!

    1. You mean the off-throttle EBD?

      1. yeah…sorry, i was a bit lazy there! :D

        i read somewhere that RBR is generating lot of downforce with it…so it might close the gap a little bit…I HOPE!


          there is indeed a light at the end of tunnel for championship!

          1. Actually I read that as “hell, I will think of anything to keep the ban away for a few races” from Newey.

            And a “I know its ********* to help your cause, but I cannot disprove you” from Withmarsh.

            Its preposterous to insinuate Renault cannot run without it. Isn’t that exactly what it does on the Lotus for several races now?

        2. Yea…but every team but Virgin and HRT has it so it might not level the playing field that much.

  10. If you cover up the first line it’s perfect!

  11. Vettel really is destroying everyone. The last couple of races he has had to fight for it more but deserves it regardless.

    Nice to see the fight for no. 2 is tight and Kobayashi still best of the rest…and above Schumacher.

  12. Now I’m pretty sure it would be another 2002.

  13. Thanks a lot Hamilton for destroying Massa’s already extremely slim title hopes. :(

    1. Whilst I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate, if Massa had been paying attention in Qualifying, Hamilton probably would never have been behind him.

    2. Slim? Didn’t you want to say “nonexistent”?

  14. at least williams finally got some points….

    1. Less than they deserved — and while I rate Perez above Maldonado, the latter richly deserved the points he should have gotten today — his improvement over the past couple of races has been quite significant.

      1. Yeah, really a shame he did not see Hamilton. Those would have been thoroughly deserved points.

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