Lotus: Trulli matches team’s best result

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Jarno Trulli equalled Lotus’s best result of the year with 13th.

Heikki KovalainenJarno Trulli
Qualifying position1819
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’17.343 (-0.038)1’17.381
Race position1413
Pit stops33

Lotus drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Heikki Kovalainen101.07484.60283.81482.69882.90982.43782.54782.26382.62982.2281.90681.80481.82582.02382.58882.60183.14783.278103.24785.64484.39481.73682.04886.57483.01283.59283.26481.88781.59782.30281.60883.67491.749105.145115.703117.714114.20486.72583.7986.86184.80483.72882.51482.14781.83184.20982.2282.07582.45482.86783.21101.40787.91380.67881.14382.02280.77480.91583.11384.67486.9883.94581.87281.83581.48881.45398.026115.66395.049122.79989.48883.8481.71981.85881.77
Jarno Trulli99.39184.50983.65582.97782.63382.27282.12482.01782.17282.16481.95981.65681.87881.86582.26782.11183.56382.94682.7982.76382.98883.57183.8103.22289.38683.10482.2582.13781.62982.25581.44882.85191.954106.042117.344117.048114.28486.96782.89382.48281.8781.86181.80382.05281.892100.95787.66882.53181.84481.32781.81384.15282.84186.09782.89984.26283.49783.86883.89284.784.67486.2181.78881.92881.43881.27797.716114.62695.55123.04487.28185.64981.99682.01781.913

Heikki Kovalainen

Pipped Trulli by less than four-hundredths of a second in qualifying.

But lost the advantage at the start as he dropped behind Trulli and Alguersuari.

He finished a somewhat despondent 14th: “I lost a position at the start and that was pretty much the end of my race.

“The first stint was pretty difficult and on the second stint I couldn’t really find a rhythm as I kept having to let cars past. After the second stop I was able to start pushing but by then I couldn’t really do much.”

Heikki Kovalainen 2011 form guide

Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Monaco, 2011

Jarno Trulli

Trulli was particularly pleased to pass his team mate at the start:

“I had another great start – I wish I had made starts like that in previous seasons as I think I would have won several races with starts like that.”

He dropped behind Alguersuari through the pit stops and was passed by the recovering Paul di Resta, ending up 13th behind the Force India.

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    10 comments on “Lotus: Trulli matches team’s best result”

    1. I can’t help but feel that Jarno should bite the bullet soon and hang up his helmet… he has been off form all season. I don’t know if it’s motivation related or what but he is simply not cutting it against Kovalainen.

      1. 3 places off points? Not a bad race! He did better than Kovalainen.

        1. Yeah, after this race he shows it makes sense to have him in the car. I like him saying how he could have won more with better starts, as he was always dropping back at Toyota!

      2. This is not the time to say this, he beat his team mate in the race and was so close to him in qualifying, despite being 7 years older.

        1. Not to mention that he still isn’t happy with the power steering…

    2. Good job by them as there were lots of action on track & they kept away from everything.

    3. Can anyone elaborate on the power steering problem Jarno has mentioned this season?

      Seems weird that one it doesn’t affect Heikki and also that the team haven’t found a solution after this many races.

      1. Apparently it’s the way the system feeds back given feel to the drivers. It does also affect Heikki’s car, but he feels more comfortable with it than Trulli.

        1. It will be replaced in Canada.

    4. Kovalainen did have a pretty dire start. At least he finished though which is better than what happened in Barcelona.

      It must be so frustrating to be two race winning drivers, constantly being blue flagged. But, their choice I guess!

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